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Galactic Connection, November 22, 2016

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Galactic Connection: Techniques of Discernment for the "I Am"
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with Alexandra Meadors

To Alexandra


I am saddened and disappointed by beings and humanity in their inability to discern truth, especially after 250,000 Quad-trillion years of deception and Illusion by shape-shifters claiming to be me or other benevolent beings, who are here to help you now and have always been with you.

I have and always will send you more than your physical consciousness can comprehend.

You need to discern the validity of the information I Prime Creator am giving and bring forth to you, and humanity.

I have Chosen to bring this information to you through Alexandra at this time. It is up to the individual to discern where the information is coming from. I will never bring forth any information to you or humanity through any being who “Fell From Grace.” For those of you who can see, and feel truth, ask your "I AM" where this information is coming from. Meaning, it should look and feel like a tube of light moving straight up from your head and it will never come from the left side of your head. If you or anyone else receives information from the left side of the head it is from the false Gods, those who fell from grace. For example, what did Jesus’ Light look like? It looks like a tube of light coming from his feet and moves up over his head. There are too many ways to count that many of you are still allowing and accepting to be deceived, enslaved and manipulated, including the control of your mind. When you are unable to discern Truth and live in the depth of the illusion, what can you expect but to receive distorted truths, and inaccurate information? I am telling you this because 90% of humanity is able to discern only 20% of the information being stated to you, let alone whether that information is true or not. With this understanding that you are unable to discern the truth of who you are, receiving information from here and beyond, I would like to provide additional instruction that will help you and is listed as follows.

1) I am here to give you some information on how to discern Truth and false information and how to do this without too much trouble. You may start by closing your eyes and sitting in a quiet place.

2) Say "I AM,” please show me what truth feels like in my own body.” If you can't feel this, ask for it to be amplified until you can feel it. See and sense where it flows within your body. Next Say "I AM,” please show me what false information feels like in my body.” If you can't feel this, ask again for it to be amplified until you can feel it and can sense where it goes in your body.

3) Please know that you can ask many questions of your "I AM." This is your Higher Self which exists 12 inches above your head. You can ask your I AM yes and no questions. They are felt the same way within the body as truth and false information is felt. You should also know your "I AM" Higher Self would never lie to you!

4) If you would understand that you have never needed to go to someone else for information, other than yourself or the Prime Creator, We would not be having this conversation today.

5) This may shock many of you but If you understood that I brought forth the "I AM" teachings long ago. This information was plagiarized, and distorted by St. Germain, as he claimed it as his own creation, and therefore is one of the reasons it is so misunderstood today, and seems to be too complex on how to use.

6) I will give you this important I AM Statement to help yourself and others. Say "I AM," Please bring in Divine Love to disintegrate (subject matter, negative situations, conflict, troubling things).” Then say "I AM” now refill it with Divine Love.” It will immediately be flattened out and raised up, while shutting down the negative issue or event that is happening and still be done with neutrality and love.

7) The only beings that were here in the beginning were those who created the "Fall from Grace" and the receivers of it. Let me tell you a story you can understand and the distortion of the Truth. I do believe you all have a basic understanding of the Bible? Many of you are under the impression that Jesus died for all of you, as that is what you have been told in false stories. I will tell you this - that all the disciples were the beings Jesus was working with while he was on earth. This is a true statement, but what is distorted is that he did not die for you, but rather those same disciples handed him over on a silver platter to save their own skin. The fact is that they killed him with a spear through his side slowly, then dismembered his limbs, removed his organs, and then used them for their rituals. These disciples were all the beings who also created the “Fall From Grace.” Jesus agreed to work with them in order to heal and resolve the choices they made in the beginning off-planet. You should understand earth is THE END RESULT of a choice that was made and rippled out within 1/10th of a second through 250,000 Quad-trillion Sectors. Please note that one sector is equal to one stellar galactic, 13 cosmos’, 13 galaxies, 13 universes, 1 planetary system, and 1 solar system.

8) Just look at the patterns of the hierarchical system and ponzi scheme you live in. There is no hierarchical system! Look at the pyramidal system you live in throughout every part of your life. These beings only know the same pattern of their own creation.

9) Their Love has terms and conditions, as well as expiations. It is what many know as a God that punishes you for your sins.

10) There are no sins, there is no good or bad, there are no Gods, or a Devil. There are only choices that were made in your highest and best choice or there are choices that were not made in your highest and best choice. The more choices you or others made that were not in your highest and best are the choices that create more mass density in your learning experience. Meaning, these choices were not made with love, nor understood what they would actually create. They were just created blindly with no comprehension of how it would affect All That Is, Was and Will Be that is, simultaneously.

11) While this choice was the size of a pin head when it started, it is now the size of a boulder, gaining momentum as you receive the effects of it on earth, as you are in all places of these 250,000 quad-trillion sectors simultaneously. You are multi-dimensional beings and you don't just exist here on earth. Think of a pin hole in a piece of paper and a light shining through that pin hole. Now see how the light is projected and becomes bigger. This is how the energy is being sent to you on earth from your other aspects in other places.

12) Although the story is much longer, the most significant thing to realize is that a quantum entanglement occurred between beings of light and beings who created the dark mass substance. They were told not to create that, because of what it would create. But yet, theses souls were what one would consider toddlers in human words of understanding how to create. One might ask why I would follow someone who did this? Perhaps you were in class with them and deceived by them, or you were misled by the fact that they were an older student than you and at the top of their class, thinking they knew everything. All were given an assignment and the only instruction were "if you don't understand how to create this please come and see the Prime Creator for help." The only way to complete the task was purposely made so they would have to ask questions on how to create what they had been asked to create. Now you should begin to understand what happened, that these beings never asked for help!!! They showed others how not to ask questions and how to complete the task incorrectly. Still others followed their lead because they trusted blindly, and they all thought they knew better than the Prime Creator and could prove it by what they had done. What they did not understand is that those that followed and trusted them, gave away their power and believed they were less than the older students. Now this is what is playing out on earth now! You are taught never to ask questions and to follow and trust others blindly!

13) I am here to tell you If anything I have said to you is getting under your skin it is because you are the beings that "Fell from Grace" and are unwilling to accept responsibility for your actions. If this resonates with you, then you are the receivers of their creation. This is plain and simple facts, but go get your own answers and now ask your body for clarification.

14) Now for those of you who call on the Arch Angels. Here is a fact you may want to know, that the Arch Angels "are all aspects of Lucifer." Go ahead and ask them yourselves. Once you confront them by asking them if this is true, you will never hear from them again unless you continue to ask for their help and further your enslavement and indebtedness to them. This means you will never be out of their debt.

15) You need to stop participating in invocations, incantations, ceremonial magic this is all connected to the false Gods.

16) You only need to ask for help from all parts of yourself, as you brought your own team. Stop asking others for help and Start talking to your Divine Self or your I AM for help. (Your Divine Self is your highest part of you off-planet.)

If and when your Divine Self or your I AM feels stuck, then ask the Prime Creator for help! When you ask your I AM or your Divine Self, you should feel like a tube of light moving straight up through you from your physical being to connect with all your other aspects. It should never come off the left side of your head which connects you to the false gods, who created the “Fall From Grace.” Stop asking for help from those you do not fully understand who they really are. You are powerful beings who need to stop looking for others for the answers!! Start looking within!


With Love

Prime Creator

Sector of Creation

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