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Here We Stand, November 29, 2020

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Here We Stand
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Learning from our Experiences: Looking Back and Forward

Here We Stand with Reverend Kevin D. Annett

Topic: Learning from our Experiences: Looking Back and Forward

Leaving the Fallen City: Preparing for Independence - A Dialogue

A Rerun from June 28, 2020
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Here We Stand

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Here We Stand is the official voice of The Republic of Kanata and the Republican Party of Kanata. The weekly program is a platform to unite and mobilize the revolutionary remnant who are forming the basis of a new society based on equality, Common Law and liberty.

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Department of gentlemen and welcome to Here We Stand I'm your host Kevin and Eagle strong voice and that's the vision folks the world in common has it was given to us by the Creator that movement is quite incredible is the diggers movement it came out of England in the 1640s which was the same time that the current King of England had the chopped off the Republic of England was declared in 1649 by Parliament and that president is what we stand on one of the presents we stand on in declaring the Republican kannada kannada some people call it and we're going to be talking about that today today is going to be a continuation of I guess you could call it to teach him it's a dialogue between me and you and between our movement and The Wider world I used to do these dialogue sermons from the pulpit in Port Alberni which of
got me in trouble with certain people because the voices that were suppressed could finally be heard in this is what we want to do in the show today like on all our shows here at CBS Radio Here We Stand we are putting out ideas and wanted to hear back from you so when you hear things to talk about today write it down. Down questions comments whatever right to us Republic Canada kenet a republic of Canada at and do background reading that Murder By decree. Com one of the other presidents on our work is based is the fact that this country is founded on genocide and mass murder and we're never going to get clean of that unless we have a whole new deal altogether one of the questions that came in this last week was what how are you guys different than a lot of the other movements that are springing up as they should all over the country all over the world talking about sovereignty and you know there's things like Wax at the Western exit movement in western Canada
there's you're not unify the people there's other groups that her in her own way Raven the same things we do but here's what's unique about the Republic of Kanata movement first of all it's thinking and acting outside the box we're not trying to Tinker with the system we're not trying to get changes and operating according to the standards and the terms of the the present system we're creating a Grassroots Republic and that means the second us back to be created from the Grassroots up we form sovereignty cells and three or more people based on that return, Los Angeles and those are the people of hammer out the Constitution who take back power in our own communities through come alive chords, like Sheriff there's now 43 of these groups working across Canada 29 in the East Fort King in the west and that's an increase of seven in the last week Felix we going to talk a little bit about the day today and you know I'll be meeting these groups
systematically over the last number of months and it's very exciting on the ground to see how people are really coming you know in the hundredth monkey system month suddenly the ideas spread everywhere Montana this week coming up like grass all over the country and that's the reality of what's going on in the collective unconscious here
so today we're going to do some basics for going to answer some of the questions you had from last week when I had a kind of a fireside chat going over different things and one of the first things I want to answer cuz the number of you wrote about this since I talked a little bit about Magna Carta 1215 going to help us and we're going to have a friend George Carlin back on a little comic relief to talk about a very important thing in that is Hell words or misused how he hates euphemisms will hated he's passed on or if you would say what's on Minotaur words let's talk about life and death but when he was here on this planet going to talk about the Boston today want to take a break and he can talk but as for the and
remind folks make a quart of the Latin word that means great Charter and this is something that the parents of England literally held a knife to the throat of King John in your 12:15 and said you're going to find this because For the first time in history it and limited the power of a monarch where there be a pauper a king or anybody else you thought that they ruled by what they thought was divine right and Carter really laid the basis for a lot of the things set in, LOL we take for granted for example of one of the points has no one shall be seized or imprisoned or stripped of the rights or old louder exiled except by the lawful Judgment of is equal to buy the law of the land another word Sum King Kent disorder your rest well it's interesting how that's thrown out these days and that's actually might have my wanted to flag as well to think about today it's in the news there's a bill before the British Columbia legislature Bill 19 slide that before we get into the Meg
it's very relevant Belmont King is called the triple Titleist
20/20 covid-19 related measures act and if you went down scroll down to parts for it says that basically no public official can be held liable for anything they do you cannot Sue anyone in public office the way they have it has no legal proceeding for prescribed just relate to the covid-19 quote pandemic may become instrument came against a person or prescribed person for any act or Omission sewing in legalese what's that saying is
anything a politician or bureaucratic say the health Ministry says or does cannot be it cannot be sued for it it's like big Pharma they brought a new laws back in the 80s another president brought in these laws for taking big Pharma from ever getting sued for being liable for anything well the politicians that serve these big farm & Trust in the same thing and also it's retroactive which means anything they've ever said or done cannot be the subject of a lawsuit this retroactive thing which is again very it illegal for them to do a lieutenant governor state of emergency Powers this one guy can tell you that you don't have any rights anymore well screw that of course that has no basis in Magna Carta or common-law look at and you can look at my get a card it's it's right at the back and one of the appendices AR book establishing the rate of natural Liberty a common-law training manual this book is a real popular items
turn on Amazon under cabinet mounted get it from me right to the common land at and will send a copy and what it says in section 61 at the back is this a provision put in where Buy in order to enforce Magna Carta a group of 25 Barons can get together and basically Seas Crown property anything except the life and person of the king and his family they can seize any land owned by the crown to compensate them for any damages done to them folks just means under Magna Carta we can seize Crownline which is all of Canada according to their lost so you know and the thing is it's uses language about Baron tell that man is a signatory that applies to anyone any citizen can in Bocas and
that's one example of how Magna Carta can help us right now because it is something not knowing but a lot of native roots you know they have the bases even under the law to dominating culture to Cecil and for reparations because of damage is done by the crown and their Church partners for example and wiping out 60000 children in the Indian residential schools for which no person has ever gone to trial that alone jail so this is an example of Magna Carta can service
one example no one to read to you something and it says I can be kind of an idea of why these things can be gotten away with and it's from a conversation I had it taken for my book The Border and I call it Freud was right conversations with a killer a piece of themselves and started a quote from Sigmund Freud where he says civilization arises true the suppression of the Basic Instinct 2 progression generating and Mankind and Beverly mask by so-called ethical values and here's the key statement it's possible to bind together a considerable number of people in love so long as there are other people left over to receive the manifestations of their aggressiveness in other words you can be a killer but also love your kids you know because your kids
hopefully are within your own circle of protection but people outside are not worthy of the same standard so you can kill him and I had a grotesque example of this early on in this campaign when I was involved in exposing the residential school genocide it happened 24 years ago this month was June 1996 I got a call from a guy who used to work at the st. George's Anglican residential school in Lytton British Columbia and he said he want to talk to me let me just read the account here
men acted very pleasant as they always do he even picked up the tab for the team donuts with Sheridan seemed genuinely concerned about my recent divorce in the distress if it's likely causing to my young daughters he was after all an expert on children I have known what to expect that day it was early in my sojourn into a bizarre world that dwelled alongside the patterns of the life right now and I'm still very naive I politely allowed to stranger to explain why he had worked for so long at the death camp known as the Saint George's Anglican Indian residential school in 11 BC for him being the one to ask to see me after my name is hit the headlines
normally the kids can play Outdoors under supervision of course he said but they're always in their do well to who tried to run away the elderly men started me matter-of-factly he was well in his description of Life at the oven Lincoln School but what happened to those kids and water after that
well how severe you seem to wear this work there is some stocks in the corner of the playground and they were used rain or shine you like children of the stocks like out of the Middle Ages that kind of course if it's a prescribed punishment for felons he said correctly prescribed I said but how could it be fellas they're only children the man smiled at me condescendingly you obviously haven't read up on the legislation he replied
his eyes bore into me
just a note on that the legislation in the Indian Act allowed any child who even if your 5 years old to rent a wake to be immediately declared as a felon and could be put in prison without else that's where Indians rank in the same scheme of things had where they still ranked in the in the back of the strict so I continued after Johnny. Nelson and asked and I said well what else happened besides stocks
and he replied Monical's occasional plugins of the older boys the ringleaders will bud what happened they brought upon themselves and started him as a Catholic radio told me I deserved a trip to Sunny Mexico well what did happen I asked him there was some death she said after a pause then you should have said no strike that it's an old habit there are a lot of deaths too many really am I your leader is right after the war we're bearing kids two or three to a grave of behind the garbage dump and staff had improved the disposal methods by the 1960s
holiday to prove them I asked
you don't want to know he answered
what is the guy of those children his eyes with caution to the first time and I thought it wasn't going to answer any side and such as T is a trying to hold me in suspense finally said disease but that was Milwaukee we all can just let them starve to death but the preferred method just don't want them in together the healthy with the sick and never treat any of them that way the TV took away most of them so-called natural causes you see neat and tidy
call the most on Canadian moment when a witness and participant admitted that mass murder of children was deliberately executed by Christian staff members and Indian school as recently as 1996
just the same year I interviewed him to death fear the last school closed in the confused because you were meant smile again. His look made me angry nobody objected I declared that she replied who would have jacked with old government ruled it was all legal what the hell in legality I said how can you just sit there and it's all of us how could you be part of this glanced around and then he leaned towards me and said I can mend anything I want to you my young friend because no one's ever going to believe it just think you're crazy if you talk of this I suggest you reflect on that
call real life in the flash that like the United Church officials who were involved in getting my life at the same moment the 18 Anglican across me thought he was God and quite Untouchable and accordingly I could get him to disclose everything even if I have no proof afterwards what he'd admit it so I slept in my old razor knife continue I ever I hear every school had a punishment did you guys have one will naturally we did he said it was a regulation Dave X offenses all the measures we met it out plus the special treatment of course what were those special cases to hardcore Rebels those kids pay for the Indian Hospital for the drb labs what's the drb defense research for Nottawa a national security matter you know lots of money involved.
what about being a hospital drug test
it wasn't just a few there in the United churches in on it and the Catholics are there in operations nobody ever talks about them though she's strange and Celtic for my taste but it went on like that until I couldn't stomach any more especially after he described his punishment children are routinely tied to the backs of cars and made a run along or be dragged after it or he'll down at their teeth were yanking for painkillers or subjected to Hiroshima Mentor rape upon entering the school
I need something to understand what we had to do he said after silence you had to do what I said and don't think it didn't bother me for a while but that's all in the past now and you can sleep at nights of course why wouldn't I he said, I'm a deacon in our church and I'll life skills counselor I five grandchildren I'm a very happy and contented man
but I said how can you be how can any of you be Ki poz and small the kind of selfish Earnest at the balance on Church Sundays because we know that God forgives us
now the reason I read that is because it's not only the attitude still in these churches that committed in front of the crime that's the attitude of Canadians when you talk about the real history of this country and that's why we had to make a break to say look forget about covid-19 stuff the same out of a station what's been going on over Century learning about mandatory vaccinations stuff go on an Indian reservation to the Indian Act ever since 1874 you cannot refuse medical treatment they can come on to any reservation and shovel needle in the arm of any kid they like they're in jail for 5 years away for a century-and-a-half in Canada but we are all over age now that is happening to all of us the point is folks if we don't learn about the genocide against others that happens to us too and
unlock note
well I was going to
share something with you, repetitive I want to move on to something else but there's another thing I would urge you to read and people might say well they all the native and in my book I go into the details of how at a special meeting right after I was fired in April 1996 just a few months before I met that Anglican a meeting between the top leadership of the ship of the West Coast tribal councilman Uccello's Tribal Council and Virginia Coleman and very best of the top leaders of the United Church the same two women who actually Ranch my firing and if rocking after I began to exposes and they made a deal offer to the chief that they would give the money for personal injury lawsuit settlement says subsequently have it only on two conditions
if they never talked about murdered children or dead Sheldon in the residential school and if they had nothing to do with me and are moving to expose these Channelside crunch the Chiefs went along with it and ever since then government-funded native sheep has dared to talk about Mass Graves of children or any of that until the government corrupt save two charges are saying who's to blame film
the reality is in Canada when were talking about Republic you got that at every level of society you've got an arrangement whereby all roads lead to Wellness as Roma London but the privy Council Office which is the body that runs the country every Member of Parliament every cop civil servant they all take an oath of allegiance to the crown so-called this fictitious crown and you can work in that system is what we shall we we tried to get genocide adjudicate in the course in Canada was thrown out every time because they crowned appointed judges are not going to implicate the crown of the Vatican and that's why we went outside the country that's why we set up the, McCord and it worked we first read finger and others out-of-office we can even forced the crown of England to step down and this is why the outbreak is happening all over the world people see that it works people can take the power into the wrong hand and
that's kind of a piano lesson that shouldn't be lost in any of us kind of the Practical aspect of what we do there's like I said there's 43 groups across the country now actively organism organizing, Los Emily and there's two things to remember first of all rights only exist when they're practiced and battles are won or lost before they're ever fought depending on who controls the energy the situation or what sent you in the yard work house that she now I'm going to talk briefly about those two we are never given rights at all they're born enough but they only come into existence by practicing them and the second part clothes from that because when we start practicing them we go into immediate conflict with the system and there was an example of that I'm going to mention Bill 19 where they're about to put themselves beyond the reach of the law which is kind of a admission of guilt when they realize that you know
check themselves from being sued but once you start challenging that you realize that any right that your practice the challenges their agenda is immediately rule to crime and we enter into battle but we can arrange the trainer battles so we are defined in the narrative we are to finding what the issue is and that gives us tremendous power we did that in the battle in Canada if I knew from the start of genocide not sexual abuse just like today we aren't running issue with a police state not a crow bird bars because we know the whole thing about a virus is bogus I've yet to meet anybody who's got one could even sick from it and so Define the trainer battle and give the advantage is on your side regardless of your numbers and that's a really important thing to keep in mind and that's why at the back of both are manual for whistleblowers atropellar shield and the comelec training manual we printed
some of the most important parts of Sun Tzu The Art of War now we got about five minutes before George Carlin comes on so I wanted you to answer another one of the questions you guys have coming of the last week and that is going to more detailed we run out of town last week and I was reading from the heart in the manual about how we deal with the smear campaigns but I called the 3DS which is what they employ against you when you start entering into battle the they deny the distracting the discredit stay the night the crime you're bringing out they distract from it by talking about other stuff and they try to discredit you immediately so I'm going to get into that after George Carlin because it's kind of clothes naturally out of the discussion of that he has about the the nature of language and how it's used to control all of us and he's got some really good examples I'll let him do the talking
how about in the second half of the show is a really nice and thing I discovered it was in the course of writing a book called The Sacrifice who is about the death of my Uncle Bob he's not my father Bill 91 year old father down there in Florida High dad his oldest brother Bob was killed during World War II he was a sublet tenant on a savings of story of the Athabasca with a Gunnery officer at age 19 and he the Athabasca was torpedoed in English Channel April 29th 1944 problems in the water with a hundred guys in the British Navy who is responsible for rescuing them called off the rescue mission they told All Ships to avoid these guys in the water it turns out from examination at the store and more it Bob ship was sunk by Friendly Fire there were no German U-boats around though they'd all been driven off or end the German destroyers that sunk in a running gun battle
they were sunk by British Motor torpedo boat and then to cover that up the admiralty left those guys to drown in the water including my Uncle Bob and a hundred other men from the Athabasca they're all buried and in Brittany I've gone to the grave and seen it and you know I brought some of the soil of Uncle Bob back to a concert Alberta where where my family's from but the amazing thing is that as I looked into that there was a whole history in the British Empire right after World War II they scrubbed all of the records of anywhere in the British Empire where they're being genocide where they're going to trial City War crime where they had killed people by Friendly Fire like I did to Michael Bob and a hundred other crewmen and they scrubbed it out and there's an account even in the Guardian newspaper in England they did the service on this 5 years ago showing how are all the Imperial records from the colonies including from Canada or scrubbed clean and false records were putting their to give kind of a positive spin on the history of the British Empire show the whole
bogus investigation into the Canadian residential schools done by the crown done by the Kenyan government called The Truth and Reconciliation Commission which is a complete farce and I'll talk about it was amazing miscarriage and obstruction of justice but they were simply following Colonial policy by any official record in Canada where there's about residential schools are being scrubbed clean of any reference to genocide and I discovered that early on in the corner Library University British Columbia record all of their first record to be a big gap of like 6 weeks there be a mention of the death of a child and then nothing so clearly the records of me since I've been this was coming out of not just some bureaucrat from a dictate from the colonial office in 122 every part of the British Empire to scrub those records clean that's why we're getting a full version of events in why we have to rely on her own records and again if you read Murder By decree.
that was written as a cow to report to the bogatyr see report which with are ordered not to mention ever make never take out of the oven at the reference to a dead child went over sixty thousand of them were killed deliberately by the Catholic Anglican United churches to get into hell history and languages Rewritten by the leading into that we're going to hear from George Carlin right now thank you I don't like words to hide the truth I don't like words that can seal reality I don't like you from ISM for euphemistic language and American English is loaded with euphemisms dealing with reality Americans have trouble facing the truth I'll give you an example of that condition in combat most people know about it it's when a fighting person's nervous system has been stressed to attach Duluth Peak and maximum
put the nervous system has either snap or is about to snap in the first world war that condition was called shell shocked
simple honest direct language two syllables shellshock 2 years ago then a whole generation went by and the second world war came along and weak the very same Kombat condition was called battle fatigue four syllables I heard as much fatigued is a nicer word than shock Shell Shock battle fatigue
then we had the war in Korea 1950 Madison Avenue was riding High by that time and a very same time bad condition was called operational exhaustion paver up to eight syllables now and the humanity has been squeezed completely out of the phrase it's totally sterile now operational exhaustion sounds like something that might happen to your car
then of course came the war in Vietnam which is only been over for about 16 or 17 years and thanks for the lies and deceit surrounding that War I guess it's no surprise that the very same condition was called post-traumatic stress disorder
still 8 syllables
and the pain is completely buried under jogging post-traumatic stress disorder I'll bet you if we have still been calling a Shell Shocked some of those Vietnam veterans might have gotten the attention they needed at the time how fast
but it didn't happen that one of the reasons one of the reasons is because we were using that soft language that landed to take the life out of line and it is a function of time hit does keep getting give me another example sometime during my life sometime during my life toilet paper became bathroom tissue
I wasn't notified of this
no one asked me if I agreed with it it just happened toilet paper became bathroom tissue running shoes medicine became medication information became directory assistance but don't became the landfill car crashes became automobile accidents partly cloudy became partly sunny
motels became motor lodges house trailers became mobile homes used cars became previously owned transportation
room service became guest room dining and constipation became occasional irregularity
when I was a little kid if I got sick they wanted me to go to the hospital and see the doctor now they want me to go to Aura Wellness Center for people used to live in slums now the economically disadvantaged occupied substandard housing in the inner cities
and they're broke broke they don't have a negative cash flow position
cuz a lot of more fired you know fired management wanted to curtail redundancies in the Human Resources area so many people are no longer viable members of the workforce smog well-fed white people have invented a language to conceal listens it's as simple as that the CIA doesn't kill anybody anymore do you neutralize people what they depopulate the area the government doesn't lie in cages and disinformation the Pentagon actually measures nuclear radiation and something they call Sunshine units
Israeli murderers are called comandos para Commandos are called terrorists Contract Killers are called Freedom Fighters well if crime fighter's fight crime and firefighters fighting fire what the Freedom Fighters fight they never mention that part of it to us do they
do not party
can I have some of the stuff is just silly we'd all we all know that like on the airline's they say they want to pre-board what what the hell is pre-board what is that mean took it on before you get on
they say they're going to pre-board those passengers in need of special assistance cripples
simple honest direct language there's no shame attached to the word crippled that I can find in any dictionary no shame attached to it it's a word used in Bible translation is Jesus healed the crippled doesn't take seven words to describe a condition but we don't have any cripples in this country anymore we have the physically challenged
is that a grotesque enough Evasion for you how about differently-abled I've heard them called that differently-abled you can't even say we're not handicapped we're handi-capable
poor people have been bullshitted by the system into believing him to change the name of the condition somehow you'll change the condition
we have no more deaf people in this country hearing impaired no one's blind anymore partially-sighted or visually impaired
Voorhees minimally exceptional how about your child is minimally exceptional thank God for that
psychologist actually have started calling ugly people those with severe appearance deficit
it's getting so bad that any day now I expect to hear a rape victim referred to as an unwilling sperm recipient
and we have no more old people in this country no more old people we shipped them all the way and we brought in these senior citizens isn't that a typically American 20th century praise bloodless lifeless no pulse in one of them a senior citizen will never get rid of it that's what they're going to be called so I'll relax on that the one I do resist the one I keep resisting is when they look at an old guy in the Years Young
imagine the fear of Aging at reviews
antonym and fear of Aging is natural it's Universal isn't it we all have that no one wants to get old no one wants to die that we do so we both get ourselves
look in the mirror and I say well hey I guess I am getting
older sounds a little better than it sounds like it might even last a little longer
I'm getting old and it's okay because thanks to our fear of death in this country I won't have to die
how pass away
or I'll expire like a magazine subscription
what happens in the hospital they'll call it a terminal episode the insurance company will refer to his negative patient care out come out of its result of malpractice still say it was a therapeutic misadventure
I'm telling you some of this language makes me want to vomit well maybe not vomit
makes me want to engage in an involuntary personal protein spill
thank you all
and we're back George Carlin I love you in true but you know what I find amazing Canadians and Canada tend to be invisible to Yanks I know but candidates gets even more that way and his expression pain buried under jargon I lived at 425 years bringing out you know the truth of this hanging people's pain doesn't this whole term abuse and healing these are like words created by the dominant culture to hide the fact that was mass murder rape
Porter Channelside mask rapes I mean you know you listen to the store and all those things are happening but they never use the word torture in the main screen in the Canadian news paper challenge you to look at any media count of residential schools going back to 1996 when he first began to bring this out and the word murder torture killing is never in there it's abuse it's a general term introduced by actually I need a public Hotel Fontaine he was headed assembly of First Nations that puppet organization he stood up in 1990 and introduce you she said I was abused in the residential Stilwell abuse can be anything from using harsh language to someone deliberately nebulous like George is talking about how many send me a message just now finish off until my team what are you what should we do about it never go my team were by the government is now immune sizing themselves against any lawsuits for anything related to what they do or don't
the bogus virus and yes you can. Some people are talking about taking them to court to stop if you cannot use the crown courts there soon within their own system of power it'll just be thrown out as it's happened every other time and we've tried anything like this you got a credit, my court and issue was called a notice of liability saying I'm holding you personally liable everyone of you for any damage or neglect that happens as a result of what you're doing if they don't respond you if your default notice and at that point you can get an order from the court to see their outfits to put a lien on their accounts even performed on them and that's where our ground work comes in we need to come unless Sheriff's and community-based course to make that happen that's what we're actively organizing now so that our response what team should be are responsible 19 should be and in the meantime ignore it it has no standing it's a few people doing this they are these
Toca blocks or statute that have no basis in fact or the law so ignore them now going on with George Carlin the Hong Kong language a few things to figure out how language right now is being used to keep us down take the most common one which I like to use and that is you heard a lot about Apollo that's something that they love to talk about apology well for the word I challenge you look it up in the Oxford English Dictionary you'll say no mention of I'm sorry or expression of regret filled with the word apology means apologia in both Greek and Roman means to defend one's actions or words or the action to words of another so when the government shuts up like when Stephen Harper's apologize for the residential school what he was saying was he was defending the actions
of the government in the churches in the residential schools and thereby legally indemnifying themself you were saying we didn't do anything wrong and prove that isn't any fun than money going Indian survivors they had to sign a statement absolving the churches and Dumber lemonade legal liability so when the government says I'm I apologize if I don't answer apology they're really saying we are Justified what we did and get everybody's hearing it as always wanted nice their story for what they did so that's example of the double think you know why does black and black is white
actually there's nothing we put alkaline which is taller the meaning of keyword there's another one name from The Enormous which was a plaque that you hung on a slave to say who own them name is a given name given to you by the system when you're registered at Birth or by your parents but that is your slave designation don't forget the Bible God says I have no name I am that I am that's what you say if the police stopped and asked her name is this a while I am I'm a man on a woman that's all you have to say to them and then you aren't answering their jurisdiction they have no authority over you it's Steve's names and these hooks whereby they catch you in the system but you don't realize you're being caught because you've been conditioned to think that that's just normal
yes so in the last 15 minutes or 10 minutes or I want to just finish up a few things I mentioned about that case involving my uncle is fully described in book of the sacrifice again you can get on Amazon under my name and
incentive chapter titled sanitizing the crime of the Empire's post-war spin let me December I swept it be said Guardian articles found out in 2011 a group of Kenyans show the British government for the torture that suffered when they were Mama Rebels during Kenya's fight for independence in the 1950s the British foreign office was ordered to release 8800 files from 37 former colonies including Canada from their Center at Hounslow Park in a buckinghamshire turning the systematic torture and murder of colonial people by the British crown and its Army but about the institution lights cover up with these crimes in the spinning a British colonial history of the brofist rate among the documents are a handful would show that many of the most sensitive papers from Britain's Lake colonial era would not in the way but simply destroyed these Keepers give us instructions for systemic
destruction issued in 1961 after he in the cloud Secretary of State for the colonies directed the post-independence government should not get any material that might embarrass Her Majesty's government or former members of the military or police or Civil Service the documents that were either destroyed or and a dummy why was created in the place cover Legacy files and he's a legacy Falls consisted of false information so for example. An Indian residential which is what dr. Peter Bryson the other doctors reported from there on destination was more like two or three percent of course naturally when the Government Street and Reconciliation Commission comes to 3% complete recording from this doctor Colonial files
and in some cases documents were totally purged and it's interesting cuz when I first began to look in the documents and printer Libor at the UTC library in the residential still why it said often you come across a document it would save this picture I was being removed according to the federal David recognize number 46 of June 7th 1973 the director was referring to the Colonial order coming out in 1946 to destroy any compromise documents always going to get a doctor to count and that's true whether your work to the courts or the government or whatever the system of information is totally controlled just like the internet is you see on the internet or on Facebook whatever what you're allowed to see you find the truth in real life through your life experience and this is what we're saying and all these meetings were holding on the, Los Angeles
your experience is your best feature you know the truth not because of what you've seen on the internet. Because what you heard is going on you know what Trudeau is doing here comes to know all these anywhere in doing and rumor that second hand third hand
what you know it's from your own experience and you have to base reality on that and buy your in Grown knowledge of what's right and wrong that's really the basis of a lot of what we do and Country early in order to counter a work that's why these smear come has come along cuz they insert well Lies We won't call them this information according to George Carlin right it's not miss information to Vega term it's a lie The Intruders wife when we know the truth and one of the ways to counter that is by simply going back to the Hard Evidence when people start attacking you in disrupting you with false information it's going to come those of you who are moving past just talking into actually taking direct action on things
you can immediately peanuts by infiltrators and people will come in and start walking to the internet they start circulating rumors about your best activist who did you know Kevin has made native women pregnant on a leash reservations at something that came out early on and I remember saying that somebody you know if they don't think the wendigo you know when you're in your late 50s to hear that sell wood could a joke about these things. The point is they use things that are going to get people very upset about the men and I shall classic example of this movement in the downtown Eastside Vancouver to bring groups together to fight the eviction of people and it was a really incredible meeting was over to other people add it suddenly in the middle of this
meaning unable to call Kellie white gets up and she's a non-governmental trade if she gets up and she starts screaming that the chair the meeting the most effective organizer had raped her children and the meeting fell apart in Confucian people to know well that I can't support this guy his rapist but how do we know it totally busted apart the meeting and the group the whole Coalition fall apart and then walked away with a smile on her face obviously her kids hadn't been harmed but she put that out there to discredit the person in the person never showed up again they exchanged him out of the meeting but until the biggest lie possible that's what Hitler said of my account the people do not think by and large they react emotionally and so you have to tell as big a liar as possible for them to believe and so The Woodcutter lies is by Evelyn she don't respond by attacking somebody and turn our start name-calling or acting defensive you to stand on the evidence
remember I met with Noam Chomsky once in Boston and I said to him well you know during the 60s there was a lot I member you know they were they were rumors about you sleeping with your grad students and he said oh yeah yeah the FBI plan at all these rumors about me in the peace movement people just ran away and I said well how did you do with that would say to the reporter show me the evidence and evidences on rumor know it
a document that can be tested to in court it's somebody alive eyewitness right who see something and every time you say show me the evidence your critics fall right away because none of this matters are based on anything real they're not based on Hard Evidence it's always just innuendo designed to trigger people's fears about the way I do when I joke about you know the probability of a man in his late fifties or whatever you know I mean come on people leave the ridiculous things designed to distract and the good thing about a smear campaign is that it helps you decide to take somebody out immediately and if it doesn't work you might have noticed that on the YouTube and other things only spare that used to touch my name they're gone now they don't really have any more because they realize the more you talk about somebody the attention you bring to them and they don't want to do that I remember when the churches were approached by the reporter sense of how do you respond to these charges by Kevin Anna that's a no comment because I knew it was true
the massive deaths that they caused and the truth was on my side they just didn't want to give me credibility by responding just like when you put these criminals on trial and they don't respond to the charges if an admission of guilt on my part and that's a tremendous weapon we have okay so I had to say that I was responding to a couple of questions we deal with them because as soon as you form a group it's important to form a solid core group first do not bring in Outsiders do not bring anyone you don't know solidify your perspective senior common vision and your plan of action together and then move out and operator cornudo cell structure so you can have groups of three or four or five people operating big organizations get infiltrated what does very quickly trust me it's happened to me three times and I we know how they operate and that's another important thing friends who says
your adversary is bigger than you and so there are
what's flexible they are they are they don't know how to respond to unpredictable actions on your part they've only got set protocols cuz they're there their big Corporation and they can't respond to your initiative so you always have to explain coming out sanctum never do what they expect you to do always do the unpredictable and I know is true and anything we do and especially now that is because what you're doing is we're stepping outside the system and just closing words on that were tempted to pick up the way we've all been mentally conditioned always swing back into the rut that we saw him for a whole life and that is you got to look for something in the system is not even in the system of what's familiar to us in the language or in our assumptions we have to question or something because we carry inside her head a policeman it's been crafted by the system we censor ourselves all the time I'm saying what's
because might offend somebody or you might get us in trouble but we have to be in the company of those who aren't afraid to speak and act and you have to form an alternative community and go to that Community that's what he's coming all simply can't just meet whenever we like it they got to meet every week same time same place so that people are on the same page and you can come back like you doing on the show you're hearing things you're running back to me it's a dialogue it's a give-and-take situation that that's what a living movement does not an organization that an organism we keep growing and evolving through this dialogue and you go out and you act bring back your experience and say let's talk about the blood work what didn't work that's what we do all the time in our groups so it always works this is 25 is actually 40 Years of political activism speaking here before my 25 years 25 years
what is deeply involved in political activity and on many fronts and I made a lot of mistakes but that's how you learn you learn from your mistakes. Your most recent one is your best teacher actually and don't be afraid of looking at that that's really what looks so in clothing to go to the books go to Amazon stuff to order any of these books on the common law training manual division of Canada which I talked about a few shows back all of our programs archived that here we stand go there and listen to them about 80% of you actually listen to the archived shows so pass the word around and in your own Leisure Time listen and take notes and plan what you're going to ask next time most importantly use this program has your own platform we got people coming on who's going to be talking about the work they're doing in different parts of the country like I said 43 groups now either small numbers of individuals are organized, Los
families that are working to take back the nation from this police state to establish a come-along republic take back the power on communities were working on that now actively to get information on that right to Republic of Canada Kanata at and take her to her people it's up to you you are the Republic you are the resistance if you listen to this in the final word I wanted to thank some of the folks in Ontario and it's surprising because you know I always expected to West to act on the first we've got twenty two groups in Ontario now that organized and have supposed to only five and Alberta supposed to be you know they were pissed off at the center of Evan where are you-all let's get going here in the west people and rights only exist when they practiced and battles are won or lost before they were fought depending on who controls the essential energy the Essentia
narrative the plan of action of the situations we shall we can outflank the system people we've shown how to do it try it yourself it's up to you because 10 20 30 years from now when things are in a very bad shape it's only going to be that way because you didn't act and I did not act and all of us stopped by and talked present active so this is the guy who action we're going to end with a beautiful song Old freedom from the Civil Rights Movement before I die a slave I'm going to go to my grave and go to God and be free I love those words we are free inside people were liberated from all the fear It's a grand and glorious day everyday a great day to practice Liberty carry it on Kevin not even strong voice back next week stay strong stay clear

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