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Connect The Dots, October 22, 2021

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Connect The Dots
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Guest, Cathy Carlson, president of Gemstar Records

Connect the Dots with Tom Edison

Guest, Cathy Carlson, president of Gemstar Records

Cathy “CC” Carlson has had over 25 years in the Music Industry with co-written songs placed on NBC, CBS, CMT (Country Music Television), and GAC (Great American Country). She also owns Independent Music Publishing companies and a Record Label. Cathy has worked for non-profits for concerts and events which included music celebrities David Foster, LeAnn Rhimes, Gary Allen, and television celebrities Paul Newman, Jacqueline Smith, Stephen Segal, Eric Estrada (“Chips”), and Baywatch stars which included Carmen Electra. Sports celebrities included Sugar Ray Leonard, Evander Hollyfield, and Race Car Driver Mario Andretti.  CC’s Music Background also includes being a TV Co-Host for a talent and variety show with over 2 million viewers and working as a Los Angeles Radio Co-Host with KCLA Radio and a Meryl Haggard radio program in Los Angeles. She was an Event Coordinator for NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International), SGA (Songwriters Guild of America), and other Los Angeles and International Songwriter Organizations including IMRO (Irish Music Rights Organization). Cathy worked with Bob Diamond (son of the famous Leo Diamond) who was the chief harmonica soloist or virtuoso in the “high fidelity” LP era. Bob was the partner of Midnight Music in Los Angeles which managed song catalogs and recordings by Tiffany, Irene Cara (Flash Dance) among many other artists and songwriters. 

Cathy toured with her twin sister Colleen with the Min-On International Concert Association in Japan (the 2nd largest concert association in the world) with the “Route 66 Band” to packed concert halls through Japan which was managed by Seymour Heller, Manager to Liberace.  “CC” also worked for Celtic Harmony/Music Bridge with American Recording Artists including Rodney Crowell, the Go Go’s, Delbert McClinton, Jeff Healey, Montell Jordan and Irish Recording Artists including Brian Kennedy, Liam Reilly (of popular Irish Band “Bagatelle”) Keith Donald, Jimmy MacCarthy, Marian Bradfield (founder of “Celtic Women”), Mick Hanly, and IMRO (Irish Music Rights Organization) Songwriters in Ireland. American Writers included Brenda Russell, Gordon Kennedy (co-writer of “Change The World” with Eric Clapton), Gary Nicholson, Jill Sobule. Songwriter Organizations included ASCAP, BMI, SESAC. Record Labels included Putumayo World Musiz, Polygram, EMI Music Publishing.  “CC” has co-written songs with Roger La Rocque who managed “Celine Dion” and Joel Hirschhorn (Grammy-winning theme song for “Poseidon Adventure”, Jan Buckingham (co-writer Pam Tillis “Queen of Denial”), Montell Jordan, Def Jam Recording Artist of the song “This is How We Do It”.  Studio work included recordings with Artist Theresa James, 2019 Grammy Award winner of “Contemporary Blues Album”. Patrick Swayze danced to CC’s co-written song “Desire” in an HBO film “Letters From A Killer” which featured another one of CC’s co-written songs “Daddy Tried” a take-off of “Mama Tried” by Merle Haggard. 

Film and Television Song Placements: 

Cathy’s co-written song “A Woman In Charge” will be featured in a Sci-Fi film starring Barry Bostwick who starred in the cult classic “Rocky Horror Picture Show” with Susan Sarandon back in 1975. Cathy’s dedication continued as Southwest Coast A/R, Representative for a Film/TV Placement company in Nashville where she submitted over 110 Artist Packages which totaled 3,500 songs in just 6 months. 

Current Projects: Cathy co-hosts a "Gemstar Worldwide Podcast" with Plastic EP from Australia and she will also be hosting both a Music Podcast on and hosting a show about her co-written books "Beyond The Veil of Sedona" and "Beyond The Cloak of California" which she co-wrote with her twin sister!

Cathy currently works as “Music Publishing, Director” at Big Fish Music Group with Chuck Tennin, President & CEO. Chuck has worked on recording projects with “Legendary” Artists such as Neil Young, Aretha Franklin, Steppenwolf, Elvis Presley, Jim Hendrix, Peter Frampton, Rolling Stones, Ike, and Tina Turner, Neil Diamond, and many others.  Big Fish Music Group is an Independent Music Publishing Company located in N. Hollywood, CA which maintains one of the largest independent unpublished catalogs of all types of music available for use.

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