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Bridging Wisdom, October 1, 2019

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Bridging Wisdom
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Guest, Tudorbeth Bio, a hereditary practitioner of the witchcraft

Bridging Wisdom with Cathy Cook

Guest, Tudorbeth Bio
Tudorbeth is a hereditary practitioner of the witchcraft. Her knowledge of magic and the Craft stems from her Celtic ancestry. Her origins are the British Isles including England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Many of her recipes, sayings, traditions, and knowledge stem from her ancestors, passed to her from her father. Her great grandmother was a famous tea reader in Ireland while her Welsh great grandmother knew every plant and food within nature. Flora Edwards had many cures and came from a long line of midwives and ‘cunning or wise’ women.
Tudorbeth, is a magic name, has lived and worked around the world including California and Italy. She has a BA Honours degree in Religious Studies from the University of Southampton and a Post Graduate Degree in Education fro Sheffield Hallam University. Currently she has returned to education once more to continue with academia and is studying for her Masters’ Degree in Medieval Studies at the University of Lincoln.
Tudorbeth is also the Principal at the British College of Witchcraft and Wizardry and teaches courses on witchcraft with emphasis on nature and hedge-witchery in particular:
Tudorbeth writes for many publications and is a regular contributor to Soul and Spirit magazine and has over 50 books published her latest is:
A Spellbook for All Seasons: Welcome Natural Change with Magical Blessings is published by Eddison Books and is available everywhere in hardback.
Her other books include:
·         The Craft in the City series,
·         A Hedge-Witch’s Autumn To Do List: Crafts, Recipes and Elemental Beings of Fall,
·         The Celtic Hedge-witch: Hedge-witchery for the Modern World,
·         The Hedge-witch’s Book of Recipes,
·         Herbs of Eden
·         A Hedge-witch’s Guide to Supernatural Beings series
And many, many, others.
Tudorbeth also creates videos alongside her work within the Craft under the title of White Witch:
Her popular video on Youtube – 11 Signs You Are A White Witch continues to be one of the most popular videos regarding witchcraft.

Bridging Wisdom

Show Host

Cathy Cook is a bloodline generational Shaman Medicine Woman from her fathers side known as Grandmother Wisdom. Shaman according to the History Channel means to ways and means of many practiced methods of meditation and going out there gaining information from "the Knowing".  One practice in which a shaman will then travel with someone by doing soul retrieval, which is where a person has had a trauma or left their body in a way and traveled not attaching themselves to their bodies umbilical cord.  I also am an avid artist of many mediums using my art as storyboards a old native American way to see into present, past, and future events.  Using different symbols and with art to make a  story for further insight. I do deep root personality readings. I am well rounded in the metaphysical realm with over 50 plus years experience being brought up first hand by my ancestors and teachers in the metaphysical world from both my family's sides. I am a published author and avid photographer as well. I have been teaching the old ways since I can remember, This is a journey I enjoy sharing and know you the active listening audience will gain great insight.

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