ET_Healing, September 16, 2010

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Tonight's Show:  Guilt, Shame and The Negative Ego....surfacing from our depths....time to revisit how they stand in the way of where we are destined to go!!

Tonight Jackie, Veronica and The Team will talk about many subjects .  Things are surfacing so quickly it's difficult to keep a handle on all that is taking place within us and outside of us as a reflection.  Lot's of energy will be shifted by The Team as they channel their wisdom.

ET Healing

ET Healing with Jackie Salvitti and Squirrel Rork, banner
Jackie Salvitti and Squirrel Rork

Where do you start with an adventure that is book worthy? Perhaps, to tell you that our Star Brothers and Sisters are closer than you know and waiting for you to become more empowered.

This sounds like metaphysical hogwash, but I promise you that it’s the truth.

Reunion with your Cosmic Family...Preparing for Contact! It's time to remember the truth of who we are!