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Reaching For The Gold, July 2, 2013

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Elder Law and Yoga
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Guests, Brad Greene and Emmy Cleaves

People cringe at the thought that they might become incapacitated, unable to make their own decisions about their medical care or their finances. But these things do happen, and people can protect themselves by establishing contingency plans as soon as possible.  They can ensure that their wishes will be respected even if they can no longer vocalize their thoughts.

Brad Greene, a guest on this show is an elder law lawyer who can fill us in on the details. He is a partner with BartimoleGreene in Ohio .

Some people figure that only the young can become more flexible by exercising. However, Emmy Cleaves, in her eighties and a decades-long practitioner of yoga, vehemently disagrees with these assumptions. To her it is not a matter of your age but of your willingness to stick with a yoga regime that will keep you bending every which way and feeling strong. She tells her story on this program.

Reaching For The Gold

Reaching For The Gold with Harriet Tramer
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Harriet Tramer

A publishing journalist and a college instructor Harriet finds that these two careers have much in common as they both demand honing communication skills every day. Harriet instructs her students almost exclusively online and her writing is published in print and over the web. Times change but the need to speak to your audience by being concise, yet intriguing, is key.

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