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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, 15/09/2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Authenticity Reawakened with Vicki Znavor, and Pushing the Reset Button on Your Life with Cynthia Morgan

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Authenticity Reawakened with Vicki Znavor, and Pushing the Reset Button on Your Life with Cynthia Morgan

Celebrated author Vicki Znavor brings to fruition the result of more than 40 years of success and research in human resources in Authenticity Reawakened. Plus, Cynthia Morgan—spiritual teacher, author, and founder of Desert Reset—joins Everyday Peace to share the when, how, and where to reset in order to achieve a path to spiritual awakening.

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

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In today’s busy world it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. Dr Dravon James helps to inspire, empower, and educate people to live the life of their dreams. Focusing on health, wealth, and relationships, Dr. James offers strategies that work for everyday life.

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have you always wanted to visit Unity Village or maybe you long to return joining the come home to Unity Retreat October 14th to 17th meet other Unity people from all over the country explore the 100 year old village and learn more about its Founders deep in your prayer practice and find a space for Solitude on these prayer saturated ground Now's the Time for traveling togetherness learn more at Unity Village. Org come home<br> you were listening to Unity online radio<br> the voice of an Awakening world<br> Empower yourself and get inspired to build the life of your dreams<br> welcome to Everyday peas with dr. dravon James<br> welcome to Everyday peace and Dr.Dre Bond James and I am super excited to be here with you today as we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday peace defined as Holmes completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality I want you if you will just take this adventure with me imagine living a life of peace right now right now because today in this moment it's part of the everyday that were talking about and I want you to know is you're imagining right now no matter what's going on I know it made feel like chaos<br> but in this moment there is the possibility if you would just allow for it to experience peace whole complete nothing missing nothing broken totality I want you to know that yes everyday peace is possible yes you deserve every day peace and yes you can have everyday piece we work together on this show to bring you the topics and the<br> guess to partner with you as you create your life of Peace everyday now if you missed last week's interviews and last week's show I want you to know that you missed inspiration you missed encouragement and you missed support in some of the best ideas to help you move forward on your journey to living your best life but not to worry you can access last week shows and our entire library of shows by subscribing to the doctor drayvon James everyday piece podcast on Apple Spotify Google play in Stitcher or you can listen to them on the unity online radio. Org website another great place to get everyday piece content and stay up to the moment with the latest and greatest of information that's going on in the everything peace Community is by visiting our new and improved website which is dr. Dre van this website includes trans<br> tips from past shows words of wisdom and encouragement excerpts from my book Freedom is your Birthright contact information and I want to just pause right there in the contact information I want to see a huge thank you to many of you who reach out to me via email it's absolutely okay but a lot of your information is available on the website Expressions those questions about coaching and coming out to speak at your organization and just fill out that little content information there and we will get back to you with those answers as quick as possible so thank you thank you thank you still always a pleasure to read those emails that come in through the grapevine James I'm at so you're welcome to continue to do that and I invite you to visit the website Dr.Dre Ron James, visit often as we update and put new information up there for you and new course information free courses we got another free course coming out so I finally got that<br> coming out for you guys so free stuff on that website as well as a bookmark that website and visit it often well as I mentioned that I keep mentioning because I cannot believe that is already almost through September that we started off are here with a theme or Anthem was what are we waiting for and I hope by now we all know the answer is nothing we are waiting for nothing to which means now is today is the day to take action on the light and dreams that we want the goals that we have so we have two wonderful guests you today they're going to help us and give us great tips on how to do that we have certified leadership coach and celebrated author Victor Vicky so concentrate on Santa's last name properly you guys is Vicky salamor I said it wrong because that I've are so she's going to correct me and get her properly cuz I want you guys to really pay attention to this information that she's going to give us today cuz it<br> right into our team of the year what are we waiting for nothing if it's going to be is up to me that's going to be it is up to you and your life so we've got it we've got to embrace that leadership role or second-guess is spiritual teacher and author Cynthia Morgan she's going to be with us today and she's going to share with us the win the how and the where to reset your life how amazing is this size to reset your life in a cheap your spiritual awakening to two wonderful guests here today to help us achieve the dreams and the goals that we set out 2021 with but before we do that I want to take a moment to talk about our to have our everyday peace moment and to talk about something that we've been talking about for the last couple shows and that is how to kick-start are so how to get started you know we talked about every day peace peace being whole complete nothing missing nothing broken totality and I'm aware that in there that<br> there's a lot to take in and you may be saying to yourself when you have so many things going on in your life and so many things that are distracting you from your goal that happens in all of our lives and always say it's a great opportunity for us to practice where we get opportunities to practice all day long and those opportunities show up as distractions some small some quite big but all the way to sharpen our Focus to turn us back to the goal and to let us know that letting go of the past and embracing the noun is required if we want to build a beautiful tomorrow so we've been discussing how do we let go of the past and if you will permit me I would have just go back and give you a few of the tips tips that we talked about is staying active and not taking anything personal right but I'll take purple realize that everybody's on their journey is not a personal attack against us<br> stay tuned into this moment so we don't miss them magic of this phone with yes they are chaotic things happening yes there are things that you wished it were not happening but right in the middle of those things there are things that we should be grateful for some of our dreams over answer some magical things are happening in the moment so being able to stay in this moment is important and so those are two of the items that we went over we also talked about letting go of the belief that we are not enough can you imagine you not being enough all that you've done all that you would cheat surely you are enough to let go of that false belief and today to pick me up another tip and that is let go of making decisions based on the opinions of others I know that sounds crazy you don't even believe that we do that right but we do we let how someone else our neighbor the person at the store or make decisions for us because we are so concerned<br> about what other people are going to say what we are waiting for to live the life of our dreams should be nothing let's let nothing stand in our way as we make the conscious decision to let go of the past and embrace today so that is our everyday peace moment with that we're going to go to our first guest and I'm going to say it right this time Vicky Saldivar welcome to the show with you and the last name is pronounced as neighbor went down keep messing up your last name I got to tell you your story really touches my heart<br> the perseverance the the decision right not to quit and this beautiful book that you've written authenticity reawakened the path to owning your life story and fulfilling your purpose tell us a little bit about yourself and then tells a lot about this book and what we're going to get from this book out into the world and they are very consistent with my own personal philosophies so I worked 42 years in Corporate America and you know starting out like a lot of us knew I had a challenging childhood I wasn't able to go to college in the normal traditional way that people go right after high school but I was a really great students and it was always my dream to be able to go to Colleton when I was 21 I started taking night classes and after 15 years I was able to get my undergraduate degree and then ultimately went on to get an MBA<br> DePaul in Chicago while also raising three children and I know your mom too so we We Care a Lot in that regard and you know I do think that what I learned as we I reflect back on my life and what I wrote about is that what matters so much to all of our Lives is being able to show up as who we are and when I I left my last position I made it to the c-suite as a Chief Human Resources officer for a bank and I left in March of 2020 and I thought you know I've always wanted to write a book and so now seemed like the perfect time as we were entering into the pandemic and and all of that I had a lot of time to reflect so I sat down and in my publisher suggested that I write something that I felt strongly about and I felt strongly that each of us is a beautiful person that you know if we can dig deeper<br> figure out who it is that we are we will realize with great certainty that we have something wonderful to offer the world so I did a ton of research I read hundreds and hundreds of academic journals and read other people's books and and that type of thing about this concept of authenticity so he know it can become quite a bit of a bud buzzword if we let it become a buzzword but I knew it meant something and what I learned is that there is no specific definition to authenticity but the working definition that I came up with was the following know who you are know what matters most to you in the world and then show up in the world in a way that reflects that to the extent that you wish to do so and what I mean by that last bit is it matters that you know who you are but you don't have to go to life and you don't have to go to work until<br> everybody your deepest darkest secret but you want to be able to be able to decide how you want to show up in the world and her and with that I you know I certain bark upon hoping the reader walk through your life to little moments and I know that Trayvon and you are so in your intro you talk about letting the past go and I completely agree with that but I would say it is important to know how your path has influenced who you are and who you have become so I help the reader walkthrough pivotal moments then when it's I talk about what matters most to your values and I help the reader identify your personal values and then it's showing up in the world in a way that reflects that you know those your your values in a way that you would you is really your your pasta purpose so I hope the readers identify a purpose statement that will help you understand what's most important is how you<br> want to show up in the world and what you want to achieve and the last it out I'll put here is that the reason I called its authenticity reawakened is that this happened over and over and over again and our lives you know as we get older and are blessed with you no more years on this planet we get an opportunity to learn and grow learn and grow and who you are at 30 isn't the same person that you were at 20 and it 50 you're not the same person as your 30 so each of those learnings continues to show up and influenced you know once again our values and our purpose<br> everything you say is so beautiful and I agree our past helps to give us some idea of who we are ain't in it it gives us some skill sets because whatever we went there we went through we were really remarkable to come from there to where we are your journey is has a lot of similarities with mine and I don't want to Discount that you're absolutely right it's not that we want our past to go away we wouldn't use it instead of letting it use us in the coons you become because of that so absolutely are and you said so many things here that I want to go back just a little bit and talk about identifying values because I find a lot of times people struggle with this two things that I find in my coaching business people struggle with identifying their values and developing their boundary<br> two big points and soak in the can you just give us a few tips on how people can go about identifying this is a this is something that I that I hold dear it's important to me sure and you're absolutely right they have people to struggle with those things and you know a lot of times we might if someone says well do you know what your values are you might say of course I do but I really believe that you have to write them down that there has to be a visceral reaction to them so when I think about guy using one of the tools at in the book so is he do you start with identifying a pivotal life moment so I'll walk you through the process one of my pivotal life moments was when I was in first grade my family because of our chaotic situation at home etcetera I wasn't really encouraged to do homework or to show up in class prepared or anything like that but I was born of a moderately intelligent<br> person so in first grade I didn't do my homework didn't do my homework so one day I decided elf okay I'll do my homework and I went to class and I was prepared for the first time ever and I was so prepared that the class class because it was so unusual and I today many many many years later I can tell you today how I felt in that moment that's what I mean by a visceral reaction and what I felt was I was proud of myself for having been able to do the work and actually doing it and I thought to myself you know what when you do your homework good things happen and so in that moment I would say it's changed me forever I became an exceptionally good student and I always did my homework and even took you know as I went through the professional world I learn doing your homework and being prepared are really good things they really will never you know<br> harm you if you can just do those things so if I go a little bit further than so what are my values will my value one value would be preparation I really appreciate when other people are prepared and I work really hard to be prepared also you know I am I value curiosity so I stayed serious it's helped me be a lifelong learner and I value that and other people and in my book I share many other stories but I walk you through that similar process to sort of help you get to a list of personal values<br> oh I love that and the visual visceral response as well because what is it that you feel that changes you right and I think so often I love your example because here you are in the first grade that carry late I was kind of that student to until I realize all God's life is so much easier when I show up here so much easier this feeling encouraged you still can feel that today we have a lot of listeners here with all different ages and that you know my question really is people are more apt to remember the things<br> that make them feel less than then remember the things that make them feel great how do you get people to tap into that oh yeah and you know you're absolutely right and I'm probably just as guilty as anybody else so you know I do think if you go into this process about thinking about your pivotal moments you could start with that exact question what pivotal moments in my life did I experience what I felt I was at my best I was doing my best I was of service whatever it might be to help you sort of know Jewel along with a particular memory that might be a wonderful way to dig deeper on you know to get something that's really positive to because it is important and only that you avoid doing the negative things but that you certainly continue doing those things that really bring value to yourself and to other people<br> yeah I think that's real cute Point you're looking for that thing that we you felt like oh my gosh this is where I was giving my service any and sometimes I may add that<br> you may not have the external thing people notice we do you know how you felt you know that that was the spark for you and and going back and capturing that pivotal moment I think I agree with you really can spark this all these are my bags this is where I feel like I'm getting at my highest absolutely I love that it's a little bit tell us where we can find the book and then we'll go and ask the few more questions they can find a book on Amazon that's probably the best place to go and I also do a weekly blog and I'm very active on social media so you can visit me on Vicky's neighbor that's a v i c k i z a n a v o r. Calm and my website will take you to all the information that you could possibly need<br> oh I love that Weekly blog too because there's so many things and I do leadership coaching I like to say this for our listening audience right now to it doesn't really matter where you are trying to do your leadership and could be going to the c-suite as Vicky did or you could be trying to leave your family at home or even leave yourself out of one situation to the other situation we are all leaders so I would encourage you to take advantage especially something that's happening weekly there'll be times in your life that you really looking for something you'll be amazed by getting hooked up with the leadership coach and following that process that topic just when you need it happens to be the topic of the week so I don't want to mess up your name but just give us that block and a v o r. Com<br> awesome question for you how do you advise people to face their fears at work a big thing you know now especially when we were in the post pandemic or somewhere during this pandemic situation and people are still wanting to advance their careers and they're still wanting to do creative things and we're still having the same<br> emotional response that will happen before the pendant people feel like maybe I won't be her or maybe my viewpoints are different on this point than other people's Jeep West how do you get the courage to face those fears and work at it at the places as well. And so I do want to read her through many many different kinds of fears in my book I actually will I with many of them but if you can actually number one Jack Canfield who wrote the success principles often says that fear is fantasize experience is appearing real and I don't want to make it light fear fear can certainly is not a light topic and it gets in our way but if you can see yourself actually name what your fear is so if you say something like I worried that if I and then fill in the blank do something think something say something whatever that might be then what will happen ask yourself what would happen to me if I speak it up in a<br> what will happen to me if I ask for the promotion what will happen to me if I ask for her to pay night at that I actually deserve and start writing those things down and you realize that nine times out of ten your fear you know it's okay to ask and it's okay if somebody says no Then you know what you're dealing with you know if you have to move forward in your career so you know I think it's just trying to hone in on exactly what it is that you're afraid of and then taking baby steps steps to overcome that fear it'll get you a long way and every single person no matter who your manager is we've all faced rejection and we all are afraid of something so knowing that about other people will help you have more power in your own voice<br> oh I love that we've all faced rejection that's so true I always say that when you shine the light of a weirdness on those fears and those worries is he I worry that all of a sudden you realize oh wow none of these things are as bad as I thought they were the outcomes are not going to be that bad and that leads me to my next question about this curiosity you talked about that being a value of yours and you value curiosity and other people how would you say that Curiosity plays a role in the success email if you continue to stay curious he will always be learning and there is always changes in the world that we have to continue to to learn and grow through and and all of those things and I just also think is it is it relates to relationships a lot of times in the corporate world someone might have a I don't know they want to have one of you or something like that and they might sort of<br> you a condescending way or or something like that but I think if you can sort of get it pushed past that and say things like I wonder what such and such might be like if we tried it this way or I wonder if and you know just ask a question whatever it is that you're curious about continue to say I wonder if and when you can really feel that question is how I wonder if you know I will write another book that I ask myself that all the time or I wonder if I can become a better extemporaneous speaker or I wonder if I can actually get through a master's degree whatever those questions whatever your goals are continue to just stay with a mind of curiosity and be open to you know you experienced is I I think when you do that you're going to be amazed at what it is that you'll learn and how you'll grow<br> I think that's wonderful to and having that question our self-talk is so very important and so when you asked that question I wonder if you give your mine opportunity to explore the possibilities so many benefits to it one you're opening up the Curiosity into your not automatically shutting it down you're not putting pressure on yourself and I wonder if I think that's so important if you think about that sort of how a how a child's mind work which is why they can achieve so many things that I have two college students that I was amazed at how much they can do in a semester at asking that question I wonder if it's a way to generate that Curiosity and that spark in us as well to Let Her Mind fantasizing the positive for a little while just play it imagination like before you know it<br> I think that also would help to minimize the fear well sad<br> we get to Mater Tipsy I don't want to leave without our audiences happens if you have a pen and paper I always encourage our guests to write things down I worry that is a way to face those fears and Shine the Light of awareness on those right and they told him you know what you turn the light on the boogie man goes away and then the other phrase is I wonder if it's a way to open of curiosity and open yourself up to new adventure Vicki I want to thank you for being our fabulous guest on our show today you have really been amazing for us and giving us a new way to look at leadership in our own life thank you so much for being part of our guest panel today on I love your show and I love your work and best wishes always<br> discover the power within Unity online radio<br> the voice of an Awakening world<br> create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to Everyday Beast with dr. dravon James<br> welcome back on Doctor Dre Bond James and this is everyday piece I am super excited about the second guess we have Cynthia Morgan she is a spiritual teacher in author founder of the retreat called the desert reset and she's here with us today and she's talking about going to share with us how to reset have you ever had that space in your life I know I have a couple times where I just wanted to pause and push the reset on me because I know that in my physical Journey as I said earlier if it is to be it is up to me and sometimes I need to get out of my own way I need to know how to reset 1 to reset so I can achieve my Spiritual Awakening and that is exactly what Cynthia Morgan is a specialist and she is a spiritual teacher and that is her specialty so we are happy to have you on the show today Cynthia welcome to the show<br> thank you so much for having me I'm happy to be here background about how you became a seeker and what you know what were your influences<br> sure well, having unusual upbringing my father was a seeker and so in about November 1973 I think I had just turned eight years old my father got interested in Transcendental Meditation it was popular at the time the Beatles were into it and that sort of thing was on the cover I think of Time Magazine a real man so there was a surgeon says meditation happening a wave throughout Western culture and she had brought it from the East to the West really for the first time and so my dad got wind of that of the Seeker and he had the entire family initiated into Transcendental Meditation at that time and so my conscience Piersall Journey began very early I was given in trento meditation you're given a walking months are they call it if your eyes<br> under 10 years old so you're able to just walk around and say your Mantra over and over in your mind can you calm your mind and then after 10 years old you're expected to sit and meditated for the classic traditional ideas meditation that we think of but I do remember early on around 8 or 9 years old like walking to school and repeating my Mantra and playing on the jungle gym in drug dealing with some sense of comfort in that like having some tool or technique or word that I could rely on and then it just kind of progressed from there like as a teenager my dad continue to see Ken really got into the stuff book so I'm at your family with Jane Roberts work those were always laying around our house and I would pick them up in<br> read about you know Altered States Of Consciousness and the nature of personal reality and things like that and things like that and then<br> yeah he really just was one of those first thought I was going to say people but he's a spirit guide is one of those first Spirit to say you create your own reality back then like in the 70s and so it became kind of a mantra in our house and my father really instilled in us me and my brother at a early age that we create our own reality and to pay attention to our thinking and using using visualization techniques then the stocks until you know because of that early early programming so to speak that early background it just stuck with me and so it's a natural jump for me to be a I'm a board certified hypnotherapist now I've been leading guided meditation you know for 35 years that type of thing so anyway it's just been a journey of seeking to overcome my own self<br> Brett and I wanted to spend a little bit at a time on that term and I know it's very familiar to you and I but just in case we have some listeners and I'm sure we do who may not understand we talked about you being a Seeker how would you define that's if you saying I'm a Seeker What would you say would be a great simple definition of that<br> seeker of Truth and I think that there is no Universal truths and every religion every spiritual path to still down in every serious spiritual path is just really one truth and so however you get there when you get there through science you get there through religion or meditation or yoga you know you really just speaking the truth with a capital T and and when you hit on that truth we've all hit on a truth in our life and when we hit on that we know it and we feel it will have the truth like the thing that connects us all right that has to be there and I know I'm from first of all your book let's talk about straight I've read it<br> amazing amazing amazing read and very captivating and very useful so let's talk a little bit about that but I'm glad I would encourage her listeners to 2 to get it like I got it on audio and then hitting a whole bunch of notes and had to go back and buy it the written copy thank you that's very sweet of you to say I'm very generous and I'm so glad that it meant something to you about book with a full-on labor of love it took me 16 years to write that book and it really created an existential crisis in my life because I set out I'd be can't I eventually I guess I should back up and just say that at around nineteen or so in the mid-80s I became my father has sent me A Course in Miracles those set of book the course of Miracles I had never heard of it this is about nineteen eighty-six<br> and and I a series of events led me to seeking truth even deeper and I looked into these books that my dad had sent me and I didn't know much about it you know when I was growing up even though my dad was a Seeker we weren't religious and so the terms like God Holy Spirit Jesus Christ son of those words were not used it was very alien to my vocabulary and tell my dad actually didn't want us to going to church to traditional churches and funerals and things like that growing up because he didn't want us indoctrinated with any fear and so he misses his perspective and so we so when I received the course of Miracles from him it was very confusing because it uses traditional Christian terminology as I'm sure you know and your listeners know but in very non-traditional way so I was there confused<br> but something like the Holy Spirit why is my dad sending me this book and but he had seen an advertisement for it in the back of by the publisher in the back of some publication and ordered it and you know as a speaker himself he was always trying out new things and trying to find the truth for himself and you know he just sent it to me and said here I think you might like this end and I eventually did and I eventually started delving into it and it really has been the guiding principle of my life ever since and so I decided fast forward about 12 years I was teaching like leading A Course in Miracles study groups and then I decided to become a hypnotherapist because I was would really studying the course on a very deep level and trying to understand what it meant by ego and the unconscious mind and he's unconscious dynamics of projection and<br> what is psychology terms so I started studying a lot of Floyd at the time and invoice start talking about hypnosis and I only got like really deep and fell down the rabbit hole look like Freud and hypnosis and of course of miracles in the ego and what is it and then eventually just became so obsessed with this idea of hypnosis that I went and studied hypnotherapy and became a board certified hypnotherapist in 2002 and so by hypnosis it felt like my trazodone medication my doing the workbook lessons of Course in Miracles all of the teachers I had listened to in the books I had read everything had led me sort of to the intellectual understanding and at the top of this mountain but it was only when I did hypnosis in hypnotherapy in my training because I just wanted to understand<br> my old mind more and understand it's A Course in Miracles More is why I went to go train as a hypnotherapist I just really had to sort of I was compelled to understand hypnosis as a tool for enlightenment as a tool for greater awareness as a tool for healing and so I profoundly changed you know all this whole journey to the Mountaintop for most of my life even though I was at this Mountaintop I still had these like specific fears that started kind of bubbling up within me DD go fears and it wasn't until I did hypnosis that my training that all of those dispelled and they disappeared and I thought oh my gosh this is miraculous like it's like I had walked up and there was a door and hypnosis was the key to open up the store and I felt free and so I became a hypnotherapist really<br> share what I had learned and the healing that I received in my training and I didn't set out to become a hypnotherapist per se but rather just to understand things which you don't let me to my career but anyway I decided to write a book on on hypnosis and kind of just fish guide and as I was writing that book I became very difficult for me not to interject the principles of A Course in Miracles and I kept like the leading the course. That would just flow through me and because it had been such a huge part of my learning and understanding in this Vision with which I saw the world and I kept trying to separate them and of course in Miracles and I just kept thinking why can't I write this book that I just want to write a simple little hypnosis book why can't I write this thing all this<br> . and then it just became this real existential crisis for me like like how come I can't do this what am I what am I doing why can't I separate these two and then I had this Revelation. Really you know it's all the same girl started from the same place and so once I kind of understood that I've been allowed A Course in Miracles and hypnosis to blend and that's where the book was born so you're already hypnotized the title loan. Maybe cuz I thought about how we don't realize that the Mantra we're all repeating a mantra of fear<br> and of some sort me practice and over and over again if we're not conscious right and so it does low listen to the sort of hypnotic State and so deliberately coming out of that and moving into a space of holness is so very important and you mentioned that you know even though you weren't you were enlightened you were doing the work and you just still have these fears inside of you and I know that there are a lot of people our listening audience including who find themselves in that predicament they're doing the work here and but they still feel bog down if you are delayed or slow down or overcome by some sort some level of fear<br> you mentioned that hypnosis helps you to clear that what about hypnosis was able to do that in can the average ordinary person do that a person who doesn't have your background or three years of study on just you know being in the moment and seeking truth<br> the title of the book you're already hypnotized is something that I would say I had a practice in Los Angeles for about 18 years and people were noticeably nervous about coming to a hypnotherapist even though I was always everybody's last straw like I tried Psychotherapy I tried I tried this I tried those I know you're my last hope I would hear that you know so frequently and I always loved that actually because I was like wait I'm glad you tried all this because you're going to see how powerful hypnosis is and how much it's going to change you and but people were nervous<br> I'll be at you know we are hypnotized by what we think of as hypnosis already just the word puts a little bit of fear into us because it's this idea of Hollywood movies and television of loss of control and you know somebody mind control taking over our thoughts and our thinking and and so in order to cut ale and that fear and dispel that myth when clients would come in the first thing I would say is you know you don't need to be afraid of what happened with me in the sauce that you should be more concerned about what happens when you leave the office you should be more concerned about like how you're getting programmed so to speak by authority figures and television and everything that's happening outside of here I'm really a d hypnotherapist<br> all of us are already hypnotized I'm going to be hypnotized you deprogram you so that you can get back to your own truth and so that was always something I said to people you know to help them understand how I perceive hypnosis I really don't believe I do hypnotherapy I really believe I do D hypnotherapy I'm so I'm so the name of the book where you do something I would always say you're already hypnotized just let me help you become a little more clear and a little more free of beer so but yes you know I will say in terms of addressing your idea about<br> people still holding on to fear no matter how much spiritual growth I've done I mean that's really true and it's it's even true that the more spiritual growth YouTube sometimes the more fear you have and so if you can notice that and accept it because what it is is the eagle railing against your serious intention of letting it go<br> Sofia is going to pop up even more sometime for spiritually evolved people or people who are on a serious path when you set that intention and say I am going to create more peace in my life I am going to undo my ego I am going to become more enlightened you're really setting this energy and motion and you're telling your ego I don't want to believe you anymore until the Eagles going to rail against that and it's going to come out and other form they could come out in anxiety that could come out and stick Russian it could come out in maladaptive behavior for me I started developing Spears of like dying so I developed a fear of flying just hallucinating debilitating fears on an airplane that it was about to crash and I was smelling smoke and I was on my way to like spiritual studies with dr. Kenneth wapnick the foremost scholar of A Course in Miracles until<br> would well into my studies but my fear started popping up because I was Furious about I'm doing them so if that makes some sense ambulance popover we have a collar that's been on the line for a little while waiting to speak with you so I may just take the<br> hello you're on the air with everyday peace I'm about to drive on James and we have our fabulous guest here Cynthia Morgan did you have a question or comment<br> yes I had a comment and so she kind of answered my question about beer dealing with see if I had another question but my comment was I think it's very fascinating what you're doing and I love the concept of hypnotizing it makes me think of the Matrix and how they're trying to get people out of the Matrix and and I guess it's kind of what we were in when he said we should be worried about how is regulated by the things outside of us and how we let that regulate us without sometimes even thinking about it just becomes wrote so I thought that was fascinating and I like that I've never heard that term before it hit the ties and people but I love it that's great and my second question was how do you<br> when you when you do your daddy at the size and do you help people deal with guilt so if you know you've done something that you've hurt people and they forgiving you not forgotten but forgiving you and learn from that is a doctor gave on last guest talk about learning from your past and moving forward and dug his grave and talks about that too but the whole concept of you know you feel guilty and then you don't feel like you deserve anything good because of what you've done to others do you help people with that<br> thank you first of all and secondly yes yes I think hypnosis can help with that so I don't practice individually anymore because I do Retreat then I have an app that the hypnotherapy back out that I just created and so I have other means of like helping people with their butt but when I was in practice you know what what you just said is really the core issue with an everybody and that's guilt and it comes down to self-forgiveness until hypnosis you know we can intellectualize this concept them like we need to forgive ourselves but when you when you go into a state of hypnosis you're going so deep into your own money you could say you're going into you know your higher self and<br> and when you get into that state you recognize that all that exists is forgiveness and so it's how I know this is so helpful because it takes you out of your intellectualizing conscious ego mind and it transports you out of the Matrix to a higher perspective where you see things you know from the perspective of you could thank God you could say the Holy Spirit your higher self however you think of that and when you're in that perspective you recognize that you know everything is just love and so it's it's really important to go into that state I believe in order to have the experience because as example some clients would come in and they would sit down and they would be crying and talking about you know all the details of the issue that they're going through and really stuck in<br> Meijer of what it is whether son forgiveness or conflict or a behavior or an addiction and and I will just sit there and wait for them you know to finish saying what they would have to say and just let us go into hypnosis because there was nothing that I could say to them that would help them as much as I'm going into that state and connecting with their higher self because that's where the resolution come you know in that quietness all things are answered and so I think that this idea of guilt is behind everything it's not just that you've done something to A Course in Miracles says that we are all living with unconscious guilt because of our belief that we separated from God and that is the true core behind all these other little Gil and not the corner behind the addictions and the nervousness in the fear and if we can just get back we can't do that to intellectualizing and do our car<br> it's mine but if we can step aside and we can get back somehow and hypnosis is just to me a fast track of doing it there's other way but if we can connect to that higher self in that moment we see the truth as we were talking about earlier and then the healing process can begin it's not ever going to come from your conscious mind or from intellectualizing something or somebody saying something to us it's going to come from within ourselves so you've hit the nail on the head I mean to me and I talked about it in my book that guilt is at the root of every single issue that's going on collectively in the world and within our own life and if we can begin to heal that guilt within ourselves we can begin to heal collectively as well<br> wonderful wonderful. I love it so have her call her there with us but I hope that that was the help you with your answer that was wonderful I want to just piggyback a little bit of that cuz you're almost out of town yet about the amazing amazing and I was trying to keep up with you but this was amazing to me and I really want to listen to hear this guilt is because we believe we have separated from God and so we all know right and some people level if it is impossible to separate the eagle wants me to has Believe been separated so just you're saying that like really awakened in me like a while that's impossible so that allows us to to a dance move back away from that golden to see it but not let it become a part of us all I really wanted to come to that statement and then I asked you this and I don't know if this is possible but you said in the beginning<br> when you start a conversation today but you were saying these mantras and they just became a part of who you are is there a mantra that you could offer today for the collective and I know this is a very difficult things are Noah's are fully answer as well but something to replace that that doubt and that lack module that will constantly running under the guilt mantra<br> yes well I would say if you're interested you A Course in Miracles the workbook license of A Course in Miracles every single one to me as a month and you start with the first lesson and you can find it on your app and you can open it up and you can just repeat that first lesson as a mantra and that's the beauty academy of A Course in Miracles is it's very step-by-step guide and striven so if your if it speaks to you you know if you're interested in it that's one way of doing it another thing is that you can say an affirmation the most famous affirmation ever created was by a pharmacist like you name a Milky Way who I think it was like in the 1800 and he was healing people by having them say everyday in every way I'm getting better and better<br> oh my goodness do you know that is one of the things that I say and I don't even know where that came from every day in that way I'm getting better and better I think we'll accept that we're getting ready to run out of time and I want to tell you that you have been such an inspiration to us today I'm so happy that you were on our show and truly everyday and every way we are getting better and better thank you so much Cynthia Morgan for being part of the everyday piece family today thank you so much<br> but I want to say to our listening audience that today is a day in your life I want to thank you for joining this try being part of the everyday peace community and encourage you go for Live Your Life In This Moment I absolutely love you we'll talk next week<br> you've been listening to Everyday peaks with Dr Trevon James you have the power right now today to make the decisions to take the actions that leave you to your next level of greatness and I would love to walk with you on your journey here some ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me again so is Archie drayvon enrolling my online university course to 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International enroll in the brilliant life 9-week online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at the doctor Trevon James. 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