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Dont Panic Its Organic, November 21, 2020

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Dont Panic Its Organic
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with Andy Lopez, aka: The Invisible Gardener

Don't Panic It's Organic with andy Lopez, aka: The Invisible Gardener

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Dont Panic Its Organic

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Don’t Panic It’s Organic!

Banish pesticides and chemical fertilizers
from your garden.
The Invisible Gardener is here
to show you how to work with
Mother Nature instead of against her.

What are you putting in your soil? How are you dealing with garden pests and diseases? Conventional horticulture assaults the earth with pesticides and chemicals, sucking essential nutrients from the soil with each harvest. Organic gardening offers a healthier, more productive, and more sustainable alternative.

andy Lopez, a.k.a. the Invisible Gardener, started his business in 1970 and through this show he will reveal how to work in partnership with your garden while consuming less energy and producing fewer greenhouse gases.

Under Andy’s expert tutelage, you’ll discover -

  • the importance of having 'living' soil 
  • natural tree care by understanding the Law of Cause and Effect how you can control bark beetles and other pests and diseases
  • natural disease control by using a Refractometer to get Brix readings
  • what Brix is and how you can use it for your garden
  • the correct way to make use of compost and mulch, and why we make it in the first place
  • natural pest control, the Greater the Stress, the Greater the Pest
  • you will know what Brix is and how you can use it for your garden
  • the correct way to make and use compost and mulch, and why we make it in the first place
  • natural pest control: my motto is the Greater the Stress, the Greater the Pest
  • organic lawn care and weed control
  • natural spraying methods
  • how to reduce your garden’s water needs
  • what the role of Mycelium is and how to help it
  • what rock dust is and how to use it

Conventional horticulture still clings to the claim that organic and conventional growing methods yield the same results. Andy reveals the flaws in this argument, proving organic practices and heirloom seed use can actually increase harvests. 

Even if organic and conventional growing methods had the same results, which would you prefer: soil leached of nutrients by chemical overuse, or rich, natural loam cultivated by your own hands and Andy’s practical, proven methods?

A real gardener knows the answer instinctively. Don’t Panic Go Organic - you’ll never regret it.

The Invisible Gardener show will be a mix of andy’s gardening wisdom along with electronic music he writes himself. He is also an environmentalist and his shows reflect this. Listen to him live on every Sat Mornings 1 to 1:55 pm pst

Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

hello everybody this is Sandy Lopez I better known around the world is the invisible Gardener today we're doing part two of its the trees is the natural Tree Care workshop and and more are you going to be surprised at some of the things I'll be talking about I'm not going to give it all the way up when I talk about trees I also in the park about how trees communicate and how everything to make a speech other store can we talk a little bit about that today I'll trees communicate and now we have a bunch of other things in store for you but mainly I'll be covering natural Tree Care and you can call me right away. The show is all open today open why they broke should be coming out sometime soon I say all the numbers are right at the best way I want you the way I want you to get on with my show is to do the zoom meeting
just click on the Sioux meeting there you'll see on the on the on the on the homepage for my radio show on PBS radio we go to my website of us will Garden there. Com you click on the live show takes you to the CBS Radio Don't Panic it's organic that's the page you want to get to the station to wear with right that's what I want you to do but if you want to call in is the toll free number which is 888-627-6008 and it's a direct line 323-744-4831
I guess I wish I could hear my voice when I'm doing this I really like hearing my voice so I have to rely on if everything is good you know sometimes you have to just I don't know what type is everything good thing think I just I can't talk most people can't talk to write at the same time they go good I started off the today's worship with iris is burning up and it is destroying our forest we need to we need our for us who we are just stop climate changes that are harmful to a life a living hell she Florida system Portland now more than ever
I started off with I said that maybe I'll see other people are saying goodbye to score the quoted myself but I started talked about the trees
way back when I first started doing my radio so I wish I actually started in the early seventies but the show is called lights are doing a show called into the trees and I've always promoting the health of the trees and without you know and at the same time you have to promote the health of the soil is no way you could do trees without soil I don't know if you can do hydroponic trees I sure could and even Hydroponics is there an interesting system to you know cuz you just have to try to mimic the way the soil works and therefore you know you'll have to provide the minerals and all that stuff in the Forum that situation isn't that interesting
the one of the things I see I have a say so in any way this the workshop you need to Don't Panic it's organic to do the workshop what I'm going to do without line everything talk about it and actually I'm expanding it a little bit because I was just going to stick to the book while doing the workshop and I've already expanding it about how trees communicate and several other things so this is going to be in my new book coming up I'm working on a new book now which is really how to heal the Earth your spare time the 2020 Edition or is it maybe 20 21 right or maybe I might call it how the year the Earth your spare time for the Aquarian age something like that anyway that's when you'll be coming out and I have all this information in its and much much more
so I put the book will help you recover a lost up in the book like how to use a refractometer for example and I'll be covering different types of pests and diseases which are in the book and one of the things that I tell people is if it's not in the book cover everybody everything call me eat for what you do is to email me to send email to Andy Lopez as discipline Gardener. Notice how I said that cuz I want you to spell it certain ways to spell it the wrong way to spell it like the gardener you hire be coming to your garden right Gardener so Andy Lopez had invisible invisible invisible man and be surprised how many people get to do some real raw like vincible is basketball and of course if they always seem to get Gardener by James Gardiner Gardiner wrong
endoscopic to ride radio show question I hope he can write trees or whatever the subject guess you know that it's in the body I'll give you a question I'll be really cool if you want to attach pictures to cuz I saw those right and then listen to the show and I'll give you the answer I will also email you back the question the answer to today's All About Trees I think Deb Deborah should be out why she is here I'll look at that somebody showed up and I have to do this see how it goes
the CG is still being muted I have not I'm not
I can't hear you there bro
oh my God it scares me you put your bike sister little doubt it would help it
okay you got it I say where are you they want to 34578 Osgood okay I can you see what I have up there I did natural Tree Care Workshop pictures you can post them up
yeah that would be a great idea know that right you you are doing multi-talented man announcing to show sucks like this is a perfectly good one you know I had it something I got to some things by the way how trees communicate the consciences are betrayed and what we can do to help them and be happy so this is what the workshop is going to be a little bit about today right now it's perfect just write it down and write out the phone number
I don't but I could maybe find them getting and I mentioned it to her like the half-hour but I used to do a radio show on the real go to the station to really do what they say you got to mention the station number on a regular basis because I don't have it set up a folder that you like that separate browser bring up the information because my Aunt Sherry just one browser now I should be able to technically speaking open up a new browser
well I guess I guess you just told me that yeah I love the picture when the nation's largest because they take in CO2 and give up nice clean O2 right at just the right place I did not know that dramatic swing right the other one right if you want to grab that little boy and bring it up to 3. Let it go it will go soon and maybe not class
where is it 9 but it will go a lot higher right right and that's what's going on that's what's going on now we have raised the temperature so fast that it's going to swing right swing cycle to happen very erratically very very fast and that's the trees normally do they Christian that's to keep it from going one way or the other guy getting too hot to cold it keeps going back and forth for the rest and because of that the you know what you heard last time I talked about the Gulfstream but you can really know you don't have any questions just sit there and say
why did I did I do have a question of climate change is correct with I think real which I think it is and we're getting getting warmer wire not why are the trees not performing their Duty or is it just too much for them for the soil microorganisms and that's what we've been do it we've been doing everything exactly the wrong way you know what I talk to this one guy who is a nutritionist studies studies of the world's food sources of food around the world right now
nutritional level has dropped its really hardly any food in there he said I wonder what has something to do
I haven't figured out what yet but I am asking you because you have maybe a different inside right and you believe what I saw the right eye first of all I said because he said you know the Industrial Revolution started police putting CO2 in the air and ever since that the value of the nutritional value of everything we especially the Worlds made food stores that's just dropped out so I have to be in the CO2 and I said well there yes or is a relationship but it's not the CO2 that's causing the problem because you know in nature the trees live CO2 plants without CO2 they take CO2 that converted all kinds of stuff right right
what do the what do we do with your doctor Revolution what do we do first thing that comes to mind is called the Industrial Revolution okay so loud it will what will happen about yeah that's kind of like let's close because there's so many things with that buy with your so-called life of trees pronounce that we had talked a little bit last time so yeah yeah
foxy wolf benefit get to those more and more so yeah the Industrial Revolution cell case we have to pick what they really did with it came up with fertilizers
how to take oil and use it for variety of other things okay and I am going to be talking about you out to all the different work the workshops that were doing here on a regular basis you know you just joining us now if you have no idea what you're ready to come out you need to look look at it the last 50 shows I wish I could I did a couple of shows on how to use a refractometer how to use it for measuring the risk level on plants and vegetables and Body Works in all throughout my talk I'm going to be actually cuz I want to do people that have to just use a refractometer on trees and plants a refractometer the device is better buy a cook I'm getting flashbacks you okay nevermind I do I say it over and over again
I heard you say this yes I remember you saying it was invented by cook because don't they use it for wine or the grocery man will see her company coming and she was okay okay which one of these do you want to nibble on the lady you can't do that let's figure out a way that way this life as she was looking for something tasting sweet right and that's the way we have evolved us human being sorry about heavy about your likes sweet things and hates our things because us are bitter things are usually toxic and will kill us if that's how we leave out the nature of this guy because he was a sign he's not a nice treat treaty Berkeley what kind of a tree is that
event rooms in such a strange way but they have them here in Malibu to build Bob's to the desert as a matter of fact of the world you know they talked about how do you like your in Malibu this at least 20 different plants from 20 different parts of the world not from here so they're brought here and they can grow there but the point was is at least like for sale palm trees are from a different part of the world and still are eucalyptus and so hard you don't have biscuits
what part of the world did mycelium is different they evolve with a Pacific type of mycelium to work with them and the end of the mycelium hear that they're growing it is not the same type of mycelium or micro that these plants have evolved to grow with are all the palm trees on happy and I had this gift of they don't have it if there were growing in a place where they had the right type of microbes that means that they'll be getting all the food they need in the kind of food that they need right if there's any place that they don't have the right they're four they're going to end up with I want test or one disease or another see if your vegetarian is different than being a mediator of plant food do I find a different way to eat except I have a hard time because of my stomach is like yours for that right
if you choose to eat meat again you're so we're your trees and that's what happens to trees are there growing in these people property or adapting to whatever it is that they have their I do if I felt a guy's relax everybody's fine we're going to give everybody a wide range of microbe so they have a better chance of adapting some of those were actually works really well for them and that's the regular a person's property back I supposed to even bring an appointment with kiss the ground is right yeah Choo Choo Choo Choo shoes should you choose to accept it is to get my friend back on again who started the kiss the ground Tully
what was his name-o. Robert gee whiz. I'll Google it later but I always have more people with you about how big do know yeah that be fun but I also have to keep an eye open for participants because if somebody was to come on I wouldn't know about it that I have to look on there you know you could can you see how many participants are here
yeah looks like me you and one other guest speaker? There's two speakers you and me what's his race hand
the question I guess so you raised right here I can't see that so I was just helping other people to you can talk to you again cuz there's somebody else come here you can talk with them to chat you know right choice based on what we're doing a you were talking about the same as what prebiotics and probiotics would be for a human being to come to keep the old lady that I was talk that I did the show on The Voice
soil soil it's alive it's alive it's alive it's alive yes it can I call you can take that and post that as a state this is our next week ShopRite or whatever that anyway so what what I said was is that the microbes in lesueur the mycelium in the mice in the soil actually millions and millions of years old we as animals with four animals right right yes I do have evolved from that my ceiling one day you didn't I just tell you last saw that about how we develop our stomach and we decided to get up and walk away is it wasn't that something I said sit with you last show
it might have been Mario good I have I have photographic memory and I remember everything so basic as simple as that the microbes in our body
evolve from the Michael said in the store cuz we weave our we just listen to get up one day and stuffing or something I stomach and became human to walk we took a long time for us to end up with a a moving bag of soil right right animals Birds beasts trees for everything evolve all of it for those Michael that's why there is a group of people I'm not sure what you call him I'll go get in trouble but you're going to invite her back on again. They did run biomeme biomeme know it's about your stomach is called a bio me and they're starting to realize that you have a whole universe in there just like the soil has
how to write spicy in my microbiome in your body right but they do that microbial did it talk about then I'm going to have it cuz I also work with the lab lab testing to do my microbiology the soil how about we having both on as guest at the same time we could write these guys want to startle people and these guys were basically doctors whatever it right we can have a really cool a dialogue between the two of them because they could eat probably give some information that the other might not know if they can educate us more fully
take a note I got my pistol and my past raining here so we haven't really spent any time outside really relishing it did you ever figure out the phone number
no because I am afraid to get out of the screen in case I lose you to go back over your eyes Alyssa screen is a Blackboard are there what number appears so I looking at it and I'm going 888-627-6008 or 323-744-4831 if you use an assumed you should go to the website you visit will Gardener. Com homepage it's either up there is a radio show click on radio show it takes you to the page and put on live they should Chiller station the station's and is 4 / Don't Panic it's organic there's a su meeting there that's the way I want you to be like to stare but you did that right how did you get here Deborah
I went to the BBS Radio website I looked up your show clicked on your shelf it opened and then on the right top side as Don instructed me it was a meeting that highlighted you I just clicked on it and it took me right to the open Watch the meeting itself is high tide I rather people going to buy website okay I want to have people coming to my website I don't care about the station radio
I don't see your video do you have your turn your video off
you did your turn your video isn't your maybe I maybe I could turn your video and all your videos on Deborah
your side right today I am number if you want to call I think what must you know usually in my experience I've been doing this a very very long time and I get very rarely do I get caller my people emailed me and they say look, one guy say a police officer a motorcycle police officer okay this is I can't cuz I can't even stop to write you a note I can't do anything I said listen to the show and I email you the name of a submarine but I cannot course I have not allowed to call you use the phone here so we send an email I get lots of that 99% of people are pretty much
that way because I haven't used this show has a really good podcast sister and then I do my own podcast and that's why I think I have been should have to talk to you about how do I get my podcast on all these different podcast that you know I have no idea you have an idea but I know. My cell when the time is right was technically I'm not I'm not on the list you listen to when I'm at you know what I mean I'm the park at I told you go to iHeart portal bbsradio up
no no they they Syndicate two different places like I heart will Gardens Don't Panic it's organic it won't show up I see there was one of those other ones I say I'm not going to sit here and send them to about 20 different places value software that does that right. That's not a yes that's correct actually what we do is we podcast you to Google Play privately on your own feed then we podcast you two items and then we podcast you to two other locations which is all you but then most of the portals and it's over a hundred and fifty-nine now because
we haven't added the rest into the into the website and added them we just haven't posted who they are but we have 159 portals and most of those we podcast via our own station named Miles go up you'd never find them under your own name they bite you would find them if you search for bbsradio right you couldn't literally post all your final is no way it would be a nightmare for a special computer that IBM house right there yeah I guess so well MP3 to MP4 with video and I mean with images now perfect at work so you can convert any audio file to video
okay I've been doing that anyway I've been converted your audio video audio you can convert any audio now to video with an image you can get Auto transcripts at the click of a button for any show including all past shows you click a button hit save and you'll have a transcript in a rich in what they call a rich editor featuring you're the one that's going to be doing all this by the way you know you also have embed codes that are correctly formatted for audio and video you can actually take the embed code to put them in your newsletter social sites anywhere else it will be doing all that forms correctly formatted even for patreon so you know folks don't have to upload to Vimeo or Google anymore they can upload to us and take a right to patreon and others cuz it's properly formatted in bed cuz the next thing we've done is we've added you at the check a click of a button you can actually put a rich feature-rich chat
bored on your program page and you can customize it fully administrate it so that's done as though anybody wants chat boards for their own personal programs they can and we've also now we're just about to finish the alert follow me function which gives every host their own private database of their fans so when anybody klixon follow me it goes into your own private database it as their phone numbers and email addresses and if you click alert you can type in a message hit submit it'll go to all the phones all the email addresses and to the host Twitter Facebook and Linkedin page and at the same time it goes not only to your social networks it goes to ours that is being done now we're just creating the unfollow me so they can actually get out of the database and we're just about done and there's a lot more goodies coming
it's me if I have a tape so if you want to if you want to keep playing and I'm going to try think I have to charge you for this is a great address for ties anymore route we've grown so large we're doing 250 that's where this is normally where people would call it normally at this time right now in the beginning a half hour or so this is Norway so I did I did it this way I figured you know I was going to do the normal show and then our people call in for just this is why we just a computer or your phone you go to my website visible click on radio show Jose live click on it takes you to the station and then click on the Tsum
so many buttons are right on the front page Searcy Don't Panic it's organic
they consume and we can talk you won't I'll be able to see your video but you won't nobody else will cases just be the the show that way nobody knows you know you shy or whatever just call 888-627-6008 or you can call the number directly 323-744-4831
pre-recorded that part cuz I'm really lazy and trying not to do anymore I don't think there's anything else coming up now other than usual so I put a lot of visuals up here all the time cuz it's fun I wanted to be educational I wanted to be a helpful who swears someone like you Deborah, this is why don't we do this while we do that cuz your attitude is also part of the store to you know right now I don't know if you planning on staying or not or or being a temporary the apartment but I am looking for a good Cohoes I can turn the show into something really really wonderful for people to watch for them to learn I need a tool to get information off cuz I was so full of information I'm blowing up here my legs are blowing up
busted in my head like my head the top of my head is growing the doctor says what the hell
Crown chakra commercial for this little Gardener I have to do that you know what to sub degrees I do want you remember the website aren't you even send one on a few months guys start a spaceship and then I said I just crashed on the floor normally I'm busy okay so I have a lot of stuff going on I was just going to have my eyes work done something to get caught up with work everybody wants me for one reason or another you know how to do this or do that this will Gardner son
long is the major changes now to you know in the structure and it and what's happening and how we get our message out on the radio show is going to radically change this one is doing everything I should not be doing everything going to be other people doing stuff really better and I'm looking for I need the radio show is a really good it's not basically I have to figure out a way to actually get information across the people I can talk and have a good time but I have to I have to the way I'm doing it now stop you buy the book Don't Panic it's organic twenty bucks and a massage that's the the manual I'm using from
and you thought I would like to have liked to say read page 27 and then give me a report but I don't know how to do that right you know what I mean that's what I would tell people queso you do you need to book an hour to an hour to power through and it has lots of information interview have a book right now wow the ashes we've been cool right why don't you tell me I'll see when you get around with your address I'll send you another but you know if you're a member aren't you I am okay so you know you have access to all the books of the pdf version on the website you know that right I like an actual book so I'm yeah I'll be there right on the corner to be around
all you know and on it might want to give me the address and I'll be happy to send you one you know that I should start of the contest again you know normally we have a concert tonight I forgot you forgotten about you you're not supposed to be able to forget you're the one that's supposed to bring out the whip
I need an ID to get up to Snuff here so before the usual process was he would you would win a free lifetime membership plus you get to physical physical physical version of my book
and then sometimes always have a different price I will be there, Don't Panic it's organic coffee mugs or Don't Panic it's organic t-shirt or Don't Panic it's organic Pat membership fee for screen soon I'm going to come to my senses I'm actually under control by other people now so they're going to say what are you giving the membership away for the night to go back to normal normally is $20 for a lifetime or 55 for us regular membership number 35 for senior citizen the regular membership in the Senior Bowl for get a physical version of the book plus I get access to all that PDF versions of the books throughout the years I've been doing my membership is called club tonight to 70 okay I got an email from somebody somewhere along the line
I've been tryna I don't want to be this way so I changed it to a club and Will Gardner like Club MIT did you know that so that's what I do but all throughout the years like last a few years ago natural pest control chemicals for the Home Guard and I was my last oh we first if you was one of those people to join up in the early 70s you would get my how to heal the Earth in your spare time book this is I've had 21 years were never remember where my current book it is that the one you were physically get when you join so I've been doing this a long time is coming out in the spring of next year it's going to be hot in here lyrics in your spare time and I think we'll say 2021 on it you know the current number two
baby put a 2 on it or something cuz I already did the one in the first but I don't know if I should do another one with same title may be confusing right so I would I would know how do you draw the Earth your spare time now it's a new edition so it's like that climate change the Fire Edition or that area were dying Edition or something like that funny 21 addition to make that every once in a while that I give that away like to throw a little while then people would I was giving away the groceries Chips To The Growers kid is a quart of soup has seaweed and 5 lb in my Bissell cordless Rock. Blend my rock dust the microbial blend and the super seaweed Nori goes $450 of court and right now it's on sale for a hundred but you can get it for a hundred bucks to get
where does Super seaweed in 5 lb of Municipal Gardens Rock does black plus the shipping which is pretty good right now. I'm working on your package. I didn't forget. I'm just a quarter super Steam from hanging onto my package with your address so send me an email again and what I like to do. If it's okay with you send your two courses this stuff cuz I think of you going to go with you guys just going to go through it
yeah I got about eighty plants all in pots all pretty interesting plants on I'm up I love plants I mean I do we need to do a Facebook I FaceTime sing on the show live so used to be my guest and take me on a tour of your place live I might just do that I've got a beautiful can hear my I probably should people would be quite interested I under the weather lately fruiting plants I don't grow anything if it doesn't give me a fruit then I won't charge it to my garden I won't charge it too much
is the meaning of throwing Tomatoes again Dawn why I'm not growing shrooms if they're too difficult unless you've got a cool Cellar and oh you're renting it now well we're renting a home yet because we haven't built our home back yet then I'm not sure if we're going to stay in California anymore what do you think I got you excited at the station early here and you can take that right that's what's so cool about the internet you know that's why as I get older okay folks you have to listen to all this because it's just the way it is this is my show and if you could see all the stuff about
I wrote down for your braces Rex level so you can enjoy that weed is like multitasking but what I was going to say what you know as I get older I really like to do this Reggie Stokes thing and make a living from it be anywhere in the world I could be in my underwear in Hawaii on a hammock
I work in my underwear if I have time to drop the phone in there or whatever you know you know I know I know because I'm tired of doing it by myself
and I do all this break I do these great graphics and I just great graphics write a core group of people may be in the shower and a bunch of other people are listening it because there's we invent retaken miss Will Gardner and redeveloping and Charlie from the ground up you'll be surprised if I have a mission statement for example Research Medical and you know they're going to take super seaweed and make it a household work coffee sizes of. Approximately $40,000 to put it on the market cuz I have to prove I sent it off to a lab once I guess it's all right what planet did you get this from because there's a micro will never seen you before
do I call a primordial soup is a very unique microorganisms I have Thor discovers I'm a composter I compost everything and you know and I find your right with great Campos comes great fruits great plants and I'm looking forward to trying your super seaweed peel the sword went when will episode it back into the store that's good for everything that makes everything work really well so that's the key to everything is beneficial microorganisms that because we have so many different things on our property and they have such loyal everybody always right I see when people you know they mow it and then they rake it and they get rid of it and I think to myself she's they just don't get it as I go to now I'm going to snow
cleaned it up it's like holy cow with no leaves nothing and no start and then they don't even bring start back at least you could at least I know what it is to go to the store and buy truck stop in the bag that you look like you're kidding me right in there it's just crap that crap and crap out right and I was like what
you know you don't know I agree that that stuff than when I used to buy it at the store yet you know a year or two later your plants are looking you know definitely and you think to yourself G I keep giving him that's great fertilize right by him. Then the yard starts to die to grasses you know drowning and then we'll see what comes to mind when you think of your dog show Revolution
fertilizer rust the time in basically invented fertilizer hey here's something you can put in the ground gold billing times more food you know what I love is when they when they take your garbage and they put it in these landfills and then people ordered dirt from these landfills and I did this once and there was so much so many plastic particulates and all this other junk in this soil and I thought oh my God they pay to take it away and then you paid that you pay to get it back and it's just straight garbage in garbage out the age of mankind right there's a name for it and if I had my phone here I was a series Lucia
Yes dear what is called the age of mankind
gear she doesn't hear me
anyway the name for you know is that basically me
well no I was talking to my phone
my computer just went dead so I'm calling on my landline
just had a power I don't know what happened but
will an alien cave and Anna taxes
I'm the only one that survived I'm the only ones that survived that the rest of the people are all debt I think he's not there alone listen to clone there's a name for the eighth of man this current Asian wind now
if you were to ask Siri why don't know it use your phone and asked serious but that's how I was doing. I said Hey Siri why is it called the age of man because there's a name for it and I'd name basically translates to plastic
classic classic classic is found everywhere on the planet
10020 thousand years from now when you have alien landing on Earth and that you know how they dig up stuff it looking for and they see all the layers of the Earth has layer all over the Earth and what is that that's plastic
how's that it'll be safe
classic I've been told and I may be wrong but does not break doubt it'll last for Infinity you may have these tiny little pieces but it's been a great what is it called the great garbage dump in the ocean right
by the way this is all the microorganisms that it's in my soup PC with exception of a few
farming salmon in the ocean is none of the farm salmon in the ocean like near Denmark are getting out and breeding with wild salmon before making them weaker it was very disturbing yellow thing you reason why he don't want to know what's going on you just have to serve you got to dig a hole in the ground cover yourself up and go to sleep and Trent and we do hope that when you wake up there's something similar to what you left because it's it's it's a real mess it's a real mess and we don't seem to be getting a grip on the on the on the problem you know it's because it probably goes back down to money comes down to money then we keep destroying destroying destroying in order to make money
that's what it comes down to religion what money money money so I can't wait to start truck comes along and changes all this money stuff that's why I think I looked about start yeah that's why I didn't use money
oh yeah that
they don't need money out of the Federation The Good the good guys somewhere somewhere down the line they decided they didn't need money so they change the whole system of money and that's one of the things we have to do but that's not going to happen immediately because you know we have a crisis now in the crisis you might throw you seen Bitcoin investor in okay it's Googling up from a long time ago so I think I know why I had to pee and I had quite a few Bitcoin and ethereum and a bunch of others and I used to take payments for it but then when the when everything burned down I can't get back into the accounts and we've talked to people a even you know they said no without the password and your information week to get you back your Bitcoin or etherium or anyting else that's too bad
that's a probably should keep your password somewhere else probably amount about 90,000 total
a moment of silence
but are you doing I'm trying to buy a piece of property and everything I talk about is very frustrating because I wanted a girl stuff I want to be really amazing drawer you'll be surprised if I do this to these peoples properties imagine what I do my own place okay alright okay you would love me to do your retro because I was gay before you put it in the underground in Florida was that made fools out of rocks so that you can swim with the fishes how's that
is that cool I never made a fresh there a freshwater and basically I use plants to filter out the pool
those are guys we're going to be leaving soon because I'm going to a cosmic spaceship is coming out now on station to let me see have to sign off and come back no. Charles
what station are we on
you're always on the number one station on a different station
is like the artwork I did that okay guys so I thought that spaceship is coming up I had last time I was very depressed. Cuz I have one person doesn't like to show so I went to Saint off my left leg I'm okay but I can't dance
Amazon that was on YouTube
YouTube Somebody didn't comment yeah they gave me the thumbs down and it was horrible and I shut off my leg lifts way I'm limping now but but I can't handle looking the other leg pants down
stop, please. I can't handle rejection
all right see you later. Bye

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