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ET First Contact Radio, May 2, 2011

Wendy Zangazi and Gregory Zangazi

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ET-First Contact Radio
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Guests, Wendy Zangazi and Gregory Zangazi

ET-First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst

I had Wendy and Gregory Zangazi on the show today. Wonderful conversation.

Ready For The Shift is an informational web site started by Wendy and Greg Zangari, launched during the Earth Hour event on March 26, 2011. Prior to starting RFTS, Wendy worked in the Information Technology sector including technical support, building PCs/servers, as well as working as a System Engineer and Network Administrator. Greg worked the clinical setting for the first several years after graduating with his B.S. in Biology, then worked in the pharmaceutical services sector for almost 20 years and finished his career as a Director of Project Management.

In 2008, Greg had to stop working due to severe spinal problems after four failed back surgeries, he is now permanently disabled and Wendy, after being laid off from her job in early 2009, was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease which currently does not allow her to work. During a search for their own personal truths, they stumbled across many esoteric fields and news sites that woke them up to a whole other reality that is going on behind the scenes.

They found it very enlightening to realize that most people, between their the 50 hour plus work weeks, family taxi service and other obligations, do not have time to watch the TV news let alone research what they don’t tell you in any major media. That was when Wendy and Greg decided it was time to spread the truth of what they found during their research. They also delved into the whole 2012 phenomenon of Enlightenment, Ascension, UFO and Secret Technology Disclosure and much, much more.

In less than a year, RFTS was being read, shared and enjoyed by readers in over 175 countries! In addition to relaying this information to as many people around the world as possible, they also discuss information related to living a healthy, self-sustaining lifestyle, finding access for free education, relating global, environmental news and medical/scientific technology breakthroughs, as well as online esoteric “TV” and radio interviews from government, military, black-op projects and corporate whistle blowers.

In June 2011, Greg built and launched the RFTS Community Forums where their readers are free to discuss their articles, ask questions in their many various esoteric forum categories or chat with the group, or privately, in the Forum Chat Room. Greg noted, “Our forum is a community where respectful, like-minded individuals can find a safe place to discuss just about anything they like, without fear of ridicule or judgment. During the later half of 2012, RFTS will be launching a talk radio show where they will interview whistle blowers, authors and other members of the esoteric community. Wendy and Greg believe that a major, positive shift in consciousness for all of humanity is in on the horizon.

When asked why they started the web site, Wendy stated, “Since we are unable to work for the foreseeable future, we wanted to find a way to give back; a way to make a vital contribution to mankind.” Greg added, “We want to assist in the creation of and to be a proponent of, humanity’s evolution in a positive shift to unity consciousness, throughout the world.”

ET First Contact Radio

ET-First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst
Show Host
Maarten Horst

ET-First Contact Radio HOST MAARTEN HORST, Speaks every Thursday about the development of Disclosure, First Contact and the Changes that are taking place on Gaia to prepare us for the great Shift, leading us to Ascension. All related subjects like The Galactic Federation will be dealt with in depth.

Often Maarten will read and reflect on the messages from SaLuSa from Sirius (channeled by Mike Quinsey another host on BBS-RADIO) and the messages, including Sheldan Nidle.

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