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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, September 21, 2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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A Message for Tomorrow’s Leaders with Rosalyn Kahn, and the Healing Powers and Properties of Essential Oils with Adora W

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

A Message for Tomorrow’s Leaders with Rosalyn Kahn, and the Healing Powers and Properties of Essential Oils with Adora Winquist

Rosalyn Kahn will share insights from her book A Message for Tomorrow’s Leaders, which was written during the pandemic and offers a path of enlightenment and strategy to provide hope and succeed in today’s world. Plus, aromatherapy and energy medicine expert Adora Winquist shares her knowledge of the healing powers of essential oils.

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caregiving of a loved one is Honorable work but it's not easy over 53 million Americans one and five now provide unpaid Family Care are you one of them get support find your balance again with the resiliency Workshop a free online workshop for caregivers get an audiobook video God's sound meditations a journal it's all you need for a better day sign up for free at ATM Unity spirituality<br>positive messages<br> this is Unity online radio<br> the voice of an Awakening world<br> Empower yourself and get inspired to build the life of your dreams<br> welcome to Everyday peas with dr. dravon James<br> I am super excited to be here with you today as we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday peace defined as wholeness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality that if you're able I want you to stop right where you are and take that in take a deep breath inhaling deeply through the nose piece whole complete nothing missing nothing broken totality slowly and completely exhale through the mouth complete Excel pushing the belly all the way back to the to the spine and know and accept that no matter what is going on in your physical world right now no matter how chaotic it may seem and yes sometimes it may even seem that it's full of black anxiety<br> no matter what it looks like yes this moment right here is full of Peace it's available to you yes everyday peace is possible yes you deserve peace everyday and yes you can have every day peace we work together on this show to bring you the topics and the guests to partner with you as you create your life of Peace everyday and this week is no exception so if you missed last week's show I want to tell you that you missed an incredible show we had dikiz ayna bar I know I said it wrong last week and I probably said it wrong this week but she would see is the author of authenticity reawakened the path to owning your life story and fulfilling your purpose she gave us tips on knowing how to how to know I value<br> have you ever been in a space in your life when you question your value what it is that you bring to this moment she gave tips on how do you how do you know what your value is how can you connect to your batting so very important knowing who you are I don't know who you are and how to know what's most important to you in the whole world knowing the answer to these two leaders to understanding our value and be connected to our value and operating out of a sense of power instead of desperation and and lacking and being less than so very very important if you miss that show I encourage you to go back and listen to it and you know at least one person in your life I know you do who could benefit from being more connected to their true value I encourage you to have them listed that show as well now last week also you missed the fabulous spiritual teacher and author Cynthia Morgan and she gave tips on creating<br> your reality and I know that something that oftentimes we don't connect to we don't believe that things that are happening in our lives we have created it's just if we had a choice we say no it's the way I created this was Cynthia Morgan wrote an incredible book called you're already hypnotized a guide to waking up and she was on the show and really reminding us that this reality no matter how we are<br> defining it whether it feels great or doesn't feel so great we have the ability to manipulate and create reality so if that Sparks your interest even a little bit and I know that it does one way or the other you may be sitting there saying absolutely not I encourage you to go back and listen to the show and find out what it is that she knows that maybe we eat the rest of us have not fully connected to any pain if you already know that to be true I encourage you to go back and listen to the show and get some tips on how to create the reality that fits in best for you so you can connect and listen to this show and all of our past shows by I'm going to<br> download a subscribe to the doctor drayvon James everyday piece podcast on Apple Spotify Google Play and Stitcher or you can listen to them on the unity online radio. Org website in another great place to listen to the shows are at the doctor drayvon website the website includes transcripts from recent shows their words of wisdom and encouragement you can get excerpts from my book Freedom is your Birthright there's contact information and I wanted to stop and talk about this contact information because I'm so grateful to those of you who continue to reach out to me it is such a pleasure to read your e-mails and I'm excited to correspond with you so I want to answer some FAQ frequently asked questions that I have getting here lately yes and you can fill out on the website Dr.Dre Bond James. Calm and become part of our leadership high heel leaders in high heel<br> group is a coaching group you can connect through their it's also a free Facebook groups that encourage you to connect with the community through Facebook leaders in high heels I got that question a couple questions about that sell how do you access the free gift another frequently Asked question is if you can do that right on the website as well dr. Dre Bond James. Cam you can just request a free gift there in the in the comments section there or you can as you all have been doing thank you so much you can email me at dr. Raybon James if so Grapevine James at is working a hundred percent I'm getting your your your emails and it I have to tell you warms my heart to read the comments and to be a part of your life and that way and I'm grateful that everyday piece is having the impact of building a tribe<br> of wheat we had this dream yet last week Cynthia Morgan said we are Seekers and we are Seekers right seeking the truth but the truth of the matter is that we have found each other we found a tribe here and we are going to our life in the knowing that in this moment right now we exist one and one with our truce with our peace so thank you for that and I hope that answers some questions that I've been getting on there maybe I'll do a epic used as I continue to get your your emails and I love to get them out of love to read them so today we have some Fabolous guess all with us as well today is our first guest is Roslyn conch and she's going to be sharing some amazing information with us today she is an author speaker coach and then we have a second guess coming on today who is also going to be sharing some amazing information and she her name Isadore winquist and she's a be talking about healing powers with essential oils excuse me<br> we got a great show for you today but before we get there I want to start by doing our everyday peace moment I find that this is so very important that we connect to Our Truth<br> the truth is always there but the LIE is always there too and you know we've got to decide what we want to connect to so I'm encouraging us to connect with the truth<br> excuse me to Our Truth today is that it we are now in this moment we have let go of the past except that even if you were right now dealing with something except that we are now in this moment our most powerful moment and we are so encouraged to stay in this moment and let go of the past how do we let go of the past what we've been talking about that for a few shows now today we're deciding to embrace our true self so very important if you didn't listen to her show last week and you didn't hear that about how to embrace your true self your authentic self that's going to be necessary for you to know who you are know what's most important to you not what's most important to the country and hopefully they're they're aligned to some degree not what's most important to your parents or to your spouse or to your children or the neighbor or the media what's most<br> important to you connect to that because all of your success is in is connected to you knowing you knowing your value<br> prioritizing that self-awareness is so very important you matter and the more you understand you the more great service you have to give out to your family your community and the World At Large so that is our everyday peace moment we're going to go and introduce our first guest Roslyn Khan Arthur speaker coach she has a fabulous book out a message for tomorrow's leader that was written and conceived during the pandemic so there's some awesome awesome tips and golden nuggets for being a leader even under the most circumstances welcome to the show Roswell, we're delighted to have you<br> oh thank you so much for having me as your guest I really love that peaceful moment that you shared about him being in the here-and-now not worrying about the rest of world. Now it's all about you and where you at in this world today thank you that was awesome all thank you and thank you for being here so we have a little time before we jump into the fabulous work that you're doing just give us like a you know the 10-second introduction to where you been what you been doing and what your passions are okay well my name is Rosalyn on speaker and author of my humanitarian I am a native of San Diego Griffith scoliosis that was there you know it kind of difficult part of my life but we take those adversities and return them into positive experiences and I couldn't have had that positive experience if I got on his head station give that Ted Talk the life is Cena full of ups and downs then you just got to keep plugging along and so I'm really excited as I'm here today I've just recommended some kids or this<br> World Youth Association that they're going to be receiving some more and some International exposure on that and really excited about that and most importantly I'm glad to be on your show here today so you know it wasn't for me I'm so glad that you're here to asthma your your your book and your work is an inspiration to the world and you are doing some Fabolous working in your your work is mostly with you then I correct that I say that<br> yeah I do I do a lot of work with with youth and helping to empower them helping to get their their message out there a bit you know I've taught in the elementary schools for a short time but I just love those those kids and several of them since the amazing amazing things that started last year in the pandemic where the opportunity to interview Tyler Gordon as he adjusts his name was recognized for painting a picture of Kamala Harris there was an African-American special exhibit in the the Beverly Center and I had a chance to interview him when he talked about as big as our coming victory was he on the front of the Time Magazine and that indeed he was and it was through him I met his good friend AJ stuntz who is a thirteen-year-old been on the Ellen Degeneres Show twice for cutting his hair and donating it but he's much more than that it's that man and he's always out on every holiday talking<br> helping the homeless and he is a incredible individual I met a third kid whose name is Tiberius boy and he was a 10 years old who had his Radio podcast he's gone 10 different stations and I'm so grateful for his Association I meant to say I don't know how I met Joshua Ray but he is a nine-year-old who's a Naga and World Champion doing amazing amazing things and then I came across some other intelligent people one is all rise on con who is over in Pakistan and he is a world leader on many fronts and then something truly fabulous things through him I met a prince pocket all ye that the video just went up today who's a 14 year old is 110 towards nationally and internationally model of Champions<br> and last but not least there is a Jessica Valdez who volunteered for the female Executives and another lady whose name is Lakisha who just is a youngster nose for different language and sings opera and it's the most precious precious member of our society there are I would say leadership for tomorrow but they are actually in leadership roles now so they're leaving now which is great but I'm in hat but they couldn't be all that they could be they didn't have adults like yourself who pour into them and have a belief in them so I talked about the one book message for tomorrow's leaders but you have a lot of books out there and the one catching<br> I want to see dogs and Roses I love what I love but I love the book cover if you guys have not seen this book cover you got to see it is the most adorable puppy down here with the big glasses and it's just beautiful dogs and Roses so we'll talk a little bit about your book here a message for tomorrow's leaders and then we're going to go and talk about dogs and Roses cuz that's an amazing book as well so what inspired you to write a message for tomorrow's leaders would keep minorities engaged in our classroom and I was going to do a poster presentation which is where you going to do a poster and you talk about different ideas and my idea was I know a lot of people in different places why not bring them into the classroom until you talk to my kids<br> and so what originally began is your message to keep kids in the school as I was writing the book it became the pandemic speaking of protests and when I finish we were in lockdown and I just clipped Gallery nice stories in Gaffney News interviews in transcribing them and putting them into this book and when all is said and done it was 46 people including AJ stuntz who the youngest person in there too as a global leader her name is pink lady who is a TV sensation has their own TV show and so on so forth with her partner dark chocolate is not a show that I have community of unity stop bringing our world together but yeah that's what the book is about I I look at us a clearer guidance buckets to help kids figure out what they want to be in Life or help those people changing careers Define nerd their next step it also gives people way to focus on how we survive a pandemic and what we lived through and what it was all about and that is the book on a message for tomorrow's leader<br> movies are available on Amazon and they're published by Solutions press so I actually love it and I got to say when you're talkin and and I hear your passion in your voice message for tomorrow's leaders and I love that you use real life stories in and you have a focal point because it's so very important you said that the book is a career guidance book and focus is everything so it through this story someone finds someone that they can connect with in focus on that and helps to eat you know and this lady said star. How can you keep African-Americans engaged and what happened I know it's true relationship so I am so impressed in and blown away by this talented work that you have done here bringing these stories together in this beautiful way so that students can stay engaged and stay in-state connected in switch their focus to the I can do because here's someone who has better who has walk that mile before me and model the pathways so cool<br> do you actually thank you for that. How did the book dog and Roses come about dogs and Roses come about<br> I told you I said met hurdles and so on and so forth and one of the major problems we've seen in today's world is that a depression and so this book was actually written out of the depression of mine in my life coaching in heaven Daniel Tyler pain he has said what makes you happy Roslyn and I said dogs and Roses when I see dogs face it's the reverse the word dog in that guy looking at you from downstairs upstairs Mike is a little garbled for me<br> I'm sorry yeah I don't want to miss anything you that's a lot better yet please say that the book came about through depression this was part of your you know what made you happy<br> right so it was part of the things that I found two to bring me happiness and I said when you take the word dog and you switch it and it's g o d I said that person up there whoever we believe in is always looking down and I see when I look at a dog's face it's always got that smile is always has that smile and you know about them and I took pictures of all sorts of drugs and all sorts of places and then the second thing that brings you much happiness as roses and there's a lot of history that goes on the power of roses and if you simply go out on a sad day and just stare in the eye of the Rose it brings the utmost happiness<br> and the the actual I'm loyal of rose oil is one of the most expensive oils that you can ever get and so the book is like a picture book is a caption and got you know interesting sayings and things like that short little quotes I just a wonderful wonderful wonderful book feel good book<br> yeah it is it feel good book and I want to tell you something you said something that so many of our guests say in their own beautiful way and of course you said it in your own beautiful way to take away your for me is that this book was born out of suffering that you took you took pain depression depression is painful and you took that pain and you turned it into the powerful healing Source not only for you but you shared it with the world when we do that when we when we learned the magic of doing that a being present in the moment it's still painful I'm sure you know connecting to something that you love help lessen the pain but this was almost I'm feeling that is almost there. For you to put in here this becomes therapeutic for the world because you had the heart to share and to serve through your pain<br> that wasn't me talking about speech they had to do and I said the amazing thing about Betty White is the unmaking the White House available to all people she open the topic of depression and something that the world needed to know we needed to hear and it just rings so true and the times that we had of the pandemic and the numbers kids and suicide and drug abuse and alcohol and all those other whole riffic things are there any better way<br> yeah it definitely is so the book it as you mention is full of beautiful photography who took those pictures husband who gets the credit for that you lovely here it's me it's as if you if you love those pictures you've got to visit my Instagram page which is Roslyn kind where I just post all sorts of incredible photographs of the nature of dogs 2 people of humans fun things fun places and lots of good stuff to put a smile to your face and even a big brown Sperling grizzly bear that I caught him a trip to Alaska<br> that's amazing that you can you put all this together this comes from your creativity and again I would have to keep going back to this because I know that life is cyclical we got to get that guy's so it's not this linear path right we don't you know that I love song lyrics so you know if you know who Drake is Drake has the song started started from the bottom now I'm here right and I love that lyrics and song but what he doesn't say is that it was a linear rise to the top because it really is life is difficult so we have to know how to use our pain to produce something beautiful and not only did you have the heart to produce you know a message for leaders during the pandemic but then here's dogs and roses and you did the pictures and the cause of all this is borne out of paying all these beautiful beautiful service it's wonderful what tips can you recommend for others and dealing with their pain and you've done so so and such<br> way that not only therapeutic for you but they're appearing for the world what tips can you give to our listening audience and beyond for dealing with their pain and difficult situation being in everyone's heart that when they were young and they were in there three to five years or something that they love to do<br> and go back to those times was it playing with Play-Doh with it building something was it taking up a Fix-It kit putting it up us together the Legos was it was it coloring through his office of adult coloring books that are highly highly therapeutic does a kitty like to go out and run I was just on a check up to<br> hike near my house in o'melveny park and was just beautiful being in the outdoors is get out and do some exercise maybe they'd love to Ryan he loved to sing maybe they they they love to drop pictures and last but not least do something to serve other people when you find your self and service to others<br> you get the rewards because you get this feeling in your heart that it's nothing like before and it's just that praise in that reflection that let you know that you're doing the right thing and it doesn't have to be an organized thing you can go down your street maybe you can pick up trash maybe you can knock on the door a bit a neighbor who's a senior and just say I was thinking about you once know if you wanted to go out for a walk to talk about their youth and those are just a handful of things them and not least this is going to sound kind of weird<br> make a trip and go to downtown<br> look at the light in the people make Spirits is there<br> if you think you got it bro<br> look at the people around you<br> beautiful<br> that is beautiful my mom used to say there's always somebody who would just give their left arm for your situation right and here you can listen to yours it doesn't invalidate where you are but it makes you grateful for what you have Robert it has been a delight to have you on the show again your website is Roslyn, that's Kahn that correct that is correct<br> my name is r o s a l y n put that in and you'll find everything in the world that you ever want to find out about me also yeah I encourage our readers to to visit your site and visit often because you are doing some amazing amazing work there and I'm delighted that you are our guest today on the show<br> we'll be right back with our second guess after this commercial break<br> you're listening to Unity online radio<br> the voice of an Awakening world<br> create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to Everyday Beast with dr. dravon James<br> welcome back to our show I'm dr. Dre Bond James and and we had the fabulous Rising, before we went to break and guess what we ran out of time because it was a fabulous show and she wanted to give a free gift so I will tell you I would that freak if this before we introduce our next amazing guest Roslyn Khan is giving away a 15 minutes free absolutely free coaching session with her and it's a great way to find out how to connect to your power how to find out your next step in life also if you're looking for somebody who can connect you to somebody Roslyn Khan is very connected to a lot of people I hope you got that message doing it or that since during our interview so if you're looking for a connection you don't know who I know who knows someone I encourage you to take advantage of this free offer with Roslyn you can reach her and claim your free gift which is a 15-minute free session with her at ww.w. Rosalyn and she spells her name<br> r o s a l y n Kahn k a h n. Calm so go to the send a message and you just put in that you listen to her program interview on the Doctor Dre Bond James everyday piece show and that will get you your free gift so good luck with that and I encourage you to take advantage of that offer quickly so our next guest is doing something that is a passion for mine she's a modern Alchemist and we are super excited to have her on the show a door winquist I hope I said that correct Welcome to our show thank you so much dr. Dre on such a pleasure to be here with you and I loved the conversation that you and Rosalyn just had such a delight and a lot of a line that is special to hear her speak of rose oil with just remarkable and so on point<br> not anymore right but I had I am a pharmacist and I love her Alchemists it makes me smile<br> is elf as a modern Alchemist I love it and you're doing some wonderful and healing and energy medicine and all surrounding aromatherapy and essential oils so I'm excited for today's conversation because I know that essential oils are just about everywhere I was in the dollar store and and I know they're all different grades but I was so I guess I was so it's become so mainstream is what I mean to say that and I'm so happy by the people are understanding that the Earth has so much healing power so I'm excited to talk about to tell us what led you to study of the uses of his study and use of essential oils<br> sore so I have to say that I was a young child I was enamored not only by sense but also by all things in nature I think I spent the most of my time out with the plants and trees and the creatures whether it was in a stream or a forest in particular it's where I felt the most expensive piece of, safety and connections and so when I grew up and went out into the world essentially for the first time I'm at around 1819 I had my first experience with a medicine man in Northern California and using the sacred Sage to burn for cleansing and purification rites remarkable and there was something that opens with in me not just from and appreciation from<br> the natural aspect of the plants but the esoteric philosophy and kind of the elements of the ancient world and practices and philosophies that had I been lost to some degree and don't when I was 19 I was living on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and didn't have a lot of money didn't have health insurance and every year I would get bronchitis from allergies and somewhere I heard something about and I went out and bought a book in five different herbs from this little shop eucalyptus licorice roots and fresh ginger and sometime and Eucalyptus and I went home and I made a tea and healed so quickly and have never to this day have bronchitis again which is just remarkable so I started making teeth and tinctures I've had so many people ask me<br> so is included in my new book out that just came out last month do for those that experience bronchitis medicine is such a powerful aspects for dealing I'll be done I found a bunch of oils and I knew that I was home I knew that the place of passion and so I started studying essential oils first on my own and then professionally and then taking some trips to places like India really understand what does it mean to go from seed to a product that you see on the shore of the store shelf right what takes off the CV to be planted and cared for and nurture nurtured and then for the resulting plant material to be picked at precisely the right time when the flower has the highest yield of the chemical constituents<br> and then of course is still within a specific time. After that so I lose so much of not only an appreciation but a reverence for that and and some that the importance of course of sourcing in a field where they're such tremendous adulteration but really fostering not only a desire to work with the essential oil that I started my first company in the mid-90s essential oil based products that I year by year to what became a national award-winning essential oil brands of mood-boosting products and then I left that company day-to-day operations a few years ago after hiring if you need to start on my book and go back to my client practice and go back to teaching and so it's been a really incredible and soul journey and of course never linear every Monday<br> spherical how much more than just our mind and I think this is one of the areas where we plant medicine from the natural world have a such a potency and ability to not only connects us with our own desire to be aligned with Nature's but to be aligned with a sense of being centered and balanced and peaceful and clear until I think that's one incredible gift that the plant kingdom offers us whether you're working through us whether you're working through essential oils or the profound that your work that you're doing in the pharmacy because they're all all of these different levels of offering are not only salad but needed right now at this time of night<br> only shifting Awakening crisis that we are all deeply connected to right now<br> yeah I think you so much because you just go with the saying of these words you shifted my whole being into this into a I thought I was in the now but I catapulted straight to the mail when you said centered balance peaceful and clear the best definition of a grounded to me Center to balanced peaceful and clear and I got to say although I've been in pharmacist for 30 years only because who I didn't know anything about natural herbs and natural medicine always was very fascinated by<br> herbs and of course my grandmother and my family did lot things with herbs and even Barton from trees and all this stuff and you know if that's the closest I can get to it being a pharmacist and and so I've tinkered around with natural stuff all my life but it's so great to talk to someone like you who hasn't been who has a deep knowledge of what the Earth can provide in the ways of helping us to be to connect and be grounded because the process the ability exists within each and everyone of us we just got to be know how to vibrate at that energetic level and I agree that herbs and oils help us to do that they help us it's almost like that the gate opens the is the roadway on the map to that being grounded so<br> I love the way that you just said that because they are there is half way for us to be able to open ourselves to think of the power when we inhale and essential oil right and because of the proximity of the nose and the connection of the brain that specifically the limbic system in the amygdala that regulates so much of our physiology mood memory and emotion specifically we can literally transform how we feel in the moment with the inhalation of pure essential oils right like what a game-changer that is for life when we can have something at our fingertips to be able to inhale to not only shift how we feel in the moment and step this way of our emotional response in the future through re-patterning our neural Pathways but when we can have something<br> gives us a sense of empowerment over our response to stress and over our emotional resilience and older our mental Clarity and over our spiritual connection right in our sense of connection to the Earth and this is no coming into that's the connection with the potency of essential oils I'm through this specific delivery delivering on said is just incredibly empowering and I think ultimately one of the biggest game changers we have to be able to move into that place at Center I'm just like you to stop straight with that sense of clarity without something that is going to be imperative for us moving forwards collectively right because this dress is always going to be to some degree their rifles from an internal Force us<br> and so what we are I think craving for is that the connection to the Earth the elements of the natural and ancient world to be able to empower Us in this modern day and I think that's one of the things in my new book detox nourish activate plants and vibrational medicine for energy between myself and my co-author dr. Lulu shimek who is my ally with a plan that it said being able to show you found the herb essential oil nutrition and meditation all of these wonderful tools and interventions that we have to empower our best life<br> this is just fascinating and we've been talking a little bit so it around like you know essential oils can improve mood but you have a whole book out there can you speak to some of the uses of essential oils in a mood mood I think of maybe a lavender for sleep I know there's a lot of other stuff and you're the expert so there's some things that our listeners could consider oh yeah I didn't Central oil could be helpful with that<br> absolutely will let three tips relating to energy mood and love and so when we think of energy we talked about the adrenal system and how important it is to empower our emotional resilience and are resilient to responding to stress right and so some of the essential oils that are really energizing in this way and then one of my favorites for sure is ginger essential oil it's wonderful to enhance circulation It's a Wonderful antioxidant it's stimulating its energizing for those times where we feel sluggish right or we just feel stuck and when we feel stuff we can feel stuck energetically we can still stuck emotionally we can see. I'm mentally on all of our levels and then here's the beauty of the versatility of these essential oils because they are both<br> and also representational of the quintessence of the plants and the vibration of the plant it is a medicine that is holistic Lee helps you balance I hope to nourish help to activate us when we talk about laws and our relationship to giving and receiving of whether it's in with our family with our children are spouse or significant other our extended family or our community right everything is relational that way from our hearts connection on a Central Oils on that I love in this regard our fourth rules Ruth is such a beautiful and exquisite oil very rare and its pure form which is why it's so expensive but it is remarkable and its ability to heal the past and that we carry right past heartbreak and loss and grief all of these things that can<br> endurance from living life with an open heart and then coming back to noon and brain function right and balancing for the nervous system my favorite Aeronautics for mental Clarity to clear that brain fog looking at all of these outfits and you know this is just a tantalizing iPod Touch into watch possible but there's so much more in our book that has many formula is not only from an essential oil sands point from an herbal standpoint and nutritional recommendations and the medications that are in the book are also identify medications that we have on our YouTube channel but you're also compliment.<br> oh wonderful and intelligent before we get too far along how our listeners can connect you you mentioned the books give us the title of the book again where we can get back your YouTube channel in any other outlets with our listeners could connect to you and your work Wonderful resource you can sign up for our newsletter and then every week you'll get an idea of what are events are and how many wonderful ways there are to join the quantum community in our community is dedicated to riding in all forms in facets of life and so there is a tremendous amount of complementary content on the meditation that I died every week which is complementary Boston alchemical Hibbetts on essential oils and crystals and meditation that's all goddess as well<br> addition to that you can purchase the signed copy of the book for my site and many essential oils and the room has therapy products as well as well as private sessions with me I'm in Portofino yet with her offering I'm going to extend another you can any of your listeners can book a free 15 minutes Discovery session with me see all of the wonderful way that they can join our community and wear that fits them our YouTube channel is my YouTube channel actually is out of door which has an extensive library of meditations and then the YouTube channel that follows the book is at Cinergy medicinals. Cam is outdoor<br> wonderful thank you for sharing that I think it's so important in the free gift let's not forget the freaking I think we're full of free gifts today and that's where it should be. Being able to feed into the lives of other people is a gift so I encourage our listeners if we are giving away something free on this on this channel which we frequently are please take advantage of that please get in there and get that free Discovery sessions find out how these essential oils can benefit your life in enemies here another thing that I like about the oils to and I'm a person who is a novice Kim Alchemist like I did and dad with herbs and make teas and things of that nature and sometimes people are hesitant to ingested right because they feel like oh my gosh I don't know right and that's a promise I know that you know herb therapy is not completely innocuous right if you're taking some type of medication they do interact here and there<br> it's important to have that knowledge base and for that reason some people are not willing to take try herbal therapy if they have to ingest anyting how are essential oils used it that's so important I would like I need to please business because there's multiple ways that you can use an essential oil right absolutely absolutely and I think you have a really good point here just because something doesn't mean it's always safe and so education and bedding sources are all such an integral part of working harmoniously with these natural alcaniz but I would say, is Central oil standpoint inhalation is the key most immediate way to say it's a shift in your emotional or mental sense and also ultimately a shift in Consciousness although there's so many other ways I am in fact I've taken to a rhombus<br> today you can use a one essential oil or a combination is what we call a Synergy and plant medicine is 225 a different essential oils with its energy becomes more effective than the ice litter and he would use no more than ten drops of an essential oil in a bath and always making sure that you're using the most pure essential oils are available to you in addition to that essential oils are used often to massage and this is a wonderful way for increasing circulation increasing our energy and also to really help Garner that sense of being calm with our stress response and enhancing relaxation<br> when you you know we're going here in too cold and flu season over the winter months and having inhalation which you can use with an essential oil as well there's a whole wholesale more information you can find on my blog there's a Blog titled everything you need to know in about about essential oils and it talks about how do you send that home I'm how to store some how to use them safely how to blend them and of course all of this information is in the new book as well so you can go right in the block right now and for free got so much of this wonderful contest everything you need to know about essential oils and I just want to go back and we're talking about inhaling them you're talkin maybe about you you can put them in a diffuser in your hole in your room and that's a good way when you say to inhale them<br> that's a wonderful way for your environment I am a huge component of having a pre Blended essential oil that you have in a small bottle maybe you dilute it with a hobo or even coconut oil that you can take with you have in your handbag have in your briefcase houses in your pocket and in those moments where you fart start to see rats or anxious or a little down or overwhelmed or disconnected that you can take it out apply a drop to the palms of your hands rubbing together and breathing in for about 30 to 45 seconds and because of that powerful connection between old faction and the Brain you can literally change how you feel in the moment I really did to me that's just true empowerment true Freedom right emotional freedom freedom in its that's wonderful and at<br> one other thing I want to say about that because when you mention that it reminded me of something that I used to do years ago as hope you know anything about this oil I would love to share with her without meters but years and years ago and I'm sure I got this from my mom. She told me to put a little bit of frankincense oil on a little handkerchief in this is how long ago when we used to keep handkerchiefs in their bags right and I had to stay late and when I you know I would I don't know maybe start to feel discouraged or something of that nature and I would have this handkerchief and I put a little oil on there and I smell the make me feel<br> I don't know so connected to a power beyond myself and so safe now what is the purpose what what what purpose is frankincense oil have is an essential oil what is it used for exactly how powerful these are so frankincense is an oil of connection connecting to our design store and it is it house is ability to lessen anxiety because it helps us to deepen our breath<br> right and when were able to take a nice deep breath in through our belly and connection with the Earth so quickly our anxiety disappear<br> and this Frankenstein's is such a sacred and rare and precious aromatic because it has it's what I like to sing like an infinite ability to Open Eyes to a connection of something greater than we are and however anyone turns out to be right and and then were able to see that reassurance that we're not alone<br> I'm so thank you for that and I apologize we have a get a call or we have this about a minute but I do want to get them on the air hello thank you for calling there but if you show with Dr Dray bar James at our Fabolous guess a door when Chris did you have a comment or question about that one, going to make that this is a great show I learned a lot about oils you have always cared about was growing up the guys walk around the street selling the oils and the infant net worth of stuff but I learned some really good valuable information so another great show. Thank you so much and thank you for holding a big thank you for being everyday Peacemaker and I want to tell you that you have provided<br> amazing information for us today because I believe the universe is conspiring for our good we just have to know where to look for the answer and so you were our answer today in regards to Alchemy I love that word I love what you've provided for us today against a door when Chris is giving away a free gift if you would go to her website ww.w Dor-Win thank you so much and dr. Dre by James this is everyday peace I absolutely love you<br> thank you Doctor Jayvon such a fuzzy<br> you've been listening to Everyday teeth for dr. Avon James you have the power right now today to make the decisions to take the actions that leads you to your next level of greatness and I would love to hear some ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me at info at Dr Graber on enroll in my online university course to 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International in role of the brilliant lights 9 weeks online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at the back to Cleveland James. Cam purchase my book Freedom is your Birthright from Amazon thank you for being at every day Peacemaker I absolutely love you<br> thank you for listening to Unity online radio<br> the voice of an Awakening world<br> caregiving of a loved one is Honorable work but it's not easy over 53 million Americans one and five now provide unpaid Family Care are you one of them get support find your balance again with the resiliency Workshop a free online workshop for caregivers get an audiobook video God's sound meditations a journal it's all you need for a better day sign up for free at ATM Unity<br>

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