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Healing The Heart, April 27, 2014

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Chicory 2: Wild Oats - Dominating and Controlling people remedies
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with Dr. Eric Love

Healng The Heart with Dr. Eric Love on BBS Radio - Show #16

How Bach remedies are made and taken. Chicory: Dominating, feel rejected easily and bossy (they are the one in charge). They reject other people, criticize others. Manipulative Possessive Fear of losing friends. Wants attention and sympathy. Want to be center of attention. Sometimes very needy and clingy. Disease to get attention. Wish for sympathy. Want to boss and manipulate others all the time. Like being in-charge. Strict with others, like to tell others what to do. Like to shame other people and suck their energy. Feel unloved, rejected and feel easily hurt.  Self-pity, whining. Poor me.

Guest, Aaron Goodwin

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Aaron Goodwin
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Equipment Technician, Camera Operator, Paranormal Investigator, Artist
Guest Biography

Aaron Goodwin (born April 1, 1976) is an equipment technician, camera operator and co-investigator of Ghost Adventures. In need of a cameraman for their documentary, Groff introduced Goodwin to Bagans to assist them with primary filming and B-roll taping of the series.

Before joining Bagans and Groff, Goodwin had worked as a camera operator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and several behind-the-scenes film premieres in Las Vegas.[16] Prior to his experiences in Virginia City, Nevada,[12] he "never really thought twice about ghosts." Goodwin looks perpetually terrified on the show and now considers himself "a hundred percent – no, a thousand percent – believer."[13] Goodwin is often left alone in the hotspots during lockdowns to act as bait for whatever may happen.[17][18]

At Preston Castle, the crew claimed that marks which appeared on Goodwin's left leg were similar to those that appeared on Bagans' back during the first Bobby Mackey nightclub investigation.

They set up an experiment at the Winchester Mystery House, where they hoped to communicate with demonic entities at Bobby Mackey's Music World and Washoe Club. To facilitate this, they used very low frequencies, coil antennae, and satellite communication. Due to his nausea and fatigue, combined with overall feelings of dread, Goodwin was the prime target of these demonic attacks. He was simultaneously mentioned in multiple EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenons) at Bobby Mackey's 2,400 miles away during their investigation. He was possessed in Bobby Mackey's.[citation needed]

Originally from Portland, Oregon, as of 2012 he resides in Las Vegas.

Healing The Heart

Show Host

Spoken of by many as one of the greatest living masters of the Bach Flower Remedies, Dr. Love has the oldest ongoing classes in the Bach Remedies in the world, forty years, and has worked with over 100,000 people.

He has been a practicing Homeopath now for forty years and served as Founder and Director of the International Association of Homeopathy for 18 years.

Dr. Love has developed a new level of Healing using the Homeopathic approach to the Bach Remedies. His approach is much more effective, and helpful, and more powerful than all similar approaches.

His students learn how to heal dis-ease, understand emotions, and heal others. Dr. Love approaches all healing from the Spiritual, because “the curative power is in the Soul.”

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