ET_Healing, April 28, 2011

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God's Waiting Room

Here we are between worlds.....3rd and 4th density and it feels like utter chaos. is.  Which choices are you going to make. Our emotions and experiences are so varied and they can be magical or chaotic...we get to chose.  Let's talk about what's happening now and how to navigate these energies so we don't explode or implode.  Let's make MAGICK!!

ET Healing

ET Healing with Jackie Salvitti and Squirrel Rork, banner
Jackie Salvitti and Squirrel Rork

Where do you start with an adventure that is book worthy? Perhaps, to tell you that our Star Brothers and Sisters are closer than you know and waiting for you to become more empowered.

This sounds like metaphysical hogwash, but I promise you that it’s the truth.

Reunion with your Cosmic Family...Preparing for Contact! It's time to remember the truth of who we are!