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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, May 18, 2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Rejuvenate Yourself with Nature and Light with Cyndi Dale

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Rejuvenate Yourself with Nature and Light with Cyndi Dale

Cyndi Dale shares techniques for tapping into the energy of nature and light to reenergize and renew.

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Empower yourself and get inspired to build the life of your dreams welcome to Everyday peace with dr. dravon James
hello and welcome to our show I'm dr. Dre Bond James and this is everyday peace and I am so super excited to be here with you today as we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday peace defined as wholeness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality my goodness I want you just to reflect on that this poor quick moment just like that reside and you you hold complete nothing missing nothing broken totality right where you are in the mister whatever appears to be going on you have this power the power of peace right now and I'm here to tell you that yes every day peace is possible yes you deserve every day peace yes you can have every day peace we work together on this show to bring you
in the guest to partner with you as you create your life of Peace everyday and as our regular listeners know our 2021 Anthem is what are we waiting for today to spend some time exploring two things that actually get in the way of our progress and causes to be in the space of limbo and kind of stalled out I kind of keep us in the same place the first topic we're going to be discussing today is this feeling of being overwhelmed burnout and are a wonderful guest Cyndi Dale who is going to give us some tips and ways to rejuvenate ourselves it's going to be fantastic I cannot wait I know she and I were just saying before we came on the air that this is the puppy is no better time than now to talk about burnout right as we're feeling that so I'm super excited for that and our second topic today is going to be fear
are we going to have an in-depth discussion of the impact of fear on our path to reaching our next level of greatness I'm really looking forward to leave the discussion in the second half of our show so we got some great information and you may want to grab a pen and paper and just really probably call her friend this is going to be a great show that's going to be packed with you you useful information that you can take him to your into your everyday life immediately now if you want to go back and read listen to any of the rest out standing shows you can access our entire library of shows by subscribing to the Doctor Dre Bond James everyday piece podcast on Apple Spotify Google Play and Stitcher or you can listen to them on Unity online radio. Org another access our content is at our brand new website Dr.Dre Tron the website includes transcripts
from past shows words of wisdom and encouragement excerpts from my book Freedom is your Birthright contact information you can find out how you can have me at your next event or what event I'm going to be yes you can get a free a free course I'm passion and creating Clarity on your path to creating your dream life we will be launching a new free course which will be accessed on that channel on that website as well again that address is dr. Dre Von I encourage you to book market so you can go there frequently as the site does update frequently so that brings us to our everyday peace moment and I'm sure you've noticed even in Minnesota and everywhere around the world that spring has flown by so quickly and summer is Corner young minds across the country are preparing for graduation whether it is High School junior high Elementary School we take this time to recognize
our children's achievement growth and the transition to a new face on their journey to adulthood this is a wonderful time of reflection celebration taking Pride camaraderie with family and friends and it's you think about the joy of graduation wouldn't it be great if we had graduation ceremonies throughout our lives I mean why should we have to wait till we're just exiting school learning and self-reflection and self-improvement are part of our daily lives and as everyday peacemakers know we're constantly evolving and challenge yourself to our next level of greatness these opportunities every day there's opportunities every day to celebrate your own success in your own growth because every day we had the opportunity to graduate to our next level of greatness so give yourself the gift of a celebration sometimes you deserve it recognize your
app that you traveled on it and the direction that you're going and that you're still hit that direction so I want it encouraged and congratulate everyone who is graduating or someone close to them graduating this year the heart is full of happiness and joy is my son miles is graduating from high school and moving on to college I'm super proud of him and love him so very much and you know out for all the graduates I feel that in my heart as they because they Embark into this next season of life my heart is just so open and full of love so that is our everyday peace moment remember celebrate you as you graduate on a daily basis so our first guests today Cyndi Dale is a master healer and author speaker and personal coach after and Cindy advocates for several techniques to tap into the energy of nature to rejuvenate their self and after a year of covid deaths Italy On The Rise and every corner of society
teachers doctors nurses parents workers pharmacist I got to throw that in there even children are feeling depleted and exhausted so again Master energy hero Cindy deal is with us today to discuss how we can Revitalize ourselves simply by drawing from the energetic sources of the net of Nature and light Cindy thank you for being here today I am thrilled to be here and congratulations to your son and my son also celebrated a graduation last weekend from college so I know what he's doing baseball so he's actually got two more years to go because he's not going to quit until he's done with baseball so you're saying every day peace Every Day Celebrations I mean sometimes we should just applied herself because we got through the day right and we get to go to bed at night isn't it amazing yes I mean
we don't we so often don't pay enough attention to these small achievements that we make everyday and it's still small achievements that make a huge difference is in our life right we need to stop in the Attic differences and you know especially after a year year-and-a-half of all this we're sort of you can looking for the Line in the Sand to say we're done with this and it keeps moving just a little bit out of our grass so I think the answer is in the small not always the great answers in the small one that always the baby cuz it is the small movements consistent small movements and we are all making them everyday I promise you and those small movements
end up having the most impact on our lives so we're talking about burn out today and I don't think there's anyone least of all me. No or is not familiar with burnout for just in case we have that lucky person that's a listing of the listening audience Cindy what is burnout and what causes it I think we are all burnt out however definition wise you know it's exhaustion it's it's how we feel after we've been through prolonged and especially unusual stress so we we find one more burned out then other times when were meeting a new situation and we're trying to deal with it with old attitudes or opinions or habits and we just can't do that you know we're in a new world we don't know what type of world yet is still settling the dust is still settling so where the spring rains you do it so that's when I think we really feel that fatigue
I don't know about you but for some cats sometimes for me that's the kind of fatigue where I sit there and I go can I really do this do I have what it takes to meet the next stage we do we have it but we don't have to come up with it all by ourselves nature holds a lot of what we need because we're made out of Nature and Nature's made out of us so we have our best friend you'll kind of sort of right outside the door or I love that I love the fact that you didn't meet all can relate to ask yourself that question do I have what it takes to be successful here or did you two do the next thing in the answer is overwhelmingly yes you do and even more importantly are just importantly it is that that something is
in step with how we are designed to be in flow with nature and floor later and something popped in my head talking about you know really what happens when we get burned out we're trying to solve new situations with old tactics right and we're looking to that incident as you were talking that the first that popped in my head was you know we're trying to put new wine into old wineskins and maybe it's time to develop something new and moving something new so I love that I love that so that the subtle energy bodies will be exchanged talk about that like we were talking about
our place in nature and are and how we can use this relationship with nature to help us to adapt better don't we I mean just to get our physical body outside and there's science that shows it if were around trees and forests and Babbling Brook we actually through our bodies absorb negative ions are also called vitamins in the are you better or immune system decrease are cortisol and lower blood pressure has we can't get outside Zoom all day long so so what's really fascinating is to know that besides going outside getting in real light sunlight or Starlight we can also work through our subtle body and the soul body
is actually ninety-nine percent of our body so you look at an object 99% of that object is made out of subtle energy all that means is invisible energy its energy that's not really Bound by time and space and so most of us has this beautiful relationship going separate from our conscious mind were feeling kind of the trail of the robin three blocks away and were able to sense The Starlight even under all that artificial light at night and we're picking up messages from friends of ours will kind of thousands and thousands of miles away because we have a subtle body it's made out of light and sound most of it we can't see the word we're really improving our scientific ability to prove we have these fields of energy is energy center these channels of energy moving through us
most of us really operates with what we tend to think of is intangible so you don't always have to go outside to connect with what outside has to offer us we use the light and sound that were made out of in Bring It On in
oh that is so interesting being able to use the subtle in energies within us to connect I want to back up just a little bit and you mentioned going outside in a few weeks ago on a show I may be a few months ago we had at this topic on about grounding and it seems like that would be closely related to what you're talkin about as well is that that could be a way to to some of this natural light energy and energy from the ground and to help stabilize us what are your thoughts on that grounding is really to connect with the Earth and when you connect to the Earth you connect to all the elements of it in the cosmos and you can think about your feet connected to the Earth you can put your feet like in the dirt in Minnesota I am from Minnesota I heard you announce that in the beginning of the sentence you know it would have to be snow half the time but that's the thing when you actually get your physical body
like the trees do down into the ground there's also a really wonderful and scientifically studied process called Forest bathing and study decades ago over in Japan proved that's Forest bathing gives you these negative ions are these these beautiful vitamins in the air lowers your blood pressure distresses you activate your intuition Columbia University actually says the same thing if you it's not like you go out you don't have to go out there and make it okay to eat in a Grove of trees just just walking or being around trees or moving water is enough to give you all these health benefits to talk about burning out what you going to do to recharge if you can get outside go outside get grounded in real life or visualize yourself getting grounded or visualize the tree are yellow
take a shower or run your faucet you have at a child I have children you may have more than one but I remember and I don't know if you were told to do this when my boys were Elizabeth I was told when they were fussy like which they were every night and it was never during the day right it's when you're trying to sleep like get them up and run the faucet and Fain would calm down that's a way to make negative ions it's very soothing and very call me and if we're going to deal with burnout because we do have to get up and keep going these are some of the processes we can use to re-energize do you are seeing some wonderful things and you know a lot of this is intuitive I think because I know one ever told me this order was a very very fussy baby and
I used it was always think she would start after dinner always and it was very difficult to get her to settle down and I would go or my house it would go away no close office space in the bathroom and we can run water we play like a little like jazz or something but the sound of the water will be the dominant sound and as long as we stayed in that bathroom with the door closed and the water running in a little light music playing she was fine but it took us a while to figure that out. Nothing else really work and it was the sound that running water so there is something about that I love this phase I hadn't heard this before Forest bathing and it sounds like you like you said you don't have to get naked and run in the forest but if that's your thing we're not judging and it just sounds like you're just having to be in in in an area surrounded by trees and the energy that comes off of that that natural I guess flow of the
for lack of a better term but in that natural environment is what is considered Forest bathing is that correct not equivalent to binge watching Netflix and eating potato chips because when you're not doing this in a natural way or with moving water you're dealing with positive ideas which actually cause more anxiety and depression but honestly Columbia University did a study of horse bathing getting out there sunlight are moving in energy and they showed that it was just as relieving to depression as antidepressants and actually protected against germs in the air so I think one tree is good enough like if you live in Brooklyn and you just got one tree go near the one tree right just maybe shake the leaves a little bit so there's some movement happening but you can also just Fishel
that you're around trees are moving water or even natural sunlight to be honest because that too will decrease your stress and improved your innocence of yourself ver studies I think this is so fascinating that show that visualization is gives you almost the same effect as if you actually did a maneuver like as if you actually exercised I mean it's not really an excuse to not exercise or never go outside but you still produce a lot of the same effects hormone Ali and in your nervous system and in your muscle so you know there are days when you really can't get outside of you live in a condo or you know I've worked with a lot of elderly people who especially during covid-19 or would not go outside and so I would tell them just visualize yourself you're at that Lake you're at the ocean or look at a picture postcard of a jungle or a
restore open up your windows and get the natural sunlight in because we don't have to do this perfectly we can also use our imagination and produce a lot of the same effects that the subtle energy that's how subtle energy works I love you said some magical things right here using our imagination to create the reality that we want and the reality that were talking about today is reducing burnout reducing that feeling of being burnt out reducing that feeling of being overwhelmed and using our imagination which is such a powerful powerful powerful tool so if you're unable to get out amongst and Cindy says even one tree or you know to get out I used to live in that little apartment years ago when I used to like to do plants in little pots clay pots and things of that nature and I always felt so much more refreshed when I did that you know just having my hand in that pot of soil and things of that nature.
you really helped me to kind of reconnect with myself and with nature but you know this using your imagination because you're absolutely right I read this is some years ago about someone who was studying are learning to become a better baseball player and you mention your son is playing baseball and what the coach had them do was to visualize it sit for hours and it just read part of this study may be and they were doing this visualization and their batting averages and what they did in the baseball diamond and in the field improve dramatically through these series of just sitting and imagining this so you can imagine probably some of the most beautiful gardens or most beautiful Forest ever you know this Enchanted forces and they're so beautiful you can have it in your imagination and what we're learning today but I just didn't you write Cindy make it really really regulate our nervous system just by this exposure to this imagine one for imagination
William but some people aren't a lot of people are kinesthetic or more verbal so you can chant you know kind of a poem about trees or just feel a tree around here like you said you are taught the plants I have Rock everywhere in my house hold a rock close your eyes for ten year at the seaside I have sand in my paint in the wall or I could stand right in the page because I want to be in and around nature and I know that sand is very reflective so we can get very imaginative about how we bring nature into our life if you can just feel that you're in your kind of a Babbling Brook. You can't picture it if you can imagine yourself there and feel that you get the same effect
yeah it wasn't that we do know that they are and everything that you're saying sounds so wonderful and it sounds so user-friendly like this is something we could do we don't have to be to have access to thousands and thousands of dollars to do technology to do in fact I love what you mention is that positive ions and just so we're clear on that positive ions are things that we're getting from like our computer screens or cell phones if I'm understanding that correctly actually enhance the feeling of anxiety and depression so this this there is nervous thing that even I have done at times when you know your mood is going down there's a tendency to grab your phone and kind of zone out but it's actually having a reverse effect as it's keeping you in that state of anxiety or over wellness and it actually put like when you get the blue light off of a screen it actually decreases your ability to make melatonin so you're not going to sleep very well
and we got to watch some of these things that's what positive ions are doing so we have to use our computers we use our cell phones maybe turn them off at night or put him in another rum and for a very few numbers of dollars even on Amazon you can buy these Amber glasses that when you're working on your computer will cut out that blue light till we can use different kinds of light to 4 instead of just yellow lighter yellow colors will will treat depression low lighting makes us more relaxed if you use warm light bulbs you know rather than cool ones that actually encourages conflict resolution so there's tons of data on the internet you know I'm not the only expert there's a lots of people out there you can make some very small changes and you know what you are going to feel more motivated that burnout can feel like just a stage of the past
oh and you know it and I know we're running out of time so I want to ask if there's so many questions that I have for you and but for at least one more question tell her listeners how they can you written so many books you're still available does information that you use for how can we connect with u c y n d i d a l very easy and there's some free downloads on my site you know kind of like for dealing with covid and some of those things so you know so just check out the site and sign up for the newsletter
you are wonderful thank you for the end if you mentioned this light therapy and we've heard a lot about light therapy you know in the past for treating depression and things that they train you to just a moment ago about the amber light that increases the Melatonin so I have to help with sleep in there's I got to tell you as a pharmacist for 30 years one of the things that I used to hear about patients suffering from is insomnia so if you could do yourself a favor and get some of these amber light glasses or what have you and just to help age you and getting some dishes some better sleep it would do wonders for your entire body and your moods what are some other colors that people could think about 4 maybe depression and mental health bright light or I always tell people put on red underwear if you have to be effective during the day
a purple lights going to reduce your emotional and mental stress green light is very physically beneficial and enables your growth hormones and boost your immune system so I think that's like a a fantastic you'll kind of awareness to have you and just in general get natural light and you know people even suffer these days from what the color light pollution when you go out at night and there's too many artificial lights and you can't see the stars at school by pollution do every so often get you to a pastor or a mountain or your kind of away from the city lights at night and just let the stars come down that's too is a really important way to boost your mood Upstate New York a few years ago and looked at the sky and I thought I was on another planet it was just amazing and so soothing are Fabolous yesterday has been Cyndi Dale thank you for inviting us on how to decrease our stress
thank you
are welcome
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create and build the life of your dreams welcome back to Everyday Beast with Doctor dravon James
welcome back I'm Doctor drayvon James and I am super excited for this portion of the show that they were going to be talking about a topic that is near your heart because it's so prevalent II coach people and it always comes up a bit of fear and sometimes it's disguise really is really sneaky the way. Sometimes people just not be so comfortable with saying that they are afraid and the talk a lot about being stressed and we heard our guest earlier Cyndi Dale talking about being overwhelmed and burned out and I will submit to you that even in that there is a power there is some fear in that something to fear is it is an emotion that we don't really have a handle on and I'm glad to talk about it and teach about it and reinforce its presence or its usefulness in my own life so did you know that fear is a natural emotion right and so is we think about emotions and
I know I know none of us wants to feel those bad emotions but could you imagine having a life with no emotions you just kind of block on you know I don't think any of us want that so there are a rainbow of emotions and there happens to be one of us and it is quite natural to variance fear and be one absolutely everyone experiences fear so if you're experiencing any fear right now I want you to know that you are not alone at want to give me some statistics 33% of Americans admit that fear of failure is the reason they haven't started their business they would have done it but they are just too afraid so many people want to be in a romantic relationship but there was a study done by The Today Show and AOL that revealed that 33% of the people who want to be in a relationship fear being alone and while I know that on the surface that sounds like these people who fear being alone with
get into Quick lasting solid relationships so that they can prevent being alone but what we see is quite the opposite that this fear of being alone
inhibiting their ability to get into relationships with other people because they are fearful of a relationship with themselves as that is so important this fear permeates their relations with other people so they had this fear and isolates them from being in a committed relationship with someone else and then still there 38% of the population who have health-related for years associated with aging Sophia when we talked about everyday piece or see if we approach life with a pyramid mindset right health wealth and relationship and we can see that all three sides of this pyramid there are a significant number of the population who are admitting that they do suffer from regular fears in this area so has a purpose however we hear the word for the weak or incapable of handling what life throws at us fear is meant to keep us safe it's not meant however to keep us from pursuing our dreams of starting businesses for example
stepping out into a new Venture and trying something new or I'm getting into a relationship or even aging beer is that's not the purpose of fear is to have us afraid of those things fear is designed to keep us safe not to stop us from pursuing our dreams and passions and so a few months ago we haven't had a fabulous guest on the show by the name of rubel Channing and he said something that I really really loved when he was talking about fear he said that at best beer is like a trusted advisor and I like that because that's the part of fear when it said his best that's working on our best behavior. It helps to make sure that we're making good decisions and seeing all of the risk we can see that without fear we may lose that protects the protective trusted advisor because beer is the thing that says oh you know don't run out into the street without me know looking both ways for Traffic Court
it tells you to maybe look over your finances before you retired not that you should retire just kind of look of your finest it said advisor says I like to take have you look over this that look over that and that's what it's supposed to do for us we are however living in a heightened season of fear there's so much be around us you know number one fear probably for everyone is the pandemic right and now and then when the pandemic you know we got the vaccine they were vaccine-related fears I'm sure most of us could relate to hearing those in the news media and perhaps even among some of our close friends the vaccine people are afraid of of of the unknown and now that we see parts of America starting to reopen I know in Maryland where I am that is imminent that we are going to be open in that distractions are being relaxed there is reopening process people are afraid of that and what that means and what they'll be exposed to there's all kinds of fear I opened up the show
talking about you know graduation and I happen to be one of those Mom 2 is now officially in just a few to his going to be an empty nester right and there's fear being an empty nester because you've been doing I'm patting myself on the back here by Steven do such a great job parenting for all these years and all the sudden it's just no gone vanished and then that's their fear and then for graduates right who are venturing out into something new whether they're leaving high school and bitching out to college or leaving college and venturing out to the workforce or even leaving Elementary School venturing into the world the middle school there are fears of that that transition and so my purpose today in this discussion about fear is that the tell us how we're going to deal with every fear because that would not be the best use of our time and County reminds me of that old adage if you teach a person to to fish do eat forever if you give them a fish however they're only eat for one we want to learn
how do you lies ear and how to
how to be productive with it because as I mentioned earlier fear is a part of the emotional rainbow it's there for a reason we've kind of Let It Go Rogue in our life and let it take on different parts of our journey did it shouldn't be on right it shouldn't be there stopping us from trying new Ventures or stopping us from pursuing the love interest or stopping us from pursuing your passion or even fearing aging as I mentioned earlier fears really there to protect us from my calling there's tangible fear an intangible fears right we have to decide whether or not these fears that we're having our tangible or intangible in a tangible fear will be those things that are like imminent physical harm you know running it running at night without this was my experience a couple weeks ago I was driving at night and there was a runner in the road and they were dressed in all black it was back outside and then we know they didn't have on any light colors and over for us and colors and fear is a part of my brain that says hey you know for the driver for me is the driver this is a Winding Road
if we you never know there could be dire out here and lo and behold that a deer for the human running and also tells us you know when we're out there where the person who is engaged in the activity of running maybe I'll put on something light or I'll make sure I'm on the sidewalk or they said that to keep ourselves safe that's more tangible for your but then there are these intangible fears you know that say the what you know what if this happens you know I think we all find that sometimes we're in the space of thinking about the what-ifs that haven't even happened I know I have to catch myself sometimes I'll be thinking about something and I'll go to the extreme of the worst that could happen you but we know what it what if my son leaves for college and I can't figure out how to do anything on the computer without them but you could be a real a real reality for me he is such a help with the computer but you can you understand my meaning is that we can get so trapped in our mind
with the what ifs of life and it can paralyze us and fear is not meant to do that it did not come to paralyzes it came to keep us safe but it has become overworked and our mind and is I'm talking a time in mind that there is and I can say this here with our listening audience because you guys are really understand this there is a part in the Bible where it says and 2nd Timothy that we were not given us a spirit of fear as it's that we've not given us a spirit of fear was mysterious I supposed to take over our life it has a purpose it has a purpose to protect us from dangerous situations right it's not supposed to take over our life immobilizes us and keeps us stuck we are powerful and we have power over the type of fear that seeks to immobilize us you know that type of fear that says that you know you can't leave your house or you have so much stress that you can't sleep at night that type of fear is not that's not the purpose of fear so their options on how we
deal with beard and I'm going to get to some of these tips we got some calls on the lines are going to get to these calls and we can talk about some chips and what do so that we're in a position where we are using fear
optimize our life and get to our next level of greatness as opposed to allowing fear to control us and keep us trapped you know it is preventing us up really living our life and our highest level so we're going to have this call and we'll get to that discussion hello you on the air and every day peace in our topic today is fear did you have a question or comment
oh yes. Great topic because your first guess talk about she talked about food are you feeling and naturally and so she talked about the concept of visualization and I want a property that she talked about physics and rotation from a positive thing but we often we are from visualize things from a negative things well
how many questions are more of us, so if we can do you think that the negative and date it was so much information right after information is designed to keep us on edge and wondering what's going to happen next I give example of the cosmic You Been by yourself with what's going on with the pandemic and somebody says there's somebody says.
causes of negative cuz I like what you said about fear fear is good if you are an athlete and you know you have a little bit of fear of the opponent but not to the point where you are not yet and mobilized but it is real as you too great a height Michael Jordan you can talk about that so I guess I'm kind of rambling on but how do we use how do we use visualization to get rid of the negative visualization that we create ourselves and partly by what with anybody with and there's some things you just can't get away from you can turn off the TV if you work with other people are going to get it if you listen to the radio you're going to hear it you know so how do we do that how do we take your concept of every day to you along with details contact the visualization include that final four cells that minimizes that negative fear
that is a wonderful question you said so much and that come in that question is that first of all visualization in any Rite our previous guests talked about visualization a lot of times if you really really pay attention this is where awareness is so very important a lot of times we have created such a harmful story such a painful story this is story build a black and despair in our own mind that's the story that's the bedtime story of the lifetime story that we're telling ourselves you know we're constantly looking at life as the glass half-empty so we are perpetually scaring ourselves we are in this position of you know how heinous like you're playing playing this game how scary can the story get and when we do that I like to work with my class and save it so you're at this extreme and you've told yourself this horrible story about life and and we're just talkin about visualization because
if you've told yourself that story you can tell yourself another story and so there is just this game tell yourself the worst story if that's where you are whatever the story that you're telling yourself is that your heart racing you can't sleep at night you know you probably can eat and then tell yourself the complete opposite but go to the extreme of the complete opposite make it so big and so beautiful that your mind is stretched in some kind of way your mind is says to you so says because this is how skeptical we are right the mines is old something that great could never happen but the opposite happens to the mind also says old something that horrible could never happen either until you settle in the middle somewhere in these are games that we have to we have to be work at being first year and then doing the stuff because we visualize and we imagined all day long it's just that we're not we don't do it consciously and your internet to your second point about how much is of this is it because we are exposed to so much so much love
conversation all day long the only thing we're told that there is abundance of his stress right but anything good we are told that there's a there's a lack of healthy people you know in the beginning I seen it was not right of these things about Lac Lac Lac Lac Lac and so our brain automatically because it doesn't want to be in a isolated away from our Strange from mainstream Society it joins right in there and says okay the tribe believes in black and so therefore I believe in black people actually believe that there is no gas and that's not true and so screwed and people are panicking acting crazy
we've got it is nice to be informed is nothing wrong with being we have to be informed at thinking adults right and knowing that you know she is the story that has been this is my belief in this is where it going right to the right direction right now because the belief is this and it has to be this because whatever is happening right now my brain is intelligent enough because it is at best the trusted advisor so my brain is intelligent enough to help me develop
a strategy a plan of next action that we trust in that right and then the universe is loving enough that it cares for me no matter what this looks like I know that I have had challenges before and hacking your person who's never had challenges before you know somebody who's had challenges before that and you know that they're still here they're still talking about those pass challenges which makes them what the victor over those challenges and so you know that these chapters challenges what is the reason for this challenge is it is not so we could be immobilized by fear that's not why this is happening to us this is happening far is outside of our control but what is it with some of the the goodness that we could take from this happening and one of the things that we could take from it is that I am to use this
for my own growth and development so that I can get to my next level of greatness because guess what happens when you get to your next level of greatness you are at your next level of service which means you able to provide service to be a help to someone in some way in some capacity and that's really what this journey is all about is Each one teach one each one reach one teach one stand up for the next person in some way as a capacity so it's all about us using those challenges and using fear for what it's meant to do it's you know I talked about is protecting us but when we get that beer when we say okay this is an intangible a danger and we'll talk about the danger there are dangers that and talk about the little early over since we're here on the line you know there are things that are dangerous that we should have some healthy fear about right I know when my kids were small the stove was something that I taught about right because they're not tall enough to do to reach the light switch but they're tall enough to turn on the
I talked about the stove right this is a potential source of danger now should you be afraid of the stove no we're not afraid of the stove but we learned that if this could be a potential source of dangerous with its it could be dangerous and we have his healthy sense of I have a trusted adviser that says when I deal with the stove which camper is it danger this is how this is the appropriate way to that's using fear and it helped in a healthy way right and unhealthy way of using fear would say that I don't go in the kitchen anymore because there's something dangerous in there right that's unhealthy use of fear is that okay if you got you taking it to the extreme to the extreme as we want to be very very not want to be very very much to listen to the media and constantly being bombarded with the message of there is not enough goodness in the world there is not enough resources in the world
you're not safe we are not safe cuz I left kindness can put us in a constant state of fear unhealthy fear and utilizing fear to immobilize us right yeah I appreciate that bringing it up
Warwick Rhode Island Five Mile Plaza, one hit the more what you have to say but thank you for taking my call another great show as usual thank you thank you you're welcome you're welcome
hello you're on the air with that story by James a topic today is fear did you have a comment or question
I will just put that collar hold will come back at 3 we'll see what I do want to just go back and talk about as I promised I would what would we do with this fear how and first of all if you're experiencing fear there should be no shame guilt or condemnation why because I told you fear is a natural emotion everyone including myself and everybody I know and you know too will experience fear during this life Journey beer is designed to be to keep us safe and when we do experience fear that is a beer that's in mobilising cuz there's some things that we can do when we realize that hey you know is I mention three people some of the people are unable to open a business even though they got a great idea and it would be great for the for the for the world still able to do it because they fear failure what do we do with that type of fear what do we do if you want to be in a relationship but you're so afraid of loneliness that you are permeating that in two years has into your social life
are you so afraid of aging and the illnesses of agent that you can that you can't enjoy the natural progression of life well number one thing for dealing with fear and I'm going to give you three steps the first one is to recognize whether the danger is real
or if it's something that's imagined I had talked about that tangible or intangible of danger the brain is a is good at generating fear but not so good at distinguishing between real danger and imagine danger a real dangerous I mentioned could be pet the pandemic right keeping yourself safe during the pandemic driving too fast during inclement weather those are real dangerous right and imagine danger is a fear of embarrassment of fear of failure fear of the future those things are not real right we don't know we don't know what the future is going to be why should we be afraid of it now so those are intangible for years imagined fears so first recognize whether the fear is
a real fear or an imagined fear imagine danger is directly linked to the story that you are telling yourself about people being laughing at you can be embarrassed right or beer failure that happens that's your internal story that's telling you that recognize that that's the first step just recognize is the sphere categorized as a tangible real fear or is it an intangible imagine fear if you determine that is a real danger except to let me use your brain and your resources to create a plan our strategy that allows you to minimize the risk associated with the danger right and team up with people getting help from other people resources to do that some of the things that we did to team up for the real danger of the pandemic work hand-washing wearing masks social distancing quarantine that was associated with us devising
plan to strategize against the real fear of the pandemic but if you determined that the risk is an imagined risk this is really good news because guess what I told you that I didn't fear a risk of danger that happens to do with the story that were telling myself become creative tell yourself a new story this is why I love journaling start to write out a new story associated with that beard you don't have to believe it just write it and start reading it over and over again retrain your brain and then thirdly confidence confidence is a great way to deal with fear conference speaking about a time when you were afraid of something in the past
or it and it was really bothering you and you are still here you had triumph over that thing and whether or not it had the end result that you wanted to have I say that you had triumph over it because you were still here it wasn't the end of you you are still here you can make different decisions as the young people say You're still making moves right you can make different decisions you can decide the course of your life so realizing that just because you feared a thing in the past it may or may not have had the desired results but it didn't overtake You by ending your life you were the Victor over that you are victorious because that challenge did not defeat you because you are still here to tell your story and you survived work through it and that is really the way that we are meant to deal with fear fear is meant to two things either keep us safe or challenges to our next level of greatness
and this is what we do this is the magic of everyday piece of taking this energy this fear energy and being able to transmit this into useful energy in our lives you know whenever they peace we say that we use everything that shows up in your life the good the bad the in-between and the fear to help get us to our next level of greatness and we visit these are conscious activities that we do because our life is worth developing a routine a practice that gets us to our next level of greatness it would be so easy but it's not going to happen I can tell you if you could just sit on the sidelines and let somebody else do all of us thinking and all of our planning and as our caller said let that the media tell us what we should be afraid of and then I have nothing against the media absolutely love the work that they do but we are responsible for the life that we are living
and I started off early and I mentioned that this disbursed keeps coming to my mind and I just have to say it cuz I want you guys to really Dan and its second Timothy Timothy verse 1 chapter 1 verse 7 and it's in the Universal book of the Bible but you can find these principles everywhere is just a universal principle if you don't subscribe to the using the Bible but I want to pull it from there cuz it's on my mind right now it says for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind now it's are means that there is not supposed to overtake you it has a place in your life and that place is to protect you where you are or leverage your next level of greatness living in that space is where you going to be able to live your life of Peace holness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality I am dr. Dre Bond James I absolutely
go out and embrace today
you've been listening to Everyday peace with Dr Trevon James you have the power right now today to make the decisions to take the actions that leave you to your next level of greatness and I would love to walk with you on your journey here some ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me again so let dr. Dre Bond James. Calm enrolling my online university course for 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International enroll in the brilliant life nine weeks online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at the doctor Trevon James. Calm purchase my book Freedom is your Birthright from Amazon thank you for being an everyday Peacemaker I absolutely love you
thank you for listening this is Unity online radio the voice of an Awakening world
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