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"Healing a Belief Held by the Subconscious".....tonight the Team will take us on a wonderful journey to actually heal a belief that has held us back from having the life of our dreams.  Please bring a belief that you have processed and truly believe that you are ready to heal.  It's very important that you  have done your processing on this belief...why do I hold this belief?  Where did it come from?   Have I forgiven all those involved?  Do I take responsibility for the creation of my reality?
The Team will take us to work with our child, adolescent and young adult and then into the subconscious to change this belief...such an exciting opportunity.  

All you have to do is decide what belief is the 'big one' that you are truly ready to heal.    

ET Healing

Where do you start with an adventure that is book worthy? Perhaps, to tell you that our Star Brothers and Sisters are closer than you know and waiting for you to become more empowered.

This sounds like metaphysical hogwash, but I promise you that it’s the truth.

Reunion with your Cosmic Family...Preparing for Contact! It's time to remember the truth of who we are!