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Conscious Creation, November 15, 2020

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with Dee Wallace

Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace

Conscious Creation

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Dee's show deals with the latest energy shifts and how they correspond with your individual blocks. So the subject each week is always cutting edge information. Tune in next week to find out what's up in the Universe and how YOU can shift through it! Clarity and expansion guaranteed!

"Dee Wallace is a must EXPERIENCE. She is a spiritual archeologist that helps you dig at core issues. Whether it is live, print – as in her compelling spiritual memoir Bright Light – or via the web, her healing words and energy will help you to excavate core truths to live a more balanced life. Many teach…but only a few can help others to transcend."

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welcome to Conscious Creation with actress author and healer Dee Wallace if you want to take charge of your life really take charge of your life the next hour will be a fun and lightning experience in creating the life you want whether it's money he'll success or relationships joined the in celebrating the power of you and see your life expand into joyful Creations to join dnow call 319-527-6305 and don't forget Deacon also be heard on VBS radio iTunes iHeartRadio and why but one this talk radio you can also hear Dionne get inspired media Network transformation talk radio plus ubn Universal broadcasting network and now here's d
hello all you amazing fabulous incredible magnificent so very loved awesomely healthy and darn sexy people did she claim all that we are at Sunday take me to church yeah we're at we're here boy I'll tell you what a week huh what I know that this community is staying balanced holding focus on what they want and staying in there knowing
if you did not join us for that webinar last week I'm telling you it was
a plethora of information and Clarity around
what's coming up what to do what to plan on how to participate what to watch out for it was just quite and unbelievable webinar so thank all of you that participated in this I want to remind all of you just members looming closely and you know what that means we'll be rolling rolling out to Christmas special half hour privates for $100 that will start in January so if you're looking for nice gift for anybody especially yourself you're going to want to participate in that
I'm going to read the amazing statement here again that the channel is asking us to do daily for a year I hope you have printed it I hope you have posted it by your computer or your toilet or wherever you go everyday
really the word that they gave us during the webinar was that they are begging us to do this daily and really create this world that we have an opportunity to create right now so the statement is join me please I am creating love Integrity truthfulness dignity and power through Divine love for all energy in all dimensions
I command all energy to Define itself as these attributes which brings me
to the next piece of information
that the channel has that the channel wants you all us all to know that this truly is we are entering now the age of Aquaria and I just want to read you some of the lines from the song Love Will steer the Stars Harmony and understanding
sympathy and trust abounding no more falsehoods or derisions the minds true liberation
this is what is possible for us right now we are standing in the moment of all possibilities for the new world
be a part of it guys don't wait for it
don't look to see what somebody else is doing no
right now
if you want to create the world of all possibilities for the age of Aquarius
know that you are the power
know that you deserve all your good and know that whatever you do it works
so we are claiming those three things we are in our knowing about them invoking the symbol of formula The Violet Flame the Golden Light send out the signal of the age of Aquarius one thing I wanted to share with everyone also
and this came in after the webinar someone who attended the webinar didn't get a chance to ask this question and she wanted to know about the Electoral College and
hands down
the channel says it's for the highest good of all mankind to abolish the Electoral College and for the fairness of all people
the word they're giving me right now is Antiquated it's Antiquated and it's out of date and we need to move on from it all right commercial break here are beloved Stephen that we believe me would not be doing this show without his company
is starting Christmas far out Foods Foods they have you no more than a year ago this was just a dream that she even talk to me about nights at 12
you got to start taking action babe and believing in yourself and now they've got all kinds of gift sets going up for cooks and chefs and Grilling or smoking they've also got now expanded into salad dressings and chili and hot cocoa set and coffee said they've got new glands like lemon garlic this year and Teriyaki it's it's amazing
how he's taking this dream like all your dreams
and committed to it
step out in faith and you know I'm course I have a lot of grillers and Bakers and cookers and my family so I'm get shots for everybody but if you would like to support Steven and go too far out food food and use the code Dee Wallace one word all lowercase and you'll get 10% off
I'm excited I'm excited for Stevenson so much for that had a fabulous time shooting my TV show I'll let you all know when it is it'll be a while I'm sure and
yeah just stabbed
things going swimmingly here I heard you again all of you to do everyday 10 minutes of the breathing exercise
it powerfully is creating my life
okay can I go to the calls now is there anything else I need to bring out all right here we go. Then you're up first what's up good morning okay so yes the webinar was awesome I loved it great thank you so I want to know
why I'm not sleeping at night it's taking so long to get to sleep but I'm up until like 1 or 3 in the morning and what I got you with my energy is just so excited to create and be out and creating beyond what I'm creating
yes and mixed in there
is the belief that you have to be vigilant lie awake and conscious every moment to make sure nothing happens
okay hold on highest most correct most complete everybody's balancing buddy switch
is that
it's that yin and yang
right that I'm I'm getting all my good but I have to make sure that the other shoe doesn't drop
because it when you really start applying this work and stuff starts coming in its
it's almost hard to believe
I mean in March and April when I couldn't work as an actor and
all this money was coming from places I didn't even know about
it's like it's almost too good to believe and we're just taught oh my God I can't get into this too much because I don't want to jinx it right so that's all it is so just tell yourself at night sleepy your Creations already done
a perfect
sounds great thank you good good question really good question all right Miss Maria in San Francisco
thank you so so very much I rearranged my morning before going to deal with this situation to try and get through the loan a year ago paid it off alone and then use it due to some technicality it got reversed and refunded back to me like I'm able to possibly discharge it completely but it'll be a process for the next two years I want to
try and resettled but it didn't feel right to me and I my other option was losing possibly some of my SSI and the loan that I want to pay off is a few things so that it's really a private session but let me let me get to the core of what it's all that doesn't make any sense to me that if you paid off alone and then they paid it back to you it would take two years for you to just Rectify it that doesn't make any sense
no that's out there at the school loans do I apply for disability discharge and it's a three-year process of evaluation and after 3 years if you don't make enough money then they at delete demos
and I'm teaching you all how to do this because this is what you need to do with the universe
and you're the universe of you simple question what do you want to know
how to handle it because so I don't want it to affect my social security
but yet I feel happy about to be discharged in a couple years of school to answer you but I can tell you the energetic thing within your Energy System that's creating this and this is a pattern with you I believe Maria from working with you on the show for some time now that
and institutions
seemed to turn against you and make it hard for you to rectify whatever it is that you were wishing to rectify and that tells me the channel is speaking now I know it sounds like me that there is a deep-seated belief in the mistrust of the way you see the world
so let's go over this guy's the three pillars have to be in place how I see me
how I see the world how I see the world seeing me
and the place that's causing so much havoc in your life is how you look out and see the world and now we're going to a corropolese this page here
okay you see the world
as of world where you will never be good enough
you see the world seeing you
as not good enough
so if we're if we and many of his share this Maria at some level or another if we have to believe
that we are not good enough then we have to set up situations to mirror those things happening now
the channel also want you to know your
you're not halfway but you're close to working through this and being aware of it and letting it go so you can turn all the time but it happens with your family happens with the government happens at the school
some hell
the other entity doesn't come through for you
the more you see yourself
as good enough and know your self-worth
and look out and see a world
the world allows you to be good enough and acknowledges you and the world looks back at you and says look at Maria she's good enough work with her let's Rectify this then everything's going to be a lot easier
the other stuff you need to to talk to a lawyer or counselor somebody because it's a lot of information that I don't have but energetic
this is what's going to clear it up are you clear about what they gave you
yes thank you very much you're welcome sweet thing
alrighty we're going to miss windy in Sacramento
good morning to you thank you for taking my call I got a deal with my back in January and I could not work and there's also a hearing situation I have a disability with hearing but I work well with functional hearing aids call Center for medical insurance and HR and I had a conversation on the 19th day of October and she verbally tried to push me in a corner and have me use the word I agree or accept what she was saying and I was Savvy enough not to do it nonetheless
she's tired made from the company for medical reasons cuz it was taking too long for me to get well and her idea of an of an ADA accommodation was ridiculous so in his name is Taylor 98% success rate in The Firm will I win my suit and will it be outside of court
well that's not the right question the right question is
do you have everything in alignment to win the suit and I get a yes that's right question that's the highest question
will you win it out of court
oh that's that you have something you need to align yeah okay so Wendy you need to start
seeing that the world is easy
what you created ZZ
remember whatever I do it's going to work that was one of the things they gave us at the beginning of the show
and to stay in love like a Buddha said if you have to
sue somebody on this plane to then just stay in love while you're doing it
I agree totally okay
ask my attorney to get a copy of audio copy of the conversation not a transcript because transcripts can be wrong I want an audio copy the truth shall set me free okay but when I'm telling you I can hear in the vibration of your voice
that you're angry and you're pissed off and you're ready for a fight
that's not going to create what you want
I have a lot of kindness for the for Heather from HR I wish her well I'm talking about like we got to see him going already guys how do you see the world
how do you see the world in your place in it is the world on your side or not and when I asked that question for you I didn't know that's what you have to turn around just like Maria
you see if we're going I know I'm right I know I'm right I know I'm right about this
I know I should win
and I don't think the world's on my side so
I'm going to get an audio copy and onion and you go into that vibration Wendy
then you push away what you want baby
so I agree with you I'll write well but you're not you're agreeing with me but you're not doing it so can you stand back and go I know
I know that I'm right I know that it's all working out
I know that this will be delivered to me and now I'm just going to take the steps I have to take to get it done
absolutely you can feel the difference though in what I just said and what you said can't you I I do I don't know what you're saying and I do not think it's by chance that I got this firm standing behind me and that Taylor's representing me 98% success rate
what are you attracted that baby
I'm going to let him I'm going to let him drive
well yeah that's why you hired him you and you stay in your knowing guys I walked all of you through this with the election
you cannot get
all up in the drama
have anything if you're going to create the peaceful outcome that you all want all right I got to move on baby you got your answer okay
thank you very much you're welcome all right Emily in California you're on
hi di hi babe happy Sunday
yes so last week we uncovered for me a little bit little tiny bit I don't ever want to be and I am just confirming that that is in Fallon's now and that I am in alignment with all creating all of my good and letting it be easy
that's the right question all those things are in place I get a yes indeed good work amazing. I got so much clarity about so many things one of the biggest things and she served everybody so much was the collar that asked about wearing masks and she didn't like her choice being taken away and I just have to tell everybody what the channel said it said sometimes
it appears that we have our choice taken away from us
for the greater good
like when we had to go on rations and World War II for the greater good like when we had to take the polio vaccine when we were little
so yes for the greater good
you can perceive your choice being taken away from you and that is always your choice
so if you want to hold onto your choice choose what perspective you want to own
and then you always stay in your choice
it's brilliant it's really be until until it came out of my mouth I hadn't put it together so so thankfully it's beautiful
absolutely and the example of Viktor Frankl and his experience in the concentration camp of being a lifter in making a choice to do that even when nearly all freedoms were taken away. In out just remember that if you get up and you're in a concentration camp you still have a choice how to create your day
thank you Emily I love you too great miss Melinda and Massachusetts you beyond
Heidi my baby so my question is about how to phrase a claim so I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my spine and this healer told me that is because I'm holding so much emotion on my upper body so I'm claiming I am filled with love forgiveness and compassion which feels good but how how can I phrase this I also release the negative things that I'm holding but you need to add the words for myself
for myself yes compassion for myself love for myself forgiveness always always guys start with you
it's so much easier really to forgive others
then it is to forgive ourselves for whatever we think we need to be
whatever transgressions we think we've created you know you're human Let It Go
move back into love now
hold on because I heard this
oh dear lord who was this
that I talked to with a back I think it was windy whom ever brought up their back before during the call
and I'm getting this for you also Melinda if they keep giving me the word virus so it's a physical virus now but it's a mental emotional and spiritual virus
so you know
virus attacks us right systems so am I going to a core belief yes not this page cheer 1256 I'm not supposed to be here and I don't belong okay
that is specifically in regards to the state of the world and where it's at right now
and I will meet you all okay you got something
no I just feel like I've been working so hard on that are really really big things mine included are coming up right now to finally put them at rest we've been peeling off the layers of the onion for sometime
but now we are moving into again the age of Aquarius and freedom
I know there are little core things
that will
raise their heads and go I'm not quite put to bed yet so if two people are bringing it in for bloody everybody
you are supposed to be here and you do belong creating this new age of Aquarius
do you understand everybody in this community chose to be here right now to do the work on behalf of all energy that needs to be done that's why I again the channel is begging you which I've never been giving that word before begging you to participate and claim this statement daily for the next year you have to understand that the energy has been so screwed up with anger and mistrust and
lack of integrity
again the daily emails next week are going to give you Clarity that we need to keep creating consciously for the next year to help
the government America in the world come back into balance
so don't despair with information like this go yippee
were there and we are literally supposed to be here belonging to the change in the world okay Melinda got it thank you so much
good morning
happy almost Thanksgiving and 70th birthday on the 25th yay for you baby cakes well you know everything is going really slowly in my life with a couple exceptions I am having some Steely question I have is like any setbacks on getting my house repair like the real thing that I did I did I've tried several times to have them fix things and they kept falling through it just up the race as I'm done with them you're not going to help me you going to just keep giving me the run-around they keep going back to the same place in the cheese is never there
and they race with that so I got insurance for several hundred dollars left okay my question is I have I I've hired a man to do some work on my house and he keeps putting it off and the river doesn't going on yeah well people don't come through for me those are guys words
okay okay again guys look at how many people are bringing this in today I see the world as a world that are always come through for me
yeah okay I see people who always show up for me
you know I'm going to fire my Gardener because
I keep asking him to do things and he's such a nice guy and he always gives me these answers that sound plausible but the work never gets done
if I don't move on taking care of myself that's not self love to keep working with people that don't come through for you
I want to show you right now let's come together and claim I choose continuously and consciously to see a world that comes through for me in every way that's my command to all energy which the statement that they gave us covers back
okay what what did you want to say season
I contacted one of the agencies to help low-income people and they are going to come through for me but probably won't happen till next year it's just about winter here so they are they're doing some some work and I have full faith that they will be coming through for me to get some work done is there and the other question
even big guys okay guys the president comes through for us God comes through for us all the big lawyers come through for us everybody comes through for us because that's how we see the world
is there was one other thing now I love you oh hello Daddy hello everybody so good to be here with everybody I am given me so many opportunities to get back into balance and I know either character-building moment to help me unfold for the highest good and feeling my feelings around that feeling disappointed and confused by many spirituality teachers and health and wellness face teachers from whose teachings I have gained so much over the years but they seem to be
I just don't something about it doesn't seem right and I know this is giving me the opportunity to stand more strongly in my own knowing doesn't even matter like I don't know if it's because you're not getting the highest information or what they're saying is actually there's a kernel of negative truth or whatever but it doesn't matter I just brings your energy down to everything there is a season
right to plant and sow and reap and put are all that biblical statement and
spiritual healers are healing also guys I find things everyday
that I am choosing to heal and expand with
I mean I found out that
how do I say this is I found out that a very big healer that does a lot of affiliate that helps a lot of dealers make money are very aligned with
principles that I do not believe in and know are not true
7 when I'm approached do you want to do be a part of this affiliate program
I have to make a decision
knowing this about who is running it I have to test and I do is it for the greater good for everyone listening that I do this or can that audience even received what I'm bringing to the table and if it's a no I don't participate cuz I know my money will come in from somewhere else Elena but that is throwing your Pearls Before Swine but your your opportunity is not to judge them your opportunity is to say thank you for getting me this far
and now I feel like I have even a higher knowing and I'm going to follow that and thank you that you helped me get this far so that I could move into my own higher knowing I'm just grappling with the fact that I also need to like more in some of this and it's so uncomfortable and I want a spiritual bypass it but I know that's not going to serve
I just don't want to deal with the sadness around it
because I Hold On
yes the highest word is fear and anger I keep telling you guys is always grief or fear and that wasn't true when we have believed and trusted and followed someone and then we wake up one day and go wait a minute just doesn't resonate with me anymore it puts us into fear about what we know are gel and it puts us in the fear that they didn't know
and the answer that the channel is giving his it's very easy Elena does it align with love does it bring you more into love do you feel more loved if you ask yourself that question guys you will always get the Clarion sir
if it is not telling you to move more into love
not fear not judgment not retaliation not any of those lower vibrations it's not the truth
and that truth is what set you free
yes got it
we're all learning guys sure if I went back 5 years ago I would go have a whole different understanding of that now because that how it works we are continuously opening an understanding and it's standing and growing
continuously okay so celebrate that continuance of expansion Miss Vicki hi I I asked you to call in about something didn't I yes you did and I'm about 20 minutes before I sent you that you know it was around forced vaccinations and I had I mean I have it here if you wanted me to read it but it's a long shot or they were going to close down the Montessori School the Health Department New York state has mandated all vaccinations
but then they also mandated flu shots for three year olds
brought us into
discussion of the greater good yes and never had a problem with the mask it's the vaccinations and so yeah that's what opened up that discussion of understanding it's for the broader good and then we you know the other point I think we finally have I mean for me this idea
that we can expect like my concern is the pharmaceutical industry
not trusting you know the government in the pharmaceutical industry in the State Legislative in
vaccinations not just the coronavirus but all of them because I have been my ear has been over to RFK Jr who has a big Children's Health defense newsletter that goes out and a lot of exposure around you know what's goes on in the pharmaceutical industry and so Vicky kind of beating this with yes so now we know I mean the whole idea is that we can affect us you know we can we can consciously choose to SeaWorld it comes through for us
yes and yeah for me to know that I have my job is just to tell you what the channels bringing in okay of that newsletter
yes correct and a lot of it is based in fear yes I'm sure okay yeah so again it's fear and love don't go together
right so yes and guys
if you are really involved in things like this like you are Vicki you you want to take the time to research the people their belief systems and where they come from
that are putting out this information did I hear those words in the highest while yes okay
the challenge with social media right now is right well that's the challenge the channel thing with world because it's the world don't exactly know another yeah I mean your your highest answer
anything okay great thank you yeah thank you for remembering sari-sari Gina and California you're on
Gina you there yes hi hi so fantastic thank you and it before I keep going I would Steven call to get my David everything I said are you the Stephen she was talking about so I just for people who are newer to the call that is the producer the amazing Stephen I just wanted to have two shows you would not be hearing if Steven went running the board because we have so many problems so many days getting on here I'm going to get off and see what I've got in me that keeps creating that what's your question okay so I have been doing the breathing exercise iPad aren't you yes but but in 30 had which is what I'm talking about is there's just so much congestion and listening to all these people like I've
we started to see like there's a lot the other layers but I feel like it relates to their subs
ukulele guys you can't say I think there is you'll get a hold of his yeah okay so they're definitely is and it's causing you grief
yes ok and grief
I mean pretty much at any healer will tell you that grief often shows up as chest congestion nasal congestion stuff like that
Gina. They want me to go to The Body Book and I don't hold on maybe I have time to read right right I want to make sure I stay in the channel because I have to come out and I we're going to cold
that's where we're going the word cold okay
hang on Kenzie's body books are pretty big
called called dear God there's pages okay this page no this page here here
forget it they do not want support from others or from the environment out of the deep distrust
well doesn't that just continue the theme of the show here
I'm not trusting you to come through for me so I don't want to be supported by you liar or you insurance company or you family or
so that we just really really got to turn that way we see the world around guys
they want you to know Gina your family is not going to come through for you
even when you get this belief in alignment
they just to their they are who they are
so can you accept them and not need them to come through for you
the channel to yes I think that I've been coming to terms with that but I don't think I fully accept it
well then I would make it Charles right now pretty well so I'm pretty Leon Payne basically you're arguing against yourself okay so yes I accept that they will not come through for me wow
I have compassion for them
did I have compassion for them yeah and for myself and I knew you loved him exactly as they are
cuz she's the love that exactly as they are wow
and yourself by the way also
I Choose Love Myself exactly as I am
yep that's the big one everybody let's let's take it everything that's come in on this show has been a big show today and balance it invoking the symbol the formula explain the Golden Light we are Divine love and we are creating love and take her tea truthfulness dignity and power through Divine love for all energy in all Dimensions I command all energy to Define itself as these attributes and so it is that statement covers everything you want to create
the channel want you to know that and
supports the world in creating itself as the world we wants
thanks Gina
thank you you bet all right let's say it together say it loud say it proud I love me I love me I love me cuz I know that's what it's all about thanks for joining be unconscious creation visit her website at IMD for awesome download archived shows in lightning webinars and amazing 3 offering and remember you can hear D every week on BBS radio iTunes iHeartRadio and live at 1 this talk radio you can also hear Dionne get inspired media Network transformation talk radio plus ubn Universal broadcasting network be sure to join us next week for touch his Creation with Dee Wallace and remember loving yourself is the key to Creation

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