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The Holistic Health Show, August 12, 2017

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The Holistic Health Show
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Guest, Susan J Gonzalez

The Holistic Health Show with Dr Carl Helvie and guest Susan J Gonzalez

Guest, Susan Gonzalez

Guest Name
Susan Gonzalez
Guest Occupation
Nurse, Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition, Cancer Survivor, Blog Writer, Author, Co-Author, Founder of MOON Organics
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Susan Gonzalez is a registered nurse, certified in plant-based nutrition, and a stage III cancer survivor. She is an advocate for health and wellness with a focus on cancer prevention.  Her blog The Savvy Sister: Simple Ways to Better Living gives readers valuable information, delicious vegan recipes and a hefty dose of positive attitude. Susan is the founder of MOON Organics, a natural skin-care company that caters to the needs of survivors and she has also just completed her first book, 100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It. She and her co-author, “Perks of Cancer” blogger Florence Strang, hope to revolutionize cancer survivorship with the web-based program associated with the book called Cancer Plan 4 Life.  Susan resides in Georgia with her family.

The Holistic Health Show

Show Host

Beat the Odds. Avoid Chronic Illnesses and Prescribed Medications. The Holistic Health Show teaches you how using Mind, Body, Spirit, Relationship, Environment, and Political Interventions.

This show could save your life by providing you with comprehensive holistic interventions for staying well and overcoming illnesses. Staying healthy and overcoming illnesses involve a combination of body-mind-spirit-environment-relationship-political interventions. I believe these should be the most effective ones available and also the least caustic and invasive.

The host uses and recommends a combination of holistic interventions for maximum effectiveness in maintaining health but many guests will present an in depth discussion on one aspect of the whole. Interventions in the six areas identified above should be used together, however, for maximum effectiveness.

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