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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, April 6, 2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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How to Use Your Past to Create Your Future, and Dispelling the Myths of Grounding

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

How to Use Your Past to Create Your Future, and Dispelling the Myths of Grounding

“Life is never about what happens to you; it is about what you do with it,” says real estate billionaire Harma Hartouni. He provides tips on how to use your past to create your future. Plus, Sharon Whiteley discusses what people need to know when it comes to common myths and rumors around the centuries-old practice of grounding.

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welcome to Everyday peas with Doctor dravon James
hello and welcome to our show on dr. Dre Bond James and this is everyday piece I got to tell you I'm super excited to be here with you today as we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday peace defined as wholeness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality my goodness I must say that a thousand times a week you guys and every time I say it I feel this this tranquil feeling come over me so I just want you wherever you are right now just inhale deeply hold it for just a second or two and exhale completely you peace everyday
whole complete nothing missing nothing broken totality it's not a state of mind or state of being that you need to Chase or run down it exist right now in the moment that you exist you just have to expand yourself to receive that and that's what we're doing on this shows I'm super excited to have you here so what are we doing here we're doing just that and you probably know that our anthem for the 2021 year is what are we waiting for I got some feedback from some of our listeners thank you so much and someone say what does that mean what does that mean what are we waiting for well I'll tell you what that means is everyday peacemakers we believe in fact we know
that we must face everything that has happened throughout our journey called life because those things those things that we've experienced in our life help to make our that's us the good the bad the in between everything that we have experienced is our opportunity to gain experience strength and wisdom and as we go on as enlightened Journey right now we are enough we know enough we had enough to experience to live in our whole lives in our complete this in this moment in this moment we have the ability to be our best selves whole complete nothing missing nothing broken totality we tap into everything that we bring to create the success in our own individual lives in our health our wealth in our relationships so during these doing our weekly shows we support each other
on our own personal Journey
in everyday peace and we have special guests who help guide us in our journey to success to help give us improve tools that can that we can apply to our help our wealth and our happiness in our relationships we have so many get so many wonderful guests throughout the year and if you have missed any of them this year or previous years don't worry about it because you can listen to all of our past shows by subscribing to dr. Dre Von James everyday piece podcast on Apple Spotify Google Play & Stitch or you can listen to past episodes on the unity online radio. Org website I am super excited guy to tell you again about our new website thanks a big thank you to those who reached out and gave me your feedback we are super excited about the look of our new website it Dr Dre Von it lost a couple weeks ago it is totally revamped
and yes you can still find all of your clothes are past shows offer words of wisdom or encouragement excerpt excerpt for my book are you have contact information there and of course our free giveaways we're still working on another giveaway for you guys want that to be fabulous but if you have not gotten your free course on creating clarity through your passion then I encourage you visit the website dr. Dre Bond James. Calm and get your request your free gift there or for those of you who just would love to email me I certainly welcome that as well you can email me a Trevon James a email at put the word free in the subject line and we'll get that out to you so I encourage you please stop by that site get that freaky give us your feedback on the course on the course the website and of course I love reading and getting your feedback about shows and those of you who submit show ideas yes of course
get some of that on I love that as well so I wouldn't I want to jump into our everyday piece moment and these piece moments are so important to me well before I started having my own radio program I recorded everyday piece moments from myself just a little moments that I could go back and listen to that would remind me because sometimes we need reminding it would remind me that this is my personal Journey
and I'm so grateful to have my journey and there's so many other people that I'm sharing space with but we're all having our own personal journey and it is my responsibility solely my responsibility to make sure that I am moving operating in everyday piece so I want you to take this this everyday piece moments incorporate them into your life today I were talking about freedom I absolutely love that topic we're talkin about freedom and freedom is critical to finding your pack
and everyday piece that's why I entitled my first book Freedom is your Birthright and when we talk about freedom is important to understand there are two types of Freedom there is the external freedom and the internal Freedom the most often times when we hear the word Freedom it is talking about external freedoms the freedoms that are based on the environment in which you live is the empirical environment the political freedoms the social freedoms economic freedoms in your external environment another way you can think of external freedom is what are the laws in the social norms in your civilization these are what defines your degree of external Freedom so that's external Freedom what we're talkin about our life's journey however external feelings are important do not get me wrong on that but more important than that is your internal freedom
you can have all the freedoms that that exists in the universe and if you are not internally free you're still living in bondage so understanding and cultivating a life where you're living in your internal freedoms is what we're really talking about when we talk about Freedom as it relates to Everyday peace regardless of the level of external freedom in society we have the ability to determine how we perceive how we act and how we react in every situation of life we get to choose whether we have an optimistic or pessimistic view if someone says something Church to new to us we get to choose what whether or not we choose to be offended by that we can choose whether we will nurture fear or Embrace courage we can decide if you consider a setback a failure or a set up for Success this is why internal freedom is so critical to living in your everyday
you control I control we control how we use our thoughts how you use your fear how you choose to use your emotions you can use thoughts of fear and emotion to move you forward or you can let them hold you back
it's huge because we're all human we all have still have thoughts that are sometimes disturbing we all have fear we all have emotions that sometimes are upsetting but we get to choose what we do with those things are we going to let that hold us back when we going to use those things that Propel us forward
we always have a choice you always have a choice freedom is real internal freedom is real and it will drive the course of your life
Choose Wisely make the choice that moves you in the direction that you want to go
and that is our everyday peace moment so we'll move right into our first guests of the day, her Tony owns the largest real estate company in the Southern California area he is also the author and public speaker of the book entitled getting back up a story of resilient self-acceptance and success and shares his personal journey through adversity to success welcome home UPS thank you so much for joining us today
dr. James thank you so much for having me I am super excited getting back up is probably that resilience muscle right I believe that without that without that this journey is going to be very very boring and doomed to failure so thank you for providing this book and putting that in our face and making us having to consider that tell us a little bit just a tiny little bit about your story and how you got to the place of knowing than getting back up was the thing to do
well I didn't think I was going to write a book I was writing this letter in my life so for my kids because I don't think any child or shoot or hopefully will ever go through there all I have been through in my life and then my partner said this should be a book and I I was born in Los Angeles I was 30 days old moved to Iran with my mother I have a job if I am Armenian Christian going up in Iran and it will get spanked by Journey there and at age of 18 I had a car accident I hit a car totaled my car and my I walked out of my car and nothing happened to me and another car hit me while I was waiting for police to get there and my throat looks broke
after multiple surgeries and a year of recovery I moved to United States 20 years ago 21 years ago and I think the accident help me I buy believe we are born we have two lives one to Barbara born and and then the one that we realize we should live in so I have that accident made me realize that maybe I can have a new life because I was a dancer I was in gymnastic in competition I was in college I went through a really difficult time to get into college back home and then everything was just gone overnight and then so I moved here
if I've been with my partner 18 years now we have three kids I own a real estate company it is number one in the region of where I'm located not in Tarzana California I'll do that sounds a lot better and I have four hundred agents iloverealestate I thought I will be dentist and to please my parents and I didn't and I think they're very pleased now but I grew up with a challenging father and now after I moved here I accept with myself because all my life I thought something was wrong with me and I came out and I managed to set up a family because when you come out to you kind of buried at dream of having a family and I managed to go against the odds and
and I have a book now which that's not something you she asked me five years ago I would have a book I would have said absolutely not but that's my short version of my life and I got to tell you if you really defy the odds who me who you get out of your car your savefromnet car accident like Grace and then another car comes along while you're waiting for help and and you get hit by that car and if that wasn't enough to make you say well you know what I'm just going to give up but it's in the line of that it sounds to me and these are my words I don't put words in your mouth but it sounds like it was The Rebirth of you you mentioned that you think that happens to birds but that was your rebirth that was that was the event you know birth is is is is traumatic against her challenging for both the mother and the child by this is coming through a bursting into life into this new world and it was challenging for you than me that those car accidents in here you come new one
the scene you know how did you go to the mall of the challenges of being reborn and learning something new and you know discovering other parts of yourself we're talking about your passion obviously you've you getting to do your passion your real estate you do have your family how has your passion to help you to escape your reality of the pain and everything that you went through to have this rebirth experience
I am not quite sure if I loved real estate it's like I get I interview a lot of people annually and people say why not home so you know I like to do real estate on lake house that even the reason to do real estate real estate or any business it's a combination of bunch of rejections failure. They staying positive being happy and pushing forward everyday so my passion for what I do was developed as I got better at it she wasn't the first day that I love that so I and II see a lot of young people that day and again I was young started I get that but I guess a lot of young people like when my passion is to do this I'm like what makes a passion with ability because if you don't do something it doesn't matter how passionate you are because
you don't have the skill set to be good at it I love fishing and I lock cooking you don't see me all day on a boat or being the kitchen you know I do you know I love what I do and trust me they are days that is challenger but how do you stay positive and be happy when you have a challenging dates very easy to be happy and excited about life when your bills are paid your Healthy you have an amazing relationship but it's not easy to do all that when things are not going your way so my passion is when I think about the journey vs. and result do I have to do I have the item that I want do I get it just like I think winning is the journey and I enjoy out so much but going back to what you're asked how I think the accident was really allowed me to develop a skill set that
live everyday as if tomorrow is your last day but think it has and prepare for future I had it all in in a country that you can have it all and I didn't think I have nothing and that accident happened and just everything was why I could not walk again according to the doctors I couldn't dance I could not compete in any gymnastics of my college said you're not allowed to come back because if your 1-year you're off to college they take you off of the list and the school over there is not like yours or a different so once you know you're out and side Lofts at all so I got to have a new life in and look at what I was at plates look at what I have now and I never thought that's possible but I think it's it's important to be aware of the environment you're in and just be authentic with yourself and know that there's so much more and just leave everyday
happy cuz you just never know I love your optimism you know what you just said live everyday as though it were your last day however and that they make sure you're preparing for tomorrow I think that is key to do to have the energy as you move forward there is a quote that that you have that I that I also fall in love with since retain things that you said that excite me is life is never about what happens to you this is about what you do with it this theme of lines is so much to our Focus here at everyday peace what does this concept mean to you you know what you do with it
not focusing on what happens to you
well I will try my best to not be very harsh the wet sounds like please just give me the opportunity at this year me first audience please listen to what I'm saying I noticed the people that they complain about what happened to them often stay where they're at and they can't move on
so if you constantly reading the old chapter you cannot write a new chapter so when I wrote that I said it's not about what happened it's but what do you do with it and if you read the book of the accident it's not actually big deal so much more have happened to me but I'm so I will say I don't believe in locked but key are grateful that I managed to have an ability or skill set to move on but not forget and use it to my next chapter so that's how I learn English and I couldn't speak English and people will laugh at me and I laugh with them and I said okay how do you say correctly and they said that the great I'm never going to make that mistake again and just the mistakes and anything happened to you just shouldn't happen a game but just don't hold on to her just move on so you can have a better life because it's you hold
your future
I love that I love that something in that ski you know if your folk if we're focusing so much on the past they were just going to stay there if it were so focused on the tragedy in it and it's not that we shouldn't be aware of it but either talking really that statement that you make life is never about what happens to you it's about what you do with that you're talking about putting something in action moving towards something not staying stuck sorry I got to say that that's beautifully said and beautifully written that if you if you're if you're so fixated on what has happened to you you probably going to just remain in that space circling that same wagon over and over again that means Ilya feels to be a part of that resilient seems to be a part of every success story every success story that I've ever been a person I've ever interviewed every book that I've ever read and always Keating to the fact that the author of the speaker has gone through something
me of course somebody else but they have this resilience do you have any advice for our listeners on how to bolster their resilience
I will say environment it's very important
you cannot change outside until you change inside and you're inside depends on whoever you're around with
and I moved here so guess what I managed to change a lot of people around me I got caught up with some people but I was able to use I'm coming out and I moved that environment I it was a blessing so that if I'm not going through a really difficult times with family and anyone around me but try to stop finding and blaming change the environment around you sometimes it's okay to become selfish so you can help yourself first and then help others cuz in my culture is like you can do anything if it's going to shame your mom or your anyone else and even if you marry someone you don't want if you do anything so I I was at basically the selfish person because I decided to
love myself first and now I am very good with all my heart I'm very proud to help everyone around me and I've all do it at 2 I have the ability of financial ability to help but I couldn't do that if I didn't love myself first so I will say it's just take care of yourself cuz I wasn't as you need help there's no way you can help someone else do that's that that's the whole address with the airlines to put your own oxygen mask on first or healthy that you are that you have your needs taken care of if you're going to be healthy for your environment and help someone else take care of your needs you can't do that if you yourself are not in a healthy state so I agree there is this point of where self-care and self-awareness and self-serve lot of it has to be the dominant part of our life as it is from that place that we can give authentic
organic organic love from that space so I agree 100% helping yourself is where it's at so that you can be there for somebody else a few things at that are all just amazing but coming to this country coming back to this country cuz you were originally born here but coming back here and as a foreigner in adjusting and I think maybe not everyone can relate to that but really quickly if you could just walk us through what do people need what is what, how can they prepare to be new somewhere and take the best of that explains whether they are new on a job new being singled out of being married we all have this experience when we walk into a form part of our Lives how can you help us with that give us some advice and some tips on that
well yeah I I will save and I was born here I basically immigrant as your I was when I was going to be a team leader manager of an office I was told I am too short too dark I don't have I don't speak English I'm too gay this is true how many things was wrong with me and of course I work very hard to prove them wrong right but the thing is whatever you do do it for yourself not for others and you will do a really good job has been here for a little while but in ourselves almost up I want to get them on I know they want to speak with you
hello you're on the air with everyday peace and our special guest Harmon today did you have a comment or question key to the city change the people around him and I think that's great what would advise that you have four people in this doesn't pertain to me but I think about people who work in environments where they have to work there and and they know the people that they're around a toxic but they've got to interact with them so even if it's just on a work level it still has an effect how what would you say to those people like how can they help to make changes when it kind of stuck in a situation like that
thank you for asking me disconnect can I ask you a question knowing what you know today you go back to the first and I'm assuming this is your work environment correct yeah it's not for me it's I just know people who complain about work all the time and the people they have to work with and how is so toxic know my situation is good thank god well I will this is my this is how I will handle it for any time that I have happened I have haptic environment bad sometimes the environment is not that bad and then you get to the point you either outgrow them their culture has changed the environment changed for many other reasons that leadership has changed but this is the magical question and I think it applies to either if it's a work if it's your assistant you higher if it's in your boss if its relationship is very very magical question I've been through many years of therapy tree
knowing what I know today going back to the first day will I do this will I hire this person will I take this job and if the answer is no but you make the same decision again that is from harma hartouni please get the book getting back up thank you, for being our special guest today
thanks for joining us
this is Unity online radio
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create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to Everyday Beast with dr. Dre Von James welcome back I'm dr. Dre Bond James and this is everyday peace our special guest is Sharon Whiteley she is an expert on grounding also known as earthing and the founder of Harmony 783 welcome to the show Sharon
why it's wonderful to be here thank you for having me you know from our conversations during the break I am so super excited to have you because you have an expertise and knowledge and something that I am wonderfully interested in and that is grounding also known as Earth thing and for our listening audience who may be hearing that term for the first time can you please give us a quick user-friendly definition of what is grounding okay I think it's like a little earlier till about a decade ago I was at a health and wellness positive agent conference places Las Vegas and I was sitting in a lecture by dr. Stephen Sinatra who's a cardiologist and that he was starting to talk about nature deficiency heart attack from one end and then he got onto earthing also known as grounded well I never heard of her thing and I thought grounding is what you do to kids when they broke curfew that shows you what I know
but I sent it to me and it was too hard to explain the very simply I mean I have a science course paid off from school wasn't much more than that has an electrical field that has really really great Natural Energy are called electron and we as human beings are electrical system and when they found in woman first came out birth you know people let their foot and then they wore leather skins for Footwear pure leather not not Italian made shoes with aluminum pure leather and which is very what's called conductive that allows for the Earth Energy these electrons to come back and do body as does there in bare feet still I got very interested to make a long story short one thing led to another and I ended up creating a company at that point in time called
plug plug Jeezy which was to your feet so I learned about it and I learned about all the health benefits really quickly its first of all it's free and its nature and the health benefits there are many of them but that they're 23 scientific studies this is not Google country granola inflammation increase circulation normalization of blood pressure and a return to a more normal so but they called homeostasis a state the way we'll make the Bed Bath Fitter sleeping feeling more energy and then I am a human testimonial because I had a heart attack a few years ago like frankly if I was asleep
grounded the living world that I don't think I'd be on your radio show today
wow wow you say sleeping grounding and you just took the question right out of my mouth because I got to tell you for years I have been tossing around in my mind whether or not to buy the grounding sheets you know that you put on the Bed So when you say sleeping grounding do you use those grounding sheets as well as their couple of different companies that sell them but I want is all ultimate and the other is and so they may well there's some new ones coming out to but yes they make map that you can sleep on that nice what you plug into a grounding ports you know an electrical wall switch. This is a real real real on house they which most of them aren't any more in terms of electrical no regulations there is no other two prongs for the electrical thing in the middle
Circle underneath that that's around in and you cuz he's then I'm and I'm not ya if I wasn't sleeping grounded and I if I wasn't living a life grounded by wearing grounding shoes every single day of my life then again I'd I think I got in fact I'm pretty I'm pretty sure it's save me cuz that being grounded also has a lot to do with the blood viscosity and and the circulation and so for sale love so I sold that company, Maybe This Time Around for years ago and then a couple years ago maybe two-and-a-half I met one of our customers interesting ly and not at the very same a favor and positive aging conference like a decade later and we got to know one another and she said well how would you like to do another shoe company and had I not actually believe that grounding saved my life. I think I
probably would have had my head examined more but I said sure and so we created this new company call the harmony 783. Com 7.3 mr. Schumann resonance said that the little bit of science thrown in here that is the frequency of the Earth to the planetary system and it's what being grounded really is but so we took a little liberty got rid of the. And it's how many 783 we just launched so we make these awesome adorable trend on biomechanically I'll correct shoes that are grounded so what are you walking on Sand soil dirt unsealed tile unsealed worth even concrete city sidewalks you are grounded so I will go on and on you're going to have to stop me cuz I'm so busy I am mesmerized by that because I've been looking at the shoes and so let me and that was my question so
we are we are walking on the cement and things of that nature and so you're saying that the shoes some kind of way with the Arbor Day design we can still poop
excuse me but a little bit of an echo here
the shoes we can still I just pulled the ions from through the concrete from the earth into a guitar Bodies Hit The Ground without concrete cuz when I first heard about that I said how is concrete the Earth but actually concrete is just reconstituted sand and water unlike asphalt don't like I'm I used to live in Boston around jaywalk anymore we always did their bed bath salts has an oil sealant but concrete even though it's hard if you don't we don't think of it as it is obviously going Barefoot thought the other body parts you can be kneeling gardening you can be you can get grounded taking a shower if you can get grounded holding your hand over metal faucet in your sink of the water is dripping I definitely getting a pedicure too if you're a woman and there's water coming through an electric tub and the thing of it is going bad
is obviously that the first get all that stuff that's this close as you can get but we don't live anymore we don't live in if impractical I mean so that's why we need shoes and our shoes have a proprietary construction with snakes them grounded they've a grounding order so and I are what size is it at there is some like cross-sectional shops to show how it gets grounded going up into being so and we just even came out with some great grounding socks but anyway so I'm so we enable people to get grounded as we say from morning to night from Beach to the boardroom
this is amazing to you mentioned some of the health benefits from from grounding and the number one thing I think I heard you mention was the first item if I don't know if it's not the one but you mentioned decrease inflammation and I got 31 years of being in healthcare one of the things that I know that drives so much disease in the body is in the Mansion will you know information used to be I made it to people with conditions and arthritis nothing but right now it is so associated with money and probably most chronic diseases including I'll stay outside because it's inflammation in the lungs and all that as well but yes reduction of inflammation which is really the bed really behind some chronic diseases as well as conditions so being grounded mitigates against that dramatically any games we have is over 23 24
scientific probe occult studies on grounding this again is not woo crunchy granola and I say that caringly because actually the tree huggers had it right on the bottom but it is very very true and it's but you know what a lot of people capturing just about going Barefoot Barefoot Barefoot they would tune out because of him we don't live on the land and with urbanization and with the Advent of synthetic Footwear you know we got that connection so but you can get grounded and if it's really a god-given right it's it it's very obvious they re her shoes people buy our shoes and so forth that you get grounded you don't you don't you don't need a stent in your pocket
right you just need you or willingness to open your mind and in the end the Earth Yep. There are a lot of myths around grounding and earthing you know and as you mentioned the tree huggers and people saying that you know all it doesn't do anything for you but you're saying that there is science to back up and back you heard about this while attending a cardiac seminar in your the cardiologist talking about this but are there any way other artificially are there any other special equipment other than when you don't know me the shoes but other than the
the mat the shoes are there any other things that a person would have to do I purchase or obtain to have effective grounding earthing 2783, there's a section called science and we link to the 23 scientific studies and so they are protocol this is not again I know there's a lot of Charlotte and products out there in the market you know especially things are alternative and but this is ancient I like Hello dab up with a medical doctor friend of mine who's also an energy medicine. She wants a center for integrative medicine at the University of Arizona and it's not so much even about being Barefoot but if you go back in time the indigenous cultures were the healthiest people around there was no heart disease there was no diabetes
you know that guy from getting eaten by Bears Den on probably but not from not from what we think of it today is modern you know I'm ailments but them but note answer your question no one you do not need anything there's our other products that are patches that you can put on Tuesday like it if you have a little inflammation or whatever that the that you can plug them into a grounding Portofino inside but you don't need anything you could you need the ground and you need a a body part and that's about it you know how much time per day would you recommend the average person's skin connecting a gas tank does this isn't let me do it once and I'm grounded headset sort of a Continuum 30 minutes a day is all you need we also conducted our own research on are flipped
and I was down on parched desert ground in Arizona here and thought great results to the point that they were published by 20 to 30 minutes a day the more you know more your ground at the better you can overdo it can't be over around it you know you need is no spoon but meant you don't need anything that cost any money and you know it just contributes to your overall well-being there so many stories I've been so many testimonials and again a great deal of Science and I love that you know 20 30 minutes per day about physical health I got a question about mental and emotional conditions is grounding effective in helping to stabilize and normalize and mental and emotional health
do you know there's so much on that topically these days and I don't know we're not experts we don't make any claims about anyting however these are not normal times and there is a lot of stuff out there I've been grounded again as a contributor more of a normalization of us returning to look like a just a more normal healthy balance states are people clearly have reported there's less stress definitely better sleep less anxiety and really contributes to balancing us out you know what sort of the way it sort of the way we came on Earth answer the way we were meant to be
is it the grounding mat and I called her and she told him that I apologize for that but the grounding mat you know what I sleep right on top of them yeah I wouldn't sleep without it and and yeah with that help with insomnia do you think will there be is there any research to say that the song Nia is a huge huge problem in our society Hill from stress and a number of other things which is the precursor to a lot of other health conditions even if you don't sleep with a grounding mat or organ sheets but but but you're 20 to 30 minutes a day and again if one can sleep grounded that's great to
and if so how long is obviously don't ground it all day long so that that stays with you it's not like you you have to sleep grounded
what is an added bonus like I said I've been tossing that idea around him my mind for so long and I was excited to have you as a guest on the show today so I'm going to finally get my push it pull two to get that mad but I really am hearing from you that if it's saved you from having some long-term effects after heart attack it's definitely a great investment if there is nothing to lose in the grounded but let's talk about that for just one moment though for those people who are just hearing about grounding and curious about this grounding earthing process are there any negative side effects to grounding
I'd say absolutely unequivocally not its nature there is nothing I mean if it will I would say if you're going barefoot in Central Park in New York and you're stepping on some loan has been fertilizer you have pictures of puppy poop for you have other other modern day at the beach is great to go barefoot and moist thing but the but I'd say it's the only the only concerns would be if you're going the Barefoot and Tall Grass where you might have Lymes Disease not such a good idea or if you're right and I'm sick of bear getting one ground that is a very safe other than that they absolutely there's no negative benefit of going round and I cannot hurt you you cannot overdo it you cannot do it too much and yeah it's it says it's pretty awesome the stories are amazing that are out there of people who get them all the time we know we know many of them that have
that's swear by it it's it's really change people's lives and it is dead as free dance steer there is so much to be know this to be true is that everything that we need to live whole complete with nothing missing nothing broken totality is provided in the Earth for us and some form or fashion the idea is to figure out how to utilize this so and I and I love that you mention that if you are not picking on Central Park if you are anywhere but I love an example if you're anywhere in your grounding and I think it wasn't one of the benefits to having the grounding shoes is that you know if you're out in the public and you're trying to ground and probably Park realize that it could be you could be on fertilized ground which could be irritated irritating to your skin or there could be other thing on glass and what have you and that
again other accoutrement Suburban living these days which we don't need to go into but probably have got great imaginations here and protective Footwear on we don't have too much of it here in Arizona but and I said oh you know that nice yummy feeling when you're squishing your feet into the glass and they looked at me cross-eyed and basically said I hate it I said stop saying that but I have got a lot of us putting our feet and Squishy near fresh clean brass
for the ocean right now
and I think that's important that it for those of us who were those people who do not like the feel of the earther of walking barefoot there is a product out there that allows them to connect with the Earth still have that comfort of having some barrier between there their foot and the end the actual Earth and as you mentioned is not just with your feet you could be kneeling and in the garden bed and doing some gardening have your hands in the soil and that is right in this 20 to 30 minutes I love that because I'm who wouldn't love to be outside and play for 20 30 minutes after a variable that's a movie and you can even be taking a bubble bath and if you have just let the water drip into the tub if you've got water coming through the tub and again if you're getting a pedicure in a modern facility as opposed to a place where they bring pots of water
people feel the fresh when they take a shower while they're getting round it is coming through pipes if they're coming from metal pipes which most of them still are there getting grounded that's why a lot of people feel refreshed when they take showers now Sharon that and you said that early in the show and I kind of want to go back to that I find that very interesting because I did not know that I thought was grounded you actually had to be connected with soil so you're saying that just the water dripping at when you're taking a bath and it dripping from the from the faucet area from the faucet that dripping that repair dripping is because it's coming through the pipes is making you have a grounding experience
why does your butt but thank you thank you for giving me the excuse so I'm hearing so many ways that we can incorporate this practice into our lives valuable practice of grounding also known as earthing which holes with it's so many so many health benefits right now and I would say I don't know what are the things that I remember I told you I I got exposed to this when I was pregnant 20 years ago it was in some moms magazine I read about that just being able to decompress and being able to lie in grass and then in the grass and decompress
right there's a doctor name is Laura Conover she's a really an expert and ground into and she would tell the story now she's in a book that I could go to call Barefoot wisdom Better Health from grounding and I'm her daughter had colic and the only time she would get on Busse was if Laura was outside barefoot holding her turp she would just settle down and become quite quite quite just done but happy little baby but yeah
obviously whoever you're holding his its wanted is to thank him to live a little puppy outside doggies doggies they're grounded their fault you know you're hugging your little doggie outside you're getting grounded if you're on the ground and we have a caller I believe on the line and so let me just go here and bring our call Iran
hello you're on the air with our special guest Sharon Whiteley did you have a question or comment because I always like to be barefoot I mean if I didn't have to wear shoes I would never wear shoes and I was talking to a friend of mine and he was talking about how I was reading about rounding and how the warrior connected to the Earth that healthier going to be and he was reading about studies of people who'll like 50 60 70s and the consulate practice being Barefoot and was so much my health yet so my question to you is that is it a natural inclination for us to want to be barefoot but because we have to confirm few of the whole notion wearing shoes that we're actually fighting against what we naturally would like to do
and I'm going to see if we have just about 2 minutes and we're going to take her out organized and everything over the years I think perhaps where one of them are we grown up what are hums more like what our vacations well as personal profile tivity but I don't know exactly where do you know why I know that's where mankind there weren't shoes reportedly station of the world over years and I think is his gotten her to waste a lot of ways I think right now that we've been you know pretty much any of us so I think it's I think it's ya The Call of the Wild huh
thank you so much for your for your question and thank you for being an everyday dress maker we are talking today about grounding and earthing and we've been also talking today about picking up and being resilient in and if there is something that you can do like I strongly believe this is there something that you can do that with age you and your process of having the best life possible your best personal Journey possible you have nothing to lose by losing the shoes playing the earth a little bit and is Sharon says getting in the bath or going to the spa and get that pedicure that applies to both men and women getting a pedicure let him live in the water drip a little bit from the faucet when you're in the in the top and experience and grounding let it settle you become but sometimes I think things are happening and we're taking them for granted this is everyday peacetime Dr Dre bonded I'm super excited to share it to come under ear weekly and share with you ways for you to connect with you to get closer
and that walking that journey of everyday peace nothing missing nothing broken totality wholeness completeness you and your journey to remember you owe it to yourself to get back up you owe it to yourself to spend some time and nature checkout Harmony 783 until next time please know that I absolutely love you
you've been listening to every day tees for dr. Dre Von James you have the power right now today to make the decisions to take the actions that lead you to your next level of greatness and I would love to hear some ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me and info at dr. Dre Ron James. Com enroll in my online university course to 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International in role of the brilliant life 9 week online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at Dr Claybon purchase my book Freedom is your Birthright from Amazon thank you for being and every day Peacemaker I absolutely love you
thank you for listening to Unity online radio
the voice of an Awakening world
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