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A Fireside Chat, September 17, 2011

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A Fireside Chat
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with Dr. David Che
My guest tonight is Dr. David Che, author of Total Law of Attraction.  In this show, we discuss what's left out of previous fads and trends that omit much of the necessary steps and easy actions to create our own realities; he demystefies the process which includes aspects of eternal truths.   Very helpful for those who find their dreams not manifesting!  

Guest, David Che

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David Che
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Law of Attraction Researcher, Teacher, Author, Dental Surgeon, Lecturer
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The Law of Attraction has fascinated Dr. David Che since he was a child. He has studied this theory that goes back more than a hundred years and has read all the major books on the subject.

While teaching the Law of Attraction to others, Dr. Che developed a simple, easy to understand, step-by-step approach. After realizing that none of the books written on The Law of Attraction, including recent best-sellers, make the theory understandable or make it easy to apply, Dr. Che decided to do exactly that in his new book.

The author has personally applied The Law of Attraction in his own life to achieve goals he otherwise would not have reached, such as selling his oceanfront condo at a gain in a badly-depressed real estate market and being admitted to dental school directly from a community college. Dr. Che has lectured on the Law of Attraction at Cape Canaveral for space aeronautic workers and at other locations.

An avid reader, Dr. Che also enjoys working out in the gym and spending time with his wife who is currently pursuing an MBA degree. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 2001 from the University of Illinois--Chicago and has a private practice in Cocoa Beach, Florida. He lives in Viera, Florida. Dr. Che was born in Taipei, Taiwan and raised in the United States.

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A Fireside Chat

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