Mia Saenz

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Mia Saenz
Mia Saenz Whitmore
Los Angeles
Editor-in-Chief of BellaMia, Transformational Spiritual Practitioner and Media Host

Mia Saenz, Founded Mia Saenz Enterprises, a Company with four divisions providing education in Spirituality, Business Mentoring, Feminine Holistic Wellness, and Production & Publishing. Mia is also the Founder and Editor in Chief of BellaMia magazine, a holistic self care magazine for women.

Growing up in a family of successful entrepreneurs it seemed easy to create and build businesses. Mia recognized within these family businesses the overall connection was a concentrated effort, passionate desire of a dream, and action steps to create a profitable businesses. Adding in all the HOW TO'S will take you to the finish line.

Over the past 30 years Mia has built 15 of her own businesses beginning at the age of 18, while gaining additional education through Finance knowledge in the banking world, among other avenues.

The biggest frustration observed from others was watching the entrance of online businesses and seeing people fail due to unfamiliar knowledge of making this new paradigm work.. This is where Business and Finance Mentoring came to life; two long time business woman making your business easier, profitable with your success in hand. Whether online, brick and mortar or product line business, we got you covered.

Mia has developed a program teaching business owners how to build a strong platform, marketing, brand, client base, programs & courses, for both online and brick & mortar business as well as product lines; while business partner Bonnie teaches everything to know about "how to keep more of the money you make." Having a gift to see another create magic in their business and helping them to make money that supports their life and business is a gift very few understand.