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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, August 3, 2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Grace and Grit with Sebastian Siegel, and Dating Smarter with Calvin Acker

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Grace and Grit with Sebastian Siegel, and Dating Smarter with Calvin Acker

Sebastian Siegel, writer and director of Grace and Grit, will be joining us to share the details of his new film. Plus, Calvin Acker discusses Glimpse, an app he has designed specifically for college graduates that targets both the physical and emotional components of dating.

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welcome to Everyday peas with dr. dravon James
hello and welcome to our show on Dr.Dre Von James and this is everyday piece I am super excited today to be here with you as we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday peace Define is wholeness completeness nothing missing nothing broken tote ality my goodness I want you just to close your eyes if you can if you can't keep them wide open but definitely take a deep breath and if you can hold it for just a second and then release it entirely I like to release it through an open mouth but at least it entirely person the belly all the way back to the spine and know this to be true because it is
yes everyday peace is possible you no matter what's going on in your external world hold complete nothing missing nothing broken totality that describes you yes you deserve every day peace and yes you can have every day peace everyday we work together on this show to bring you the topics and the guests to partner with you as you create your life of Peace everyday and I want to tell you I am super excited about our guest today but if you missed the interview last week with head and neck surgeon dr. Francis Parnell I want to encourage you to go to the archives and listen to this interview dr. Francis Parnell has been a head and neck surgeon for over 30 years he is a co-founder of the cost
attic and laser surgery Institute and co-founder of Parnell Pharmaceuticals Incorporated he served as United States delegate to the World Health Organization and I want to give you all of that because when I tell you this next piece of information I want you to know that this doctor print out is the real deal right on the show last week and he discussed and nasal spray that his company Parnell Pharmaceuticals developed and this nasal spray prevents you from Catching viruses including the Coronavirus
so it's over-the-counter you owe it to yourself to your loved ones to listen to last week's show find out about the nasal spray find out about how to get it if it's something that's appropriate for you or your loved ones you owe it to yourself there's a lot going on our community we want to stay safe we're encouraging people if you haven't given a lot of consideration to get in the back scene definitely do that he wasn't on the show you know saying that wasn't the case he was in this is something extra that you eat that we could do to protect ourselves so definitely encourage you to go and listen to last week's show and you can access that show with dr. Patel last week show and our entire library of shows by subscribing to the Doctor Dre LeBron James everyday piece podcast on Apple Spotify Google Play and Stitcher or you can listen to the mall on Unity online radio. Org
another great place to access everyday piece of content is of course on our website Dr.Dre Von where you can find encouragement and wisdom excerpts from my book fee damage your Birthright contact information free giveaways on courses everything that you can imagine a huge thank you to those of you who keep emailing me it's absolutely okay to do that to get free courses and or you can go on the site a huge thank you to those of you who reach out asking me how to get into my coaching programs right now we're doing a huge deal on our leadership coaching program so thank you for reaching out about that but you can also find that information on our website at doctor drayvon just put in your contact information and will get that out to you but it's a OK Google turn out at Trevon James at we absolutely love reading your emails and getting your feedback
well we are more than halfway through the year can you imagine and our listeners do our anthem for 2021 is what are we waiting for now today is the day to take action on the life of your dreams and today we have two wonderful guests that are going to help us focus on just that taking action to close the gap between where we are and where we want to be our first guest today will be Calvin acre I think I said that wrong cabin actor who is the CEO of glimpse a new dating app for college graduates and we have the writer and director of the newly released film Grace and grit Sebastian Siegel will be joining us as well today so before we get to our fabulous guess today we're going to kick off this time together with their everyday peace moment
and I want to tell you that I am truly honored to have the opportunity to gather as a group every week we are everyday peacemakers We Gather every week to explore the topics of everyday peace it is a blessing to have so many wonderful guess who contribute to our growth and development and I hope that you share my pride and being part of this everyday piece try this show is designed to inspire to teach to encourage and most importantly of all to shed light on a path to a door in your life that causes you to let go of yesterday and start on your journey today
no more waiting what are we waiting for nothing the world and how we achieve greatness depend on us stepping forward right now and doing this one very important thing Letting Go letting go there's I get emails and I work with people so often that are struggling in this department I want to tell you that I can relate there's there's this temptation this part of the brain that loves Surety and there is nothing more sure than the past right we were there we talked about her own personal past and the brain gets a delight in knowing all of the answers right so it knows the answers about what happened yesterday and sometimes it wants to stay there but we have to challenge yourself
go on that path to our desired future open that door get curious as to what's behind the door we're going to be talking over the next couple weeks I'm going to be giving you some tips that I use with my coaching clients and and when I speak but help people get on that path when we get some wonderful guests that do that but do you know that nothing happens until you do something we can have all the great guest we want to have here all the wonderful everyday peace tips but you are the most essential part of this program and you know we are all holding hands you know and we're jumping over that room if you will to our next level of greatness but you got to put your foot over that room you got to do that and so today we're talkin about letting go in this is going to be our theme for the next couple weeks maybe more as we go through this process of what are we waiting for we're halfway through
2021 guys we started off 2021 with the theme and we're continuing with the theme what are we waiting for so the first step that would about and letting go is deciding right now this is our action making the decision is an action verb for making the decision to take nothing personally because you know how that works at we get caught up thinking something is personal a personal attack we get caught in our feelings and we get stuck we become afraid so today make the decision
everything that happens whether it feels like it's a great thing or it feels like it's not a great thing everything that happens in your life today is happening for your greater good to help you open the door to your next level of greatness and that is our everyday peace moment we're going to go to our very first guest today our first guess is Calvin Walker CEO of Glimpse Glimpse is the new dating app created by Stanford UCLA and University of San Francisco undergrads is said to be changing the traditional dating app experience and offering and intelligent dating app for University graduates Glimpse combines the best elements of blind dating
and modern dating apps to help users find the life Partners they deserve welcome to the show Calvin
thank you so much I'm excited Beyond I am excited to have you ever telling you during the break that I have a college graduate and she's graduating 6 months and I was like you better listen to this show so tell me where are you first of all I think this is exciting we are are you in your in your college career with your are you coming fall
you know as a mom of two college students I got this big grin on my face because you just make me so happy my heart's going pitter-patter because I know your studies are rigorous and your you know you could be doing a thousand other things why what what prompted you to do this to take your precious time and created that dating app
that show and I started when I saw that one of my friends she was using Bumble and she had I want to take 30 matches and to act of conversations and I start to think about that and kind of listened to what people have been saying about dating apps and has compiled in those thoughts and obviously really built to get you an ego boost and get you excited every time you get a match that's kind of feel like a slot machine where you swipe on different users and I think they're attractive but it makes my back on you then you get to see your Boost of hey we both think each other attractive that's great as your kind of talking about that that's not something I was going to bring you everyday piece or anything really going to build you up in your life that's like a short-term band-aid and what you're looking for you know to find a find a healthy relationship can be what's going to be bringing some real value to life and so as you consider that more we came up with a new solution to what we thought could help create some better and deeper connections because
is really what people are looking for on dating apps and we want to rewrite that. Brain so I could because we'd seen the last year a lot of these social media apps aren't don't really have our best interest in mind and so are we saw that I was probably figured I'd make a big stuff and help people connect in a meeting for what
oh I think this wonderful and you know you did something that so many of my guests you started something wonderful with the idea of helping somebody else so I don't want to I don't want to miss out on that that Services where it's at you know you had a friend that was in this particular situation another app and you put your heads together and decided hey here's something we can do to maybe make this experience better so what is it that makes Glimpse different
there are a lot of baby that's out there right to the weather is kind of distinguishing the ones that you're interested in talking to so that's a little bit so just give each other and then you guys can start talking and the data on that it's just that no one really starts talking after that point so a lot of people have plenty of matches but there's no conversations happening so like an example of a stat on that is at 68% of first messages on OkCupid which is one of the leading dating apps don't get a response so that means that the vast majority of your first messages aren't getting responses not super wasted or what we did was we actually hide the the pictures and names of your match when the match was made and in for the next 20 messages you have to get some of that purse
blind dating mode and then you can unlock their profile until our goal number one was to incentivize conversation so now in order to get that unlock in that joy and kind of build open me and have seen who your matches and who's interested in you you have to get to have a conversation with them and get to know them and the number to it's just making it less superficial because the focus in this the second half after you now that is all about whether or not any emotional chemistry exists and that's where like the real connection is made the same conversation as in getting to know someone that's when you figure out what's most beautiful about someone to about that person and we want to bring conversation back to being the Forefront of dating cuz if he's met someone the real world that's going to be the whole Focus you're going to be kind of a mystery to them and then you're going to start talking and getting to know them and realize that you really want to spend more and more time this person and so we want to create a dating app that really mimics at rather than these kind of more slot machine and kind of machine he dating apps that are really aren't helping people
oh I love it so you trying to mimic real-life experience and there's nothing better than that but I got to come back for just one second about trying to take these notes really quickly but so you get to see the person in the person gets to see right that's that's the initial things you do get to see them you get to see if there if that's your physical type or whatever and then once and I'm just be saying it the way I understand it and I'm for those of us who may not be in your natural demographic we'll get to that in a second but I made age that people each person says okay yes I know I'm interested in this gentleman and so I sent him a whatever and then he accepts it and then after that are pictures go away
yeah so the whole goal is physical attraction is a really important step in in the mapping process because I could show you and I were talking to in a romantic sense and so we still allow that stuff that happened but then like you said won the matches made it shows up an hour after you guys both mutually accepted each other or say that you're interested in each other so it's out of your shorts are memory until it's almost impossible to remember exactly who that person is or what they look like and then it shows up under a fake name so we have a full fun list of generated names I think mine might be crazy TV or something like that I miss you up under a fake name you can't see the photos but you can see all of the written information if they have so it's in their bio their interest there school all of that information is there so there's plenty of formation to start a conversation with but you just don't know which person that you swipe on earlier at your mass with now
oh I love it you know and again you you so you have me smiling again because it it sounds almost like and I know it's you know dating is serious but it has that fun like game kind of you know energy to it and I think that that's going to be very attractive to younger people to because it's almost like a hide and seek to ensure you know you are you you would have went and now we really just get to formulate this this relationship based on our conversation which you know how novels that idea that's how it should be done we should be making these are based on the conversation right so I absolutely love that so tell us I know many people are listening right now because we're talking about this for our listeners this is the year of what are we waiting for nothing so I know we have listeners who are who had on their to-do list in 2021 to get involved in a meaningful relationship so what is your
ideal demographic
yeah so we have to have kind of nice if they purchase something I think long-term we are looking to expand out of but one of their concerns and dating right now is safety and tell 53% of women say that they don't think online dating a safe and that's just that's a really scary sadistic and something that we really want to step away from and kind of move on my didn't be safer if no one knew which limits to the app right now is we limit at the college graduates and so we verified one that I would you want the app is a graduate of the school if they say because I'm in Georgia called just before and background checks if we want to add a security of having those background checks in place and then we also want the added honesty of being able to see where someone with the college because if someone comes on and tells you that there are you know the top part surgeon that you asked and they can't prove that they went to college then that's a really tough story to sell until we want to come we want to increase that I last and security the app and saw as a result of that Glimpse Glimpse you have to be a college grad
good or in college and using you know it's a school email or some other form the verification you can join class but if anyone leaving College until the Point West are no longer interested in dating so the majority of people under the age of 65 are still interested in dating a little harder. Nothing's probably going to hate group really build up his community I think it's it's it's really anybody who's interested and it grows there will be plenty of people on there for every person who's interested to find someone like them or someone they're interested in
okay so and I love that
so what is
we talked about safety in a in the what that was one of the things I wanted to point to and ask about what and how safe do you think the app is have you had any people know come back and say oh you know this person got through the you know that the checkpoints in and they came back and they hadn't been to college and if they weren't done and we're not saying that going to college makes you safer just had this is one of the five who you think you are who you say you are
yeah yeah actually tell you that we have no issues with that yet so the original verification we're using was Wii U how to use your your University email or alumni email was closer by the one that you mailed those are given out directly by the schools and so those are you know hundred percent verifiable it's almost impossible to get 152 how many games has something by Sanford. You you tells us you went to Stanford it's verified by the anymore alumni that snap you one of those domains is it does very good their process and then the other thing now is you can submit their application and all of those as he received them back check them to make sure that I'm not spoiling a picture off the Internet and so I think verification process is pretty strenuous but we also want to make sure that it's not an interruption to people trying to join the app and find meaningful connection but in terms of its being a cancer
so far we definitely haven't ran into that we are we are trying to expand and find different ways to kind of increase of Stacy this is just the first step in our journey cuz you know that. That really is awful. I'm a Geordie of women don't think online dating is completely safe until we really really want to step away from that people out there who would do not go to college and are completely safe and we would love to have those people on the app as well as plenty of friends from back home who I want to get on the app and I want them to find people connection as well until having a college graduate college graduate education it's something that we want to find different alternatives to also have that kind of extra verification kind of an increase accountability because rather than it being tied to an email you made five minutes ago and it took two minutes to sign up for Gmail account it's it's tied to your alma mater it's high to where you went to school or you're always tax records
you're really making some serious mistakes have concern over their safety we're going to go to haller's because we have a call on line with a question or comment
see here
hello you on the air thank you for calling everyday piece did you have a question or comment for our guests today
yes I'm just actually two questions I have for my first question is along with that strenuous like process was just checking and verification you also offer like I don't like FaceTime video chat for like once you Matt able to start talking to you offer that like a little video chat where you guys can talk on that before changing numbers
we're really trying to get into but we do not have that in there yet so that is definitely coming down the line as I know that we don't want you to exchange numbers before you're comfortable with that until we are in the works right now I'm figuring something out but that it does not in the app just yet your ass what would you say is are so far what is your success rate and make like for a long-term matches like people who failing that off this app and we've been together for such and such and for all the all this time what would you say you're the greatest but at about 3 months ago about 15% more conversations extended past 20 messages then they're the only the biggest study done on dating house until we really send it to you that data
offensive success rate we did just launched last week officially so we do not have a giant pool of people who have not yet are we looking to you know go up and we're both extremely excited to hear the 6 come out of it but I do have one which is a good friend of mine actually just met his the girl that you met on glympse and they've been talking for a good little while from our path experimental that was exciting to see but yeah still still waiting to get some results on that I think a week is a little too short of a time for any proposals yet sadly
thank you so much for your questions there was a thank you for being an everyday Peacemaker we are going to go to our next caller
thank you you're on the air with everyday peace and Dr.Dre about games that are fabulous yesterday you have a question or comment
longer on there
hello hi yes we can hear you so I have a couple of questions the first question is sentience is geared towards college graduates and I'm sure that the demographic will show that made them a young what is the cost for this app just so is it affordable for like recent college graduates and also I'm are there any like hidden fees know some of these acts like you sign up for one thing and then in order to do this or do that you have to pay extra money and so I was just asking that's the first question I have
yeah that's a shame so the app is is Freddy is what we want able to connect in terms of joining and being with you can actually do that for completely free we do have featuring in the app that you're kind of increase your success rate so you can expand your mailbox so you can talk to a couple more people at one time at a time you can see if people who are interested in you you can there's a couple different features that are in there to that can help you if you are interested in kind of speeding up the process those are available for $30 a month but that's that's really just an upgrade of your choice if you kind of want to streamline the process and terms of having to stop on the app there's actually no need to do that everyone can pretend this is an exciting topic and I hear I hear the music playing I want to thank Calvin actor CEO of Glimpse please check out the app and get started what are you waiting for thank you for being a phablet
guest on our show today Calvin
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create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to Everyday Beast with dr. dravon James
welcome back I'm Doctor Trevon James this is everyday peace and you know we've been talking about our themed are used to be open that would that today what are you waiting for I am super delighted for this half of the show to bring to York against Sebastian Siegel best known for his role on Tyler Perry's The Haves and Have Nots and various guest-starring roles on TV series including Hawaii Five-O and lost Sebastian's been very busy he has just heat is the film writer director of Grace and grit which tells the true love story of iconic philosopher Ken Wilber and his wife Trail in 1980s California as they fall madly in love and are faced with illnesses and challenges that threaten interior to tear them apart Sebastian welcome to the show we're delighted to have you
it's great to be here thank you for everything that you're doing well thank you we were saying before that before during before the show came on during our break that you're in I don't want to give too much away I want you just to talk and tell us what you want to tell us about the the fabulous movie that you've done but everyone and I want us all to get this the time is now today is the day
today is the day take off the mask live the life take a deep breath get started cuz here we go this is life we're living it today and there is there some twists and turns to live near things that show up right Sebastian to your film is all about this and I want you to take the first tell us what what Drew you to the story of Grace and grit it's it's a it's a true story what Drew you to this story very much what you're saying and it's beautiful all the time is now and I appreciate your whole modus operandi UPS out that I'm getting gratitude for you for that for doing work at substantiv and when you say the time is now I think that we death is such an integral part of life experience if we put it out of the way right we put it in movies and music but it's really happened to us so far off in the future that we don't actually acknowledge
and life doesn't really begin until we confront our mortality good then life become sweeter by the gift of immortality but a gift of death in other words because the Embrace is going to end we get to appreciate it more so when you say the time is now how you were telling me earlier on the drive home if you thought wow that's what this whole movie Grace and grit and it really is my book struck me the book by Ken wilber's struck me in that way and I think that you know innocence if you look at a movie Apocalypse movie like let's say Titanic right that you have these two people on a boat in Titanic is not really about us thinking of a ship it's about these two people on a boat who would not normally love one another because they come from two different worlds and their love doesn't work because the boat is going down because they're going to die they rise up above their concerns of this life and they say you know we have to be together you and me now no matter what right it's like
did with Grace and grit this is very much the same story but they're not in the posted thinking but they have to confront in this case her mortality and that allows them to rise up to so you know we have to do whatever it takes to really absorb and appreciate the the Beauty and the magnificence and The Wonder of this like here and now and I think that when I read the book I was devastated. I cried so romantic and and beautiful devastating and yet it's so full of Hope and then I read reviews from people around the world would read the book until this and when the movie is having that in as well so it definitely isn't into Fabolous actors but that was story produced and directed and everything about it is there's not one thing that you could say was a turn-off it's a tearjerker right for me and you tell me if this was your intention but for me it drew me so
how much into this present moment and it made me so aware and I am a person who tries with daily practices to be in this moment but it made me so aware of how out of the moment I am
I don't know if it made me think that this moment this chair my fee everything just became so real to me in this right now thank you for that so much I think that that you know I experience that with the book very much and I wanted to transcribe that and articulate that in the movie that it is very much as you're saying bringing the moment and out at the movie is experiential so the ground that in other words you know if anyone watches this movie you can watch it now I was in theaters in June and now it's on Amazon Apple something didn't go touch up but this is an epic love story about love Beyond life great movie to watch with someone like you said it will make you will cry probably in the store if you have a heart but it does in the moment in the way that this movie's experiential what I mean by that is to say that
we watch these two characters and they go through start with romantic love it's just an ideal this idea that image we have of love and then they have passionate love which is this evolutionary impulse like a traction chemistry neurotic and then after that they have finally courageous love which is when we say we step up we so you know what this person matters their priorities matter as much as in some more than my own and that's courageous love which very few people get to and then beyond that Selfless Love or we sing you know what this person I will sacrifice myself in many ways but this person this is selfish when we see them go through that in the story is true story about the fence and then finally Transcendent love which is that not only my Justin service to this person but I'm in service to love itself it's through this person I'm having a relationship with God it was Spirit over the love itself would love the very ground of being and so I think when you talk about dropping into this mower
during this movie that yes I wanted to achieve that by seeing these actors these the characters go through these dynamics of love from romantic to passionate to Courageous too selfish to Trenton but I want to go to that to another which I want the audience to feel excited seduced full of Hope aroused and then fearful and then anxious anxious and then devastated and then ultimately resurrected ultimately to live with the knowledge that love lives on and when you stay just like in a deep breath and I hope that if you stay in there it's beautiful at the end that's a beautiful snaps at the end description I thought to myself. This was my ugly cry movie because I couldn't you know you can't stop and use your captive
from the start and who you know I think what you just said is so true that many of us get to the romantic love in the internet love and intimacy but courageous a lot of times we we stopped when When Love Takes courage that's you know when we start heading for the be when your love takes courage that's when we stopped and then it be get past the courage and you know we tried to get to the Selfless Love and that's a whole nut just these different levels that it takes you through to realize that the whole the whole and I know this is a romantic story about this man and this woman but I really believe it was really about this concept of Love Like It
the movie answered that question like if you was able what really is love what really is it we know it's a four-letter word we know it feels good we want people to feel that way about us we want to hear that word but the Movie answers the question this is love it's all of this it's the whole rainbow of emotions it is going to be later than this true story which you know in the book is Chronicles trailer as This Woman's journals that really it's about how the house love has the power to transform us which has to do is to render right in sacrifice that in other words when we get married or we fall in love or when you have a child or a sibling or parent or vocation or calling or something a garden something that we feel is more important than us and then all the sudden were waking up at a time that we don't want to wake up to do something for someone or something to plant the seeds to give to someone
in a way that we might not have previously thought that we could another words that love is the vehicle for our own transformation and I thought about this movie and why would this make such a great movie The Book is so popular in 30 languages I thought that it is really very much what you're saying it's about. It's about how love is the vehicle for our own transformation that through love we sacrifice ourselves in ways we never would have rather than you look at the you know it's not too far and it wake early made to have to take care of the Sheep No matter how sick they are not happy there no matter if there's a birthday or a hurricane it doesn't matter the same thing with the garden at the parents anything with a sibling at the same thing when we love another human being right vehicle for transformation
let me know what you just said you making me smile because I was friends with a family that would Dairy Farmers in college and I remember they used to say that that no matter what when you run a dairy farm there are things that the town needs to be milked and you and this is love in this tenderness but if there's a wedding if there's a funeral if you have this that drives you so you're so on point and I got to ask you because it's I haven't read the book I just saw the movie but the movie does so much that is that are beyond words I encourage every listener to really we're talking about today our whole theme this year is what are you waiting for in this movie I believe like some
steps in that pathway so you can see the door and you can open it and head in to love head into your journey but for you Sebastian within your personal practice was there a guiding spiritual element you want to incorporate into the thumb cuz I I felt like spiritually awakened watching the film you know it's some way I suppose when we get lost in the doing it up something then we become that electrical current right and I think I remember reading me stories from Albert Einstein's journals and he would say that you may be riding on his bicycle and you would think about what is Kwanzaa what is right and he would ride as fast as he could on his bicycle and he would feel like if I'm like what happened to the thing I'm running into darkness or a planet or something like this I think there's a lot of things would get lost in something if we become that electrical frequency with the comeback current yeah and I think that gives us the courage alternative to climb Mount Everest
or to meditate or pray or two you don't know ultimately to love you know to do you know in ways that a previously Beyond us that we become more and I think we can send an art painting or sculpture the music of books in this case movies is that we can sit for a very brief period and be transformed be carried somewhere and feel that electrical currents I think yes in this film should have beat theater very good qualities that I surrendered myself completely this movie it's challenging to make a move that you know a small movie even your hundred people a couple hundred people so everyone has to show up and this great adagen
theater The Show Must Go On I love it because it means that just by sheer numbers and buy sherrod's if you've got in a hundred or two hundred to five hundred people working on a film so many days in a row and you don't like this time everyone has to show up and give themselves so for me as bright as producers direct themselves on this Earth for many years that I have to sacrifice myself fully to be in service to it that that the joy for me becomes getting lost in it and that becomes in some way spiritual practices another words I want to see when I see spiritual practice I really mean it practice is to render did I say I'm giving myself to this thing this is more important than me not because it's big not because it's important in some sort of ideological way just because I'm in service to it in the same way that I mean service the spirit itself to love itself to God itself
that was beautiful and I and I love that surrendering yourself to that lets I think we have a call or I think on the line with I'll come back to that question
hello you're on the air with everyday piece not to drive on James and our Fabolous guest today that you have a question or comment the movie but it seems I just Google that had it seems amazing and the two actors are very familiar with the two actors and so I know that they probably got a wonderful job and I'm sure you've done a great job as a director so I'm looking forward to seeing it even though it appears they have some really sad moments but still I'm just the whole scene I'm that you and doctor games for talking about I'm excited to see that my second question is
so I am a partner have a creative production company and we made films and we went to film festival of losing all we create an independent found all these things and so one of the questions we have is at how do you get to the next level we feel like we've created some really good work I written a couple of books that I'm trying to turn into films and but we just like how how do you get to that next level know we didn't wait to find somebody to make the film so we did the song. But how do you get to that next level it's a great question cuz I appreciate the you know the commentary before and I you know for myself I'm a send a file of movies and I'm transformed by music and movies all the time I have sort of Satoria waking moments it's only movies I love that have impacted me I think a lot of us in ways that we were not aware that we see a movie and then
so many years later and I know you have that way in the making of a movie I think what I would I see you know from my perspective is that so many people because it's so collaborative and acquire so many people to give themselves on so many ways to a movie that we have to look at it in two ways one is an art right as a writer's a director and actor etcetera and then the other is a business to really understand like this is a painting and that I I need to do due diligence I need to be respectful of the people who are who are buying the wood that's going to frame this painting a canvas and paints themselves and if I need to make sacrifices the sacrifices don't have to be big compromises and other words if we don't we can't afford a certain color of red and our painting let's go with a different color red in other words creativity can drive the art in such a way that makes it agree with the business and I think that for many Trail makers it's important to understand that is a is a business and is about as a production in that way
I see many brilliant writers and directors without knowing the relationship between director writer and producer there they're missing a key element first props to you for making your films happen because I takes enormous initiative to make a film of any scope I started as a writer producer director doing commercials and then documentaries and in trailers and the shorts and then features and it really requires getting people excited about something to put a button on it took take it up to the next level it's really just finding the people who will stay in it will keep the weather in the water because I think that commitment is more important of a commodity than Talent has committed and a flexible in their creative and their enthusiastic anything can be learned
wow what thank you and as for the props I'll have to give that to my partner she's the producer and you know I I did some writing but it was just like okay I'm excited to write but she's really seems the business end of it like this is not a bucket list thing so thank you very much and have a great show dr. James thank you and you're welcome and thank you for being everyday Peacemaker you make all the difference listen I thought you said something Sebastian I don't want to go out over cuz I really want our listeners to to grab a hold of everything that you have to give here today and you are just giving of yourself in so many ways through your work on film and television through your through your producing and directing it is marvellous but you said that commitment is more important than Talent
and I want our listeners to hear that because one of the things that we've talked about so frequently is that the I'm not enough syndrome right and to really surrender to something I think there is you said this early there's a losing of oneself that that eagle shuts down you become the things I got I don't know where the thing stops and where I begin I'm just it and is no judgment of is their talent is there not Talent it's I'm all in I have surrendered to this right that's what I'm hearing anyway very much so and I think that that is emulated throughout nature and throughout the history of humanity and we can look at sports artscience everything right you know even even I missed another word to get a good sports like arguably right when the greatest basketball players ever Michael Jordan not the tallest not
did the best skills not know what the best leader because he's fully committed fully dedicated full-service another what he does you know did on the court transcends basketball he become such a leader that even confuses the team that he's on with an electrical current of ican iwill in other words that's the miracle right if we look at you and you know Einstein talk to also about how creativity was more important intelligence we look at people could do something like climb Mount Everest you know or you know is somebody who beats an unbelievable illness yeah or Mother Teresa another great example you know you look at someone who just says I'm giving myself to this and then that would transform the world not setting out to transform just being in full service and possibilities and commitment is really that bridge right and commitment means in a lot of ways to say no to so many other things yeah I know for me liking it just don't make her I hold it
such high regard not because I want to have well not because I want to be known that because I want to have success but because I can't really believe in it I love telling stories I love having the opportunity to make people laugh and cry and feel something that might be rich we live before then or dormant and reawaken that for me is like the work of a light I feel like that's just such an honor to carry that towards you in any way I possibly can and so I Surrender myself to its I think about commitment you know even on a in a in an archetypal sort of the biblical sense everybody loves the story of most everybody loves to wear their religious or not doesn't matter everybody knows this idea of we step into the Red Sea Parts after Moses puts his foot in the Red Sea in other words we can't say what I'm going to commit but it's got to happen it's just through this fearlessness
or rather courage into the Fearless as we can be afraid but we go anyways we believe anyways and that's when we get to the top of Mount Everest that's when the love with the partner a husband and wife that's when it works when someone says you know what I might I might get destroyed this relationship but I'm in both people do that anything is possible and I feel the same way my goodness we have a few minutes left. And I don't want to leave without because you said so much right here and there's a lot here to commit means to say yes to something but you must have always sacrifice you have to say no to something else it's okay to say no to something else to commit and sell out to a hundred percent of what you of who you are and what you believe in so that's very very important our last car talk about a few things and it got me thinking about you said you know there is there two sides here that is the
creativeness there is the love there is the passion and then of course as with all things there is the business let's talk let's which has just a little bit and talk about I'm you know how long did it take to film to make and do some of the particular maybe share a challenge that you really had to come over you mention you know having so many people having them to show up every day and get them you know I called galvanizing a team right to some of the challenges how long did it take to get from you know the film out and all of that good maybe it started before me and one way I think of it like that just in the way that whatever were in service to we're altering the carrying the torch of someone before it and someone before I send someone before that right whatever the thing isn't it was all languages and the reason I bring that is that we think about this work has been happening after thousands of years not from millions of years the billions of years to really be on time
if we look at how long is it going to take it's just we just looking like I'm going to give my all to and not worry about it then we're all the sudden were released from that pressure and right so in other words on the movie there's a gestation. For every film that's just right right just like a baby you can't pull the baby out of the womb to soon it's no good and you can't leave it in too long but we try to pull grass out of the ground doesn't get it to grow faster if we have to trust you know the give ourselves across the speed of that process whatever that unfolding as I think in this particular fill my option did 9 years ago almost 10 years ago and I didn't push it there were many opportunities three particular opportunities to make it on one time is the movie it was much larger for ten million dollars another time for two and a half million dollars contingent on a number of different things and both times were very tempting but I knew that they were just want the right way to go about it business-wise it wasn't right to make it tender
movie because this movie. It's not a broad top film right this is a movie for an audience that really wants to feel what it is to be heartbroken and then full of joy and not everybody wants that this isn't car chases and explosions I'm so it's about doing the movie right now and in the other case it was contingent on a particular actors and in such an in different things that I just didn't feel that I would be giving my creative Integrity to carrying the torch of this true story of these journals Miss but so with that in mind I think that any business structure the timing has to be right if the soil has to be fertile but I do know that when we give ourselves we will find that soil and we will find those people who also believed and that the that you know when when when we do jump in that does appear so to speak but we must go without looking for the net we must just go we just go just like Moses goes to the to the red CNA
he smiled Sebastian I thought you said you work is done for the day I got tell you you need to go take a break after this because you were amazing teaching in this moment and these few minutes we've been together and we have just a few more minutes what are you working on or are you working any projects right now. I'm supposed to do films I've had in process one more in pre-production and another is in funding and others and casting Etc there's one called life coach it's a beautiful dramatic how many kind of like American Beauty any other movies a true story about the Chromebook whole 180 it's a story about sobriety and hope and so to the American dream just a regular guy who finds the American dream through surrender ultimately and then another movie that then I'm working on
that we're prepping right now so several different projects mostly As producer and director some just as writer and director but all movies ultimately about Transcendence and also all ultimately about the second year I wish you the best of everything keep giving us a reason to move forward you are an amazing actor producer writer director you're just
you've surrendered and we want a surrender with you this is everyday peas I'm Dr.Dre Von James I want our listeners to know that I absolutely love you thank you for being everyday peacemakers
you've been listening to Everyday peace with dr. Avon James you have the power right now today you can make the decisions to take the actions that lead you to your next level of greatness and I would love to hear some ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me again so let Dr Graber on James. Cam enroll in my online university course to 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International enroll in the brilliant life 9 weeks online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at the back to Cleveland purchase my book Freedom is your Birthright from Amazon thank you for being at every day Peacemaker I absolutely love you
thanks for listening this is Unity online radio the voice of an Awakening world
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