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Fab and Fem Zone, August 29, 2018

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Fab and Fem Zone
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Health with an Ayurvedic Lifestyle with Annette Shellenbarger

Fab and Fem Zone with Mia Saenz and Bonnie Gayle

Health with an Ayurvedic Lifestyle with Annette Shellenbarger


Internationally known Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Marma Therapist, Herbal Rasayanist, Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Registered Nurse, Annette Shellenbarger, is the original founder of Chandra Ayurveda. Annette brings long-term balance and health to her clients that range from next-door neighbors to yogis in Europe. Annette is also a leader in bridging  Western and Eastern healing modalities, and restoring Ayurveda to its authentic, spiritual and most effective roots, and is an innovator in applying Ayurveda as a complimentary system of well being, wellness and health. Annette works with western doctors to support clients and provide a well rounded, holistic system of healing. Annette teaches and lectures at yoga studios, hospitals, community centers, and has a successful online program teaching Ayurveda to medical professionals, health coaches, yoga teachers, Registered Dietitians, and functional medicine doctors.

Annette received her Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist education and Ayurvedic body work training (including Pancha Karma and Marma Therapy training) at California College of Ayurveda in California; her BSN from Marymount University in Virginia, and her Massage Therapy training from IPSB (Institute of Psychostructural Balancing at Life Energy Institute) in California. Annette is currently continuing her studies in Vedic Astrology with her master teacher Freedom Cole of Science of Light in Nevada City, California, and finishing up her Doctorate studies in Ayurveda at California College of Ayurveda. Originally raised in Europe, Annette lives with her husband in Long Beach, CA, and practices from her Ayurvedic center in Long Beach.

Fab and Fem Zone

Welcome to Fab and Feb Zone with Bonnie Gayle and Mia Saenz

​Fab and Fem Zone is the hippest place that supports women into their amazing self.  Discovering ones ‘Fabulous and Feminine’ is what makes a woman empowered. This new reality on our planet is one that raises a woman high while still supporting our counterparts the male. Welcome to the Fab and Fem Zone.

Mia Saenz, the Co-Founder of Business and Finance Mentoring Group. Mia founded Mia Saenz Enterprises in 2009, which is a Company with four divisions providing education in Spirituality, Business and Feminine Holistic Wellness, and Production & Publishing. Over the past 30 years Mia has built 15 of her own businesses, while supporting others since 2012 to increase their exposure and income. Mia has developed a program teaching business owners how to build a strong platform, marketing, brand, client base, programs & courses, for both online and brick & mortar business as well as product lines. Having a gift to see another create magic in their business and helping them to manifest that into reality is a gift very few understand.

Bonnie Gayle, Founded Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs Bonnie’s Books Inc. and Co-Founded Business and Finance Mentoring. Over the past 28 years Bonnie has been an acting CFO, business manager, educating entrepreneurs and guiding business owners on running profitable, thriving businesses that pay them well. Bonnie has also re structured nine businesses that were on the verge of bankruptcy. Instead of going bankrupt, Bonnie worked hands-on with the business owner, managing and guiding the businesses - turning them profitable and debt-free within six months to twelve months. 

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