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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, 17/11/2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Take Care of Your Skin This Winter with Amber Rose Johnson

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Take Care of Your Skin This Winter with Amber Rose Johnson

Esthetician to the celebrities and owner of Facial Lounge, Amber Rose Johnson comes back to share fall-to-winter skin-care tips.

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

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In today’s busy world it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. Dr Dravon James helps to inspire, empower, and educate people to live the life of their dreams. Focusing on health, wealth, and relationships, Dr. James offers strategies that work for everyday life.

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Empower yourself and get inspired to build the life of your dream welcome to Everyday Peds with dr. dravon James<br> hello and welcome to our show I'm Dr.Dre Von James and this is everyday a piece I am super excited to be here with you today as we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday peace the find is wholeness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality I want you to imagine really see yourself in this space nothing missing nothing broken totality you peace every day because I'm here to tell you that yes<br> everyday peace is possible yes you deserve peace everyday and yes you can have every day peace we work together on this show to bring you the topics and the guests to partner with you as you create your life of Peace everyday and if you missed last week's interviews and last week's show well you missed two amazing guess we had dr. Anna Harvey and she discussed her new book only good comes to me can you say that again only good to me and and she introduced l e p and the frequency to and how to use it she's a great motivational speaker she's a former psychology Professor so it was a riveting conversation<br> chock full of information and tips that you and I can use so I highly encourage with some special her back and listen to it you also missed dr. Karen Jack You by asking she is discussed her practice in mindful practice when working with children<br> so very important you and I both know that everything that we say or do not say how we said and packed someone and the impact that we have on the next generation will definitely be route so learning how to how to mindly interact with children so very important especially doing those hard times right so I think she said on the show at some point called in and said that you know it's easy to get to parent the child was straight A's and on this you know committee and on that committee and you know that's easy breezy right but we live in the real world and their children are just like all other humans they have good and bad days and they have some traits that we want to possibly have more of those and have some drinks if we want to help them to better control over well dr. Karen jakubowski is an expert on working with children in her mind for practice so to hear that show or any of her other shows you can access<br> shows by visiting and subscribing to Dr.Dre Von James everyday piece podcast on Apple Spotify Google Play and Stitcher or you can listen on the unity online radio. Org website another great place to get tips on everyday piece to get free courses free materials is by visiting our website which is www.dr Drake Devon James. Cam and I want to tell you you want to get over to this website right now because we are giving way up it is tips to improve<br> your self-esteem in your self-confidence and guess what when you improve your self-esteem in your self-confidence your whole world your whole world changes you would be amazed at how he thinks he's a boost in your self-esteem a boost in your self-confidence will change your whole outlook on the world so that's a free gift for you go on over to and get that free gift and we're happy to do that for you we are winding down on this journey this this year and we've been talking about what are we waiting for and facing our fears and I want to tell you that<br> is a life coach and it is an executive coach figure is the number one thing that I hear people talk about what do they say it openly or whether it's hidden behind a lot of other problems and external focuses at the Quarry that we are afraid of something and it's worth investigating in worth knowing how the brain works so that we can do little things that we got to talk about a lot of that stuff today what are Fabolous guess today we can do little things to help prepare us for those parts of life that seems scary right change is scary to a lot of us but just knowing that our brains job is to protect us<br> I don't know we get confused sometimes we think with a friend wants me to be happy all the heart wants you to be happy right there are most of the brains job and it is good at its job. It's job is to protect you so if it's suitable if it's left to its own devices it will maybe sometimes keep you from moving forward on your dreams into Uncharted Territory because why because the brain doesn't know what lies Beyond right and it is what lies Beyond the Wall right it says I know this area right here that were in<br> I may not like it it may not be fulfilling but I'm sure that I know it's going to happen and I'll keep you stuck in this rut because it's safe here<br> if you have a desire and I know that many of us do have a full complete happy life it's going to take disciplining that part of the brain that keeps us stuck in the present moment in fearful of going off into unknown Uncharted Territory so your self talk of reminding yourself that it's okay in fact is that this more than okay you desire to have new experiences<br> making that part of your affirmations in the morning I desire to have new experiences I desired to have new experiences why because my increase in health my improve relationships my income comes through new experiences so that is our everyday peace talk for today with that I want to encourage you to improve yourself to improve your sense of adventure and we're going to go to our Fabolous yesterday Amber Rose Johnson she's been on her show before why because he's amazing he's an esthetician to celebrities and owner of facial lounge and she's come back today to share so many tips with us we're talking about you know what you ever heard of weatherizing winterizing your home if you live in the east coast you do that right we do that and so getting your home ready for the winter but also how about the home that we carry with us I would like turtles right now<br> this body right Amber I'm so glad that you are affectionately known as the skin Whisperer dies<br> the welcome back to the show Amber we're happy to have you I'm happy to be here thank you for having me<br> a bit more Chris whether he or no I'm in the Maryland area and the weather is definitely changing and that means what for our skin<br> you know when was our skin is very smart so when the weather changes it actually changes so I took you for the best way to see it quickly as if they are on a boat or skiing in August on your skin gets leathery and tight it's actually protecting itself so when it gets cold our skin definitely changes it needs a lot more moisture and this is also a good time to kind of I know we have spring cleaning but winter the great time to get rid of that stuff you don't use it gets old and get really fresh moisturizing products<br> best suit like a heavier moisturizer I have your hat it's definitely heavier is better for winter we make something great wolf Lounge makes me really cool called whipped cream sleeping mask was actually a study done off airline stewardess cuz they have to go to different weather and their skin is constantly trying to adapt and it's very unhappy their skins always the ages faster gets more skin cancer has a lot more issues from going into different climates and flying so this is actually an ingredient that's crystallized all of that helps heal the skin and it's a great there's not very many companies doing it's a great technology but fascia Lounge mix and they called whipped cream sleeping mask and it's just like this Rich heavy cream but doesn't break any one out even asked me can use it and it's technically four nights but we find especially really cold weather people use this in the daytime to<br> what type of people even supposed to really really dry you can't you're like at you know Rite Aid or drugstore near like what do I buy even believe or not Aquaphor little $5 bottles not the best ingredients in the world but it will definitely hydrate your skin that acts like a second layer is good Associates are chapped and red and your Skin's not happy the aquifer it's inexpensive and it's a quick fix but it can break you out so it'll be with Acme just kind of Spot Treatment be around there those are their eyebrows were over there do real flaky to put the Aquaphor us<br> I love the fact that you mentioned I performed I got to ask this question I think I know the answer but for those people who are still using petroleum jelly on their face during the winter what say ye about that has a huge fan I thinking like a quick fix I had to use it for my son the other day had a weird thing on his nose and we went and got that cuz we are out of town and he just needed something to tell us it's great for Quick Fix is not a long-term ingredient there's only a few companies and Roxy more holistic companies who use petroleum technically right but it's but it's very controversial but you want to stay away from any like propylene glycol and nem petroleum-based ingredients can be right cancer-causing rock-sea band in a lot of a lot of places Aquaphor to the different type of the cleaners installation when they make it so it's made a little better than a Vaseline<br> say but it's still in the same family so it is more like an emergency Quick Fix not a long-term fix some people use lanolin which is a little controversial to that can cause acne made from sheep's wool also vegans don't use very much lanlan but it is a very heavy oil you can use that on your cuticles for heels even feed store like you know you seen Farm places actually saw this animals too but it's actually an oil from sheep's wool so there's a few ingredients out there that are like so that that would be like toxic but it can cause acne in that it's not technically an environmental friendly ingredient so there's so many layers of like what's important to you as environmental friendly is it<br> you know is it cancer-causing ingredients which everyone that should be it is it vegan is it in a cruelty-free there's all these layers of of what work so my company facial lounge and it's very hard to do what I do and be completely like as much environmental friendly as we can even like our Plastics we use for packaging is bpa-free I'm as much glasses we can use with you and then there's another lie of course being vegan cruelty-free and then clean and then clean for the environment clean for your body I mean it is I do this for a living and I have a hard time shopping for products I could imagine what the average consumer walking through a store has to go through to find a good shampoo healthy deodorant a good<br> but it gets really and then there's all these apps and things that kind of I love that they exist I'm proud of that they exist but they kind of control companies under the bus for not the right reason so you can scan your products now there's ewg and there's one called Think Dirty which is a funny story I tell everyone to look at Think Dirty but that doesn't mean Google think Journey that is definitely not what you don't want to Google it is an app called you 30 and you can scan your products the barcode and it will tell you if it's clean and dirty this is not the end-all be-all because there's a lot of layers to this sometimes a company can get a bad number<br> but you want a door number for 1 through 4 clean after 4:30 but there's a few companies I've noticed they got in trouble but it was something very mild that gave them that that I would still say oh you could totally use that product so but there's a nice gauge out there to at least know you don't want parabens you know you don't want obviously aluminum or like I said propylene glycol which is a form of antifreeze you don't want a lot of these ingredients in your skin care<br> there's so much and you write your so much does the average Consumer Debt does not know about when we read ingredient survivors there and we're looking at these ingredients and you don't know what's what you're hoping that you're getting it right but you really don't have no idea so I think it is going to have those Watch Dogs there but as you said something minor can get you an operating and you know really again the danger in that and so beautiful and I love and another lab made their sunscreen welder sunscreen got a bad rating and someone's blocked about it and it looks like this company made dirty products but it was one product that they happen to make that wasn't clean the really really sabotage them so I tell people just because they might have one now in general I don't use anything like big companies like on Proctor & Gamble things like that they're pretty much across-the-board don't care about anything<br> from environmental to your health is just all bad so big companies I get it but somebody Smart Companies have to use different labs and spicy just cuz one product is bad just check out the other ones they might make something cleaner couple makeup lines they make really nice foundations and powders with her High shadows and lipsticks might be a little dirtier than kind of cherry-picking find your jam does it have one branch doesn't have to be one-size-fits-all if you can you can kind of cherry pick<br> yeah I think that's so important to me to go to cherry-pick find out what works for you good in this area has the largest self ask is important and you guys we know that the largest organ on the body and I love what you said about how intelligent this organ is that it and it has the ability to start a bath when things start to check things out when the weather starts to change the skin starts to adapt as a way to protect itself I guess it also to protect all the things the organs and what have you that it is in self in closing those things inside the body so knowing that our skin is kind of touching his love it but knowing that our skin is working to protect us there are products there are things that we should avoid not want to just mention one of them that<br> well I'm going to ask you about this has come across my reading a lot is products that mimic estrogen in the body<br> yes these students to do and what is up with that what's going to happen how do we as women we don't want these products but there's a lot of estrogen affect in the body correct so it gets really scary we've known about this since the early nineties I tell people if you want to find out what those ingredients are look up what what ingredients are banned in Europe for the longest time I was telling everyone just buy anything from Germany or Switzerland or London or you know what are just so much cleaner and I used to work for a beautiful company named dr. Hauschka still around very very very cool company and dr. Hauschka<br> was one of the first people that taught me these ingredients and no one was listening it was crazy most of them greens are parabens they can also hide that name in a lot of big words and so these angry and there's so many date they replaced them with even scarier ingredients I'm going to take a full-time job to memorize all these ingredients but if I make a joke that if it's banned in Europe don't use it I mean most of the companies in in America are banned in Europe just let you know there's also a stink OK if anyone can watch it I think it's on Netflix it's called stink and I'm 90% sure it's called stink I'm so bad with him sometimes but it's about I'll just tell you cook basic story it's about a father whose wife died of cancer and he had two daughters and their got all these cute pajamas for Christmas and they smelled like perfume and whoever<br> mouth and it's a big chain I forgot the name of the company but your big kissed a clothing brand and he want to know what's in it because he's avoiding avoiding ingredients that cause cancer cuz of his wife and no one would tell him the answer so he said these these these this ingredient to a lab and how to test it and it had hundreds of banned ingredients under the word fragrance and most of these mimic estrogen and cause breast cancer the the perfume world is one of the dirtiest if it's a perfume it's not sold in Europe don't buy it they can't hide and and there's no regulation there's no FDA regulation there is nobody regulating fragrance and you know how many ingredients can be in the word fragrant 6,000 or something crazy that I last heard of it could even be more but now but they have thousands of names that could not names of chemicals that mimic estrogen cause cancer caused<br> habit on the body all under this little word name is the umbrella word so and it's legal and it is not legal in most countries with legal in America so that is one of the biggest things to avoid this will work. Always know some companies use fragrance in the essential oils and their natural like I said do some research as don't you know people my friends will see a bottle and throw it away so I can just Google it see who owns the company do a little research look up like I said a lot of I love I love Brands that's why I wanted to make a company that's from California that's a no American-made that's clean it is very hard to find<br> yeah and just hear what you said it's a bit scary to when they read about the suit alleged ends and the impact they have in the body and the way they changing things for your weapon and so we're getting is estrogen overload because of the products that we use it and the food literally make too much and there's food like yams that actually make progesterone and help start our bodies so that he'll are your hormone test and see what your high and low and you can actually eat foods to balance those things out but I'll tell you something fabulous I don't know if I mentioned this before but maybe not I I found fascinating recently it just hit me<br> I have a friend when when we're around each other we cycle together okay so is my cycle is it supposed to be in a week and her Cycles when two weeks and you know we see each other we will cycle at the same time and I'm not stopping I remember my my uncle living in an Indian Reservation when I will go up there when I was I would stay there for my summer as much about 13 all the Native Americans would tell me there's a couple different tribes there when you come you'll probably be cycling with us all the women would cycle together that's how I learned about it they would follow the moon cycles every 28 days and when I would go up there cuz I was I was 13 14 all this in my sight all the woman's cycle together was very interesting this is how smart are bodies are and how in tuned our bodies are the I can be next standing next to another woman and my body will I don't know how it works is this is a science Beyond me to pick up on<br> hormones and then I have my. Because I'm standing next to a woman who's on her. Do you understand how hormones are so controlled by an element we don't understand right now. For two women can't get their periods all these ingredients are toxic very lucky I never had and never took birth control my life I've never had children growing up I never had any bad ingredients I was very lucky I had very few parents who we made spaghetti. I just never I grew up like this so I am my intuitions very high my hormones are very I'm in my forties and I still have regular periods I've never had cramps in my life I am very lucky person something that I understood and I see my friends with all these hormone issues and it's so much to do with like I said the perfumes are wearing the ingredients of rain did you get the detergent<br> but if you want to go to the science of how people go ok or just one more week and as women can stand next to each other and cycle the next week at the same time because I was near you that's how I'm chewing our bodies are as fascinating<br> but I know that is true I when I was in college I had was poor women living all in a apartment together and I know that it's so true and why the body doesn't like I don't know I don't know but this I do know it's better now that I'm older and like that is so crazy that one of your friends but he's decided he's going to go to cycle and if your hormone picked up on that and you were together the whole all women can cycle at the same time together is just fat and it's and it's a cleanse of our body I mean it's really if you get in till like the real spiritual part of our bar. It's really fascinating sells I took people get their faces on there. Cuz you're dead skin back to explain anymore you can get your nails done in your ear pedicures cuz you have more dead skin on your heels when your uterus is cleaning itself out leave or not the heel is uterus and in like acupuncture we get more dead skin on our heels it's a great time to discuss foliate internally obviously and externally it's<br> the fascinating time internally and externally and that's how you do a lot of times we were told I took classes on on on spazio to go ahead of ancients podcast from Super fascinating but for so long we're told that women had to leave and eat when you're in your tribe it's retarded. That they were. They had to go wait that wasn't the case come to find out women went to the kind of response ritual area to exfoliate the lot of these plates to cleanse and it was it was a it's a beautiful time of the women went together and kind of fun it was more like they wanted to get away from the men more than they were dirty and bleeding and had to get away so what we are told in history isn't necessarily the case and a lot of these Spas are made for when women were coming up there. To cleanse themselves and to their ancient remedies that women were using throughout time to actually exfoliate during that time<br> intuitively they do that you know<br> even now in our modern times right this is me talk about this being a full body experience during that time of ministration is a time to maybe take time to yourself more stuff here more ran over that's right because we are giving off energy that we're receiving energy 100%<br> and I'd never even design whatever you want to call God the universe and you know of the energy whatever we've been design and set apart for this experience right and I love that idea that women did go away they went away unto themselves and<br> you said you were cleaning my grandma this is a cleaning and purification but for rest for self-care to reconvene to reconnect with self into nature aann are so many adults depends on how you think of it but you know some people thought they were had had to go away but think of what if they we don't know like that might be there till we get a little annoyed with people we need to be alone that's our bodies going to get away from everybody and be alone and be with yourself or you know we're going to come back and I know we have a caller who's been pacing the line we're going to pick with that caller right up after this break and just ask me<br> practical spirituality<br> positive messages<br> this is Unity online radio<br> the voice of an Awakening world<br> create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to every Dave East with dr. dravon James<br> welcome back I'm dr. Dre Bond James this is everyday Pete's are fabulous guest today is Amber Rose Johnson we are understanding getting an understanding about skin care on a holistic basis we have a very patient guest a call or when the lines I would have put our caller on thank you for holding your on the air I'm about to Brave on James's is everyday peace and our guest today is Amber Rose Johnson the great show your guess is awesome I have three questions are very short so the first question is<br> I use Jergens for my skin and I want to know since you talked about a lot of products that are banned I wanted to know if that was the safe to use or dragons have I'm toxic chemicals in them that's never won the second question is more practical question what can I use to know those vertical line that developed by around the nose and it go down to around the mouth area what what kind of products a fart can I use forgot that's the second question question piggyback off of what you and dr. James were talking about a hormone cycle and I was wondering cuz he's not published over the years about a man having a psycho press a clearly not with you all go through but I wanted to know if you thought that was true and if that is the case is it affected by four men by what we eat and what we put on<br> bodies and those are my three question those are great questions and great great questions so with Jurgens I don't like to throw any companies under the bus and he's very safe but I would definitely look into a new lotion don't like things that are mass produced mind you we had to discontinue our lotion because then covid ingredients for getting were so expensive I would have to sell lotion for $60 I mean it would just would be I'm I'm working on a new lotion as we speak but if you could try to go to like a Whole Foods and get your lotion there's a lot of great big do usually avoid a lot what city are you from<br> I'm Baltimore Maryland emotions are so much different you're going to you're going to be floored<br> art Instagram has a special Lounge that's at the Smurfs you want to send me a DM we answer every single question I can send me any questions and I can't I can't think of the name of the lotion, top of my head now but there's a couple clean ones that I really love there is a bronco Willie. I just came to mind I think they're from Germany that they haven't sent me something the baby section or baby lotion beautiful and clean some of them don't smell is like Jurgensen I'm too much of a scent but they're a little more lavender easy to get like an uncensored one but those lines are called labial folds and they also can be called like a smile line they are<br> the only real thing for labial fold it so you're not as filler which you would see a plastic surgeon for Feller or a nurse but I really wanted to depending on how bad they are you don't really want to do too much that actually makes people's Facebook really heavier when they do Fuller on the labial fold so and also some Diet can actually help that so that the creatures that we get our a lack of antioxidants so she can up your a accident they actually hooked up the skin and you can get those a Whole Foods brand online call Pure that I order a lot of my vitamins from there go clean one in particular is called grape seed extract that's actually used as a oral cosmetic and it's all great seed extract. Grapefruit grapefruit juice for antifungal and grape seeds the antioxidant or but they usually take<br> the culprit decided or pycnogenol is the actual term of you want to go with it which is an accident you want to go with grape seeds and not pine bark they're sold in the same section there actually killing trees in in Brazil for the spine and and it's very environmentally friendly great seeds believe it or not in math is we can get those very easily and they're actually stronger antioxidants in the pine bark took away seeds and grapes so we wouldn't grow our own food so when people by Grace we have actually have to buy the pill form crushed up and sold and pills so you can't grow your own food so by the seeds in a pill form<br> and then as far as a male cycle is a very interesting so men are highly is just like women are affected by ingredients Jergens is one of those ingredients that actually has estrogen issue so men are getting breast cancer more than ever now because of actual skin care products in lotion a lot of the cleaner skincare is found in his face creams which is only we're using on 10% of our body soap from the neck up or using paraben free products but from the neck down on ninety percent of our bodies were using the ingredients. So I told people make sure their face cream is good quality is there body cream and with male hormones there's God there's a lot of layers that the men can go get those hormones check just like females and it's important to do because of the environment men's testosterone at the lowest and their progesterone is or ssj<br> gyms are higher and that's what that's what it is to be a horrible thing it can actually make men will bit more Moody so it does affect it does affect us so it's good to get it tested and then they can tell you what to do in Alaska I wouldn't take synthetic hormones but they can make something called bioidentical hormones which is a cream that can help balance your hormones out okay great thank you so much great great great answer thank you thank you you're welcome<br> hello you on the air with that could be fun games that are fabulous yesterday and the little Johnson I have a question to do the cookie dough DIA<br> yes are you looking for a body like a body wash<br> funny things in my life doll I left over that something wrong with the food<br> yes sir if there's a lots of home remedies but a lot of them are would be like a coconut oil base avocado oil is great sesame seed oil is fabulous. It's one of the oldest families you can also mix them with any sea salt or brown sugar to make like a scrub in your shower or you can just Hydrate with any coconut oil and you really only want a coconut oil or avocado oil not perfect as long as well so what happens is is oils go ramped it okay if they get too hot oils have a higher burn rate to wear hundred degrees so if you could have oil on at 8 in the morning by 8 p.m. they can she go Rancid<br> olive oil be nice in the shower is like a Scrub but believe it or not long-term would be better as a coconut oil or avocado oil or shea butter that's a long-term lease between the different ways to spell nourishment leave cuz of our burrito has a higher antioxidant so they don't burn they actually have a natural sunscreens with black skin brown skin as a natural SPF sometimes of 50-60 a really high FPS oils actually help hydrate and he'll black skin actually needs a lot of sun brown skin lot of melon and tons of sun lots of vitamin D vs white skin with no melanin by Nissan<br> obviously I can't ya ya Sonos absolutely so Chinese is interesting you guys to burn more but you still have melanin so a blue-eyed person can burn some Pennzoil that she can burn your skin Chinese does great if you look at it at a certain ethnicities and the oils that use sew in China during the oils work from ancient not like mass-produced now but like ancient you can look up certain things like rice different races and things up Bryce Waters and things that they use are very good right from the oils you really good with with melanin skin and they don't burn because I have a natural sunscreen so so they especially can shea butter and things like that so depending on the lighter-skinned they can't they need a sunscreen at whales aren't as good as as it would be for darker skin<br> thank you so much for having no problem thank you and thank you for calling and telling you to listen I thought that was a great questioning because a lot of times and I've learned a lot when you said your answer was you know be careful because some oils go rancid above a certain temperature I remember that they were still popular but for a while there there was this big pushing people putting coconut oil on their skin and even in their here and I remember reading something about oils that solidify can cause you to be careful those items at certain temperature so I was interested to hear that<br> and there's different chain fatty acids and some of them are very toxic or short chain of medium-chain and long chain fatty acids and depending on the oil that they can go rancid they can they can so what happened was a coconut oil just a quick little history is it was really it's a fabulous well and around the 50s the government decided that they wanted to make vegetable oil popular because will help the environment to help you help them you know not the environment the economy excusing the economy so he decided to throw all these beautiful under the bus and take coconut oil cause heart attacks which it doesn't by the way and made vegetable oil to be starting in the sixties seventies eighties vegetable oil is the number one oil they started doing more studies and things are coming out in the late nineties and then fast forward now where we realized oils are so healing like good olive oils so healing are you just want to eat it you just want a cold<br> coconut oil's fabulous you look hot hold any anything to lose oil Zar great but certain oils are are cheaply made I mean God first and skincare I always tell people use the oils that you buy in the dressing aisle like shop don't shop the skincare aisle that's a cheaper oil but what you cook with it actually made usually they better<br> do I buy sesame seed oil by a company called Spectrum I love Spectrum oils if you guys can date date everything cold pressed usually it's very clean and glass fabulous company Spectrum they've been around forever but I love sesame seed about doesn't smoke if it's fabulous that goes down to the bone marrow is anti-inflammatory it's a arithmetic and he was over four thousand years old that remedies for oil pulling which is great for the Keith's one of the best things you can do for your teeth is oil pulling the switch the oil around your mouth it's huge it's it's trending right now is really good with coconut oil but actually it's not coconut oil coconut oil to thick the real remedy is sesame seed oil so in that helps your gums that helps your gums heal helps remove plaque from your teeth oils can be used almost a toothpaste body lotion body wash it really could be used for so many things<br> yeah and you mention the school back to school because that oil pulling is such a big heard a lot about it I've also heard about this tumeric how I want to go back to the oil pooling so would the oil pulling what I've read is that I've also read what you just said that the sesame oil is the best coconut oil as a certified which is fine but swishing around first thing in the morning before you even brush is that how they how is supposed to be good at night to take we pack it actually helps heal help circulation was so long I music 34 minutes people can go up to 10 minutes which is I can't do that long I get almost knocked a little nauseous I'm kind of a whip so I only do it last minute 34 minutes at the most and then after I do that real well pullers don't brush your teeth after that I use an air Vedic like neem oil toothpaste<br> I left and then I have a little electric toothbrush to I like and I just kind of clean my teeth with that and then once in a while I do benzoyl peroxide hydrogen peroxide as it's not too much not all the time but that's a great way to kill bacteria and brings oxygen but it also too much hydrogen peroxide kill healthy cells so it's something I told me what to do if you wants to wait but those are might and then I do a great my favorite is tongue scraping so I have a stainless steel tongue scraper I just have a sterling silver when I was very expensive but it's a tongue scraper to scrape my tongue every single morning and at night and it gets all the plaque off for that same plaque on your tongue and heart if you didn't get it off your tongue in your in your teeth goes right into your heart the same plaque in your mouth on your tongue and your teeth is the same exact fact that gives you a heart attack so my dad always says my dad was a president American Heart<br> Orange County for 9 years and he says that people brush their teeth properly that actually prevent heart attacks or not talking about Crest and Colgate crap that they sell real live the chief and dentist especially if someone has a lot of bleeding gums I dentist can start up stop a heart attack if dentist were to really listen to the body and realize your buddy got to go get your heart checked we would actually prevent a lot of heart attacks I tell people if if hairdressers when people are losing their hair and still trying to sell them Rogaine would tell them to go get their thyroid check and go get your your your body telling you something or hormones or off when your hair is thinning do estheticians we can find out so much you know as I've had people come in with butterfly rashes on their nose and they have Lupus and they didn't do it so we have to read our bodies and sometimes nowadays people can Google things but it was really the dentist could prevent things the hairdresser cuz of stress so there's a our bodies are telling us we just have to listen<br> we have to listen we have to listen you should be using an esthetician I do think we have all we have so many great resources here but we don't utilize them because it really is you mentioned the beginning of the top of the show that you know we're looking at all these ingredients and it's overwhelming we're reading them but you really don't know what's code for this or cold for that to really getting that that professional layer of help I think it's so very important to know we were talking a little bit about and we've had some Fabolous questions thank thankful to her a wonderful guest about deodorant because we hear so much about getting aluminum-free deodorant because aluminum can lead to Alzheimer's and then you get the limit of your deodorant of course it's a deodorant but they don't have a I may not have the ability to interpret so you're sweating what is your advice for people who really do want to use a natural product as their deodorant but they still want the protection<br> the swelling is still want the protection from Apostle body odor awesome question as someone who is unnaturally stinky person I hate it I just always have had a bit sweaty I'm a bigger girl I just always felt like if I don't use the right deodorant I regret it you know later in the day so I have lots of tests and it's not one-size-fits-all what is amazing for me might you might not love so I tell people it's his trial Derek's take the time to buy different brands of course natural and see some people of native which is now it I think Walmart and Target it's great to clean I love their coconut when there's a company called joyous Organics the most people love it's a nice natural deodorant to give to me one the other day I don't know the name of it I am in love with it I might post it on Instagram it's a great deal to rent I work with a company that makes them Magnum<br> Jim Jonas I love Called Bear Pit bare pit and that one really works to spray and it's a it's a magnesium which magnesium is a mineral that were really low on which really helps with wedding and smell believe or not internally if you take Corso that you just a cheap Pinot ten bucks liquid core add it to your water doesn't have any real plate set to I mean taste to it poor Ethel actually the natural deodorant when I do this it's it's is it works it's fabulous so there is<br> a lot of good ones but you really don't want any mess. I mean I would avoid secret and and degree and all those like the plague I mean that they are 100% known to her desk and I'd hate to make those payments but there's nothing really good in them and our bodies do need to sweat so if you're really really sweaty like I said try different ones but I've had even believe her. Like how do you like alcohol wipes to like wipe up in the middle of the day and put my daughter off on and when I'm running around and I have two kids and then in the middle of the day and that's the best thing versus using this chemical so we do want to sweat are lymphatic system has to clean itself out if you blocked that debris and put a a badge or not that's wet and all that stuff that's all the debris that's in there goes right into your check goes right into your breath and that's what causes a lot of cancer so we want to sweating is not the enemy we just don't want to smell and of course it's not fun but just know it<br> it's our organ or large is Oregon trying to clean itself out we can't fight that we have to let it do its job but there was something feminine that struck in me when you said that but you know we have to sweat that we take the alcohol wipes to me you know I go to clean herself up as we sweat now I can remember it as a child and my grandmother would say you know there are times you just go to the bathroom to check on yourself make sure your hair is still right make sure this is still right just taking those moments right and and I'm sure men do that as well but I'm speaking it to your point about your used to alcohol wipes in this whole idea of sweating right which seems so annoying when it's happening to you and it happens to be but I think it is also another time just like we talked about the cycle here's another time a reminder during the day that it is time for some self-care for some ground and get your body say Amaya<br> why do you need glasses by to say hey I want your attention I want you to slow down I want you to a multitasking world and I so Embrace a slower pace so this is the body I think regulating some of us and say hey I need your attention you're moving at the at the speed of light I need you here I need you to pay me I need your grounding<br> yep exactly before I asked his last question weird kid our audience grab your products I just want to say I grab your products I'm so excited thank you so much my website is called facial that's facial Lounge l o u n g e facial and we do have an online store and I'm I wish I need to double-check this but I think the bear pits deodorant is sold on my website the one I like so much they also sell amazing skin care randomly we have the deciding that we have this cleanser called the pore clarifying cleanser it says it's for acne but it's for all skin types but also has Tea Tree in it it's a very specific tea tree from Australia that's good for ingrown hair<br> started trending for ingrown hairs do grocery using on the bikini but she tree this exact thing keeps the bacteria off so that she makes women smell a little better so it started friending is like kind of a bikini wash is what it is and I still have to this day people buying the brown watch even though it's for the face that use on her armpits and like I caught the pits and parts they use it on the bikini line because it helps keep bacteria often helps ingrown hairs and when he where there's hair can get clogged pores and there's acne and blackheads so we do have a great product that sold for that it's really was originally made for space so you can use it anywhere<br> and Jasmine are Instagram is facial Lounge that's at facial lounge and we do answer any DM so people can send it to him and ask if any questions there's pretty much nothing I haven't been asked before so you people can ask me anything from you know Grandma's breastfeeding to anything that you know there's not a doctor but I can hopefully get them to ask the right questions when they go to the doctor a lot of women it's easier to ask if you have a question privately then ask your doctor which we need to be honest when we're having things happen to us so<br><br> you think you do it a little easier if you are a little bit of knowledge when you asked other people are embarrassed but you know having to be able to have a casual conversation with you and get that answer from you and then you supporting them tell them hey I've given you this information take back to your provider so that you can grab a question because every time you come every time that you give one joule a lot about you open up my thought and I know it to Old possibility of this possibility that I won't last time you were here you were talking about dry brushing and I hope our audience is dry brushing I've been doing that and thank you so much for the for that tidbit this his the doctor Trevon James show every day peace will we work to bring you the topics in the gas to partner with you is you eat your life of peace and in that journey of painting<br> I want to invite all of our listeners to join our Facebook page it is a fun way to connect with other women it is L in high heels learning to use leadership skills to improve every area of your life I'm Dr.Dre Von James and I absolutely love you<br> you've been listening to Everyday peace with Doctor Trevon James you have the power right now today to make the decisions to take the actions that leave you to your next level of greatness and I would love to hear some ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me and info at Dr Graber on enroll in my online university course to 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International enroll in the brilliant life nine weeks online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at the back to Cleveland purchase my book Freedom is your Birthright from Amazon thank you for being at every day Peacemaker I absolutely love you<br>