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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, July 13, 2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Holistic Skin in the Summer, and How to Access Your Full Power

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Holistic Skin in the Summer, and How to Access Your Full Power

Leading natural esthetician Amber Rose Johnson explains the benefits of dry brushing and how to keep your skin looking great in the hot summer months. Plus, Angela Wilson, Ph.D., known as the Mind Power Lady, gives tips on how to unlock and utilize your unconscious mind.

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welcome to Everyday peas with dr. dravon James
hello and welcome to our show I'm Dr.Dre Bond James and this is everyday piece well I got to tell you I am super excited to be here with you today as we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday piece defined as wholeness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality I want you to imagine right now where you are in the space that you and right now I want you to imagine you your life piece
yes everyday peace is possible yes you deserve every day peace and yes you can have every day peace we work together on this show to bring you the topics and the guests to partner with you as you create as you consciously or going to talk about unconscious today create your life up the beat day peace I'm super excited to bring the show to you guys today if you can sit down and grab a pen and piece of paper you will not be sorry and if you missed our interview with Troy your butcher I encourage you to go to the archives and listen to this interview Troy talked about turning pain the pain of losing a loved one into our no matter what I believe sorry about the sweet by-and-by
we know that when it comes to the matter of making our final salute our final Earthly farewell we feel a sense of pain and loss Will troia provided useful tips for converting the pain of losing a loved one into Power if you miss that show you really need to go back and listen to that this is a topic that will touch all of our Lives you can access the entire library of shows including this particular show by subscribing to Dr.Dre Von James everyday piece podcast on Apple Spotify Google play in Stitcher or you can listen to the shows on the unity online radio. Org website another great place to access everyday piece content is by visiting our new and improved a website which is dr. Dre Bond James. Calm the website includes trance
types of past shows words of wisdom and encouragement it includes excerpts from my book Freedom is your Birthright it has contact information they are men many of you have reached out to me via my email so that's fine that's that's no problem with that but if you go on the website you'll find out how to book me for events there how to find out about more about life coaching so I've got some of those questions coming through the Facebook page I mean through my email and that's absolutely fine through Facebook too but you can also find out a lot of information here by just going to doctor Trevon James. Calm and you can get free courses there as well so if you hadn't been to the website I encourage you visit Doctor drayvon book market so you can visit often this week we have a fabulous show for you and I mentioned at the very start that if you don't have a pen and paper I'm going to ask you to do that because this is going to be one of those shows that you're going to be going to have a lot of ah ha moment in a in a lot of great tips for every day tips
in the show so we are going to have our first guess is every doctor Angela Wilson better known as the mind power lady she is going to give tips on how to unlock and utilize your unconscious mind our second guess today is going to be the leading natural an esthetician Amber Rose Johnson is going to be with us to talk about the benefits of dry brushing and Skin Care in the hot summer months so I can hardly wait to talk about these amazing topics but first we're going to talk about our everyday peace moment and if you haven't listened to our leadership series I encourage you to visit the doctor dravon James Facebook page and check out the seven days series on leadership the feedback we receive from that Series has been incredible and has led to this every day peace moment today we are talking about the definition of a leader the definition of leader it may
surprise you to know that most people do not see themselves as leaders and as a result they do not take advantage of opportunities to grow their leadership skills people say things like when I get promoted or would I start looking for a new job I'll think about leadership training but the truth is we're all leaders John Maxwell one of my favorite speakers an author's offers a simple definition for of leaders he says a leader is someone who has influence a leader is not defined by who you influence or how many people you influence a leader is anyone who has the capacity to have an effect on the character or behavior of someone or something we all have the capacity to have an effect on someone else and dust we are all leaders that's right stay-at-home moms retired adults people working on
cite a job that was working virtually yes even our children are leaders learning how to see yourself as a leader is a game-changer trust me on this this shit in your self perception changes how you conduct yourself and it changes how you are perceived by others your next level of greatness in your health your wealth in your relationships is directly connected to your taking an executive leadership position in your own life I want you to do this simple exercise take a blank sheet of paper and across the top right this phrase people I have influence for the! Then jot down the names of the people that you have had an effect on their lives then at the bottom of that page on the back side that faces your going to have a lot when you sit down and you really do this exercise
and you think about the lives that you have touched either with your words or actions just by being you use influence something in their lives you at the bottom of that page I want you to write this simple phrase I am a leader
you are a leader begin to see yourself in that light you are a game-changer in your life so that is our everyday peace moment and we're going to go right to our first guest dr. Angela Wilson served in many roles mindmatrix specialist human body technician Transcendence coach and a certified training professional provider a Serial entrepreneur celebrity interviewer Amanda Carreon Actavis Global peace and stability Ambassador Animal Welfare Advocates International speaker author actress and more and in her own words she says all roles I have I serve our for one single person that is to rise by lifting others welcome to the doctor Dave and James everyday piece show dr. Wilson we're so happy to have you
45 packages of your audience we are in for a treat today that you know we need you for a whole year I got to tell you because you do so much and you you're you're you're you're welcome knowledge is so amazing but today we were talking about tapping into the unconscious and we don't really hear that term a lot we hear about tapping into the subconscious and the spino the subconscious as they are and you know and that is the part is really running the conscious mind what you're talkin about tapping into the subject into the unconscious mind today in order to move through this the pandemic before we get into that tell us what is the unconscious what is that we know the conscious we know the subconscious what is the unconscious
okay if you Google you can find her birth and then you can see all got the ice. He's a metaphor for the for the my 10% is consciousness that's all original in the sauce and study the other 10% is a subconscious and the one most people talking about 10% of the Hawaii but the question is the rest to 10% the rest is 80% to 80% is the unconscious mind if I go to the hospital and doctor maybe know that's a patient the loss of conscious and professional
experts working all the psychology do not need to tap into the unconscious mind what happens is because all I'm conscious mind is hurt things and that the iPhone supplies actually Domino's menu feel like I was conscious or subconscious and our whole body is somehow it's a human being a leave it on the trends of traffic from the first to the death if it's a reason why people want a Batman for somebody male leadership we are like a zebra like like at Thomas being controlled by the unconscious mind
I love the fact that you know here we are we're doing all of these human things and we're trying with our conscious mind was only 10% right and then we get into meditation and we were tapping into the subconscious mind again only another 10% so we're really only using 20% of our mind and most of us don't even do a regular practice to get into the subconscious so but you're saying that 80% is left untapped unless we learn how to tap into this unconscious mind and utilize the energy that is there an in and work with that energy we won't really have the life that we desire and on some level I really do get that I understand that I hear that but it is kind of you know the idea that
unconsciously 80% so that's driving the train that is really that's the driving force behind what we do what we think we feel
to know that that much that much is left on tap is is is phenomenal to know that that's still out there unutilized by us
just under how old is Ian Coast my word is connected with a Canon EOS on burst of that even when we die cuz only only only because we don't in control
the Heart by the universal energy to work and the other to control the Earth because wait he was he so hard on medication because I'm seeing the real world they do need a visa to run your business so it's on your life you have no precious time to me one day to 10 days to the medication and let some of the people came to me because of meditation.
mental health issues
right so yeah and I and I get that you know we see you do you can't I used to have this phrase I just tell people that I had to learn how to get myself together in the carpool line meaning that I didn't have all day to sit in meditation that cuz I really had to get about the business of everyday living which included taking care of kids going to work a job and all of these other things and I love I just want to backtrack just a little bit you mentioned about this living in fear from the Cradle to the Grave right we're living in this Perpetual fear so are you saying that if you're tapping into the unconscious does it free us from living in this Perpetual state of fear
yeah okay I smart way to take over the control arm cost apart I'm working on us us version or you know what happens you have people stopping by because panic attack and the people even have the sleepwalking
Duluth package of life better than when we met at a time when we leave the party and the horrible things happened okay he is in way he's working on your whole body system and protect all the tests today. Today is a right way that's what I teach my programs for hacking the hyper you don't need to worry we talked about the picture of how emotional House Pizza House the men don't we take care of well we take care of our patients that's all the human body system is most of us about the body still have no clue how this Doom
Reedy work human body actually is a chance to our emotions to our thoughts he's manipulated and coffee pot
so what we do is make sure all the energy report between different sorts between emotion between different parts of the body and the house even though they still working together in alignment with all what we do every day from the parade go to the desk once we are able to do that we are able to generate the power every day when we will never feel like you know like a way to rely on vegetation guess we can take medication is a life. What happens when we are able to do we are actually activating The Monkey King knife in low- function
imagine you know if you are busy fixing your emotion for 2 hours 2 hours you're bothering you mix time to face the other parts of your body and a Mustang as it was a simple ization that's the time you were able to take over the control of our horses not because I'm working with stabilized and all different parts of the body and the octopus
okay so I've got it sounds fascinating and what I'm getting from you is that it's a whole body system and I think we talked about that understanding how the whole the whole back what we was feet have that understanding to working with the whole body system then we are tapping into the unconscious mind and we can get have have the results that we want is you say you know you may not need medication anymore you don't feel drained those of us are empaths and all that can happen a lot or when you're doing your coaching or working with people if you're an impact sometimes you take on that energy and you feel really drained after but
getting into this whole body system and having the synchronized system as you say and being able to hack that I got to tell you just listen to it makes me feel this a little drained because I'm thinking to myself that is
that's a lot of work it seems like it's a lot of work and a lot of mind power it do you find that this this is a whole nother level of mine power or is it learning how to let go in the conscious mind because consciously is I'm as I'm listening to it seems like it's a lot of mine power but I know that subconsciously in my own training I would think that the process is through letting go but I don't know if that's in line with what you're saying if we're talk about synchronizing these systems are we learning also to just let go
okay let me clarify one thing okay I see maybe I'll switch you wrong what I said is the way you do not need to rely on that pays a lot of medication okay people who are trying this technique okay to health issue I am currently working towards to maybe a one day at a pharmaceutical company in 1428 you know they take the medicine please add any deposit to the ankles of mine then the patients will take us to go pee as well get another level
Odessa to sector you know patience is working with the pharmaceutical company and maybe I'll just sign it looks like hydrate yeah that's to show me people talking about the positive and a positive thoughts and positive psychology and the Let It Go I share with you this is a self-hypnosis adults eat the web just left as any just okay I don't want thing cuz I don't say it it doesn't mean it's not exist
I'll tell you that wasn't you such thing as last year young entrepreneur he he actually was called The Eagle Mart off of American nice person he was totally single positive so neither in The Jeffersons TV show
when was the electric sewing machine and their kids into pieces and by his personal assistant and that's why it happens at these luxury house why is like that because he's lying to think of a single all the Paw that you think he's go and that even death assistant already did some pricing financially to his company and still allows him get close to it to himself as the least he needs to check and a yeah you can find a new and the you will see the video when you say our when you heard a guy talking about the death complicates the work on the body yes you're right he's very complicated that's why I'm the only one
forward and share that you know everyone's those who work on the coaching counseling you know you know. They try to get the part and what I feel with you but it's because it's too complicated and the News a lot of the word and then they see I don't see anyone else is getting that part that's why you can see people try to go to Healing indictment Awakening then they're all the crap is going to help either why because you're so many times was behind the fence behind saying through the eyeballs with mods working with me I take over their work I take over to work because I already know what's going on in the unconscious much I helped them to identify all the roof out so I make the job either they don't they cannot make you happy
they are only working on what they already know but do not take control of the 80% iPhone to my friends and I want to recommend a book and the and the read the books cannot find a solution what Napoleon she has interview the energy control the whole world and the interview was caught in the medical call the devil
songs of Cradle to the Grave you know how I will be there to situated so many step up and get this because you do teach this you walk people through this hacking the system so that they could connect to the sun Consciousness 80% of our brain 80% of our existence into really ease the pain and suffering how can our listening audience connect with you because the work you're doing is phenomenal
okay thanks I get to wish me through social media then you build a search doctor and Joe Wilson
call my Paul lady they can find me on Facebook listening and I also called me and my website is called have to leave the key. Calm the pasta thank you for being our special guest today we have a lot to learn from the unconscious mind
Cypress Mitsubishi
all are welcome
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create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to Everyday Beast with dr. dravon James
welcome back to the doctor dravon James everyday piece show I'm super excited about this second portion of our show because we're talking about the largest organ in the body the skin and the skinny we live in right the skin we live in and we have a phenomenal phenomenal of esthetician with us today we've had her on the show before so you know when we bring somebody back is because they are just amazing and he just really couldn't get everything they have to offer all in one talk and we have Amber Rose Johnson with us today welcome to the show Amber
thanks I'm glad to be back yeah we're so super excited to have you know I still remember our interview back in the winter and I would love for you to come back and get started on the topic and before we get into talking about dry Brushing in the benefits of that just a little bit about you know what I know your story I read it on your website which is just gorgeous how you got into this natural skin care just can you skip a little background about that
absolutely so I was obsessed with skin care to very early age My grandmother used to watch QVC and HSN so we was watch all the skincare shows and I just was fascinated by it and then I decide to start making my own skin care at about 12 which was pretty disastrous but it was very fun and I had very bad acne and cystic acne and I had a dream to make a cure for acne and I end up going to doctor Fulton's who is very famous you wrote the book acne RX he also made of benzoyl peroxide Retin-A mandelic acid by the very famous ingredients brilliant man he passed away but I was very light make a joke you never hired me I never left which is a true story I was just quiet at 14 and he taught me everything about acne but the problem was I got to see the medical side I was someone who's very natural I never had meat my life of course would never do animal testing and I found out that
the medical products especially in the 90s were all animal tested so I work very hard and trying to help him clean up his line and at the same time I worked at a little health health food store called Mother's Market which is pretty big now in California but Mother's Market was a cute little hippie Market that all the natural products and I got to see both world to call integrative I learned the natural side I'm in the medical side that kind of took a little bit of both and don't my business off of that so that's what we should all do organically right you took you took the best of all the experiences and then you develop something that is absolutely wonderful which is your skin care line and what you do and how you help people with reparative skin issues and in diskin and in general so I'm super excited to have the opportunity to talk with you and we talked and you do holistic skincare so that is always something that I think that's it's catching on really is catching on paper
just didn't products that don't have animal testing testing they're interested in more holistic approach to skincare least that's what I'm saying right now in the last five years I've seen it's just phenomenal they used to be when I used to do events and things and people that were vegan and organic and sure they go oh no I want real stuff that was like so I almost was like I can't believe people don't get it in about 5 or 6 years ago social media people started you know documentary of seeing what the first of all what they do animal testing is horrific left one layer and then all these Speedo horrible ingredients that are banned in everywhere but America there's no regulation and they're realizing how toxic these are from liver failure to I mean serious serious chronic Health to breast cancer lot of these murders are linked to lot of cancers and then it's usually when their mother or their sister or them get cancer is when they really do the research and go oh my God has the product
jobs are toxic themselves the saddest part is probably more people are sick than ever in the last few years and they also are educated themselves and had more people go he clean or vegan and you know I'm really sorry about their gut health in there. Bio and then our skin or gut are the same thing so if your skin is great is our God is great if your skin isn't good it's goes down to gut and then there's like mental health in self talk is all these things that really like trying to like you know your skin is giving the signal to something's going on if you have gout or if you have a fungus or it's all got related people can go get a steroid or cream or go to the doctor that is just a Band-Aid that is not fixing the problem so my whole goal is teaching people to like look for the signs and really heal themselves from within
oh I love the fact that you brought up about the gut but I wanted to say something to women in my age group all my gosh but I hear a lot of times about a lot of the products for menopausal women a lot of the skin care products cleaning products even those products and mimic estrogen in the system right until there is his big push now women are just times when all natural products because you know I don't want all this artificial things changing but adding things to the body so that is amazing that you were ahead of the game
yes and I know about parabens since the 90s this was my Mother's Market was this amazing little Hub of crazy people coming who are coming from near and far looking for all these healthy didn't exist before the internet and I learned about you no GMOs good for us at the size of this conspiracy theory older fine they're safe you know this parabens old working or being silly they're fine and we're fighting like you said a memory estrogen or not just affecting women men are getting breast cancer men are getting way too much estrogen is making them in a little harder for women to get pregnant and affecting men and women across the board is very sorry but yes this almost all the all the stuff it like you know department stores are really an order cleaning after ask but it is taking them way too long
cuz they've known about this a good twenty-five years and there really are just now starting to feel their act so that's why I feel so honored to know that even today in 2021 right we will hear things and we'll say all that snow that's just over exaggeration and then it comes out 10 or 15 years down the line that oh my gosh that was true you know you'll go back in a call to do natural natural Mystic people and all this they were saying that way back when and they were already deciding to remove that whatever that substances from their lives so there is a lot of Truth to what we're saying today is that this holistic skincare and you mentioned about as the skin goes so the gut goes and that is so true I think we missed it and I've been no promises 4 3132 I get I get confused and sometimes how many years it's been a long time
so we miss that sometime and I'm a person who also has cystic acne is as a young person and then down the line it decided that I had an autoimmune disorder and major gut issues and clear up the gut issues the skin cleared up and a lot of things started happening better in my life and it really goes down to this is a whole body system or talk about that is a whole body system in a holistic approach is going to be necessary if we're going to have healthy skin and who doesn't want help the school I want help us get to the dry brushing for that we left off there many many months ago so people were bringing you up to after speed if you're not drive rushing should you be dry brushing Amber Amber and what is it oh yeah so dry brushing is a very old amazing treatments at that has been done forever and is trending again which is really exciting I did it when I was younger
dry brushing really helps the lymphatic system and the lymphatic system is something that's not talked about pretty much it's the non self is a non self pumping system so just like everything else in our body like a blood is pumped your heart our body all knows what to do with the blimp is a very very interesting system only way the system actually gets moving as when we move so a lot of people or there's some people who are born with lymphatic issues that's a separate thing with a normal healthy person even when we're walking while swinging your arms or believe or not when women were walking our breasts are bound that is actually pumping the lymphatic system but guess what happened we all have underwear feel underwire bras tight bras are boobs don't jiggle we're not women walk with our hips with people still are lymph system actually get stagnant
also you can horses were hunched over steering wheel all day were hunched over computer the worst lymphatic systems are in cyclist there hunched over their bikes and they're shortening that they're cutting off that lymphatic drainage and that lymphatic drainage is literally what removes toxins helps your immune system removes water weight gloves people with puffy and I'm a bigger girl but what I do is I have never seen such sweet spot what I'm taking care of my lymph system I look thinner even I'm a big larger woman I don't look puffy I don't look and then if I don't take care of it which happens and I'm a single mom I just look so much better when I do so quick trick is with dry brushing is believe or not you start with your left side that's a sign that your body drains on and you just take him a natural bristle brush to be honest with you you can use a towel you could use a real Corvette natural bristle brushes is the real way but there's a point where it doesn't really matter
some people even use those he's like a little Korean like other very popular like a scrubber that they use to exfoliate before you actually do this dry and not wet people don't usually like the synthetic ingredients but to me I said I'd rather you lightly exfoliate and help the lymphatic system than nothing at all so anything kind of harsh work but not that work scratches or skim but even a loofah you just go upwards towards towards your heart you started your feet and you slowly work your way up just kind of think of it like you're pushing fluid up your leg but you're really getting all the dead skin off going towards the heart and then you start with your right foot going towards the heart and then you do your aunt your left hand going up towards your heart and in your right hand and this is could take 3 or 4 minutes we're not talking this sounds like it could take an hour you could go to this really quickly and just get that pumping and then when you get in the shower
you can also follow when you're washing your body start with just massaging towards your heart with your left side first starting at your feet then your right side than your left hand in your right hand and that really just literally opened up something called a Watershed line under water so mine is where your body remove.
Wait I got to stop you right there because I don't want to miss the Watershed line okay so just for our listening audience so we're talking about this lymphatic system in that lovely know that we got to stimulate your brain for us but we've got to do the motion to get it to drain right and one thing I just learned here I didn't know if I would I think about cyclist I think they're you know they're moving your legs are going but it's the hunched over part that limits the lymphatic so that isn't that something to know that is not only Merriman right circulation so so cycling today for circulation Bludso's pumping but guess what it actually it actually hurts the lymphatic system so if anyone's a cyclist or they do a lot of things where it's just do they realize you're not really moving their upper body even put your hands over your head I'm laying down and put your feet up your head is fabulous for the lymph system but I also really starting to massage that area and like I said everything's towards to her
even your face after you open up the body you want a massage the face you literally go downwards towards your heart there's no really wrong way to do it I have people always get scared and want to get so literal I'm like if you are even behind your ears to start massaging behind your ears in the shower there's tons of lymph nodes and then just just drag that down towards your heart you just helps your body eliminate some toxins and it needed it I'm not even helps bags under the eyes puffiness in the face rubbing right behind your ears all behind your head and just draining that all the way down is so good for you it feels so good to always heard about it but never really knew what it was all about never took the time to really investigated into you were on the show a few months ago and started doing it feels so invigorating I think I just feel alert and alive after you after you do this process
then to know that not only are you getting that good feeling but you are getting this lymphatic drainage you are stimulating this the drainage of toxins from the body and so just going back to this term has hello The Watershed line right and that is this from is that just from when you were stroking rubbing up with stew or whatever you are moving towards the heart is that what city has the water shut down the water shed line the Watershed line runs right above the veins it almost looks like a veiny system if you ever Google a picture of a Watershed line lots of lots of little spots like under the chin behind the neck desert where are the lymph nodes are and then you'll see them where they actually drain have I asked I learned this from a I learned a lot about the lymph system young and then but I found someone who really just taught me very well everything clicked she owns a place in San Clemente and it's called Max l m a c s l maxed out one of the most amazing places in San San Clemente California.
advertised they don't you know there are really the small amazing place and there's like six or seven a massage therapist there and there that's all they do is lymphatic drainage there are amazing but if anyone ever has serious limp stuff the owner her name is Sylvia and checks you wrote the book on a she's drawing the actual lymph nodes of the pictures for a textbooks I mean This Woman's brilliant and I was very lucky that I got trained by her but I don't do body lymphatics I like to understand it I just do facials but when you understand the whole body or better a petition so once I tell people I'm not the expert I understand it I love learning about it and it's super important in the lymph from the facials make people look thinner so we get people ready for events and things like that but she's just amazing I actually love to have you have her on the show too because she tapped into some really deep stuff I mean now she goes into more autoimmune she works of doctor is dr.
place and works with some serious serious serious help things my my lucky place in life is that because I'm esthetician ice we see so many people when there is someone with these issues I know where to steer That's my kind of claim to fame with whatever things are going on with people I know a little bit about everything to get you in the right hands and then Sprite and I love that too because that's that's how we all want to know each other and try to keep things moving along with the correct course right cuz you don't want to do all this and make sure you get this holistic skincare and then go off somewhere else and and and kind of lose track of your holistic more natural approach to healing and which is really what we're talking about the approach to healing and to keeping your skin healthy because skin is the largest organ I was a sell-out know something of the largest organ in the body and understanding how to care for our skin in this hot summer months I know you're in California on the east
but it is hot here and just got an interesting conversation with somebody. Just want to make sure as hell but I'm Amber on the show tomorrow I'll mention it to Amber and one of the things that a friend of mine was saying yesterday is that she's conflicted about the use of sunscreen knowing that she needs to get the natural vitamin D from the Sun but then you know how to navigate with the sunscreen so maybe we could see if you could spend that money yes I would love to do that so this is a very real thing we are over some screening 100% most people sun damage is done when they were little do children need sunscreen especially if they're blonde hair and blue eyes has this amazing place in such a healthy way so depending on how much metal in you having your skin which of the antioxidant which is a natural sunscreen don't need a lot of sunscreen
you know not not where you're born but actually your bloodline effects what you need so when we're fine even have the foods we eat and meet certain ethnicities and allergies to certain things because they're so I'm a lot Darien Gary's most that so many people in so many ethnicities across the board are allergic to Dairy they weren't our bodies are 24 that that's another story but we are not getting enough vitamin D and decline this
so as far as sunscreen we're not getting enough vitamin D and the vitamin D only comes from the sun early morning sun is important so someone's worried about it I told you was right when the Sun rises believe or not they've done studies on sunrises and sunsets and they say after you have 30 days of a sunrise at were Sunset it's like Prozac it really helps serotonin it makes you feel good without to give you this vitamin D that you can't get anywhere else so if anyone ever suffer Steven some mental stuff and some skin look into sun rising and you can watch the sunrise or get really early morning son have the highest D and your body just loves it and you will not burn you know it's that doesn't harm and all this aging and all the stuff is 90% of his not true son or when you're early so if you're if you are like I said blonde hair blue eyes I have really bad sunscreen I mean sunburns as a child that it will affect your agents system now so it's not like it's
40 if I want to send myself too much if I had a sunburn I would so if you're going to go in the sun all day long of course wear sunscreen early morning sun gets the D and the the strength that you need to wear you only want titanium dioxide and zinc oxide everything else please throw away titanium and zinc oxide are mineral sunscreens only real sunscreen first of all Denali are the only ones that are good for the environment but also the only ones are good for your house and they actually found that most sunscreen causes cancer the most Sun screens are banned everywhere but America and I can't even tell you they're banned in Hawaii because only are they bad for the environment they're bad for your health and they cause cancer were using something to prevent cancer that causes cancer is so ironic I can't tell you so I can't it's okay but now you can buy
at Target I think it's you know CVS all these places $14 is fabulous I love it so hard to get you to go on using it from baby bottom rashes and you know things that makes you so it's only available I do want to go back to that point a lot of sunscreen is banned in other countries and it does feel touted as the way to protect our skin in this country so we haven't caught up with that yet but you you hit the nail on the head is pretty ironic that we use something that causes cancer to prevent cancer and so just being mindful of that and in handling herself accordingly when we're out in the sun I think will help us to get the benefits without the the the the possible sometime I think maybe over-inflated negative effects of the sun because the sun is very important we as a nation
vitamin D deficiencies are so prevalent right everyday is so abundant resource there is no reason why we should be missing out of this you know and I do know that a lot of times you're on that commute to work or what have you but on the weekends or whatever if you can get out there and catch that sunrise and you know it's worth it to a four-goal that sleep and go to bed a little earlier and O and end so that you can get out there and get that sun rise Sun cuz you are so right about the Amber that's the best source of it so yeah it is it it's amazing what we could do what has already been provided for us in the way of great skin care holistic skincare so let's talk a little bit about moisturizing the skin to because I have a friend who
doesn't use any moisturizer on that dry skin and waits and just then Slackers it with Vaseline once it once in awhile in a way it gets to be too irritating what what should we be doing as far as moisturizer with you know on a daily basis of products are very very harmful for you control the Vaseline is very fun for a little bit is okay Aquaphor something is coming had laser or little doses is fine but but please and there's nothing waste Rising about Vaseline what gasoline does do is put your body of missing for the second layer of skin so it does kind of help heal it temporarily but you really want to give your skin some oyster our skin is so smart I mean when I tell you it's smart I took people think of if you've ever been on a boat or went in the sun all the sudden your skin feels sticker it instantly knows that there's wind or you been skiing it feels.
cold in the winter it gets Tighter and thicker it's protecting ourselves our skin changes instantly the climate it is amazing so moisturizer is what it needs to work think of like kind for you as if we're trying to go on a jog but we forgot to drink water we get out crampy and you don't feel good or skin needs the moisture it's working for us all day long so I'm not talkin and aesthetically of course we look better when we use moisturizer but just for help you feel better if you said your skin your friends getting hurt because it's just dehydrated so antioxidants are my favorite thing vitamin-a c e r super great we have a serum called the AC & E serum facial in a bottle day is like when you don't have time for facial you use this every single day and it gives your skin that glow and not through facial around my company but even putting something like those kind of nutrients like a multivitamin under any moisturizer makes me happy
the good news is there's so many good products and natural food stores now that's and is it doesn't have to be expensive people have to spend a lot of money to get good products but yes moisturizer is a very important daily important to wash your face morning and night your face your skin repairs itself at night so when you watch the oil of the day in the sunscreen in the makeup and whatever you have and if you don't wear makeup washing your face kind of sets the tone and it dropped the night at can detox and do what it needs to do so our skin repairs itself every night and then that's why night creams are so important because when you get a little heavier it helps your body repair hydrate you wake up glowing a night cream can like change your skin on face around my company on something called whipped cream sleeping mask I'm not my favorite name it's just as whip you like cream mask but what it does is it repairs you while you're sleeping it does so much for the name represents I'm actually going to rename it because it doesn't make sense
Alexis tell me about that just made me smile how can our listeners connect with your brand and really take advantage of all that you have to offer for protecting the largest organ on their body how can they connect with you
so we do have a website and its facial that's facial one word and that's my company were based in Newport Beach California and Beverly Hills and we do have an online store so people can order anyting we also have an email which is hello at facial Lounge I make an email any questions we have people give us a list of ingredients that are allergic to that we have kind of customized something for them we are completely gluten-free we are completely vegan nut free so I cut out a lot of the allergies because we're just about to connect with natural holistic products for your skin and Dr.Dre Bond James will talk to you next week
you've been listening to Everyday peace with Doctor crazy Bond James you have the power right now today to make the decisions to take the actions that leave you to your next level of greatness and I would love to watch you on your journey here's the ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me again so let dr. Dre Ron James. Calm enrolling my online university course to 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International enroll in the brilliant life nine weeks online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at the Grapevine purchase my book feed him is your Birthright from Amazon thank you for being and every day Peacemaker I absolutely love you
thank you for listening this is Unity online radio the voice of an Awakening world
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