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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, June 1, 2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Happiness Is a Choice, Paula Vail discusses her book, Why Am I So Happy?

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Happiness Is a Choice

Paula Vail discusses her book, Why Am I So Happy? She'll explore practical life tips on how to own the process for creating a happy life. 

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welcome to Everyday peas with dr. dravon James
welcome to Everyday piece I am super excited to have you join us today while we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday that's right we can have peace on whatever day this is in quarantine I've lost track of how many days it has been but it doesn't matter as far as peace we can have peace in the house we can have peace outside the house wherever this journey takes us peace every day is available to us peace defined as wholeness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality can you even imagine living a life of Peace everyday well I'm here to tell you that yes it's possible yes you deserve a life of Peace everyday and yes you can have every day peace we work together on this show to bring you the
topics in the guest to partner with you as you create your life of peace every day and today is no exception to the rule today we have Debbie spekter Weisman who has incorporated her Knowledge gleaned from her professional work as a and her life as a wife and a mother into her dream life coaching business in addition to being a dream life coach she it has been a co-owner of a film and video production company which has really produce some major Works working with one of my favorite I'm actors of the the late John Ritter and also the film such as what the bleep do you know and just number of film she is up a breath of fresh air as far as her diversity in her wealth of information she is also and this is
really makes me excited because I remember reading books along those lines she's also written over 20 novels including five of the original books from that popular series Sweet Valley High new all who that makes you smile the way it does me I remember that Series so I'm so excited to have Debbie on the show today welcome to Everyday piece
oh thank you so much about dreams and when I first my first conversation with you somewhere in that conversation you mentioned that you were a dream life coaching response but I was like oh my gosh do you mean like interpreting dreams and she's like yes that's part of what I do what I got to tell our listening audience that that fascinates me because it's sort of connect me to my childhood I can remember being a young child and you know just listen to older people talk in one of which was my grandmother and just to be cooking or are you know doing some kind of housework and someone mentioned something about a dream and she was very casually say oh you know if you dream of this means this and you did with that it means that and that stay with me and it never went any further with me in my adult life but it did stay with me as
little things that I heard her say over the years and so when I heard your conversation it really got me to thinking about trains and I thought about well I wonder you know if there's any history and you can tell us all the history and stuff that you know about James but it got me to thinking about that popular biblical story Joseph and the coat of many colors and knew he had the dream that said his life into motion as if you will but he jumped up the coat and his father getting him a coat and he representing that he was the favorite of the children and his brothers were jealous of him and it didn't of the story goes on a pie knows the story probably but the story goes on his brothers eventually sell him into slavery thrown into a well and all this stuff and soap and he lives his life in a foreign country is separated from his family and wounds up in jail and prison for something that he didn't do and it was a dream and he's in jail and in prison
and he has dreams there or he doesn't have to and to interpret other people's dreams and some of those everything comes to the way he interpreted some of those dreams kind of get them in a little bit more hot water put one of the dreams sets me free when he has ended when the Pharaoh has the dream about the corn and Joseph is able to interpret that dream so as I Was preparing for our talk today and thinking about all of that I thought to myself I know I always knew in my heart baby cuz when your grandmother says something you believe it but I always knew in my heart that I believe that
the subconscious does communicate with us using everything and one of the things that can use just like anyting is our dreams what better place to communicate to us then through our dreams so I'm excited for today's conversation because you do something that just really I think most of us would love to have access to the understanding of Dreams take us back to some little bit if you will talk about your history what you what you've done how fascinating your life is been how do you get from doing all of that the same yes I want to be a dream life coach
well it was a journey and I can say that I think that you might coaching that you might start career my husband and I have and still has a video film post production companies and back around 2,000 we were hired to work on the stone cold what the bleep do we know we were hired to be working on the show me posted option of personnel who the people who put together the movie after it's already been shot I knew nothing at all about the subject matter but that film the subject matter the film really brought my life in a whole different direction because up to that point I was one of these people are the ultimate fatalist in this is how life has dealt a hand and you just have to play it you can't do anything about it and some of the major was clean so the film is that you have the power to change
the life and this was just a total mind-blowing idea for me and it got me on a years-long search for
how to figure this out for myself and along the way my husband also threw the success of what the bleep
that's his direct seven Mind Body Spirit movies ever was a movie called Dreaming heaven and one of the people in the movie was it when they Kelly saw them all them she is a wonderful wonderful dream expert true goddess and her
it's a renewed my interest in since I wasn't a big dreamer at that point so I never dreamed as a child but it wasn't that big of a thing of my life to point but she started to dream serve the church where people get together to discuss sweet dreams fascinated by it wanted to know more more and she has a training program to be a dream life coach originally I took the course just to learn more about dreams during the
of course she was going on but a year-long course I had something credible dreams and one in particular that totally changed my life and convince me this is where I had to take my life at that point
wow it was you know you said a couple things there that fascinate me and I know to be true as well is that we we are given a whole bunch of ingredients like I like the cook's I lose these cooking things like soup so you know we have all these ingredients and we can mix those ingredients up in our lithosphere called life experiences about to call them problems but we have all of these things that show up in my life and were able to use those things to really produce cook the life that we want to have you know and I love how the I believe this to that there are no accidents nothing's random in the universe that by working on this film you get to discover this part of yourself and then as you open up to it the universe bring something else into your space and you always given the opportunity to accept or reject you decide I'm going to accept this this this resonates with me I'm open to it and I'm going to
down this road of Discovery so you go down the road Discovery and you do this dream Circle you take this year-long a course and then you become doing that course is that how you learn to interpret dreams
yes yes and it goes beyond just interpreting dreams the thing I love about you anymore kizilay really is an insight into your soul and when you can learn how to
remember your dreams and then come to an understanding of the bid not only come to an understanding but then see how it relates to your life and then take action on that dream under the tree and really use its meaning to make positive changes to your life it is just the best thing you can do for yourself because deep down we all know the answers to our own problems but in our conscious mind we put so many layers of stuff that keep us from really understanding ourselves and make excuses and we have belief systems that we may cups make up stories about ourselves so we never
see our souls in our regular day today lives are you off at 5 we really are going to go to sleep at night and we dream
those dreams we have in our unconscious and subconscious mind
that's a conscious mind doesn't have those filters for the thoughts that come out of the subconscious mind or
Altru police
unfortunately the police don't come in nice English sentences it's golden is just scolded my goodness and you said that they don't have always come and sentences in this is so true this is why I believe that the Universe opens up for us and everyday piece we know that everything that shows up on this journey absolutely everything the things that feels so good and the things that feels so horrible all serve the same purpose and that is to bow down and serve you so that you can consciously make a decision to go to your next level of greatness. Here's the thing that got me that you just said it so interesting is that it's the unpacking of it because these dreams Come coated almost and unless you know how to Deke
gold dream to the first part of decoding it is to remember the dream because I hear so often that two two sides of this as I was talking to people and doing what I do my my my my turf field research when I talk to people in in to introduce people to the subject I hear people say you know what I don't remember my dream or I heard that a lot I don't remember my dreams or they're so vague it's like Ike Ike it's almost I can get it but I can't really put my hand on it how is there a technique that you can have to increase your ability to remember your dream and on this side of the dream
sure there are many different techniques I'll just go over things I like to do things that I have to write my first of all
preparation before you have your dream it's it's what we like to call dramatic it's it's so setting the table so that you create the best possible environment for you to remember your dreams to remember your dreams a lot of people might just spontaneously be very good at remembering their dreams wake up and they won't know them and they don't have to do anything most people don't like those people will say they don't dream or you know they have remember James cuz they don't
put that she did the program Booth effort into it so before you go to bed several things to do one is number one put a have a notebook right next to your night table so that when you wake up you can write down your dream or if you're acting logically literate there are lots of app you get on your phone that you can just by pressing a button record your dream But whichever one it is have some way to remember your dreams and have that available to you before you go to bed
when you go to bed make sure your bed is an inviting place you know don't leave it messy during the daytime and that your dad's use the nicest living you can afford your make your dad get your bed the respect that it deserves and it will repay you back with a lovely dream and do things like you in the hours before you go to bed don't have alcohol don't be on your electronics that keep your electronics as far away from your place
get yourself into the right atmosphere and then right before you are in bed and I snuggled up in bed
do what we call a dream declaration tell yourself tonight I'm going to remember the dream
and you go to bed
the thing about dreams they say they are very elusive most dreams are forgotten within the first 90 seconds of waking up so you have to actively make an effort to capture them when you wake up or when you're in that sort of groggy State before you're totally wide awake in your remembering a dream you needed you for remembering it stay in bed don't move at all the people in the act of physically moving to my bedroom out of your brain
say it repeated yourself over and over and over until you think you've got it and at that point turnaround write it down or press that button to record your dream and tons of times where I had a dream like that I owe this is such a juicy dream I'm going to remember this and I feel myself I say to myself I don't need right now I'm sure that's as soon as I get back up so you must you must recorded the write it down and if it's going to go away and then
whatever you've written down when you get up the next morning and take a look at it and very often you know you'll look at whatever notes you putting down and that my you can pick up more of the dream but you have those little notes when you get to the point of what is a dream mean and that's poetry subject
yeah just those right there that are very very important I can't remember my mom telling me that it's my mom's grandmother my grandmother who I first heard very casually I won't even say it was anything I don't know why I was even drawn to it wasn't like all this note some mystery concerning it and it was just the hallway you know when you dream about this this is going to happen I just remember I little things that she would say that really did happen and my mom is it always tell us to put a note that pad beside your bed me go to sleep and just jacked down that that practice and I guess that was something that has been going on in my family for a number of years that leads me to another question about the science behind dream interpretation because you mentioned something I think is very key is that you studied this for a year under someone who was at dreamlife coaching it when I get into a little bit later exactly what dream life coaching
the coaching aspect of it but is this something that is up for lack of a better term scientific that you know you're not missing me born with the police is a back-in-the-day a bale of your eyes mean that you can see into another world and this is something that you actually study or if there's science behind it that proves that dreams could be possibly the Gateway toward our wait for life
there's a lot of science behind dreams and I would say first of all
let's get back to the basics people have been dreaming for as long as they're good people help us
it kind of stage 8 9,000 years ago there's there evidence of people in places like China talking about dreaming the first actual recorded dream that we know of that is actually you know written down to know about it was 2500 BC
is one of the Sumerian Kings who had a dream which ended up being a prophetic dream but it was one of the first ones to wear his game all throughout history
the Greeks were very powerful dreamer Seidel temples and use dreams for healing
Egyptians are you talk about Josephine LG Intrepid the dream for the Egyptian pharaoh because they were very very big on dreams here in America the Iroquois Nation
awesome big dreamers on and they were Community Tree in Mercer they believe that all peoples one person she was everything stream and they were gathered together a group every morning to discuss their dreams and they would use that information to plan the day or planned a year if I can recycle my crops to plant it went to plants know how to get along with the other neighboring tribes it's been going through Society forever and ever he talked about you and your family talkin about 3 and that was a very very common thing to do
very interesting a couple of months ago I get you viewed a man who wrote a book about dreams in the Civil War and he said it was very very common for families in America didn't get a chance to discuss their dreams Over The Breakfast Table
somehow that tradition so they've faded away over the years and my goal is to bring that back cuz he should all be talked about our dreams I think so too and I think one of the things that cause that to fade away is we replaced the breakfast table with a no coffee on the run we're so busy people are still dreaming I know this and you know this to do you have a business that dream life coaching and I know this from talking to people you know and I share my dreams I can encourage my children to share their dreams it as well but at one of the things one of the great things that for us as a people that can come out of this time of self quarantine is that the ability to slow down and if you're living with someone even if you're not if you're having a chat with someone in the morning to have the time to discuss the things that happened in your dream life you know I would mind if we talk about this is also one of the things that popped in my head that was preparing for our time together is that
do used to be this little song that my mom would sing and everybody knows it row row row your boat gently down the river by the river if that very merrily merrily life is but a dream and I can remember as a kid I remember one day this is awake and alive not not sleep and dreaming but we are back steps and she was singing that song and I remember getting confused as to whether or not
I was dreaming then or it was I was really awake and I was a tiny kid but that sensation always stay with me in some kind of way whenever I would hear somebody sing that song I would think to myself now is this the dream or am I awake and I say that to say that our dreams hold so much information that I believe we can communicate both ways some kind of way you know we take this information from our conscious mind while we are awake and we are calculating and Computing thing and then we relax the mind of course this is all in the in the mind of Trevon James this is not scientifically proven but this is just how I feel and you can correct me but that we lie down and we get into this relaxed State our subconscious which is always running in the background and taking in the information utilizes those cues is this is what you need to know about what's going on
I've always looked at dreams is like you know if I could remember part part of it in quite often sometimes I think I do remember my dreams but as you say they're coated but I think the two worlds communicate and they're necessary in order to have a balanced life what do you think about that absolutely so true and very interesting that you told me that slowing down one of the positive aspects of this pandemic is the amount of people who all of a sudden they all remember their dreams and it just dreaming vivid dreams and incredible James and James the people never remember the chance of a sudden remembering them and
what the question was why is this happening and one of the reasons is because we are slowing down is actually did the two opposite things are going on we're slowing down so was sleeping because you're sleeping more we're going to our sleep cycles which is have a dream and that's one reason and other people are saying that these thoughts are coming into our Earth our subconscious thoughts or come and get your conscious thoughts you before but it's true that
when when we are impressed with just how we dream there are
science is still in its infancy in terms of actual doing dream study that loves sleep study it's not as easy to dream study so it's it's still in its infancy but it's generally acknowledged that we have most of our dreams during the REM Cycles squeaks some people also say that we have it in stage one sleep go to sleep or at the end stage or just about to get up please
it's constantly changing and developing exactly scientifically you know which is the most important cycling terms of dreaming it is a fact so if for some reason you're not getting your full sleep cycle you not going through the REM State you either do not remember your dreams do you think I even have dreams
so that
interesting things about is the scientific study of Dreams coached Debbie Spector Weisman
We Are Spiritual Beings having a human experience
welcome to Unity online radio
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create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to Everyday Beast with dr. dravon James
we are back and we're talking about dreams and we have a dream life coach with us today it's a very talented super multi-faceted Debbie spekter Weisman and we're talking about dreams were going to go to our caller who's been patiently waiting
thank you you're on the air with every day peace dr. Dre Bond James and our special guest W Icemen how are you today very fascinating to the first question is one if you having a dream that then let's say you're awakened can you is it possible to go right back into that same dream that's question number one and the number to our dreams really random or can we sort of dictate what was going to dream about
fabulous questions can you go back to the dream yes you can what
it's often effective and then I can't say 100% that's going to happen with that you can that is going to work all the time not necessarily one way that you can do it though and techniques I recommend for people who they have trouble remembering dreams
if you have an alarm clock set the alarm clock on snooze and set it for maybe a half hour before you normally get up
go back to sleep
and then when it goes off go back to sleep again and then not so there's no Netherworld state it helps refresh whatever dreams you or I can help you remember the dream it's it's one possible way to do it and the other question was about and saw you text me
can you control your can you tell your dreams random am I said he's still here I'm sorry I think she bation and a technique for doing this is it takes a little bit of effort that it's worth it especially if it's something you really want to get an answer to a question first you start off journaling what it is you want to get an answer before it what you want to get out of your dream where you can
boil it down to three or four words that boy than the essence of the dream then when you go to bed it's like I said you could do three declaration play tonight I wanna further with me and you say tonight I'm going to dream. Whatever those three or four words are that you came up with that over and over to yourself as your starting to fall asleep this will help promote it and can't guarantee you that you do this one in between the pork first time it may take a couple of times especially if it's not something that you know you do all the time but this is a way that you can get a answer to something that is
and I just want to add to it I love that question our dreams random or do you have some control over them because in this space I can't is the space just before you fall asleep there is a term for that but just before you doze off to sleep in your between wakefulness and this going to sleep phase it with your conscious mind is starting to relax I really know that that communication with the subconscious and the repeating of those three or four words as you know that you want the answers to that's been better than that subconscious in the subconscious just really obeys it doesn't do all that still true that the conscious mind does it just really says okay this is what you want this is what I'm going to give you right and so it's at the greatness
even if you don't remember your dreams your dreams are working for you and I I love to quote one of these very great modern dream workers with the late great Johnnie Taylor all dreams be quiet. In going to a charity and solve problems think about it how many times have you gone to bed kind of soon trouble they'd be troubled about something and you get up the next morning and you're feeling great so you had a dream that help you resolve whatever that issue was I don't have to do anything it just it just happens
Arkansas voting for us all the time
isn't it amazing well I want to thank you for calling it as you're one of our regular so it really thank you for that to being just a true-blue everyday Peacemaker and thank you so very much and I will look for that spending time with you again next week or something you just hit on which is really good is that it when you go to sleep but they don't hear it is all this wisdom from the elders right cuz I can remember my mom my grandmother saying when you are very very upset about something it was a why don't you go lie down for a little while and I always thought it was you no lie down stop the crying but in this is even in my teenage teenage years or younger adult years you know those are very a lot tearfulness during that time. 2:00 and and that line. I love what you said during that time. When you're lying down and you're and you take that into the dream
you wake up and you do they sell your phone so much better when you get up and I love the idea that the reason that you feel so much better is that when you took that situation into the dream your dream the resolution was there and it lifts some of that heaviness off of you if you will allow yourself to rest and that's that steak and not push so hard I find it when we get energetically aligned with life we realize that pushing really hard is not necessary everything that we need is our ear we just need to ask a special sleep on it yes
it helps you so much more so yeah I love you give us some tips about the call that sleep hygiene when I talk in in the healthcare world you know some of the things to add to the Sleep hygiene will know that we shouldn't you know you don't want to drink an hour before you go to bed. Get into the bed light prepare your mindset for bed new turn off you're technology turn off your television just get into the silent space and that's great and I love the idea of you know just making an affirmation declaring that you are going to remember these streams whatever the dream as we dreamed you know if and I want to say this because of one of my people that I spoke with mentioned about having insomnia and you did hit on that that you really do have to have this healthy sleep you got to be cycling through the sleep sleep cycle in order to have the healthy dream-state so really working through it through your issues with insomnia will help
to improve your quality of dream recall is it with that would that be fair to say Debbie applications that impair a REM cycle how do you say things like Oprah I need to be aware of a message and tell you if you don't cycle you should be able to drink and recall your dreams are so very important so I want to go to this and it will be before we go out because I don't want to know I'm you are a dream life and you work with people in it and tell us a little bit about what you do is a dream I've coached and how people can get in touch with you
sure I work with people like a life coach should have somebody who is in the stage of their life where they're looking for answers answering the question that is my purpose by Passion if I stupidly work mostly with women who were in a life stage change going to retire what's the relationship or empty nesters for there are in a new stage of life and not quite sure where they should go with it I find working with dreams is the fastest most direct way to get the answers to those problems so first I look at people and helping them remember teen center stand the dreams and the using the knowledge of that dream to to help them get into the direction of where they want to go next and I have some other
also cuz it's always at the end about and still in SoCal yourself confidence self first and then do some detective begins with understanding or James sing with them before we go into understanding on how can people contact you I know you say you work with women who work with men as well
yes yes. And if you go to the website you'll see that I do offer a complimentary dream Discovery session where I was able to assure complimentary session with you to help you understand you and help you figure out no clue you want to go and then if you're interested in going to a coaching program from there which takes it much further much deeper
I like that it just seems to fit into something that you could do remotely using technology very nicely work is remotely and I think also for our listeners who have questions about their journey in life because I know as a woman and as a woman who is emptying her nest my oldest child turn 20 over the weekend and so we do get into the space we were wondering what next even though we may have some idea but you know
we we get confused a lot. Let's just say it plainly right we're able to help everybody else and their Journey but when it comes to our own thing because we've been so externally Focus for so long raising a family in doing career and we have a passion but we can't really put our hands on how to do it and maybe we're not able to recall our dreams I think it would be ideal for that person to call as well because we are all dreaming if you're sleeping we are dreaming and if you're especially if you're having a healthy sleeping you're going through the rim in the cycle of sleep their dreams in there so if yours if your listing you're saying oh I would love to have my my dreams
interpreted or help me to understand my dreams but I'm not dreaming don't I think you should not be a shy about calling cuz you'll find that you'll be able to improve your ability to recall your dreams let's talk a little bit about how do you understand your dreams we mentioned early in the first half of the program that the dreams don't come and just like a sentence like we're talkin now they're really easy like that sometimes they are sometimes they are not for me I've know that sometime I had a dream
a one-year my life I will never forget it and it occurred exactly the way the dream occurred many months out and it was exactly like the dream occurred but oftentimes I'll have these dreams and I'm Michael what does that have to do with anything and that's it my my conscience date how do we go about understanding our dreams were of different techniques that are available and I kind of do some pretending on what the dream is cuz every dream is different but they some of these things to the first whole again
write down your dreams once you have it written down one of the things to do if you have a long dream but people is wrong at the Dreamhouse
ask yourself this question I've always come up with the I don't think about it just come up with the answer ask yourself if this were a book what would be the title of the book I just called to the answer that helps you pinpoint what part of the dream is the most important part to you
I get it. It's what you get somebody and Shirley dream West it started in in her house and then she went to someplace else and he's up in his card and I asked her if they went on a lot of things I would you title it and the way she title it showed us that important part of the dream with the part that's happened in the garden and we will when we were in the explore it further is Chief Keef symbol that symbols will be the different things that happened in the dream theater's objects during the dream people who are in the Dream Events living the dream and you you make a list of it you go one-by-one and ask yourself
if you have a dream about car in cable what is the score mean to me you can look up the meaning of car in a dream dictionary for a Jetta meaning but the most the one that's going to do is the one that
means something to you so you can save what is a car mean and you're right that down I don't say there's a person in Jean and it's somebody you know it may not have service I have to do with that person because one of the things you like to say that dreams as it's every
part of a dream represents an aspect of yourself so you might have somebody in the dream you mean it may not mean to dream about that person and they need it if you've got some aspect is that person is important to you what is the wisest person mean to me
see if you can have we like to call the aha moment where you looking at it you say these things to yourself you looking at it and then see if something comes up first thing you want to do is ask yourself is there anything in the Stream that relates or something it's going on in my life right now cuz most of the time
Adrien X Factor but we did today before she said they've been happening since I've been the day before something is going on in our life and we could find that relationship
making sure the meaning of why do I have to stream now because if she was telling me something about this event you know whether I need to take a different action and I took that I took a new action but I have to accept something whatever the dream is
that will give you the answer to that and that's one way of looking at it another way sometimes like I'm ladies people I can drive really short Jean just might have
a couple of symbols on them instead of doing that I could just spend the time and meditate on that symbol really
everybody is simple in me to give me so much sense of what does this means to me why I'm having the street now why is this symbol coming into my life at this moment if you take the time to be in quiet thought about it answers will appear it's another way sometimes in this is just one fun thing to do so she could do working at the group
you interview one of your symbols
this isn't a detective came up with where you pretend like you you're in a director's chair and your symbol is sitting next to you on the director's chair and it takes you on the show and we'll just like this one and you're interviewing the symbol vlkay you came into my life was it you that you just keep asking questions as a little absurd but it really works and I seen some incredible breakthrough is happening from doing this type make one of the fun things again something to do when you're working with a group to do a Dream Theater where
if you have a dream you have a lot of simple can you assign the different people in the group to play parts of the dream and then they act out the dream and the person who had the dream watches all these people opting out the dream and again it seems like it's something that really wouldn't work but it really does the tree Market normous information from actually seeing somebody acting as a dream is just a couple of the Blazer
good into what a thing going on inside that dream and I like the fact that these are your personal dreams right so two people it sounds like to me what I'm hearing two people could have the same dream and it would mean something different for each one of them depending on which of the symbols or aspect of the dream stands out most for them because I had forgotten about something until you just said that you know you could book in a dream book right and then you'll see all of these this is what this means and this is what that means but then as you're looking at that
you something will stand out to you the most and I really had to say in this is for the mind that that works out great Vons mind you have to really quiet that conscious thinking my which seeks to manipulate sometimes tried to try to fix the wheel so it lands where you want you really have to to quiet that because the answer is in the silence and you can you know you just do this body scans and your eyes are where does that resonate with me are there it is and then you realize that that's that is what that's meant for me and somebody doesn't have the same dream but that part of it doesn't resonate with them they're meant to focus on a different part this is so that is so true and I forgot to mention we packed you but the most important thing is your emotional reaction to the only just
your emotional reaction to the trading when you wake up but what is your emotional reaction are you having to drink those are incredibly important in terms of figuring out what she means to you and I have a dream about you know you're at the beach
you can see if you wake up feeling pretty happy about it is a pleasant experience being there or you can be at the beach and you wake up feeling terrified what cuz you know something in the dream that impression and I totally changed its all meeting at the drink
how do you spell critical is critical and speaking about emotions we have about 5 minutes left in them but there's so much we can talk about this topic I hope to do it isn't is riveted by it as much as I am dreaming or not something that someone else gives us they come from within us and they are your personal guide your subconscious communicating with you through your dreams to help you answer those questions that remain unanswered or maybe answer anyway maybe your solution was not going to move you in the direction that you really desire to go your subconscious knows that all this to become with all this wiring we are so magnificently made but what about nightmares a person has a dream and it's a very unpleasant dream and they refer to was a nightmare is there a message in there what do they do with those nightmares
sing about the cap'n's you which sounds so counterintuitive but basically I might my kind of cake on nightmares he's right you know what we dream all the time I just said we dream all the time and very often because she's is something going on you have a good good father you have an issue or something you're getting dream so they're giving you some insight about this but you should not pay attention to your dreams you had to just go away you know about it to me but nightmares your subconscious say hey I gave you all these nice dreams are going to give you the answer to this problem if you want to scare you so you can actually pay attention to this deal with it
do a and also a nightmare in that trench is an unfinished dream because it is so scary in this for disturbing you know you don't want to be left with that but it's telling us that we have to pay attention to something so what we need to do when when we want to actually use the nightmare to our best efforts is to again right down nightmare like I'm a dream cuz it is a dream look at it and then ask yourself
how would I like to change the title to empower me
I'm so we want to be empowered so you can actually do something cool to be requesting where you and your conscious State can change the ending of The Nightmare to something a power Shield that put you in a positive frame and turns it around so that it works for you instead of being against you no going back into the dream and that's another thing I'm telling you guys all of my childhood there was some pearls in their my mommy says they will go back and finish it on the way that makes you feel comfortable and so that we have this ability to do that and I love something that you said which we know is everyday peacemakers is that when things show up that make us uncomfortable which nightmares are one of those it causes us to Super Focus that super Focus serves a purpose a we are hyper-focus to know when things are going well sometimes we can be a little flighty and are mine
is all over the place but let there, problem your life at least it gets your attention and you hyper focused now that thing here is to now take it one step further and learn how to hyper focused in such a way that you're hyper focused on the solution which is in this we're talking about dreams right now which is looking at aspects of that dream because in the end that dream is that just the excuse me please come to be helpful to you we were at the top of our our right it's gone by so fast we have to have Debbie back but thank you all for being everyday peacemakers I'm Doctor Trevon James will be here next week exploring ways to live a life of Peace everyday
you've been listening to Everyday teeth for dr. Avon James you have the power right now today is it make the decisions to take the actions that lead you to your next level of greatness and I would love to hear some ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me at info at Dr Graber on enroll in my online university course to 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International in role of the brilliant life 9-week online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at the back to Cleveland James. Calm purchase my book Freedom is your Birthright from Amazon thank you for being everyday Peacemaker I absolutely love you
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