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Unlimited Life, October 27, 2021

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Hourglass Bride
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Samantha Elizabeth Popa

Hourglass Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Samantha Eliza Popa

Samantha Eliza Popa

After growing up in the fashion industry, and with her mother’s influence and access to countless designer treasures, Samantha developed a very strong passion for luxury fabrics and all things glamorous. Multiple times Samantha would watch my mother help a bride find her dream dress, or help a mother find her sophisticated gown, and Samantha would see her eyes filled with joy as she would say yes. With such joy in this industry how could she not want to be part of it. So, with Andrea’s Fashions having over 30 years of experience serving the Southern California bride, in 2013 she launched the official opening of A Bride By Samantha. Here she is able to create a glamorous bridal experience, where Samantha creates one of a kind looks that inspire brides. Now she specializes in custom non traditional bridal for brides world wide.

Outside of fashion, she is also a Pilates instructor and energy healer. She started teaching yoga & Pilates while studying Psychology at UC Merced. She also began practicing meditation when she started teaching, and has recently started teaching Sound Healing using Crystal and Tibetan Sound Bowls. Every month Samantha offers sound bath healing for my brides and ladies. She truly enjoy healing people and these bowls have changed her life. She will help anyone balance their chakras no matter what age you are. Especially during a stressful time, needed relaxation might just be what you need.

Unlimited Life

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Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

what hi it's Nicole Brandon and welcome to hourglass drive and you have such a special and exquisite show for you today we are talking about fashion we are talking about design and coach and we are talking about you you as an individual something exclusively for you that makes you feel beautiful that makes you feel alive that makes you feel radiant do sexy and vibrant and it takes your personality and your essence and all of who you are and walks in with you and statement that's powerful being who you are in the most subtle beautiful and precious way and today we are talking with Samantha Popa and Samantha is a designer she's a personalized stylist and she's representing Andrea's just for the bride and exclusively bridal dress
formal dresses cocktail dresses red carpet where made exclusively for you and so I am thrilled I am honored and privileged and it is a pleasure to bring this very special edition Sarah classic ride to you today Samantha welcome to the show all sorts of listeners on the show right now we have people that are just getting married this is their first Excursion into love and happily-ever-after and everything is new and everything is possible and then we have people that have been married several times and they're getting married again and leave either this time they're looking to do it differently or to really make that happily-ever-after country group of people looking to deepen the relationship that have been married whether it's one year 2 years 3 years 25 50 years that are looking for that and so we talked about all
time to stash we talked about when you have newborn how do you grab something out of your closet and still look beautiful but how do you have he knows something that represents who you are. It's such a joy to bring Today Show to the vast listening audience that we have here because I really believe and I was looking at your bio but I was looking at your website that you design something for it we really do we try not to exclude anyone we really want to cater to every individual's needs an email not one woman is the same even if they may be like the same style the dress made for the Keisha and and Ferb you know their style and shape
I absolutely love that so one of my favorite questions to ask him if show is the did you know question you know when you were six and seven and eight were you into fashion and I was reading a little bit that you kind of grew up in this field but were you stressing your dolls and dressing my mom started the store in 1970 for my older sister now has her own store in Orange County so he's made that we've extended the family business which is obviously were all women of fashion and style so I really learned from my mother and my older sister but my childhood was filled with dresses I cannot lie I was in black shoes and very being a poopy little girl princess dresses and I own them at a young age
El Sierra on would go run in the dirt so I think that might have been doing for my future now in the business full-time but I also grew up on a horse as he was a competitive horseback rider so you know I had a little but now
maybe it's funny that you say that because I grew up in dresses personally and I and I was 19 the first time I think I found a pair of jeans and some big David is not wear pants unless I was on the horse and I will send them to me about being a girl and being in a dress and so you know when I was looking at your body you were saying that also Fabrics that you are a drawing to fabrics and textures
colors especially because I'm you know as you get older I think black black or champagne and neutral so I'm all about colors at the specially depending on the occasion because today this morning before you know I went to my store and I opened on a Sunday for the first time in my life I'd refer to herself as the senior bride and she works at USB and has a very strict schedule so I made an exception wedding for her marriage. Her second marriage and she wants a silver dress for this black tie wedding and I looked at her and I said more power to you. Let's do that
do I think colors in terms of dresses are really important depending on the occasion because she's still going to look like a bribe but the color is going to give her so much more death I think as and she'll be able to use the dress again which I think is also important if you're sending this big occasion I think it's important to either choose something that you can shorten and where again or that's all we like to call them Timeless colors or colors for every season that you can really wear and reuse and make the most of
is silver a color for All Seasons
yes he not like we think black is a color for All Seasons but do you really want to go to a wedding in black as a guest which is something that you're technically supposed to wear to a funeral so we like I mean I'm saying Navy is the New Black just because that blue I need royal blue does have a long history of special I need to get a little you know it makes it a little different and it makes all year round
sophisticated color so we're really trying to push the pedals and the bees on our mothers and the midnight blue how to get rid of those little black dresses that we've been kind of I think crutching on
okay if you just to something that I would love to talk about you were saying you know that gives you the colors that we want to give to her mother and I know that your mother started this shop you know which I think is just extraordinary that you have a creative Mom I would love that and Ed and I look at your website you actually not only cater to all women but I don't remember another site that actually talks about the mother of the bride special
it is it is and when I first I mean my mom's been specializing in mother of the bride for the past 20 years when she first opened we were doing sports where we have many different collection store but I still call you change our client's desires on spending changed so we really tried to keep ourselves as fresh as we could and found that servicing more customized dresses and customized I'm sorry and special occasion gave us the opportunity to continue through the rough times that happened during 2011 and really I think we almost changed the market in a little bit for mothers because instead of mother is trying on you know what they say all the time which is pretty much different versions of bridesmaids dresses
which I almost think it's an insult
to be honest to a mother but that's just kind of what they're being stole and so when my mom started we really tried to create Couture designs for mothers that made them feel useful but still stunning and sophisticated and like the hostess that they should be during the party because if you think about it the bride's really not hosted thing it's really the parents that are you know helping and you know taking Authority when the bride's to be worrying about being enjoying the moment you're really really try and make our mothers feel like the special human beings that they are
I love the night I absolutely love that and so when somebody comes in to you either the mother of the bride do they know what they want or do you say tell me about you and how do you design a personal dress for somebody
God bless Pinterest and social media to sometimes they'll bring in a picture because just because you fall in love with the picture doesn't mean pictures so you know what styles that they want usually I ask a question I asked questions about the wedding about colors of the one about the venue of the wedding is going to be black eye or if it's just going to be kind of a semi-formal or if it's going to be a beach wedding because bees are very important question but we need to know so we can make decisions on what fabric is appropriate for the dress that she's choosing to go lighter for the season or to go have your for winter months
you know if you pick a duchess of these Fabric or California June wedding even if it's black tie and it looks like it's going to knock him out no matter who you are
I kind of insulin somebody brings you in a picture with somebody oh my goodness we are very excited today when somebody brings you in a picture and somebody says this is what I'm looking for new citizens the right material because you're walking on the pant or your picture I usually check cuz you are amazing and has been in business for two years and you can do anything and my mother has the stylist and the designer you know kids what we think is going to look good on them and I am not taking out make us sound that good but now
ninety-nine percent of the time the style that we put on them that we think is going to be who they need to be on that day and the stylus pen
it might not be the color but usually you knows bold make the dressing whatever color they need to wear for the wedding sometimes Brides you can do whatever color you want and then they end up feeling even more overwhelmed because that's too many options for them
and they don't you know so then they turn to us and then they act as well which do you think is that colors are important and those flower colors are important for then we can really complete the picture with the mother of the bride's dress
now do all the
try to deserve to be in the bridal party all the Bridesmaids do they want to be in the same dress
thankfully I would say that most Brides have picked up and are are smart enough women now in terms of fashion to know that every bridesmaid is probably not going to look good in the same style the same color that could be different but so that I'm getting our shoes in the color palette and then allowing the Bridesmaids to pick whatever shape they think is going to be best and that they feel the best in or you have the bride. Choose the trust and allow them to kind of pick the color that's in a similar palette so that it still looks good together
like the charcoal with the blushes and you know those kind of needed neutral colors even though the secure in the dresses but it does depend on the fly but I will say those are the two most popular so either picking the same dress and different color palettes that are being or one color and then different styles of the dress and our dresses right because you know a price for a woman who is big but they compared to a woman who is small but I mean we can do so much for that big
stop the stress we can build up for the woman who doesn't necessarily have you know naturally large groups who want to still look like she does about stuffing and tithing and purchasing a dime has more customers who have had breast surgeries are the trends of breast cancer or even you know reductions or expansion in terms of that I can make a Big Lots a big deal in terms of style that you pick
this is such an amazing information and y'all is very touchy question to ask you so people buy a wedding dress 10 months to a year out or whatever and that they buy it one or two sizes too small hoping to fit into the dress
and so do most Brides buy a dress that fits or are they hoping that it will
okay so this isn't quite the thing that you just said is kind of why I got into this mess because if you think about what you said thanks to buy a dress that's two sizes smaller and then make yourself put the pressure on yourself to change your body to fit in that dress that is not I mean I think if you're spending especially bright or sending multiple thousands of dollars your dress should be quality and made to fit your body so my mother because we have such amazing patterns in a village doing dresses for so long I know that I can guarantee if I take measurements and especially if we create the dress based off of our Muslim which is offered to the measurements we get a blueprint of the shape of the dress in your cut
and then we make the dragon face off of that original blueprints so that's how we really guarantee so if you don't necessarily feel like you're going to drop a lot of weight or see your body changing in a year then customizes the way to go because that you really know it's going to fit you like a glove and even if your bride who if you're open with me and you're honest and you're like look I plan on losing a lot of weight before the wedding I want to look the best that I could possibly look in my whole life which let's face it is majority in price so as a designer and a dressmaker what we do is I allow my bride to lose as much weight as they would like to and we have been pushing our last fitting
until approximately four to five days before the wedding so I really like they can boots away and not worry that the dress God forbid is going to fall off some other walking down the aisle and the pressures are they know that they can change that can go up and down and we will still make it fit the way they needed to fit and the way they deserve it to you no matter what by you are no matter how much you shape physically touch their dress while they're wearing it my worst fear is I see a picture of one of my Brides physically pulling up her dress anytime she's wearing it because if I think that's because you're dressed just isn't fit in your late majority of stores do encourage you to order that bigger size so that they can
Fajr you up the ones you an additional alteration because you're just getting charged for the dress for a brand new dress it really should be made to you you're also going to be charged to have it taken in to deal with the hum which I just think is needed and it puts more stress on the bike so it is the price that you are playing on the dress there is no additional alteration we just I have good communication with my bride and I've never had an issue with fit
that's incredible you do you hear an amazing hard stories of people that buy a dresser wheel of design and in the end of spending thousands and thousands of dollars on alterations Galaxy smaller to bigger it's crooked and the heartbroken because this was the dress of your dreams you are changing the original pattern that was made to fit a certain way and if you were not an amazing actress you can seriously damage the pattern when you're altering
because you when we alter we stick it in evenly from The Princess teams in the front to the side seams to the princesses in the back evenly sculpting the dress even as we're taking it in even if I need to take it in the hole I can still do it and the dress is still going to look as good because of our path because where we take it
so I know that you care less seriously I don't like to talk bad about other people but if her I mean I could have stayed doing mother of the bride and waited till I looked a little more mature and they would you know they would Embrace Me Al is Marcus but I look a little young another reason I mean I say the bride it's our bread and butter but I was like butterflies or being mistreated stuff you had such a horrible Bridal experience but she herself started designing wedding dresses because she didn't and I was like you know what you were the same person that I can and I need you in my store and she was like what I'm at Nordstrom's if that's okay and I'll come see you and I was like fine
Pilates full time before I joined the family business but I'm still feeling that fulfillment that you get for making people happy to look and feel amazing and I'm not about getting them with alteration charges and damn it really damaging the dress I'm really about creating me as being a hundred percent sold a hundred percent natural material dresses
and Happy Mother's day beautiful. I was at a wedding recently that keys and they had to tie the one that it was like a corset back and it had to tie her in and nobody could figure out how to do you teach people how to where you can start late before the price cut it on
and I will say that I made the mistake of for my first fashion show last February's acceptable dried-up kill bridal show I put in some courses I have a I appreciate course I'd okay I do I understand why it's green I can this little bit of weight gain a little bit away and the course that's going to be really good at making it so you might not even need to take it in because you have the course they are not tied correctly your waistline could look like your hip and it's just you know even if you think you can loosen loosen boots because you have a corset you'll just be able to make it tighter so that's not necessarily true
so says very tricky situation but of putting the zipper in and then we do this thing with cuz I don't like being zippers on dresses so now when I create the designs for making all of the lace with staff over the zipper and completely hide the zipper so you like really don't know how you got in the cricket we think are great for stitching in but if addresses well maybe you just don't need it yeah I love I mean zippers are great the bridge make it do you if you're getting ready and your bride and you already just spent two plus
at least I had makeup getting ready at least that's the minimum then do you want to spend another 45 minutes getting your wedding dress
because I know I wouldn't be in this bright on this Mister wedding because nobody could figure out how to lace her into this dress
you have to Criss Cross do you have to start from up top and then you know I always try and string them before stepping into them because I always help and usually the dresses with the quickest are the heavier dresses so they are harder to put in the right place and tie up at the same time because from back in the day if we're thinking like my new obsession is about TV show on the WB called rain right now they have the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen on TV and I think of it is kind of like younger Game of Thrones for a younger audience Wednesday I have not seen one lace up that course and it's so their corsets from back in the day that we're thinking more like girdle keeping us in those are under
so I think you know why they're like oh it'll be great and it'll make me feel skinny but it might be what you wanted to do on the day
I have a love-hate relationship read answer and traveling with the dress to the wedding and also storing it once you've been married
does Ashley dress fit in your car
how do you get there so it's a really good question so when we put the dress in vehicles depending on the car if you have an SUV that's phenomenal if you can pull down your back seats and kind of stretching along the entire from the back seat to the trunk depending on the shape but we no matter even if they're not traveling on an airplane so that you actually it almost looks like there's a body in the dress so that it keeps its shape and it's not flat and then we die
so I just had a bride to pick up my dress and then through I gave her kind of an airing out with you don't have a steamer on him and maybe you have to do is hang it in a bathroom and put the shower on let it seemed a little bit and then let it just settle itself because you track that I don't think a lot of people realize this site you see and they think oh I need to see more there for the hotel before we get ready and if you can make it so much easier
buy any I mean when they're traveling with it I would say it's the hardest thing to do is to keep it away from the groom not a ticket for traveling together but do you have a storage facility or is there a way to boxing and preserve it you know I was talking about the prices for The Bachelor TV show her name is Randy Ron and I met her this past October in New York and she's an amazing amazing so she and I were talking about the idea of preserving because you've got all of these different options you have people offering closed boxes and then
people operating open plastic boxes so you can see through to the wedding dress and then they also put half of a basically like a torso of a mannequin and then put the dress on the mannequin and then the fox say
do you have a lot of different ways but I have many options but Randy and I know that if you put lace in a box it's going to just color it just going to discolored and it's not going to I think it just knock at you know about our mothers did it and our grandmothers did it because they was passed down from generation to Generation generation but if you stop a very nice place for in the back of the corner it's just going to call her unfortunately to be honest no matter how you look at it and there and be able to always look at it I say more power to you and have the box DIY
you can do so much with expensive quality Lisa's I could make a high, cuz I could make a shawl you can just I mean I encourage reusing I don't encourage putting it in a box and then letting it waste in a box I think dresses are Extenze beautiful fabric should be appreciated and mourn and not stuff in the closet but that's just my opinion a beautiful answer it as you were talking about being the younger version here and saying that to you do even younger younger versions do you create flower girl dresses I remember seeing you said something about. And it's doesn't do you do prompt do you actually cater to the the young girl or the teen as well
I mean I definitely have my prom dress made by my mother I'm also stayed flower girls and we stayed bridesmaids when we need to but I would say our specialty our mothers and kind of I mean I have? Stock for sure but I'm also clastic at time and I do believe it if you're to invest in something it should be timeless because we're just not and you know a world where I think you should buy something to wear it to return it and I think it's horrible that's that's kind of how the hell has gone and it's now it's all online because you don't know how something is going to fit you when you order it online I feel like people make their life
when they do that instead of just going into a store but we do I mean we can dress any any age and make them feel appropriate for the application and still fashion-forward I'm really any breast can come in any color and as a woman I'm sure you know that but being out it's like you know and she is the bride has bridesmaid from the ages of 60 + and then her daughter who is 20
so I helped them like I just joined the business I was a little nervous and I wasn't as confident as I am today so when I told me that she wanted all of the Bridesmaids in the same dress and coral the van which is a very lightweight non structured fabric I took a deep breath and I swallowed it and instead of fighting or voicing my opinion we made these dresses and would think of like your grandmother do you think your grandmother would be comfortable in a coral shipping
best strapless with no sleeves like there's just no I mean color says a lot had it been maybe maybe the chiffon would have been acceptable the fact that we can do any color and makes it sky's the limit and it really I mean I think color should be age appropriate cuz of course the 22 year-old looks amazing but did the 60-plus not so much she was just like why did we pick this dress in this color and I was like your pride fix it but I can't I want to make you happy but so
I love talking about color and the pallet in the wheel and so when you're talking about Timeless and ageless and seasonal so how far in advance should somebody order a person if their wedding is the spring that they want to pick a Spring Colorado or how does that work that they say I'm getting married next May or I'm getting married next Friday they're being nice to us I would say nine months but we save women and can make dresses in a week if we have obviously there's some Rust charges but we have one slot Rush B which also makes us very different no matter if we need to rush it in two months or in a week we don't search her but I would say nine months I know a lot of women are hearing a year and I would understand that it's addressed if we're coming from
but because we manufacture in the United States and our fabric comes from Europe we can ship an expedite and basically you know do what needs to be done to be nice
is what company change their mind Midway and say oh I saw this picture in a magazine and can we add this or can we do the caller more like this and can you change the style mid pass. So remember how I kind of talked about that muslin blueprint of the dress so we went. That's their chance to say can we change the neckline can we add a sleeve I want a little more cleavage I want to Littlest cleavage I want you know let's make it shorter let's make it longer so that's really when they have that flexibility and we do the majority of our sleeves in house
quiet to statistically change the positive the dress after the deposit been done and after the Muslim has made is a little challenging the idea stress is not watch out different colors for you so that really when you make the decision on the dress if you are 100% sure and we worked with you and not that you feel confident in your decision because I think that whole I want to change comes from not being confident in that you're going to look good in that dress
and I think it is kind of so if you trusting us and then you trust in yourself and your decision but we're really good at helping you make the right decisions for you that's what my mom and I doing we love making sure that our client is happy we listen and we take notes and you know we do our job
it's just it's beautiful information Now's the Time and you're saying nine months you know basically is it the same if I'm going to my 25-year High School reunions or if I'm going to take a shower and going to you know some Christmas parties or black tie event is still about nine months out for personalized dressers at just for wedding dresses short dresses I would say three to four months is fine for the simple short that don't have a lot of reims Brainerd hand work because it's the handwork on the bridal gowns it's really time consuming and it's us ordering the fabric from overseas and giving ourselves enough time to make the dress
so but for Red Carpet we do have samples in the store and people do buy I mean I've had the Beverly Hills housewives just call me same day to come pick up a drive and you know I called my Taylor on his day off to come in Monday so we do have our inventory is very large thankfully and we have enough shape that we can please all and if you need a dress to wear in a month or week we usually have some type of options could you sell the samples as well that you have there
we try not to but we do we are tweaking the samples and updating them or you know making them a little different color but we do solve the samples off the floor cuz if we didn't I think that people in Beverly Hills would not like a lot of people find you
Ocean Pines nearest through
by referral the mother of the bride especially has been I mean we don't do a lot of advertising because we haven't needed to make people so happy that they like to talk about us and my mother Carmen Popa specifically so you know she's going to great business they're going to Pinterest they're going to it going to letting wire and then they're just Googling and I'm all over social media now and I was just on Jane the Virgin this last week which is the new TV show on the CW and relationship after dressing hard that they put me in the show so I don't to be honest you can buy me a lots of different places
phone number for people to make personalized appointments because I know people
the war on Robertson Boulevard just below Burton Way in above Wilshire and my website is under drai's or the bride. Calm and there will be a Samantha coming shortly which will be all about personal styling and now I'm offering personal styling coming to your home so you can kind of see the sports bar that we have the more casual day looks Day dresses and you can pick whatever fits you and you love you Peter Pan. Whatever you don't you can send that it's Andrea's for the brides Bridal and
this is just fabulous I love that you're doing the personalized dresses what a great idea how for those that are listening from other states and from other countries so can you do that if somebody is listening to the show from Tech sister from Atlanta can you send them yes and all I need are just a few measurements and I can pretty much guarantee that the dresses
I had a bride from Alaska I mean I just I have an Indian by that I'm working with my phone and I never thought I would say that because some days I kind of want to throw it into the middle of the ocean but then other days when I'm typing with my client who's in India we are in a blast age is kind of amazing and I love that I can help people anywhere it's really fantastic
Adidas accessories as well as shoes the bag that they out whatever goes through dress
is what I like to call it we didn't always have an excuse but now we have a great question but you can dance all night in which I think is a big statement for a pair of shoes and we tried ourselves on our accessories we have many women who by our travel ring the majority of our mothers we Style with ear and a purse and their shoes we don't like to do a lot of necklaces with our mother of the bride's we sign that you're dressed earrings and a bracelet is kind of all so beautiful and how did your mom come up with that you started this so many years ago and had she even has a concept to do the mother of the bride cuz I've never met that's my very first time actually hearing about somebody that specializes in that field
I'd built up her business and her name to the point where she had so many clients that had daughters that were getting married and they didn't want to go to Beaman markets and they didn't want to go to Saks Fifth Avenue they wanted to stay with my mom and continue having great Fashions made for them and my mom just realized that this is something she needed to start doing but it was a little bit of a missing special cuz it is a specialty specialty shop and getting thrown in the back door and you know they just said wear a skirt and a jacket and there's your book and that's not who's most mothers are today they're fun and their hair
and they want to look young and just as fresh as the bride's has so she really because of how many generations she has is crying Help that's what kept us going I mean we did we did a bride we did her mother we did her maid of honor and the bride just had a baby and we made her dress for the baby shower
so how cute is that I know it's pretty cute I know it's about I think it's just she did such a good job that they trusted her and when they changed and when their special occasion change from being at Galas and red carpet to now being at weddings and just letting you know family inviting she just said okay but do it and she had enough experience with dresses but we had no problem doing that
did I just this is just so fascinating to me and I love this information
oh my God I would love to have her talk to Steve and defected to start a business for any woman to start a business a creative business something you need something so next and I think that when you look at anyone you know it doesn't matter if it's somebody that's 16 17 18 or somebody that's a hundred and two we all have our days where we put on clothes and we say don't like this and I don't like that and I'm feeling fat I don't feel like wearing green today I don't just doesn't look and then we always have those pieces in our wardrobe than her favorite things that no matter how we're feeling that day whatever we put that on we always feel happy we always feel great we always feel comfortable and I need for you
I'm sorry what was the last Friday I would imagine a dress that was made for you feels that way just feels right that's why we work so hard is to really you know I mean I had bought the stories about very sick women who have been able to come to us and feel beautiful I had a woman over the summer. Not exactly sure what she had but it was most humbling experience of my life and she was a hundred years old and she pick
awesome a line hierophant and she's like that's the dress that I want and I looked at her and I was like okay Grandma. That's the dress that you are getting and I think I've women we haven't a little easier in terms of building or being the nun do I was just I worked with Covenant House in Hollywood based through a dance party for about 65 homeless kids but I was the one who put it on and it's for the price and you know just trouble children and she and I help swayam obviously I gave a lot of clothes and dresses and shoes and help the girls get ready and I put makeup on them and it was just a
just with a little bit of makeup can do to someone who has not a lot going for them and how it made them put the place is the biggest Smiles on their face and they were so happy and then I kind of turn to the men who were just getting cheated set up on you know some guys haircuts and yeah they had closed but there is just nothing I just I mean I wish I had a man's on with us right now so we could kind of like get his input on it but when you are a girl no matter who you are when you put on that dress and when you put on makeup and when you feel like you look good. It's just I mean we can do it no matter what you look like no matter what you think you look like we are I mean we have that power to change how we feel through clothes
century fashion and I think that's kind of incredible and a little understated and I kind of wish you know men almost had that maybe they all just needed to install the mint seeds and maybe that would have made them feel a little more empowered but I think fashion makes women feel empowered and that's why we love creating amazing factions that last a lifetime my mom has an amazing sense of style and as long as I can remember she's always been drawn towards one-of-a-kind something special something you need something nobody else has something that just looks beautiful and spectacular and her know I screw up in Atlantic City New Jersey that has a lot of one-of-a-kind dresses and they would call my father and something came in that they thought was right for my mom her that she would love and she would come home and he have it all laid out
whatever he would like her personal shopper I don't even know that they were in dresses and she was going out people would say where did you get that and they will always he's one of a kind beautiful unique things and then as I grew my mom and I are exactly the same size and sister to hear is I do you know my mom comes into my closet man to say hello and I say what are you doing and she remember me you know what she's talking to her clothes because I stopped me at events and I'll see what is spectacular dressing why did you get that and I said my mother's closet and he said where's that store located at I like no really my mother
that's fantastic we also have a mother with a very good cause and I have early inherited vintage Chanel boots that I only pull out once a year because these boots me to last Lifetime and I but I mean that he invested in Couture clothes for her clothes. Clothes that have personality closed that made her feel beautiful and empowered and luckily I mean Fashions come back even if they're out for a little bit I always end up coming back stoked to invest in something like that I think is fantastic and as a husband to do I mean like wouldn't it be nice for you to go get your wife something so they
wouldn't come in for something in a week and then they just so you know my husband is doing it out of their own free will and maybe the wife wouldn't feel the need to ask
it's a very real and fashion and Samantha of hope I'd Andrea's for the bride then you can get a copy of today's show so you can listen to it over and over again and you can take note to find out where the store is located and how you can have a personalized dress designed just for you if it's for your wedding or special occasion or black tie event or do you just want to feel special and extraordinary which everybody should feel you can just send a text message on your phone to buy 5 6 7 8 it's simple 5 5 6 7 8 in the message is simply Nicole and you can download for free a copy of Today Show on any mobile device and I encourage you all to refresh leaves sonder too
Samantha and two answers for the bride because I can't imagine a better gift to give yourself this holiday season and a better way to start the new year then to actually have dresses that are designed and made just for you because that's who you are and when we're looking into the happily ever after and how to live that life that we all know we dream of and we desire and we deserve we actually deserve to have a dress that's the size that is made for us and if you're beautiful inside and out so I imagine it's been such a joy having you here today and I can't wait to get those who have Twitter and Instagram we are Andrea's STC and I am doing giveaways monthly I just gave away a customized Dale
and I'm working with Bridal style blog who is giving away a tahani bridal cup and which is kind of something new it's a spin-off of the bouquet but yeah I think they should check it out we will thank you for being with us today I look forward to having you back and look forward to talking to your mom as well and two coming into the shop and for all of us this is just such a special special gift and truly fashion at its finest so thank you for being our guest today thank you so much it was amazing thank you you too what a beautiful beautiful Joe and Samantha Popa I can't wait to see all of her fashion sense Styles and Designs a maximum of the most is being able to wear clothes that people stopped me and asked where did you get that
it's not a fashion that the familiar with but there's something so special and so extraordinary they want something like that for themselves and so that's where you want to go if you want to talk to Samantha good Andreas for the bride and she has her own designs and fashion style incense and so find her absolutely the greatest gift you can give yourself so it's too cold Brandon and Samantha Coppola wishing you the happily ever after

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