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The Bev Moore Show , May 26, 2023

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The Bev Moore Show
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with Bev Moore and guest Eila Mell

The Bev Moore Show with guest Eila Mell, Writer

Headlined Show, The Bev Moore Show May 26, 2023

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Guest, Eila Mell

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Eila Mell
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Eila Mell is one of the book industry’s go-to fashion authors.  She recently worked with Heidi Klum and Harvey Weinstein on the official book of the hit television series Project Runway titled Project Runway: The Show That Changed Fashion (2012, Weinstein Books).  She is also the author of How to Win at Shopping: 297 Insider Secrets for Getting the Style You Want at the Price You Want to Pay, New York Fashion Week: The Designers, the Models, the Fashions of the Bryant Park Era (2011, Running Press).  The fashion world was so behind New York Fashion Week that the legendary Bergdorf Goodman not only stocked their shelves with the book, but launched it with a champagne reception in their couture section.  Many A-list designers participated, including Narciso Rodriguez and Thakoon Panichgul.  It was a huge event, with press and paparazzi, and was featured in the film Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman.

Eila has worked with many of the top names in fashion including Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Naomi Campbell, Fern Mallis, Ralph Rucci, Heidi Klum, Rachel Roy, Kenneth Cole, Narciso Rodriguez, Nina Garcia, Ariel Foxman, Glenda Bailey and Andre Leon Talley.

Eila has been tapped for her expertise on the fashion industry by The New York Times, Marie Claire Magazine, Glamour, People StyleWatch, The Huffington Post, ELLE Canada, Zink Magazine and many more.  She has been featured on over 100 television and radios shows including CBS’ The Insider, The Better Show, Hollywood 411, The Mark and Brian Show and The Morning Jolt.  Eila has been a contributor for many of the top rated fashion websites including Tyra Banks’ Eila is a contributor to Runway magazine, as well as the on-camera correspondent for Runway TV.

Eila Mell is a writer who has interviewed the likes of Neil Patrick Harris, Carol Burnett, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Bryan Cranston, Martha Stewart, and Tommy Hilfiger. Her book credits include Designing Broadway, Project Runway: The Show That Changed Fashion and New York Fashion Week: The Designers, the Models, the Fashions of the Bryant Park Era. She has been featured on CBS’s The Insider, in the New York Times, Marie Claire, Glamour, People StyleWatch, Page Six, and in the documentary Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s. She is the co-host of the podcast Jiffy Pop Culture with Frank Liotti.

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hello welcome to the Bev Moore Show live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries I'm your head Bev Moore my kids today is a well-known writer who originally started out in the entertainment industry as an<br> I want to mail is my guest today as a writer he has interviewed and written articles and books about some of the biggest names in television movies and fashion icon<br> highlights of Allah Mills outstanding career are coming up stay with us<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> highlight in the beautiful sea<br>I Saw the Light.<br> But beautiful like diamond I do<br> play Beautiful<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> I can barely even bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond shine bright like a diamond<br> homicide on Simon Malik when I diamonds in the sky<br> I thought<br> but beautiful like diamonds in the sky I do<br> play beautiful like diamonds in the sky shine bright like a diamond<br> like a diamond shine bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> but beautiful like diamonds in the sky<br> but beautiful<br> bright like a diamond shine bright like a diamond<br> my interview with Ryder Island mail is coming up he has been featured on cbs's the inside of the New York Times and Glamour magazine<br> we come back I want to talk to about what inspired her to become a writer and how her writing experience led to meeting celebrities like Martha Stewart and working with the hit TV series Project Runway<br> high on Carson kressley of all the most valuable resources in the world kindness is the most precious<br> for more than 140 years American Humane have been working to make the world a kind of place for animals<br> rescuing those cotton disasters protecting animals on our Farms<br> on the Silver Screen<br> and the world's remarkable and endangered species who need Heart Care to help them survive<br> all of us can make a difference by making Humane choices at the supermarket in our choice of entertainment and by supporting conservation and rescue efforts<br> it's not hard at all make being kind of Lifestyle choice and visit for simple ways you can help build a more caring compassionate and Humane world for animals and for all of us<br> I would like to welcome I love Mel Isla is a writer and co-host of the podcast juicy pop culture with frankly Aki<br> welcome to the show Iowa<br> thanks so much I'm so happy to be here<br> they got good to have you so you're a writer<br> is interviewed yeah so his you've interviewed the likes of Neil Patrick Harris Carol Burnett Donna Karen Michael Kors fabulous Franklin yeah how and when did your career get started<br> well so my career got started kind of by accident right after college was an actor for 10 years and the end of that career I had auditioned for a soap opera that and the role it came down to me and you know just a couple of other people and it ended up going to the Unknown actress at the time who turned out to be Parker Posey and so later on you know I could when you lose the rules of some sort of follow them to see like what they're doing<br> right so I followed her career for a bit and she did this movie called party girl and it just gave me the idea for a book I had never written before but it just made me want to write about people who were almost cast in movies and television and the stories why they weren't cast or when you know that kind of thing and that's what I did it took me eight years to actually get it published because I knew never having written before that I had to actually finish the book before I did anything with it I knew I couldn't sell a book on my reputation because I didn't have one at that. So it took a couple of years to write and then a really long time to figure out the process of getting it published but eventually it worked out at you know I'm happy to say that that happens<br> yeah so how did you as far as the interviews or concerns I meant how did you get started with that with interviewing others these icons some of these people that you interviewed well so many of them happened because of books that I was writing non-fiction books so I often interview people and then I also for a while cover Fashion Week New York Fashion Week to book called New York Fashion Week and then I was invited to go to the shows and interview people and so you know that's where I spoke with a lot of days the fashion people on that list and like Martha Stewart also she's not a fashion person but she goes to a lot of juice and she's at the shows a lot<br> play Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg I interview a lot of people like you and it's just it's so much fun cuz you just get to jump into someone else's life for a little bit<br> yeah LOL I love it I love all the people that I get to me it's fabulous<br> can you describe your approach to writing<br> yes so you know what I think a lot about what I want to write about and then when I have an idea that it really I can't stop thinking about that I I jumped in and so I think about it first and I kind of write books in my head before I ever write them down on my computer and I I I always figure out what the content is going to be so I'll figure a table of contents that's the very first step and once I have that you know it's relatively easy not easy but you know straightforward filling in the information that's going to go and it's just really figuring out what the book is going to be and then then I threw a lot of research and interviews and then the fun part starts but that's figuring out that's the hardest part for me<br> gotcha yeah I love to hear how people approach the writing piece of it everybody has a different story you know so<br> how do you ensure accuracy in your work<br> well so what I do<br> you know I always when I interview someone always do everything I can to ensure that I'm communicating what they not only what they say but the intention behind it because sometimes someone can say something but reading it on the page doesn't come across the way that they intended it so I will always send what I'm going to pray to them for their approval and I don't have to but I want to because I want them to be happy and I want to represent them in the way that they want to be represented so that's what I do to ensure accuracy but I also if it's not an interview you know I'll do a lot of research and I'll get numerous sources for something because I don't want to write something that's not accurate you don't want to have misinformation<br> you're right you really have to pay attention to detail that's for sure<br> yes<br> can you discuss your most difficult writing assignment<br> well I had to so I was reading this book called The Art of fashion and it was a journal and so you wouldn't think that would be difficult because there's not a lot of writing in a journal but it actually turned out to be a challenge for me because it was a guided journal and I was not someone who really use journals I do you know I write for work so I don't do a lot of writing for fun you know my work is fun so I don't you know I get my writing out in my work so if I wasn't really sure how to approach this guy to journal end and then because it was sort of no rules at all to it it didn't have it was just fascinated with the subject but then it was completely up to me to determine what was going to go into this journal it you know that was a real challenge figuring out because it wasn't it wasn't like my book<br> there is a basic story that you know you're going to tell going in so that was a morphis<br> bride that really shows your problem-solving skills wow what are common traps for aspiring writers<br> well you know I think not writing I'm putting off writing is I mean<br> when I started writing I didn't even tell anybody I was doing it because I didn't want to sort of get stuck in that of talking about it and then not following through you have to really be self-motivated and so you know I thought I was but that's definitely something you know just putting off writing just right a little bit and you know as you write more will come to you don't have to have it fully figured out you can always go back and change it anyway but it's better to to write something even if you think it's terrible better to write that and nothing<br>how to stop. I'm watching people trapped by Tina.<br> Nicole<br> everybody's been down at the bottom hit the ground<br>do you want to<br> after the break I'll mail talks about some of her upcoming work including a book about the history of the Tony award stay with us after the break we are strong we are resilient and we will get through this together but these are stressful times and it's important to also practice good self-care it's normal to feel overwhelmed anxious or afraid but there is Hoke reach out to someone connect with your friends stay in touch with your community and know that you are not alone learn more at we are broadcasters. Com hope furnished by the National Association of broadcasters and this station on Broadway<br> Project Runway<br> All the show that change fashion and New York Fashion Week that you've already mentioned the designers the models passions of the Bryant Park area right yeah so<br> tell me a little bit about that about you know the expansion of those books in the end where that fled you<br> now it's so I started out like I told you writing the books about movies and television and people auditioning and those stories and so from there I wanted to do something different and I was invited to a fashion show and everyone I know people who don't care at all about Fashions offered to come with me so I said there's something there people want to know what goes on at these fashion shows because you know you're not open to the public and there's an interest in that so that got me interested in writing about fashion<br> and so that's what led me to write a New York Fashion Week and work with Project Runway in at the television show to do their book and so I mean that was thrilling because I had been a fan of that show from day one so it was great there's a. Of time we're watching Project Runway with my job and that was wonderful and job is to lead to another fashion journal and then I did a book about shopping and then you know lately I wanted a change<br> and because I I was an actor and I come from theater I really wanted to get back to those roots and so I decided to ask someone I knew a designer named McClain a set designer to collaborate on a book about set design for Broadway which is my book designing Broadway and that's just been the most fun I think I've had in a very long time so that's been a wonderful project and I have a book that I'm working on currently that is coming out in 2024 which is the American Theatre Wing celebrating 75 years of Tony Award winners of a connection I made from the Project Runway book so you know one book sort of leads to another even if it's in an indirect way<br> yeah that was reason I wanted to ask that you know because they all seem to intertwine you know seem unrelated but there is a through line<br> if you see it great if not that's fine too you know I mean assassin in theater very similar to me first of all I love them both but you have their about presentation and their shows and their art and so you know I don't see it is two very different things<br> so how do you like I know that everything intertwines one leads to another so what do you do to maximize the reader engagement<br> well you know thankfully I work with great PR so I have help doing that but you know I also<br> yeah I believe very much and all of my book so it's easy to talk about them on social media and you know I love promoting them it's so much fun getting to talk to people like you and it just really diving into them<br> Karen said you know everything everything I can do I'm happy to do it because it's all part of the process and it's fun<br> yeah it shows a lot of technical skills when you're able to really push it out there yourself and and maximized so yeah but I feel like that's all part of the job you know it's not you can't just do one thing anymore you have to sort of July lot of different things<br> and then my next question was how do you remain Innovative in your writing for the basically pretty much answers that because of the real all of this comes together one leads to another that's how you say innovative<br> right and also because everything that I write about I love so much so it's just really my passion so that helps a lot<br> what's the best way to Market your books you know I thought I know you said social media but what is the best out of all of them to Market<br> you know I do right now I mean I guess I can change at any moment but I feel like Instagram is a really good way for books right now because there's not a lot of videos involved with book so there can be but you know especially the books that I do tend to have a lot of beautiful photos in them<br> Instagram photos so I think it's a perfect way for me specifically for my books to put them out there<br> yeah yeah yeah if you doing something right now<br> okay<br> yeah I always like to ask and see what you know with every fill your actors and everybody what do you use what makes everything 64 you leader in social media<br> yeah for me absolutely and I I just think it's a great way to connect with people as much as so many different opportunities for me business-wise and also personally I've met some fantastic people through it<br> and you've been featured on CBS The Insider<br> yes in the New York Times Marie Claire glamour<br> people saw watch page six and documentary scatter my ashes at bergdorf's congratulations that is amazing you know it just says a lot about you and what you know of the work that you've done to get that much recognition<br> oh I appreciate that yeah you know I'm very serious about my work very motivated I'm a bit of a workaholic which I think is fine I'm very happy with that you know I just love what I do so every day I get to work and I get to do a book I'm so appreciative it's not lost on me after all this time<br> what's the best compliment that you've ever received<br> so this is something that stands out to me I was chewing an appearance at the national Arts Club and it was related to one of my books and somebody came up to me and said you know I followed you for years and now I get to meet you and it just fit touch me so much because it didn't occur to me that someone would feel that way and that was just a huge compliment oh yeah<br> yeah it's simple but it I can see where it would be just you know make you just melt you know if you in that way and that you know it meant enough for them to come out and come to see me at this event and then come up and tell me you were a big deal<br> with the hand<br>is the song you're walking through too much<br> story<br> broadcast<br> this is the Bev Moore Show live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries around the world have more interview with Ryder I love male continues stay with us English language is less convincing than probably are you sure we should get matching tattoos on her first date but probably stay together probably<br> it's been 23 minutes since I ate probably swim you should wait 30 minutes<br> I can probably hit the Green from here probably<br> can I get a mulligan ready to go are you sure you're okay to drive yeah I'm probably okay<br> probably okay isn't okay especially when it comes to drinking and driving if you're drinking call a cab a car or a friend buzzed driving is drunk driving I message brought to you by Nitsa and Ad Council where are you the most inspired<br> oh boy you know I don't know that there's a when I get a good idea it's just that I don't know there's no warning it's just an idea hit me very impulsive so if I get a great idea or even not a great idea I'll jump in and then sometimes it doesn't work out but many times it does so you know I'm not sure there's a pattern to it it's just when something strikes me I really go full force<br> just follow your instincts I do I do I've been described as tenacious which I think is cool I like that yeah<br> you are The Coho of the podcast Jiffy Pop Culture<br> with Frank liace yes my lifelong friend we met at Theater Camp when we were like 12 years old have been friends forever and it's the most fun thing I I think I've ever done it's you know we talked about pop culture specifically movies but we talked about everything and it's just we laugh and we have listeners all over the world which is crazy and people just love it they seem to think it's very funny and get mail every single day and it's such a joy<br> how long does it take to grow your show through its current size 2 years now so it's relatively new not that new but it's still no but<br> it's hard to know where the podcast because you know you don't really get a lot of information about how many listeners and you know but we do get a break then we're coming from some numbers so it you know and figure out how to look this information up took a while cuz we don't know what we are doing when we started we thought we could just use like a regular a special rapporteur you know for good sound and we showed it to someone who had a podcast and she said you can't use this it sounds terrible<br> did you have to get microphone a little bit to learn how to do it but then we figured it out<br> this prank must be a he must be a quite the character oh my God she's a stand-up comedian and an actor and he's just probably the funniest person I have ever known he's just too wonderful and just a great friend<br> oh that's great well I wish you much success with your podcast everywhere it's Jiffy Pop Culture so it's like the popcorn Jiffy Pop and then culture like pop culture and you can just Google it or we have an Instagram page were on Spotify we're on Apple podcast where everywhere everywhere you can find a podcast where they are<br> wonderful that's great for the looseness to know how the gram and so we talk about our listeners on this show and you know they really love that and so then we have a back and forth with them and then we'll do some live Instagram lives and you know that they have a lot of input as to what films we talked about or TV shows good but sometimes we do we take Carol Burnett on John Patrick Shanley through a playwright and screenwriter who wrote Moonstruck which and doubt and directed that movie we had Carnie Wilson so yes sometimes we don't normally do interviews but every once in a while we will<br> oh that's fine<br> what's the biggest learning experience that you have<br> boy work wise or life wise<br> that's what it was yeah<br> well I mean by far the biggest learning experience was when my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer<br> that was just you know I was with her every step of the way is she lives with me I took care of her you know all the way to the end and that your parents teach you so much and then at the end they teach you how to die and that was just it was huge it was not a happy experience but definitely there was a lot of value and it was a very special time<br> wow yeah I can see ya my mother's getting an elderly herself you know I'm going to pass but you know you got to get ready for it you know it's hard and even when you know it's coming is when it actually comes you're still not prepared<br> I know yeah<br> but it's it's hard it's really really hard<br> the what about with your work what have you learned what's the biggest thing he's alone with your with your career<br> you know you<br> so there are a couple of things the first one is I've learned that you really have to follow your instincts<br> simple but it's a really huge thing you know you'll get a lot of advice from people and advisers and you know I take that into account a lot but ultimately I know what you know it's the right decision for me and the right project and then you know I read a lot too and I'm influenced by other writers just even people who need a jump to it especially people who don't do what I do people who write fiction or playwright screenwriter and<br> yeah I think it's important just to just to<br> observe as much as you can as a writer<br> experience to so you know you know what you're writing about<br> what have you learned from being in this field that people should know<br> well<br> I'm inviting you mean or Jimmy fashion or theater<br> all of it you know what people don't realize how it really is it's just you most of the time and<br> you know you work with an editor but not really so much until the end in many cases and so you're writing and it almost feels as if no one's ever going to see it because it's it's such an intimate experience and then you do you put it out for the world to see and it it can be scary sometimes<br>right it can be a lonely experience<br> it can be you know you don't have co-workers you don't really see people so and I work from home I don't need an office so it's really neat just by myself for much of the time<br> are you really have to just be self-motivated which is<br> if that's not a challenge for me but I know it's a challenge for many people yeah you you have to because you know I don't like to leave things to the last minute sometimes you can't help it but the deadlines I'm very aware of deadlines and you know I think writers needs to be because you can't it's hard when you're stressed about meeting a deadline to be your most creative so I like to get as much done early on as I can I think that's very helpful<br>231 Sherwood Way<br> everyday<br> God only knows what is a Canada<br> keep in touch<br>Maybelline<br> God only knows what they say about you got to live without killing you but there's again at all that God only knows<br> what are you ashamed<br>Bradley County<br> praying through God is it kind of love<br> we come back chairs words of wisdom for up-and-coming writers<br> I'll never forget the day I nearly died I was a young journalist with a great career starting a family the only way we found out I had any kind of hard as you was when I went into sudden death<br> my co-workers brought into action they recently been trained in life-saving CPR protocols developed by the American Heart Association they're the ones that kept me alive until the Medics came they did many tests on me in the hospital after my cardiac arrest and created a treatment plan all with research from the American Heart Association I think unless you are a heart disease patient you may not know how much work the American Heart Association does behind the scenes to save your life since my cardiac arrest I've had two more children I watch all three of my children grow into adulthood I'm going to graduate from college daughter got married I have grandchildren and I'm still here one more about the American Heart association's work at help<br> what do you want to pass on as far as the people's to know or learn about the fashion industry<br> it's boy they're so much it's very much a business and an art but a business in this country first and foremost in Europe it's a bit more about the art but here it's really about the selling and you know it's not it's not what it looks like when you're very different from when you're watching a fashion show model they're super young they come in off the street and they look like kids because most of them are and then they get into their hair and makeup and they look completely different but you know it's it's amazing what they look like when they come in<br> but those are there any near as beautiful as you would imagine they are but there's nothing like seeing them in real life and how they move<br> you know it it looks very glamorous and it can be but it's a lot of work<br> most designers are like Riders did they work and it's somewhat solitary I mean they have they have helped for sure but it's not you know it's not all parties in<br> Gallows in the ball it's not all about that there's a lot of lot of work that goes into it<br> and it's very competitive oh my gosh it's so hard for new designer to break through so so hard<br> yeah I got a quite a few fashion shows myself and be out and I know a lot of different designers and I know how to do this and it is very competitive in the careers aren't that long and many many cases in most cases in a designers come and go pretty quickly and model<br> I know I know so yeah yeah the maximized unfortunately most of them don't last long<br> Brian it's a tough one<br> if we are very few designers like Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger who go on and on and on<br> yeah there are very few<br> I've been through a lot of Runway shows for designers that don't show anymore they're out of business<br> it's a shame that it doesn't necessarily need to be in a fashion show to show their work for the world anymore you know you can put out a video you can put your clothes out online and you know you can grow an audience so I think that's that's a game-changer in a good way it's more democratic and you don't have as much money as you would if you wanted to do a runway show let's say<br> yeah that's a good way to think about it I didn't think I didn't realize that a lot of them have steered away from the fashion shows<br> yeah I think it's the result of the pain demek but even before that some designers just started to make films rather than put on a show and let you know I think that's fine because most people you know 99% of Their audience won't be at the shows anyway that's really in other shows of her buyers class that's who should be there anyway it's really a glamorous trade show<br> yeah exactly right okay well you have been great I have really enjoyed this interview is there anything else that you want to bring up or mention<br> you know I just I hope the people will look for Designing Broadway and Jiffy Pop Culture and very proud of both of those<br> set timer set for this week I hope you enjoyed my interview with Allah Mel has worked with many of the top names in fashion including Michael Kors Tommy Hilfiger Donna Karen Naomi Campbell and more on CBS has The Insider in the New York Times Marie Claire and Glamour magazine<br> you can listen to her podcast as co-host of Jiffy Pop Culture on Spotify with a comedian Frank liotti<br> thank you for listening to the Bev Moore Show broadcasting on BTS Radio on the iHeart Network worldwide I'm bev more until next time bye bye<br> yeah that's like the ocean or the voices in your head boo you are<br> always in motion, you don't need me you don't need to trash<br> no no<br> Amina New York<br> Subaru<br> I don't want<br> you don't have to hit up to you to all the Helen.<br>stop.<br>dad will bring my heart<br> before I left<br> I want to know you I want to find you in every season Q<br>thesaurus<br> and I will bring by<br>redness and never come back<br> you are my treasure<br>

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