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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, May 11, 2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Guests, Rev. Paul Fitzsimons & Dr. Allen Lycka, Understanding Your Life's Purpose, and How to Live a Fantastic Life

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Understanding Your Life's Purpose, and How to Live a Fantastic Life

It’s easy to lose our way and disconnect from our divine purpose in this busy world. Learn how to recover your divine purpose with Rev. Paul Fitzsimons. Plus, Dr. Allen Lycka discusses his international best-selling book, The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life.

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welcome to Everyday peas with dr. dravon James
hello and welcome to our show on Doctor Dre Bond James and this is everyday piece I'm super excited to be here with you today as we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday piece to find assholeness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality and you even imagine living a life of Peace everyday I would love if you could just close your eyes if it's safe to do so and just inhale that piece you whole complete nothing missing nothing broken totality all that breath for just a minute and then exhale totally and completely numb your mouth pushing use all the all the air out knowing that yes
everyday peace is possible yes you deserve every day peace and you can have everyday piece we work together on this show to bring you the topics and the guest the partner with you as you create your life every day
I have a confession to make it the top of the shit I want to tell you guys this often go back and listen to this program after we've done it I love the interaction with our guests and the audience members who call in and I often try to stay in the moment with each interaction going back and be listening to the show helps me to put everything in context and as long as I am being perfectly honest with you I want to share that there are some shows that resonate with me on certain topics and I will go back and listen to a specific segment when I'm seeking Clarity so I'll go back I'll take notes I'll just make it my own and my own life because the wisdom of our conversation not into disposable but you know that we're doing this so that we can develop our superpower and go on and be the great individuals that we are intended to be it isn't it is not intended to just be a one-and-done it is intended to stand the test of time
into stack with other wisdom that comes into our lives this opportunity is also available to you you can access our entire library of Passion by subscribing to the doctor dravon James everyday piece podcast on Apple Spotify Google Play and Stitcher or you can listen to them on the T on my radio. Org website you can also read transcripts to Mark recent shows on the dr. Dre pain website this is an interesting way to put a visual with an audio in both senses and learn and reflect on that what's said in the show the website also has inspirational quotes and excerpts from my book is your Birthright it has information on upcoming events and of course free at the free course finding your passion can be located on that website or if you haven't had a chance to go on the website
or something stops you and I hope nothing does you can always still email me at drayvon James at and write the word free in the subject line and receive that free course of course the website itself is absolutely free I hope that everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day weekend I know I certainly did and whether you spend time with your children or your parents or your friends or just spent some time in contemplation Mother's Day is a great time to reflect on any number of aspects of our lives and reflection as we know as Clarity respective in Eaton gratitude if you didn't get a chance to reflect on your life in your relationships this past weekend it's not too late our anthem for 2021 you guessed it is what are we waiting for everyday peace makers know that we have everything we need right here and right now to be our best
selves if you didn't get a chance to reflect on your life and your relationships this last weekend I suggest you do that this week Mother's Day 2021 is officially over and will never return but that doesn't mean that self-reflection can't happen right now it's not based on the calendar again what are we waiting for that brings us to our everyday this moment and that is over the past Mother's Day weekend I was reflecting on my relationship with my children when they were young I was talking to a friend about how young children often view their parents as superheroes who can do anything when they're hungry we feed them when they're sad we sue them when they're sick we care for them when they don't understand we teach them and I can remember times that my kids would ask me to do things that were seemingly impossible and they'd be so hurt in French
I would like when they found out that I couldn't do everything that they thought I couldn't do I couldn't leave tall buildings I couldn't see around corners I was really just their mom and you know that was kind of discouraging but I couldn't do everything they asked me for almost as if I could do anything and I was choosing not to grant their wishes well my children are older now and it would be lovely to go back to a time when they thought I was a superhero but like so many other things that we discussing everyday piece answer doesn't lie with what other people think about it really deals with what we think about ourselves we don't if we don't believe for superheroes there is an issue with that know why because you have survived setbacks sadness year also the things you overcome tremendous things in your life you my dear are indeed a superhero
must start we must start doing ourselves is that because all of the things that we have done definitely qualify us as superheroes we are strong we are determined we are indeed superheroes and being a superhero starts with belief in yourself
I believe I can do anything and I know that you can to it may take time you may need to develop new skills it may take a lot of effort you may need to take some new risk you will experience setbacks of course we always do and you will need to buy resilience and power through but that's part of the superhero Journey if you have a goal and you truly believe in your goal it's worth every effort you have to put into that goal know that I believe in you but that's not enough you need to believe in yourself and that is the first step on the path wake everyday
that's our everyday peace moment for today and with that I want to introduce our first guest up today dr. Alan Lika is one of the world's leading cosmetic dermatologist he is a Pioneer in the area of cosmetic surgery for over the past 30 years he's also a speaker and author of many books today we are discussing his amazing book The Secret of living a fantastic life that he co-authored with Harriet welcome to the show dr. Lika have you heared I want to jump right in and ask why would a doctor of such high esteem
stop doing that and come over and be the author of how to live a fantastic life how did that happen you know it's got to do with your life light but I found out there was a higher calling that I'd like to help people in a different way
I can definitely relate so this book talks about how to live a fantastic life and you and Tyler is 13 gold and Pearls 13 gold and Pearls antacid life and of course right now we're in the I guess we've been in this pandemic for a while so it's hard to say we're still in the beginning of it's been going on for over a year now but why are 13 gold and Pearls important during such a time as this with the crisis of the coronavirus and I think people are finding a way to look into themselves and finding a way to look at the things that have happened to them and they're finding a new reality they're finding a better reality does the what was there before
and that sometimes grows up early doesn't it we were in the middle of something that we think oh this is the worst thing ever and then we get to the other side of that and we discovered This brilliant beautiful life and that's what about your story was talked a little bit about the diagnosis and how you got to this place of discovering was walking with my dear life in Disneyland the happiest place on Earth that my wife turned to me and said what's wrong with you hun and I said what do you mean for once in my life I hadn't said anything wrong I haven't done anything wrong I hadn't even found anything wrong but she persisted what's wrong with you but my right foot has suddenly and mysteriously develop the foot drop was flapping on the pavement with each step that I was taking that I said dear I don't know she said did you have a stroke I set the air you're a doctor I'm a doctor this is not how Strokes percent he said
when you get back you better get this checked out and when your wife tells you that not tone of voice what do you do for dry pot you do what she says exactly but when I got back I saw hundreds of doc I had every test know I had cat skins I had brain scan I had scans gas you know what they showed at the end of the day
you know they showed absolutely nothing and when you know when the doctor shows he's absolutely nothing he does more tests and more tests and more tests that I don't even think we're invented yet finally at the end of the day I had enough on the doorstep on a world-leading neurologist he's the guy that has all the answers he's the guy that's supposed to have all the pieces of the puzzle so I walked in and I said hi you said hi back you better be sitting down when I tell you this I said why I have a drop right but he said no you do you have ALS Lou Gehrig's Disease get your Affairs in order and six months you're going to be dead
what a bedside manner huh
yeah I know that site matter I think he was the brother of doctor house on TV or something
it was quite the thing and I said is there a way to prove this diagnosis he said of course on autopsy
wow so he was pretty convinced and how long ago was that doctor like a probably July or August of almost twenty years ago now the longest six months ever right but you know that you're not happy with the diagnose like that and so you try to find the pieces so I went to my wife and said what do I have your I don't know I haven't got the faintest idea but you're smart you can figure it out well you know my wife's brilliant too and you have a lot of faith in me thank goodness I'm back in 2003 something new with it that that help me with the guy
have you ever heard of the internet
once or twice
yes it seems like the controls are lights to a lot of extend out self 2003 the internet was invented but it was very primitive back then you had to get on with dialogue connection you ever been on one of those grave on I have I have slowed to another phone or something like 15 minutes and finally you get through and at the end of the day when you get through your phone talks to another phone and it is 8 a.m. the problem back then this computer have no memory there was no doctor Google there was no doctor yappy there was nothing like that you had to really know what you were doing and you communicated with gets attacked by a language called. A very primitive language and I had friends that were nerd so I was able to search the web you know the webs and amazing place it's got a lot of great resources
but you can't tell the good resources from the bad resources like the world's best Library that's filled with the best books but also filled with garbage cans and you can't tell the garbage can for the books have you ever noticed that about the intranet yes you got to know what you doing are you going to get a lot of false information
that's right well I was able to find the doctors about her name was dr. David Marks he lived in Colorado Springs Colorado but he got worse much more rapidly the night yet he was on his deathbed when doctors from around the world with coming to say goodbye to you and a doctor from Texas came up and looked at David a day but there's something wrong with this picture I don't think you have ALS I don't think you have moved Gehrig's Disease David said what do I have you said. The doctor said I think you have a disease called chronic Lyme's disease you can get in by a tick and you're you're the disease mimics Lyme's disease that looks just like it but he said if I'm right I can start you on treatments and I can make you better
what do I have to lose I'm dying so I can from Texas Star Dumont treatment and a miracle happen like last to receive a rose from the dead and within two weeks who is totally back to normal
wow two weeks and he was on his deathbed so I can go see any doctor can get in touch with another doctor as long as he's persistent and I met up with David at the Methodist Hospital in Colorado Springs and David said and David and I talked for hours you said can you come down I said sure when would you like to see me he said about why not right now I said David I live in Canada it was our Thanksgiving weekend my wife's invited 50 people over if it's well Arthur and planes and Canada
wasn't going to let me off that he's so I knew I had to go and talk to my wife and I talked to my wife and I said dear I'm going to be away this weekend that why he said you always seem to be a way you're always teaching people and helping people but yeah this time I'm going to find out a little bit more about their side like Izzy's to the doctor in Colorado that claims he knows what I have a client she can make me better on my wife said I'll don't worry about Thanksgiving I'll take care of it 50 people's nothing for me but you said let me pack your bag for you I'll even drive you to the airport so I got on a plane from Houston to Denver with a great flight and amazing place and then I got on a little rinky-dink from Denver to Colorado Springs you ever been on a pop-up camper grave on goodness
oh that's good because this plane was terrible buy it at the end of the day the air comes off the desert and it creates Eddie's which means it creates turbulence will be flying and then it'll drop a hundred beat level fly back up to its original ID and then it'll drop another 200 this goes on all over and over and over again was like the fight for male I was tossed about like a cork in a tidal wave
and at the end of the flight which was only 50 minutes long I crawled off the plate and there was David on the tarmac to meet this even though 911 at a record high stringent security precautions weren't in place and I was able to get off that plane and be able to see him I crawled off he's a doctor like a you don't look so good I said David I don't feel so good he said just a metaphor for what you be going through in your real life and David and I talked for hours and he said something amazing he said history has repeated itself I'm going to start you on till I'm going to make you better and sure enough he did that's why I'm alive still 18 years old and I'm still thriving and doing well but you know when you go through something like this straight you start looking for the pieces you can start looking for the facts you know you have been given a second chance at life so you want to give back and that's what I did I did
get back and personally I was just able to find The Facts of Life and that's why I wrote a book with my co-author Harriet Inka on the 13 goals and Pearls that can help anybody with your wife
LOL I love that there's so much in that story thank you for sharing it in such detail because Brandy listener right here who is going through something I've always been told and my mom was the first person to tell me that it's always to go to give up always too soon to give up so I'm so glad that you were persistent your wife insisted on you being persistent and you went forth with that I want to jump into the time that we have left I want to jump into talking about some of these 13 pearls with Anna I love pearls and I love the concept I love your book and what are the golden pearls that you talked about in the book the very beginning is love can you speak to us why love is so important and it would be a priority in your book
you know I think love is the most important thing that you can do and I think it's one of the most important things and everybody's like you don't love it's one of the few things that you get more bites you think that's amazing thing about love you give it you get more back in return
yeah right that's his beautiful the more you give the more you get I love I love that another thing you talk about is this having this why is gratitude gratitude personality trait having that talk a little bit about that because we talked a lot about grab Chase red things in her life that's one of the things that that nature love with life worth living by being grateful and in our in our lives we can make her life much more hands, and I think one of the ways you can do that is just write a gratitude journal and everyday write down three things that you're grateful for it makes your life so much better and makes your site life so much more appealing just by writing down the things that you're that much more grateful for
you know and I love that I've been doing years ago when you were speaking about that it made you do for our listeners who are out there who are right now but everything from your story when they're in a place of suffering and definitely someone telling you have 6 months to live put you in a place of suffering your cycling through all the grief stages and that would you find it difficult to have the Gratitude practice when you were in the midst of that struggle while you know during that 6-month period of time I really did use the best of my life I really tried to push myself forward I really tried to do the best and that's where I was able to find these 13 goals and Pearls one being with the plural of thankfulness you know it's the depths of Despair that allows us to see the mountains and if that helps us to see the wonderful things are like I think everybody should realize that that's the spare is really something that helps us I realize what the good things that are like for all of them
bright you know there's a phrase and that I have in my book when you get to the other side of this whatever this is whatever the turmoil is you're going to shine like new money and that is because you have a different perspective and it definitely seems like you have a great perspective going into it but he even enhance perspective on the other side of its Journey
that is incredible waiting I think having that gratitude Journey journal for those of people right now find themselves to be on an even playing ground and things are going really good start that Journey that journal now because sometimes something to go back and reflect on I find when you're in the midst of a struggle is nice to have something to remember this and I am still grateful for that by default your mood starts to improve your outlook and that is a big part of the discovery process
yes that's right you know I think we are grateful for a lot of things that you know you have this morning when I woke up I realized that I was on your show today buy some cheese I have a wonderful chance to share my story with others that yet by says it's a great thing to do so another thing to be grateful
absolute on that talk and I happen to talk to someone today before the show and she expressed to me how she was looking forward to the show and a little bit about her struggles and I was really delighted that you were going to be here today because you just never know who's listening and what they need in that moment or who the show is going to touch so thank you so much for being with us and sharing your your story so passionately and and we're not through yet we do have a little more time I want to talk up a little bit about our before we end where people can get your fantastic book
you know Trayvon they can get it at you know on my website dr. Alan Leica a l l e n l y c k a i n I give out a free digital copy of my book they can also get it by going to the following website Secrets book. Now. Site or words Home Secrets book. Now. Site forward slash home and if that's too much and you're driving just go to my website doctor that's briallen Leica l y c k and there's a lake there where you can get the book
but thank you for sharing it and I got to ask you why the gold and Pearls I've heard a little bit about why you chose there but I think they'll be interesting for our week beaters to know why do you know what forms of her old Ray Vaughan
I do I know that it forms from from like at atation if I remember correctly, Terry poodle now there are pearls that make gold and pearls and they exist in the South Pacific but they're so rare and so expensive single solitary pearl cost upwards of $10,000 while the pearls that you make from your own suffering are far more valuable than that in fact that's why I use that as a metaphor in my book for this for the things that a person needs to know
oh I love the fact that beat me happy each and every one of us living this journey called life has struggles we've had struggles and from those struggles we can decide what we can decide what we choose to make from that we have the opportunity to make something that's more precious than a gold and Pearl and you imagine that looking at your life right now you probably saying or what am I going to do with this but you do have the opportunity you have the power to choose what that struggle what that circumstance is going to mean in your life I think this has been a wonderful lesson three each and every one of us at the life that you've done amazing work thank you so very much and although I would never have wished such a heartbreaking situation upon you are all the better for the way that you came through that last word you like to leave our audience
that's not what happens to you it's what you do with what happened since the single solitary praise I'd like everybody to think of its not what happens to you it's what you do with what happened that is a wonderful note to end our segment on I Got You Babe on James that is dr. Alan like us thank you for being with this doctor like them thank you for having me I have a fantastic day
thanks for joining us
this is Unity online radio
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create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to Everyday Beast with dr. dravon James
welcome back I'm Dr.Dre Bond James and this is everyday peace in our special guests for this half of the show is Reverend Paul Fitzsimmons he is here to discuss what happens to us when we don't have our Divine Purpose and we talked about recovering our Divine Purpose today and I'm super excited Reverend Paul thank you for being on the show today
thank you very much for inviting me drayvon I love being here with you as well whenever we get together we have the most enlightening conversation and I do not doubt but today will be just as enlightening Divine Purpose right there you got my full attention if recovering our Divine Purpose is it they are Divine Purpose if that is what requires recovery, do we we talked about Divine Purpose I want to start at the very beginning what is Divine Purpose what is that
well okay so
so a lot of times
today in in 2021
weird we talked about we want to discover our to our divine purpose and often times we talked about discovering pure love and if I could discover pure love then I would know my Divine Purpose
but God is omnipresent
omnipotent and omniscient
which means god is everywhere all the time already anyway always has been and always will be and is in fact that witch powers my body and so it's not that I need to discover pure love it's that I need to recover the realization that I am of God and God is pure love and so therefore I am pure love
yeah I love them and that in fact is what is there to recover
and the reason for that is because from the moment of our
from the moment we are created from the moment we individually show up in the womb of our mother
the three-dimensional world that we live in begins to condition us to believe that
life is tough
we will have problems
we do need to be afraid we need to understand that we are born we are conceived
less than and that we must
embrace the reality and the teachings that may allow us to be quote and quote forgiven
of our deficiency that has effectively been given to us from our history
that's fundamental basic Christian idea and I'm here to say that that idea in itself is rather debilitating for a pure being an essence of the Creator and so what theory is to discover
is that I am the presence of God wherever I am
and all is well
that was said so beautifully right it's almost as though we've been conditioned to have a lack mindset so in it and everything in our in our carnal existence is to that us being separate from you know this I am or however you want to phrase this right so that we are that we are less than always chasing this elusive character will never get too but when we go back and as you saying our Divine Purpose and reconnect and is almost like self-awareness of the real self
that's what I'm here Lexy Williams of the real self so what are some practical techniques that may be employed to accomplish this Divine Purpose recovering of this Divine Purpose to rediscovering are real self all we must acknowledge the beginning of the process is to acknowledge that I am that which powers or empowers the body which is my vehicle
I am not the body I am that which empowers the body
and in that body is a mind and the mind operates as it does and what we know from psychology of 2021 is that the conscious mind operates Maybe
10% to 12% of our existence operates out of the conscious mind and the remaining operates out of the subconscious mind
and it's a subconscious mind is where all that conditioning lives
show the practices some of the practices that we we need to do is to go back and undo that training
and so for instance one is is to to Define myself as a spiritual being
because that's all I am to fine by this carnal experience I am defined as my body
but in fact I am not my body I am the presence of God wherever I am therefore that which is the assessed the essence
Reverend Paul Fitzsimmons is in fact your love
and I do not
go right ahead I want to let me just ask you this question is everything you're saying sounds so amazing and it sounds so soothing when we when we and it's up as you're speaking causing me to reconnect with my real self and that's it and I hope that's happening for audience if you're really grabbing this I think we're people get lost Reverend Paul is that because the physical body is so so expresses got all these nerve endings and it's so responsive to the environment right it's easy for people to lose Consciousness as you say you know you know we're only ten to twelve percent, anyway right and it's easy for people to lose Consciousness and start to believe that old because I my senses perceive black or perceive pain or receive unhappiness then I am I am at the wheel in the mercy of the pain in the lacking that the unjust people get paid
and I would make an example
and the example that I would make is dribbling a basketball
so if if I were to give someone a basketball whose never held a basketball and say dribble that basketball across the room
they look at me and go what are you talkin about you no dribble the basketball and they go I don't know what are you talkin about I say okay so drop the ball on the floor
and now hit it gently with your dominant hand and bring it back up to your dominant hand again
and they would do if they would try that and it wouldn't work and we would try that over and over until they could do that and then we would do that again and again and again so
taking responsibility for our senses
is a matter of the same activity and really requires us to retrain the subconscious and the best vehicle I know for that and the one I apply in my own life is repetitive affirmation
and so to answer your question the way to get past the body and its Sensations is to become responsible for those sensation and through positive affirmation
shape house those Sensations manifest
I love it I absolutely repetitive affirmations because the the reverse of that it is also true that we live in a world that supposedly reinforces Lac from the time we get up in the morning to time to go to bed it is is that that we hear one bad story one and done it is a repetitive diet of beer lack frustration you know and is fed to us all day long so we have to be as you stay with me if you've got to be intentional about our repetitive diet of affirmation positive affirmation if we want to ReDiscover our Divine Purpose reconnect with our real self this is amazing so who will be able to buy these techniques to reconnect with self is this for everybody
Anybody Everybody in fact the rediscovery of Divine Purpose is the only point of this carnal exists we live in a free-will dimension
we manifest here to choose
to realize
did I am the presence of God wherever I am
I am pure love when you were talking with Doctor like that just previously when I was listening to it he was ending his talk with talkin about love and by sharing love and giving love love returns to us
and how that works is is that love is all around us all the time
and all we have to do is acknowledge it and it manifests it shows up
and the more I acknowledge that I am Divine love I am that which I desire
the more love comes out of me without any consideration on my part the same as batting my eyes
just that effortlessly and I and I don't want our audience to miss something and you can correct me if this is not what you meant but it really is the simple what I'm hearing is you know what to think or talk about his love and that's when I work with clients and things that I hear when I talk about self-love often times it'll say to me I don't know how to love myself why I want to learn that with your seat is just acknowledge just acknowledged Divine love just the acknowledgement of divine love put you in the place of of your real self which is love write and draw opens you up to the experience of love so it's not that you got to go out and look for it or try to cultivate it it is just the acknowledgement of it is that correct absolutely absolutely that be you know that so this three-dimensional this three dimensions that we live in
is challenging because
almost everything that shows up as real
is in fact the opposite of what is really real
contact that out of it for us
I'm sorry I said unpack that statement a little bit for our listeners I think that's very profound almost here so we express love as human beings and I'll give an example again we say here is this wonderful gift
is my expression of love for you and it's something material or tangible
you know at Christmas time we give gifts to show our love for one another
yep what I know is so is that simply by being with one simply by
caring for one's well-being
is in fact the purest expression that love can manifest and how I could give an example of that would be talkin about someone who prepares a meal
for someone else
it's it's just the simple action of doing
with someone else in mind with someone else as desire
does that make sense it makes it's all in the intention is what I'm hearing right so you're doing it stops it was even the app is the fact of the it's it's the the reason for the ACT is the love behind the ACT
so you know
yes that's true and and if we if we were to begin to realize
there is his God and man
there is only God as man
and I am that man now
the illusions that we've been trained with is separation
this area's there is God and then there is you and me
but there is no separation
every struggle we are confronting in this life right now in 2021 is operating out of dualism
if we eliminate the dualism and realize that if I am operating out of keen desire to serve
I will without any effort truly
expressing love
if you came to serve you'll be in the in the in the same if you know I'm still rephrasing this for my brain comprehensive but I think this is just beautiful when services to go the place of that place that you reside in his love
absolutely if you can't get any simpler than that and yet we all know that you know if someone's fortunate enough to be in a safe environment and begin a calm State and they're listening to this conversation right now bake I doubt that there's someone who cannot achieve this was the stealing of love in this moment but when Once once we disconnect from this is I think a lot of us suffer once we disconnect from here and go back out into the world of Illusion in effect right what's me disconnect from here the ability to stay connected
and Interstate and self-awareness of as you say you know there is a God separate from me and but me and is got into the expression man is expression of God and man there is only God as man God as miss here in this moment together got it with you here over this Airways and we're doing this happiness this talk it seems so real and so possible how do we keep that how do we keep that when when you are stuck in traffic when you're when you're in the middle of a work day that's going wrong when your
having these as you said no to the positive affirmations but are there other techniques practical techniques that people can do to stay in alignment to stay attached to this truth because it's so necessary
well it's it's
it's much simpler than we think and therein lies the problem it's way simple and and we love to make it complicated
but the reality is that what we refer to is prayer is the solution
but we have
we have been shaped to believe that prayer is
is 1
being requesting and or reaching out to another bee
when in fact was happening is is he being is acknowledging its total presence
and so like I've written a little booklet and it's called retraining consciousness
and it has like five regular
daily affirmations in it
and the practice of those will retrain the conscious the subconscious mind
to eliminate the concept of separation
what I want you to tell her readers and listeners excuse me how to get that cuz I know it'll be a great we're going to do that really quick I want you to do that and we have a collar that's been on hold for a while and wants to speak with you but please tell us how we get that how we can get our hands on that book with simply send an email to
r e v p a u l u s c
so again that's rare rev Paul UFC
at in a few Friday and that includes shipping
lsf like Friday UFC that's correct and I'm going to go to our call and thank you for that
calling you're on the air thank you for holding this is Doctor Dre by James what are fabulous guest Reverend Paul Fitzsimmons
High by dr. James and another great show you know I usually call it every week with the question but I don't have any questions I just wanted to say is your guest is amazing because he is so on point especially when he says there is no God and man the god as man and you know it's so hard for people to believe that we are God when you say that two people particularly traditional Christians it's like you're blaspheming but he just he just confirmed what I believe in what you talk about and so it's just I just want to say I guess it's just the great affirmation today just a great affirmation today and just wonderful just wonderful listening to him and I got to hear born Hammond and get his book because he's just wow this great just very good
thank you so much for being a regular everything Peacemaker and we really appreciate your support and one of the ways that you can get the book I just want to say again is Rev r e v Paul p a u l u f by Friday C at the cross of the book is $8 and this is going to tell us again Reverend Paul what amazing benefits we're going to get for reading the book and we famous art artists and call her I'm going to let you off the air I know you better than you
Reverend Paul yes it's so so the total benefit
that comes from this
is the steady realization
of the Divinity of each of us
you can access Divine Spirit which is yourself at any time and in any place by simply applying the simple techniques in this little booklet
the intended purpose of this booklet is to State the technique and Inspire the reader to employ the technique daily and observe the change that unfolds in their life
the change will manifest upon regular application no doubt and I just want to do a Shameless plug you were on the show I don't know about a year ago and promoted another little booklet that you did and I have seen a tremendous shift in my life and as a result of doing those affirmations daily reading it was about a year ago and I still do them daily so I highly encourage our readers if you're looking for a shift in your life if you can if you're looking to go to what I call your next level of greatness through self-awareness the teachings that doctor Paul does & in the way in which he explains things and really brings it to to to the now for us is very very effective and it's a very very little time investment but the payoff is tremendous so we're talkin about discovering our Divine Purpose our Divine Purpose and
you mentioned earlier that we some cat sometimes sometimes can say it in place of Divine Purpose pure love I mean that right there just washes over me we all did we all desire to be in this love we all do we all desire whether we wear the honest enough to say this is our search in life but learning learning how to how to exist in this space is so essential so we got a few minutes left out a minute and a half left what are some of the observable results you will appear that will appear in your life when you ReDiscover Your Divine Purpose
well there's a there's a bunch of things but the thing they did the what I experienced that has the most power
is that my level of anxiety
has diminished to
from what used to be a hundred percent down to about 8%
you know that I'd like I I I no longer experience anxiety I no longer become anxious
is it tremendous
that would be a tremendous benefit to everyone especially we're living in this instance of anxiety for everyone with the pandemic and everything that's going on the social injustice has their sisters heightened sense of anxiety is almost like a low humming that exists around the nation so you have that diminished
is amazing I'm dr. Dre Bond James you been listen to Ice Palace guess this half-hour dr. Paul Reverend Paul Fitzsimmons I encourage you to visit the site pick up the book and until next time please know that I absolutely love you
you've been listening to Everyday peace with Doctor crazy Bond James you have the power right now today to make the decisions to take the actions that lead you to your next level of greatness and I would love to work with you on your journey here some ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me again so let dr. Dre Bond James. Calm enrolling my online university course to 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International in role of the brilliant life nine weeks online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at dr. Trevon James. Cam purchase my book Freedom is your first break from Amazon thank you for being an everyday Peacemaker I absolutely love you
thank you for listening to Unity online radio
the voice of an Awakening world
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