Squirrel Rork

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Squirrel Rork, Talk Show Host, Operating Room Nurse, Alternative Healing Explorer
Squirrel Rork
Jackson Hole
Talk Show Host, Operating Room Nurse, Alternative Healing Explorer

Squirrel Rork, a native of Chicago, IL, I spent most of my formative years in traditional schooling and religious beliefs. After finishing college and nursing school, I felt compelled to journey outside of my family and city confines. I spent many years working in traditional Western medicine and healing modalities, primarily as an operating room nurse for over 20 years. It was my move to the mountains of Colorado that activated my love for the Rocky Mountains and I ultimately landed in the Jackson Hole, WY area where I currently reside.

I ‘met’ Jackie Salvitti via the internet by my growing fascination of how humans were being healed by alien medical teams. This was a method ‘foreign’ to my education and exposure, but I felt drawn to that arena nonetheless where I found myself completely immersed on Adrian Dvir’s website. This is where I met Jackie. I set up an appointment for a healing session with Jackie and the Team with the intention of being entirely healed and transformed in one session. Perhaps my sights were a bit skewed and overzealous, but I remained patient (well, maybe not always patient) as Jackie and the Team worked with me through countless sessions; weeks, months and years of soul retrievals and energetic healings.