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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, June 15, 2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Self-Discovery, and Life as Play with Sara Troy and Mark Johnson

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Self-Discovery, and Life as Play with Sara Troy and Mark Johnson

Sara Troy discusses the benefits of self-discovery. Plus, through his six-decade-long spiritual journey, Mark Johnson has developed techniques on how to heal oneself with high-frequency energy available to everyone.

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welcome to Everyday peas with Dr drayvon James and Welcome to our show on James and this is everyday. I am super excited to have you here with us today as we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday peace the finest wholeness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality my goodness I hope you're someplace safe or you can just close your eyes for a quick second and just inhale that you peace whole complete nothing missing nothing broken totality right now no matter what your external condition is showing you that is the truth about you hold your breath for just a second and then have a complete Excel from the mouth go ahead and just rejuvenate your whole self because I want you to know that yes everyday piece is
possible and yes you deserve every day peace and yes you can have every day peace we work together on this show to bring you the topic in the guest to partner with you is you create your life of Peace everyday and I have to tell you that last week we had an amazing show that I really really enjoyed we had two awesome guess we had Mariah Abraham I said her name wrong all last week's if you listen last week I know you had a good laugh at that but she talked to us about how we can change our taste buds to Crave foods that boost our metabolism I don't know if that excites you but that really excites me to really crave and desire the food that would be most healthy for boosting my metabolism and would help us lose weight or maintain or desirable wait it was an amazing discussion and I love the title of her book
like you give a fork right sticks in your mind very very very catches I love that book and then we had Amanda hainline who talked to us about her book feel better in 5 minutes 5 minutes to improve your mood to feel more optimistic about life can you even imagine that you could do that in 5 minutes she discussed the power of using spiritual guides to feel better in 5 minutes and I thought that was absolutely wonderful the information they gave us great so if you missed last week's show I have wonderful news for you if you want to learn how to change your taste buds and just eight days to boost your metabolism and that would really help with all that covid weight and all that stuff that people say you do sitting around being in quarantine may have been good for their overall health but it was bad for the waistline we can change that and just eight days with the advise and that we got
get from last week's show if you want to learn how to feel better emotionally improved improved health and just five minutes you can listen to last week's shows and as a matter fact you can access our entire library of shows by subscribing to the doctor drayvon James everyday piece podcast on Apple Spotify Google Play and Stitcher or you can listen to them on the unity online radio. Org website another place where you can find all this information is on our new and improved brand new look to our website which is Doctor Dr.Dre Von D r a v for victor e o n website that's Dr.Dre Von website this is our new website that includes transcription past shows words of wisdom and courage MIT excerpts from my book Freedom is your Birthright contact info
Haitian how you can find out how you kids get a keynote speakers want to teach workshops for you how you can if you're looking for a life coach you can find all that out by visiting doctor dravon so if you haven't been there I strongly encourage you visited today after the show book market so that you can stay in tune with all of the frequent changes that occur there so we have a great show for you today I'm super excited about our guest today but before we get to our guess we're going to stop by and do our everyday peace moment so you will remember that a few weeks ago we discussed the importance of self-confidence right we all walk into the room you can pretty much tell who has great self-confidence because we were drawn to those people who have great self-confidence and we would love to be those people who have great self-confidence so we explored ways to build our confidence and I encourage each and everyone of us to adopt a new task first
thing in the morning there was a book that I read many many years ago by an author Brian Tracy I don't remember the name of the book but I remember in the book he talked about eating the Frog first thing in the morning that was how he phrased it and we do something first thing in the morning and he was saying oh baby something you do on your to-do list that you didn't find desirable you go ahead and get that thing out of the way first first thing in the morning I have found that to be very helpful in my life but we also were talking about doing something first thing in the morning for at least seven days a new task that we decided to be anything that we decide we're going to do first thing in the morning and then later on in the day we would recognize and reflect on the fact that we started our day with an accomplishment right because we have accomplishments all day long the thing is we don't stop and reflect and say oh my gosh I accomplished this I accomplished that and it is that sense of accomplishment which helps to build our self-confidence so
talk about the different things you could do first thing in the morning one of which was to start off of the 10-minute meditation or maybe some quick exercises that some push-ups or sit-ups or whatever some plants just starting to committing to something a starting your day off with something he could be something like prayer or riding a gratitude card I talked a lot about that's on the things that I do every morning or simply sitting in the silence for a set period of time it could be anything no matter what you choose all we ask is that you participate in this activity first thing in the morning for 7 days and then afterwards recognizes your day goes on your accomplishment in a plot of yourself for it to become self aware that yes I did this today and then in your own mind heart and soul congratulate yourself on having that accomplishment the goal is to help train your brain
to recognize accomplishments when they happen accomplishments accomplishments that we often overlooked right cuz you're always looking and digging into our self and looking for our mistakes and things we need to get better at but we seldom take time to recognize our accomplishments so that tiny exercise for seven weeks would help to do with that to increase our self-confidence and I want to thank the many many many of you who reached out to me on the website to tell me that you were seeing success with this exercise and some of you have decided to continue it long after the 7 days so congratulations and thank you for reaching out and being is my heart so much joy to read those comments so thank you for that and I'm glad that you did have the courage to try that
so if you started this challenge with us I encourage you to keep it up if you haven't started this challenge I want to ask you what are you waiting for go ahead and start right now make it part of your life right now you will not be sorry not today I have a new exercise Miss is talking about again building your confidence and this one isn't a daily exercise it's a one-and-done exercise at least for now I want I wanted to remind you that you are the creator of things we create things and we don't necessarily give myself credit sometimes we had on starting new task and getting involved with new things because we don't have the self-confidence that we can try something we're afraid of new things so we're going to start out on purpose this week pick one thing new to do something small that you can create it could be planning a flower bed
weed in a little flower pot of painting a picture or painting an accent wall writing a poem just doing something new creating creating something so you creating something bringing something from your subconscious from your mind and producing it in the physical world it doesn't have to be something that you're really good at and back sometimes and most times we were trying something new it is something that we've never done before and we're a little clumsy at it and that's okay too I'm not asking any of us to be perfect at it knowing that this will help us to become less hesitant to try new things increase our sense of creativity and curiosity and increase our self-confidence so that is our everyday peace moment which leads us right into our first guests of the day our first guess is Sarah Choi Sarah is the founder of self-discovery Media
she holds podcast called self-discovery Orchard of wisdom when she shares the wisdom given by those who have gone through the process of life Welcome Sarah it is lovely to have you on the everyday piece show today wonderful to be here let's go to speak to you again I might have had the experience of being in your presence in your glow so it is just wonderful to have you on the everyday piece show so you can help the listeners understand the process of self-discovery which is to me one of the fundamental keys to enjoying this journey as it's getting to understand our self
listening and it's all that big question we've got to be willing to kind of take the journey to answer it
yes you know what why am I here in Ultra you asked a question that I feel is gives me the most Comfort who am I here to serve I love that question so we have I know we don't have all the time in the world right now but I lied and I know this is a loaded question that's why I practice it like that but how do we start that process of self-discovery
a willingness Versace in the free will we have to know that like maybe is not working for us in the way that we would like and we may not know how you know or want to know what pop is Forest but we've got to be we need to put one foot in front of the other that we need is to say I can't I'm not happy with who I am or where I'm going then there is another path for me out there and I'm waiting and if we need to explore which will allow your soul to soul cannot speak. And when you hot becomes engaged in by the look of things the nature the sunlight the Ripple of the breeze through the trees that the washer if a happy dogs happy children or those little things in your heart and there is that desire to open up your heart even more and take that Journey that wondrous Journey
oh you said something that actually made my heart to leave a little bit out of your head into your heart and it seems like such an easy it seems so flowery and comforting to me to hear it's like a big bear hug for me but it can be a very complicated process and I guess why is that and how how do we how do we what's the the cliff notes to being able to do that because we spend so much time over utilizing our head and you're rationalizing of the pain and discomfort in the fear how do we how do we stop that process to make that travel Into the Heart
stop looking at the destination something at the whole complex of things you know we were kind of out in the countryside near the Bulls and the teacher is a little kids it's like really wanting this of the journey was it so much because we had little destinations along the way so don't put it all on your shoulders and I've got to do all of this is what is the first step on the 5th I believe is listening to other people stories that's the reason why we both do our shows is true of other people's stories we get the inspiration that begets the invitation we stop seeing a reflection of ourselves in that we see the courage and the strength and their abilities and it'll way things are so what if they can I can I've got to take that first step to break it down into smaller
don't do it yourself with the whole thing on your shoulders it is a process that process is going to be it's going to be
I love that it is and that's how we eating elephant right one bite at a time you know looking I love that look just going to go to that tree right there and and it makes it seem doable cuz if I held you have to go there was surely I can check and make it there and then we can reassess from that point even though I find that to be one of the two things that trip people up the Moses looking at the full you know oh my gosh that got to do all of this and that keeps them locked right in the place of the brain starts rationalizing why they shouldn't take the trip you know why they should remain right where they are this thing and I'll I love this note to self discovery because it really this whole journey I believe that every encounter that we have or do not have for every every goal that we
we reach our do not meet reach is meant to turn Us in word so that we learn more about ourselves is this self-discovery like all roads lead home if we allow them to just looking inwards it all look at that that's that's how I that's how I feel about that I have to scrub with this new part of myself and in this self-discovery I find that a lot of times where the people know it or not I love to get your views on this there's this huge amount of fear
that we cannot push back his pass fear to the point where it be become confused about what even is that we want or don't want my show this week is on that you know you are you afraid of because it's so conditioned to be fearful of what we are afraid of and become crystals because for me and I'm not going to know what's around the corner in this but we need to go get nuts every school should be there is nothing in to your senses which would always guide you to danger but that's not the same as talking about this. When people chew scheduled and Brace themselves from the inside out to step into their beautiful awesome that's the wonderful floss enough in that self-discovery
the soup is a ridiculing themselves and condemning themselves and fearful of what other people's opinions are of them that it stops them from doing anything.
Yes bright and the thief
everyone who's here thinking that this person will think this about me or their know this about me of someone I can get from clients even though they don't use the words but the implication is there people will discover that I'm not perfect well there's a news flash for you no one sees that you are perfect. That's why I left Los Lunas because the rules for all those flaws
let's celebrate our flaws and that would be that would be removed this cloak of Shame and in each of you know we're like snowflakes we all have these flaws and they're all different is that I'm not saying that we don't want to work on us to get to our best state of improved our besties true self but is not a point of being shipped so shameful that we cannot Progressive and pursue the heart the desires of our heart
get comparison is buried at the how do we get out of that because I do find that should be one of the seven deadly sins and I think you know it's it's your urine self-confidence. Comparison to how to get to the self-confidence and just another unit down Route 4 agreements speaker won't take don't take things personally don't assume us and do your very best gauged want your best is and you know it is when you stepped into that ocean density of who you are I guess okay I am I am not this time not that bad I'm this and this is my gift that I bring to the table you know we don't get so influenced by other Outsiders opinion of it on social media friends family you should do this you should do that you should be more like and it said they can't see you for who you are because they're still in the shirts
but don't let their opinion be true to who you are and always stand tall in your own self and eventually if they can they will see you if they can't means they haven't taken the Run Journey yet
and that's and that is none of our concern their journey is there concern right we get off cuz I am fascinated by the work that you do it and and very privileged to know you I think there is no other quest in life greater than the quest of self-discovery because when we discover who we are is when we become truly a pathetic and compassionate to others right when we just do we have the stuff to the journey of self-discovery and then the Journey of self-acceptance and I will be honored that part of herself and makes us less judgmental of ourselves and less judgmental of others and probably the end of all wars when we get to the place of having that but
intuition and confusion which seemed to be a Polar Opposites because if you're if you're moving in the true self the intuitive self right it seems to me we wouldn't have all this confusion surrounding the one person we should know better than anybody else was his self but I got to find that and talking with people that there is so much confusion even around the concept of being able to recognize their own inner voice yet do you have any thoughts on how how that could be a more straightforward process for people
as I said in the head because that is doctrine that is a programming question with no answer if you can get out ahead and get into the heart open up your heart it allows that Divine knowing this to come through you and then we are never ever alone the universal knowledge and wisdom and love is always ready to come pouring through you but it can't come to a close hot so opening up her heart even if it is to pain you have to go through the pain in order to heal you can't close it down we start feeling our not understanding our intuition understanding what I sent this a thing to us and then the mind will know what it needs to know when it needs to know it but if we go down we will talk herself out of something or into something negative before we even get to the heart to feel your knowledge that divine presence of Truth No it feel
and then you might as well know what it needs to know when it needs to know with the day shift that is being accumulated in your head you'll understand what it is and how to use it but please feel
I don't want our listeners to miss a bit of that because there's something that you said really quickly and I just jotted it down because I know that one of the philosophies I teach and everyday pieces that everything that comes into our life The Good the Bad and the in-between has come to bow down and serve us as we move toward next level of greatness and you said the word that none of us wants you said you know open your heart sometimes you have to open your heart through pain right and you know I'm speaking for myself and my journey I know I smell a lot of my youth trying to avoid emotional Pain any type of pain as it's our time is running down but I think this is so important cuz I think that someone will really need to hear this is that pain really emotional pain really does get our attention and now we are hyper focused in the noun usually right because we have this heartache now this pain now
and there is this part of us that wants to avoid that to find a workaround no work no so that we don't have to be with that pain but I love what you said that the pain will be over in that place at that is someone that that's in her listening what is this in that place right now not to reject that moment know if the pain isn't you animate it's your lesson it's a way of discovering your strength your Carriage your abilities your awesomeness and if you willing to go through that pain love yourself not to yourself Comfort yourself heal yourself the pain will show you its reason for being that and you'll be able to let go with the pain and carry the lesson for always with you but everything in life of voidance is futile we have to be engaged even with the painful times in order to go through them to understand the toria's * 2
you can't hold back or you must yourself into it and go through it the more you get to the other side where you are truly stepping into everyday peace joy and love and meaningful purpose
oh I just I just love that and I know that one of the processes that I use when used with clients is that there was a lovely phrase that I learned a by attending a tapping session with whatever I guess that was to have on the show quite frankly hear Keyshia and she uses this phrase not even even though you know he'll just use pain even though I'm experiencing this emotional pain because of whatever you can put whatever you fill in the blanks as you would I still love and honor myself if you and I have been in some situations he knows his learning that phase where I have said that phrase and I could steal my heart just open winning is the one to acknowledge that yes these are the facts I am hurt emotionally about whatever is happening because that's that's part of the journey but
being in pain being emotional pain does not make me any less in fact I love and honor myself because I can recognize this Sarah how can our listening audience connect with you
at very easy then go to self-discovery and if you want to get hold of me and go to info at self-discovery all of my sites around the front page that old habits they only have to do is put in your name and I will come up and you've done all the shows with these coming listen to Japan is wisdom as well and More in debt. Calm thank you so much I'll be right back thank you
We Are Spiritual Beings having a human experience
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create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to every Dave East with dr. dravon James
welcome back to Everyday peace and Dr.Dre Von James and we just concluded our special segment with Sarah Choi amazing and I'm super excited to introduce you to our next guest Mark Johnson Mark Johnson started his spiritual journey six decades ago and is an expert Tai Chi and
King Kong expert Marco found at the national Qigong Association and is the founder of the intrical.
Call centers in New Mexico New York and California his new book is titled like as play Live compassionately intuitively spontaneously and miracles will happen I am so excited to have you on the show Welcome mark
thank you glad to be here with my eyes to say it properly put light as plate that title just makes me feel
that I am in the energy of manifestation is when you say life as played I think all of my inhibitions kind of melt away my fears my expectations so we can spend a long time to send the title but what exactly does that mean life as as a play life is a plate what does that mean
it means that your your life can be almost effortless as a
as opposed to working your way through life and then you know and doing this and doing that and they're my favorite phrase is that first of all I start every talk about that I do it by saying why have you not yet discovered your own innate Divinity what's holding you up the gates to the heavens are already wide open it's just a matter of going through this and knowing your own innate Divinity and living it
that's a pretty heavy statement and if you really do just empty yourself and allow these a design to flow through you then what's the problem is there's no problems at that point you're already experiencing yourself as the totality of everything and you're going along with it and as as you mature into this state of being them that are synchronicities start happening like crazy in your life and that's another entrance inside of my book is is it then when I say the Miracles for half what I'm referring to synchronicities that are actually quite mind-boggling than they certainly have been in my life
I almost Non-Stop and I never worked a day in my life I usually don't even think that much anymore I'm almost completely intuitive spontaneous that sort of thing and happy as hell so do you have any other questions you had me at I never worked a day in my life I love it and I'm going to speak for probably most of our listening audience when I say you know I'm just being presumptuous that I'm speaking for most of our audience but at least most of the people that I know that contact me is that it's it's it's sounds very surreal to say that life is a play like you know I can live in this moment I can live I know I can let go I can empty myself but then there is the dog barking there's the Boston has the Dead
Hines there's the car that just broke down there's the school that just called about the misbehaved child there's the Aging parents and you want me to live as if life is a plight house and I know if I told you what I when I read your material and I you know I get all the things that your publicist and I thought to myself this is it this is the answer to everything I know that but how how do we how do we get there
all depends on how far you already into it and to the extent that you aren't I start giving people breathing techniques that speed up the openings and and learn blows out of your subconscious and you have to deal with it and you hopefully you will integrate it and so that's the first step if if you're if you're feeling miserable about anything or if you're feeling anything less than the complete Divinity the Divine that you can start with circular breathing techniques that said she going to actually originally started as that you can start Gathering high frequency energy to you and through you and then that will eventually blow out there
the fears and the subconscious the sabotaging subconscious for a lot of people carry around with them and there's naught happens then people start screaming a little I hate you Daddy so there's a period of Rage comes out that's the first thing that usually happens with most people when they do this dream breathing technique cuz I'm not the only one doing that let you know when Pop you know the guy that runs up and down them tomorrow then my underwear I went to the same teacher in China and I stayed there for 10 years until I learn a little bit more but he's into being healthy and strong and that's fine is the beginning but he is doing it and he can really change the what you're capable of doing physically but then then then
another guy named Stan Groff it was a neighbor of mine and in California and the he does the same thing and he'll put two hundred people on the in the room that were in on the floor with their sleeping bags and they they start with in the breathing and over and over again over his friends go round and courage people to keep breathing. Breathing going in the house and Pam somebody explodes I hate you whatever and they will rage for a while but then they calm down and it gets quiet and all of a sudden they start crying for a while because if you you wouldn't be raging if you want Starfall about something serious it's just an energetic a mover from one one degree to another and then finally knew you get down to where
come the ratings comes the sadness in from the sadness comes
Bliss actually and
it's just described some people just started the what's the weather in just laughing hysterically so that's what's the last thing that comes out and at least I'm one of these the aspects of your subconscious that's been in there for 40 years or however old you are once that aspect comes out you say will help me and join me let's work together instead of all this sabotage it's going on and almost always there inside we'll say well all we ever wanted was to work with you but you keep us in the small small energy of the synchronicity
more more powerful and more and thus capable to where you're just allowing your life be run by synchronicities I have my book has probably 35 or 40 jaw-dropping synchronicities that happened to me in my lifetime and it's still going on and and I want to encourage everybody to Keep to-do list and could be this and it's just this constant Bliss the author Mark Johnson in the book is life as play and I wanted to say about the breathing I attend the the crying out now that's a pie for a while there before 3 playing pandemic was a tent attending one of these breathworks sort of event will you be on the floor and give you all these people in witness just that
screaming out after a little while and it was just amazing and then this this
this energy comes through and it just as calm and soothing but you're right you you break through something and as I'm listening to you and I'm hearing a number voices in my head from past clients current clients and working with and this self-sabotage right and you mentioned that breathing techniques to break through this barrier right because this thing we talked you were joking about being locked in the cellar but it really is dragging you down there cuz you got a chain down there and you're part of the change and so when you're doing this breathing it does help to to open up areas and let the lighting so to speak ways to do it to through the deep breathing which involves like four seconds on the NFL down below your navel if you inhale 4 seconds your stomach milk
little bit and then with your hands together you force the on the Excel Cricket sale 3 2nd Street 2nd in a land on one second Excel and that. Is he the chief of the back of your body over your head and back down into The Cauldron witches are the bottom below your navel is a huge holder of this kind of energy and if you just keep doing that breathing for 45 minutes usually takes about 45 minutes with most people to have that explosion that happened all that energy that's been building up just blows out there any anything in its path and and then you deal with it you have to do what you do are you in the face so what
I forgot what I was getting at have to tell you the truth but that's the way it works and and I seen hundreds of people or the help themselves through that procedure and then they just did the change their lives quite dramatically but there are connecting through self-discovery self-awareness and to get to their next level of greatness in this Daphne seems like a wonderful way to explore so I just want to reiterate for our listening audience this breathing technique did you just shared with us so generously thank you for that was the 3 second in hell and and the rapid one second Excel and text him when you're back on the floor hard surface
you can do it standing up playing violin or whatever that doesn't matter that much more depends on with you or it would make you feel comfortable minutes and to get this breakthrough
so when you when you go through this and of course when I I did something similar a little bit different but if we had a sound bath there which kind of help to be able to bring you back even I will just say that term it'll just a proper term but to bring sort of it to even out the emotions but when you do get to this heightened sense in you do start to know to release all of this and what's the what is that like what is that process like cuz I would imagine that some people start to 2 to grab for what they know which is suppression like so when all that starts bubbling out of them what we know how to do as a people so much is to put the mask on and suppress so how do we how what happens to prevent that closing right back up
the sheer power of the way it works often doesn't allow any fooling around later on slipping back into the it's so powerful once it comes out and once you go through the talking and the effort to incorporate them and have them you know you night with use your energy to help me you know rather than this sabbath I think I've never once had anybody not say we would love that
going to help you know they'll start streaming that and then they do and then they call me up three days later today why you wouldn't believe what just happened to me is that I was trying to get this job for 5 years and all the sudden it dropped into my lap you know and just right after the experience and he just went through that's that's the synchronicities at my book is filled with an absolutely beyond belief almost everybody knows me knows that it's all truth and I have pictures and everything of the fact that after a while you just you don't have to reference for things and everything is seems new and the wonderful and and you spent seeing things you haven't seen before and that you're just like you're opening up for the entirety of everything which you are and that's that's a heck of a nice place to be is all I got to say
using the wrong price of ourselves are using them inappropriately to try to do this journey and what you're teaching what I'm hearing is that there is a much easier more efficient more effective way to do this journey in is through this concept of living life as a play so that we can open up to the true experience of it all and realized it would if you're if you're having to push pull and tug and hustle as they say or our grind then you're not doing yourself you're not enjoying the journey like you were meant to do enjoy it so to open up to it and something you said earlier Mark was that this breathing exercise helps you to I guess gather high frequency energy and girl I love that because everything is energy isn't it
yes everything is energy and you are everything people think they are like a wave in the ocean wave go online they're trying to get wetter than all the other ways of course I have more money. And then all of a sudden
I say it in my say you can't separate the way from the ocean in Paris sure it's like it's all you know you can't separate away from the ocean right they're all one thing and end you're like a little way that woke up there I don't have to mess around anymore not to work so hard I don't have to struggle I don't have to be better than anybody else I don't have to do anything you know it's like wow and there you are you are one and and these themselves become so frequently and then so powerfully you don't really have to make much effort it what you did end up doing and the most of it is just helping other people get to that spot that's all I've done the bucket last 20 years I guess
Elston get people to that place of Oneness
is so and I know what fascinated by that identifies with being a wave and then the ocean and and how you are both you're both of them at the same time and so just be what it is and what comes and it will be so miraculous the things that happens in the people you meet like I you should know that you should get my book and and by the way with the breathing I kept I haven't gotten through an important Point as the stomach goes out it's a three-second inhale down there and then when you squeeze you squeeze in an up up underneath the rib cage to make that they are high frequency energy go up to
the aura around your body is a huge stack of his high frequency energy and that's why it's outside your body it's so high frequency I can't stay inside and it just penetrate easily so if if you reach out and gather that high frequency down into your head in the bring it down in front or wherever it needs to go to heal yourself I have stories about people that have healed themselves that is not yet almost hard to believe that and it's because they start reaching out and bringing in the high frequency energy that's all around and there's no more that's dragged in surgery and drags in surgery and drives and surgery it's gather the high frequency energy into your body and direct it mentally where it needs to be and you'd be surprised what you can see there's nothing you can't I say almost everything about everybody killing Itself by people using that method.
and everybody to be doing it then and just having so much fun and just being a feeling what being is life is like how can we talk about life is played with a book written by Mark Johnson and something that you just said here and I would love it everywhere where is the book available Mark how can the listeners get their hands on the book you can go to my site there's no doubt publishing company and that's the the Dow is in the thing that this is a Dallas religion that I'm referring to a place that I can rent in trying it through quite quite a few times many different ballads country exactly and got a lot of different slightly different ways of doing things so I got to I have a table to a Publix p u b l i s h i n will take you to the block and you can open it up and read some of the pages and do all this
and the book is in four different ways when is the voice-over do you know what that mean you can get my expenses and then there's one full rim voice over and there is a cool color and is black and white and there's no to that site that one little side and Ashley lead you to the different categories and you can pick one you want and then you can always call me while you're practicing a little weird that you should see some of those chapters in the synchronicities wow and so if anybody has any questions they can just call me on the phone I think my numbers in the book there but it's it's amazing and I just I won't rest until you're my book is in every motel room in the country
hi boo I hear that passion in you it is actually lighting a passionate me to because everything that you said it is so true that here we have this wonderful vehicle called the body for which we can use to navigate me to mention about the order that is around the body we can you experiment experiment to utilize this vehicle it's it's it's for our youths rights cuz we reside with it here is for our use and we end up just so you know complaining about it or sabotaging it. But here we have the vehicle for which we can do this amazing journey called life and we can do it as a play to be in that energetic of high frequency energy like all that energy where we can learn to vibrate at the energetic level of the solution instead of the energetic level of the problem which is why we've all been up to and then and tapped into
play energetic level right we wake up in the morning or stress you driving the car where stressful cooking the dinner we're stressed and you know that is that isn't energy that is available to us but we do live in a vehicle in a body that we can do so much more even with just the brat so I hope that our listening audience will be so excited to learn how to not only heal your emotional health of your physical health you're talkin about to changing your helping you in a little while ago about how you were studying in China for a number of years tenure over 10 years tell us a little bit about that I can hear the students in your voice and I know that allow that probably comes from that experience
yes it is I did a lot of a did
because I was trying to use in my last life that's why it would say it seemed so real and then so like I've been here before that kind of thing and that but I normally go in there just the page I go there I go there twice a year and take the students over there and we go to the China into the Tibet and just we get around all over the great Center that I know the great teachers that are over there and even the ones in the mountaintops we crawl up and get to say hello to them that kind of stuff so we have a heck of a good time but I haven't been able to do anything since the second
up to now if people are interested in connecting with you obviously they can go to the book and I heard you say that you take students Howard Howard where where are you getting these students how can people connect you to possibly become a student of people to read my book it said he'll want to go with you and you know we do tai chi in the morning and she go see and you knows what some of the characters represent in a little bit and how it differs from ours and did not find it because sometimes I get my run out of money when I returned it so I thought that the Chinese English and black you have no idea how weird English is to learn something like China where the evidence of a margarita
please please check out the book life is play I absolutely love you thank you for being an everyday Peacemaker
you've been listening to Everyday peaks with Dr Trevon James you have the power right now today to make the decisions to take the actions that leave you to your next level of greatness and I would love to hear some ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me and info at dr. Dre Ron James. Calm enroll in my online university course to 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International enroll in the brilliant life nine weeks online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at the actor played Bond James. Calm purchase my book feed him is your first break from Amazon thank you for being an everyday Peacemaker I absolutely love you
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