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Eyes Can SEE with Empress Em Shar'on

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Eyes Can SEE
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Pagan Holidays


Topic: Pagan Holidays

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Eyes Can SEE

Eyes Can SEE with Empress Em Shar'on
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Empress Em Shar'on

Eyes Can SEE Podcast is about waking up to identity theft of who Africans of the Diaspora truly are according to the KJV Bible and re-learning our true identity. It is a weekly broadcast on Fridays starting at 1:00 pm (PT). Em Shar'on discusses subjects on current events, laws and the slave codes and how some forms are still practiced today. Reparations, inheritance, the 2nd Exodus that is soon to take place now that our 400 years of servitude and punishment is over in the lands that we have been exiled to.

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wake up my queen
the mother
hi I am impressed Aaron aim bringing the truth of our stolen history the mothership has landed she is your modern-day Noah's Ark bring a knowledge and understanding of your lost past get ready for enlightenment with eyes and see
play every woman thank you again for sending your neighbor come on with your phone insurance number to Israel here to help teach you about your stolen identity and history where traffic lanik slave descendants that he didn't want according to Psalms 83
whose names are change who whose names were changed to Negroes we were stolen by the Bible and by the Bible we will get our identity and reparations an hour and Heritage back associated to the 12 tribes of Israel the Hebrew children who were scattered to the four corners of the Earth this is what next or us
our topic today will be about Thanksgiving and pagan holiday I want you guys to know
that you know these holiday that we have been celebrating for years on end for a cat to Pagan disease and we're going to get into that I want to see just what it means to you no black folks and you know the timing that we're into now and how is affecting our lives so we're going to get into all of that message thank you Father for blessing me with this that I may be able to help teach your children about their identity and they are still in history as to who they are and who they are and whose they are that they may wake up to the stolen knowledge of who we are as your people in Jesus mighty name and according to the Bible because that is how we can find out cells according to
scriptures that you had written for such a time as this in Jesus name I thank you for our people being enlightened to their to knowledge in the two history about who they really are in Jesus name I meant we're going to do prayer of the Lord is upon me because the Lord has anointed me he has sent me to Proclaim Liberty to the captives the opening of the prisons of them that are bound to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord the day of in Jessup Our God to comfort them that mourn in Zion
morning. Praise for the spirit of heaviness that they might be called Trees of Righteousness the planting of the Lord that he might that is Isaiah 61 1 through 3 which speaks of the Trees of Righteousness just as I wrote Trees of Righteousness
so that we may find ourselves you know I was stolen identity and our history you can find this book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or wherever most books are so so check this book out so that you can be aware and show your children you know the beautiful pictures that are in this book there's some in colored pictures of how we as a people you know where we can go back in time past and find our sales you all so this book covers and show you how we used to look back in the day and I want you guys to get a really good picture of this so you can see that those who are claiming to be us right now and here is the proof pictures that were put in this book has you all
so take this book out so you can see how we used to look and how you know Satan he's responsible for all of it how he has gone out you know throughout the world in the world you know with
who the true children are in Jesus name come on now come on Thanksgiving you know something about Thanksgiving
yesterday was the day that the indigenous
copper colored children were slaughtered the Indians you all earliest 721 BC Upon This Land called America America at that time and have another name find out what was the date of Slaughter then it was changed to a day of Thanksgiving family Indian family are you all you know what is a tear in a trauma ER go to you know and then and then label it as a day of Thanksgiving Pete thankful for your family when they were thankful for the Indian to help them
back in the day you know we're going to read about all of this transfer all of this happened but you must know the pagan holiday the you no end to these holiday the Pagan basis Behind these holidays of why we even celebrate these days in the first place you know we must really you don't look at this holiday to be a part of this thing now he's holidays and you take them apart and then you find out the Pagan belief behind it you know that should be enough to make a decision for you don't celebrate Halloween now we know Halloween is a day of Satan but because they you know a lion with you put on all these costumes you can make up and be who you want to be you know you can be something evil
do y'all see Satan's plan at work here we live in a spiritual system y'all we Spirit Ben and have a fresh body we go back to being Spirit beings
that being said we must know that there is a magical Ram that's affecting us right now it is attached to the spirit around everyone people places all of these work together to keep up her Upon A people that was pronounced over a people to all these things work together to keep that curse and for you all that's what does WWE waken you no end to that we have awakened up to we must know what this thing is and how it works hand-in-hand have gas trapped y'all okay right here I told you while we have a pineal gland in the middle
our brain is not just a light receptive to wake you up when it's daylight outside until your body goes down to sleep so the body can be repaired and black people that first of all we need to read the scriptures in the Bible is your book about identity it tells you who you are a spirit rim of bed
people places things word Satan was allowed
to take a
you know being the Hebrew children
because of America you like that America was discovered America was already here so when the colonizers came here because America was colonized to North America South America America was two dates of the Indians the Indians that were here upon this land and they took them into other places okay so that the world got kind of mixed up because people were being moved around our people indigenous people copper colored people are here in the earth is a cover-up
the duck duck the race of people that was here at the beginning Phaeton is behind it okay is the one that went out and deceive the whole world at the how the world really started off okay what it is that the indigenous black people
Donald Trump
it all started from our race of people when America was created America was created so that the children that the Hebrew children for their punishment in this land this land was chosen for our punishment everyone go back and research how how old am Erica is a research how old slavery is and you look at our budget in captivity and you start putting this story together
Hebrew children the Hebrew children were the copper color indigenous Indians also that came into this land as early as 721 we can find that story in the Old Testament and in the apocryphal book
that tells us the rest of the story that the Bible don't tell us you know you know for in the Bible so that we can put the story together and get the full picture that's why the King James Bible only gives you certain portion of the store you need the apocryphal books and the other books that were taken out from the Bible or Associated to the Bible to tell the whole story missing pieces of the story the paint a part of a picture the Bible don't even make sense
we read it because we're eating it looking at the Caucasian people as being who the Bible is talking about in a dog make
so was all done
the separate you
from your inheritance to separate you from your identity so you won't even know you had an inheritance
let me get back on on on the story where Thanksgiving at Plymouth and we can find us a blessed Thanksgiving in September 16-20 a small ship called the mayflower left England to passenger freely practice their faith and other individuals lured by the promise of prosperity and landowners in the new world after a treacherous an uncomfortable Crossing that laugh is 56 days they dropped anchor near the tip of Cape Cod their intended destination at the mouth of the Hudson River one month later than a flower cross Massachusetts bay where the pilgrims is there now commonly known
began the work of a job listing of Village at 11
the pilgrims sailed the second Thanksgiving celebration in 1623 to market end of a long drought that had threatened the year's Harvest Governor Bradford to call for days of Thanksgiving annual or occasional basis became common practice in the New England settlements as well the origins of the holidays model named are actually quite Grizzly y'all still runs and other European Invaders with a web panel and other local tribe
official date of Thanksgiving kept in our victories against the Pequot was proclaimed by Massachusetts Bay Governor William Bradford in 1637 it was meant to memorialize the slaughter of about 700 men women and children y'all
this holiday
which is said to be thankful for your family that you have life breath and strengthen your body with these people stole the lightstrip and everything out of these Indian who were nice to them who helped them get through the winners who taught them what to eat what not to eat who taught them what what poison is what plants what to stay away from who taught them how to survive the heart the harshness of the winter in this new land that they are now living in this is how they paid them we paid them they had to move these people out of the land so that they can come in and possess it they just that these people yawn
we not celebrating with our family saying we thankful we thankful we thankful
where did Sahara
allivet where did all of the horror go
who did nothing to deserve this
what is a Goyo
God is Not mocked what's the weather in Houston that sell you rate
they want to colonize everything they so bee stings
Lauren Tara everywhere they went they went with this this this sword and a Bible or gun and a Bible and they named you as Christianity that's what colonialism with all about conquering the world with a sword in the Bible y'all taking stuff that wasn't there because Genesis 9 and 27 second
and that's another story, get too late but tell me to put the store to get the find out where the people are what happened when the colonizers went when this power was given to them when Constantine told them you know what you go and you conquer in this side of sign of the cross okay all of this started y'all with these black black Satan this in the world they grabbed it they start a feudal system against one another because it was black really ship in the world that's what's being covered that's what's being hidden
that it was black rulership that started off in this world
white folks Caucasian came to the party late they came into it into rulership late y'all
you can strike when they started coming in to get into our Authority and rulership we have the scripture in Genesis tells us that how how Jacob went and the planet his brother and took the blessing of the firstborn she took the blessing of the firstborn by acting like he was his brother you know what whatever that was Ebola bread part you know that's the blessing on Jacob and he was busy that's what God wants to bless each of Hansel and his heart to Satan allowed station to rule
Jacob even though he was a trickster God could use his heart so God sent a blessing through the lineage of Jacob y'all we are through that Lennox Jacob that's why we have stuff at the 400 years out of place in the earth that's why people look it up and all these horrible things even the indigenous Indians have to suffer because of land was taken from them
another people substituted them another people are wearing their name and an RN positions of being the people the land that were given to the Indians were given to the Caucasian Indian it was not given to the indigenous copper colored Indian we were the one in the land start melanated y'all that one drop remember one drop that one drop is the god key really here this is the guy that helped strength blood-borne drop
what time the whole thing is not one block one drop of their blood that would change it back they need a lot of beer they need they need to keep you know meeting with themselves in order to breathe out the black blood and I don't even think that that gets rid of it one drop is so very it is a god there's something very special about you black folks y'all need to wake up and learn what it is there's a people and I believe that when we wake up with this Glenn when it's 3 in Ashley activate and show the world who we are that we are in the image of our heavenly father
when did activate the world going to be in trouble
I believe that is why
you know it is it is to the point where
they're killing our people as they are because it's something special about you that you have not been told because we have been on the bus for 400 years all this was taken from us is being, you know the world started off ads in all the kingdom who were in rulership y'all that's what this is all about America don't you know per person at BN
God bless her always blessed her to be number one in the world
this is all about saving something that the Bible says that Gentile rule we come to the end of that thing that thing is going to be torn down trying to save it
spiritually is going to be torn down because it was only built
yahweh's children could be punished y'all he promised us a day of vengeance
Twelve Tribes
exiled Elidel and have been for over 2000 years now with gathered what will Jacob is the one I'm sorry not Jacob Judah who was laughing first from the man is the one who scattered to the four corners of the Earth because the first Kendra tribe they developed their their Kingdom in the earth 721 BC
we need to really restart and we really need to see
that you know
we can't be like other people we can't keep celebrating these holidays are you going to get something good out of something bad how you going to say what this is a day of Thanksgiving and we supposed to be thankful you know for all the God has blessed us with but yet it's stacked on top of horror and Terror of people the land was taken from don't y'all see then don't y'all see it some accountability in this thing but this happens if somebody have to take some accountability for something come on y'all can keep going like this which I keep saying this is the way God will have it y'all
that's why racism this whole Foundation is built its established on racism that's why I got to be torn down Kanan good come up out the system it's hella from the flo up already
it was this Kingdom America
so that the children of Hebrew the children that the Hebrew children to suffer br400 year punishment in this land and that particular is the tribe of Judah who was the last to leave the land y'all
so that's what this is all about and all the holidays you're actually celebrating Satan he is the God of this world y'all when you give those gifts you ain't doing it for Jesus Jesus was born during that time the church says okay
we have to acknowledge God in the system because this is his world the Bible tells a story about how you supposed to live your life in order you know to get the benefit of being
you know I need the protection of God and you know through Jesus teaching you know the Bible teaches of that teaches us that but the church also that's what we still have you taken the lead and the people still want to celebrate these beliefs so what we going to do is we don't believe in things together a blended things together y'all that was Evo you can't get good out of evil it was evil
and then I want to paint the picture light this is so good in this is so Resurrection Day what is all about bunny rabbits fertility eggs and Candy when is some candy going to give you some salvation when is some candy some eggs to fertility going to need you to treating your neighbor as you want to be treated you know the weight the way you want people to treat you that you treat people the same way one of those things going to actually build you up so you can be the better you that you can be you know the way that Jesus is teaching us to the word
when do those things have anything to do
when Jesus died on the cross our Salvation y'all
what do those things have to do with each other come on you got some bad stuff on top of some good stuff and then you call it all good it's messed up it's messed up you can't get you can't get something good from something bad
is the foundation is bad in the first place
that's what we need to be looking at with these holidays y'all we need to come out of this stuff that's like Revelations 18 in the things that you do and I'm paraphrasing phrases okay
we have to put our eyes on in and look at the thing look at what this is all about
you'll already know
that it's not talked about about what that was what they did to the indigenous people you know of how they took
excuse me of how they took the land from them you know it's no accountability for what they did to the Indians bringing us to transfer the transatlantic slave trade you know or even given us reparation you know people are saying oh no they just going to give it right back I mean hey did I answer this work this to work this land to the bone dad Ford you know where killed in the process you know them getting rid of a contestant that they put into the land with you people what is wrong with y'all why don't we deserve what everybody else get how come we can't get what everybody else did you know when they bombed Japan then they give give them money
Japanese people if they can give them money every people in the world reparation American money what's wrong with you black folks that you say we don't need money don't need to read the Bible and wake up you don't need fan yourself and wait up cuz this story in the Bible is about it's telling our story is telling what happened with what had happened and what is yet to happen with us Nick we did not come to America to stay we came to fulfill a punishment of 400 years and this thing
have the time to end we need to wake up and get out there then play so that we can go ahead and beat the ready to go to the next play you getting back to you know what I wrote for you guys you guys can see you know what it's really happen and how the colonial you know how colonialism has touch every part of this world how they went like I said with a gun and a store with a gun in Colorado this whole world britannica.com European exploration puts it like this are they said it was for European explore exploration the expiration of regions of the earth science
epic reasons Marshall reason for religious purposes for the military European beginning about the century BCE exploring the world like Alexander did Alexander went into Egypt this started as early as Alexander going into Egypt you know and I can conquer in those lands and total knee going into Egypt becoming play a role you know those things didn't happen at the beginning of Egypt the end of age of so let's get that story straight when they try to say Egypt is a mess right place no it is not Egypt is mr. Ram mr. Ram is Africa Africa is the land of the Sun the burnt black people y'all
put the story together find out field in it know what happened to you know why it happened to you and no we coming up out of this thing y'all
understand the word says
above all that gives you the most and you can have knowledge you can you can you know because some stuff going to tell you what that thing really is then we still lost we don't know what is really going on cuz they ain't
as we see my evidence is is coming up out the ground y'all it's proving it self who was the people who started all this off that stayed alive and told the world you know he deceived the whole world into thinking that this is not how the world started off the indigenous people right here you know look like me and you hair even skin
because this here say that he has brown skin like me and you y'all story together this is a biblical story we are the main characters in it
we need to know what's going on with we need to know why it is happening
so we can get ourselves and the right place
this thing is winding up
but as I told you guys the last time when I was talking about colonisation you know colonialism
telling you the nations were that DHS but do you want even know that I said that the black king who were ruling these now you know they were black kings of Portugal and Spain it was black rulership
and judge people colonizers you know places where where you know the colonizers started off from you know from from SBN you know written you are up in the Portuguese and the other nation that you read the Gentile Nations I put it like this all of the Gentile nations of Genesis 10 + 5 you can find all those Nations that are listed there black rulership y'all Genesis I believe that Genesis 27 where it tells the story of Esau and Jacob
go back to that promise but Isaac had pronounced on on Esau and what he pronounce on Jacob and how he told Jacob he would inherit you you got to go to let me see if I can find that in here because this is exactly the point that needs to be made about you know what's really going on here how how those King the black king are the ones responsible man in captivity right now based on this mess between each other you know they were the one in rulership and they had a feudal system and because of his feudal system is why you know and it is house. The Caucasian people of the land
because it was their time to run to rise up just like genesis 9 and 27 I don't need to look that one up too soon to say that because I know that one but I'll tell you anyway. By Genesis 9-27 says God showed enlarged yaphet and he was well in the tents of Shem and Cana will be his servants y'all break us apart right here okay Josh Allen large yes he did even know something like that there's a large number of them you know that their numbers are now dwindling y'all coming into this thing they needed to be a large group of people why do they need to be a large group because
Genesis 27 obleas 40 that says yes Genesis 27 and 45th and by Vice Lord shall be live until I die brother this is talking about Isa it says buy a sword sword shall he live and she'll serve his brother Jacob yaw and it shall come to pass when thou shall Have No Dominion when they still have the Dominion how they don't have the Dominion y'all because they were in large just like genesis 9-27 said God tell him that he was well in the tents of Shem put this together so you can see how this all happened to us and by thy so by Lea Michele served our brother and he shall come to pass will not break his yoke off the neck
gaining Dominion that He Shall Have No Dominion when he's large enough now what he can break always York office neck that's why was black rulership in the land we have to do Minions we had a joke over their net we were the one in rulership until this happened and they got in position and when they broke their neck with that sucker on 2 hours because we had to go into a punishment it was never this type of rulership in the earth like it is now because of what
well let's go back to Genesis 27 where is said that it says let's see
letter okay Jacob when Jacob went with Jacob is blessed
let's see let the people serve be in the nation's bow down to this be Lord over by Brethren and Let Die mother son to bow down to this cursed be everyone that curse and blessing be everyone that blasted so that was that was Genesis 27 and 29 it says that our brothers will serve that let's let people serving people the Nations will serve up y'all
this is what it said about Jacob's people y'all come on you need to read this and understand what's really going on here what's a war is all of that Satan shows the Caucasian people to rule through to do Gentile rule through the entire world that Gentile identification of who the people are can be found in Genesis 10 and 1 through 5 genesis 10:1 through 5 it tell you who those nations are okay so we must associate what's going on with what scripture says about Who We R Who they are what is happening what will eventually you don't what it would turn around 2 cuz this is still yet to have happened y'all that the people would serve us and Nations will bow down to
and the Lord and we will be over our Brethren y'all over and over a ham cuz we so Sharon is going to be cm is going to be even said the Lord over his Brethren and let thy mother son bow down to the cursive B every day Kirsty and blessed day everyone so you need to know whoever
the children of Israel the descendants of the children of Israel the Hebrew children whoever curses we are blessed now
we are about to walk into our blessings this thing is about to turn around for us y'all so my message today it's just to let you know all of these holiday y'all pagan holiday we need to really address what we are celebrating what we going to give our time attention and money to you spell to be blessed in your people throughout the year. No one day until Christmas year aren't you helping them with our things that they need help with all this year I just wonder why you got to go and do that one day cuz the world says so we need to wake up cuz a travesty has happened to us
we were at the top we were the head we became the teal
you know why we became the tail
and it was a breaker
have to have an answer for
engine and Ezekiel 235
the answer will be given when we go into the second Exodus y'all
please don't say nothing new Under the Sun
what happened before can happen again will happen again just like the first exit you have a lot of solid their Scholars they claim history for their his story
call historians say it wasn't the first accident well first of all then they still live by this Bible
it's a starless by his Bible parts of the scripture can't work for you if you can't work just called they said you know that Genesis 27 that Canaan Shelby yaffa serving you can't stay by the Bible then you claim this scripture that talks about you renamed up because we are seeing him and we come from that part of the land but you don't want us to know who we are because we have bonded now and we are servants to the world to where you don't want us to know how to Identity you rename does negro and then if we study description find out all the stars off from the Father which was Abraham
Sarah told Abraham to take my service to pick take haga haga to to to to have a child with since I can't give you a child you don't have this child with all our problems started with that went when came to the Arab cuz that's how I owe the brother that is Ishmael today we are being portrayed as hey God's children Ishmael mama yo mama know I ain't cuz we were born into slavery we were born of the free woman who is there or y'all
and that is going to prove it's tough at the time when y'all wait awaiting the world as well as awaken us to our true identity y'all going to you know get that same identity at that he has he's going to light us up because we do have a pineal gland it is in the middle of our brain you don't believe in ghosts
don't go look it up to see if everybody have a pineal gland and it don't matter if you stay with the 2K since you brush your teeth with all the stuff that they put in the earth if it's causing your pineal gland decalcify every time that they take your temperature without thermometer and they aiming at your at your pineal gland that damage in your pineal gland. Sale I don't y'all know y'all way is bigger than all of that
turn the lighter that we don't light up if you say so is going to happen. They can both of us. Do you think anything that was made in this world to stop you always playing do you think that you're always on the Too Short you know to say do you think his ear can't hear us when we cry out to him y'all a timing is a timing thing was was was assigned
to where we are as a people right now a timing issue and we have the end of that thing
Donald Trump should have been one example of of of how to adjust how close we at the end of he was trying to start a race war who's to say that he haven't accomplished what he started out because we haven't reached January yet
Subway Surfers no we must know what this is all about
we was no yo and stop accepting
what people say about us we're the only people who are out of place in the whole wide world we don't know where we come from other than where they Point has bad to when they say okay we came from Africa
we are Hebrew people we are not African
we come from the land you know the continent of Africa
but we are we look like African we look like hands people she looks like like him and the way you find it is to know that when when Jesus was going to be his mom and dad had to take him in to eat
each of his Miss Ram each of his black let me see him has to be black in order to have the Hmong the people come on y'all put this thing together until you get that why Jesus off your wall if you still got a y Jesus hanging on your wall get that why Jesus off your wall
is Pagan worship Worship in another God that station that you're worse than y'all he did all of this he did with you man just like Yahweh working man we got Spirit of y'all this spirit being inside body y'all hit the one that connect with either your way or Satan your spirit man is going to catch the either one either you're good I got bad between Play No in between you going to have to choose you this day whom you will serve
and holy spirit or you gon serve Satan cuz he is the God of this world
so, is that we are in to let us know why why why this has happened to us
is up to us we have the power we have to do is wait
all we have to do is stand up y'all and say we have had enough has have had been completed over our lives we have scripture to prove that y'all
anytime you want to get serious and y'all want to take our lives back with unity let's all done with this word God said
the power is in the word the power is in the name of Jesus
speak his name use examples that he left
it's up to you you you and you and me
whenever we get ready stand up and take authority that she's already said he gave us the authority of y'all
is it normal now
it's as close to us as being in her belly it slows to our belly like a river live at water
comes up on a mouth like a Story come on
don't know we have something to do we have a speaker
we have power in our mouths when we speak what the word of God says we do it the way Jesus left us to do it
but so many of us among us we want to be so many different things I'm not Christian though I don't believe in the Bible why don't do this eat where you forsaken your sword
all of us came through the transatlantic slave
Trae the same way as enslaved people when we got here to the United States with what they put out in such as on those boats when they took us the first of all when they took him to that place
you know to prepare us to go on the boat
we became somebody else's
so anal about the book just like I am according to them what is Jacob real name is real wake up to what they've been doing to us
according to this word
this is what I'm leaving you all today
you all
can research
you all can look and see the things that have happened to you all can see how greatness was taken to have everything about you talking about they literally stole us in a pibo ain't no cars of us left other than this out of shield and our lives that we do have in these bodies
but actually it's kind of like get out y'all already did a jet out to us y'all because they living in your tent they living in your name everything all the history up until now that has been covered up is about yellow people it's about what your people did y'all wake up to that knowledge and we ain't just know darn Egyptian Egyptian City even like her we are the Hebrew children
please understand we are not all those different things we're not splintered
we are all transatlantic slave descendants who happen to be the children that the descendants of the children of Israel the Hebrew children that were painted on the wall of the pyramid y'all even though I'm wearing us on my shirt this how we started all letting them trick up and making us work against one another we need each other
we can't do this without each other and we can't do it without your way we can't do it without scripture without the way Jesus told us the come up out of this already prepared the way he already made the way for us
walk in it
wake up. Swaggerty a walk in it beat the words in the Bible tell you the species of your spiritual warfare weapon
acknowledge that you are not a negro but that you are a Hebrew
acknowledged it stop calling yourself a Niger Niger we're not Negroes we're not Hagar children
we are Hebrew children
we are Sarah Steele the Sarah children are Hebrew children
and the children of the church the Freeborn children we were born that we was born in
when did Luther play mindset y'all take the chains off your mind
and don't let them call you a nig roll no more
we're not negro we're not African-American we're not colored we're not none of these people y'all were not African-American we ain't none of these people we are Hebrew people
weeds of first wake up and decide today we not need Rose any longer and we will tell them we are not let them tell us that we need to come together on who we are according to the scripture that was left for us to find ourselves in
this isn't a thousand Bible story where what has happened in the past that it bothers to our present being exposed for all to see and understand the second Exodus is soon Upon Us y'all so now is a time of preparation we must know who we are and we must tell them who we are not keep accepting who they say we are
so I've come to the end of another broadcast eyes can see the please be sure to share this message make these teachers go viral y'all so we can all comes out to Identity and knowledge we really are and I stolen history together you know the identity of history and and identity until next week
be blessed of State business let's change the world by using the spiritual warfare weapons and speaking the word of God so thank you all for tuning in and goodbye for now
I got out