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The Bev Moore Show , May 19, 2023

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The Bev Moore Show
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with Bev Moore and guest David Winning

The Bev Moore Show with guest David Winning, Veteran film & television Director, Producer

Headlined Show, The Bev Moore Show May 19, 2023

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Tune in Fridays to the Bev Moore Show at 12 noon EST, 11am CST, 9am PST on BBS Radio Station broadcasting on the iHeart Network airing on over 185 Stations in 37 Countries, Worldwide. Don't miss our next guest is Hollywood Film Director, David Winning, known for directing Hallmark Movies.

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Guest, David Winning

Guest Name
David Winning
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Veteran film & television Director, Producer
Guest Biography

Winning was born in CalgaryAlberta.[1] He became a dual citizen of the US and Canada in 2003 and lives in Los Angeles. He was making films at age ten with a Super 8 camera. In 1979, he received a Canada Council grant to make the sixteen millimeter drama Sequence,[2] and expanded the plotline into his first feature film Storm, filmed in the summer of 1983 in Bragg Creek, Alberta. It was shot with money that his father had set aside for film school and was screened at Cannes.[1] It took four years to finish and was released by Golan-GlobusCannon Films International and Warner Home Video in 1988. A December 11, 1989 Los Angeles Times review called the film "taut, ambitious and darkly comic".[3]

At 27, he directed episodes of Friday the 13th: The Series for Paramount and received three Gemini Award nominations.[4] His second feature Killer Image followed in 1992; the mystery-thriller starred Michael Ironside and M. Emmet Walsh. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s he directed 45 movies and episodes of twenty-nine series, including Stargate: Atlantis,[5] ABC's Dinotopia filmed in BudapestNickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and four seasons on Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.[6] He directed Kim CattrallSean Young, and Eric McCormack in the award-winning thriller Exception to the Rule. His biggest budget studio movie to date is the $29-million kids sci-fi action sequel Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie for 20th Century Fox.[7] He directed seven episodes of the Cannell police series Street Justice with Carl Weathers.[8][self-published source?Winning said "Episodic TV gets no respect" in a March 2000 Toronto Star interview.[9] He directed a 16-year-old Ryan Gosling in the Pilot and seven episodes of the Paramount UPN kid series Breaker High.

According to the February 2010 Avatar issue of Sci Fi Magazine, he was slated to direct the movie Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage with Patrick Stewart.[10] He directed episodes of Space Channel's comedy/horror series Todd and the Book of Pure Evil and Lost Girl[1] for SYFY Channel and Showcase—and supervised and directed the far north webisode series YUKONIC online in 2011. He is directing XIII: The Series with Stuart Townsend, produced by Roger Avary for French Canal +, and multiple episodes of the live audience multi-camera sitcom Mr. Young for The Disney Channel. In 2017 he became one of the house directors on the Netflix / SYFY channel series Van Helsing; an explosive post-apocalyptic take on the vampire rising based on a graphic novel. He also started directing over a dozen Christmas and family films for the Hallmark Channel; including A Summer Romance, Tulips in Spring, A December Bride, and Unleashing Mr. Darcy, which broke the network record on social media with 47 Million tweets.

Short bio

45 Features, 29 Series, over 180 TV credits, David Winning is a US/Canada Dual Citizen and veteran film & television Director and Producer. Experience in all genres: Sci-Fi, horror, drama, action, theatrical release, movies-of-the-week, episodic, romance, westerns, Christmas movies, comedy, family, kid's series, live audience multi-cam, situation comedies, web-based, to name a few 

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hello welcome to the Bev Moore Show live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries on your head have more my guest today is a Hollywood award winning film and TV director is my guest today known for directing over 20 Hallmark Christmas movies<br> the kids Power Rangers series of the 90s and he is the director of the Friday the 13th series for Paramount Pictures and many more TV and film credits<br> highlights of David winnings outstanding movie and TV career are coming up stay with us<br> when I say<br>Jennifer Lawrence<br>my interview with Hollywood film and television director David winning is coming up after the break when we come back Daddy talks about the coming of film-makers at age 10<br> military families often sacrifice precious time away from loved ones. Our country and for those with children the separation can be especially difficult we were worried that with him leaving that she would lose those connections with her dad some of life's best moments happen between parents and children and the pages of a good book united through Reading provide that you can watch your mom or dad need a book to you feels like they're really there we ensure they remain up to meaningful part of their children's lives no matter the distance just seen Jacob recognize daddy again after a long time just melted my heart and now as we're facing greater isolation from our loved ones united through Reading is also available to Veterans learn more about united through beating and download our free secure app at united through Reading. Org<br> I would like to welcome my guest David winning there's it is a film and television director and producer<br> 45 features 29 series ever 180 TV credits David winning is a US Canada dual Citizen and Veteran film and television director and producer experience in all genres Drama action movies of the week episodic romance Western Christmas movie comedy Family series multicam situation comedies web-based just to name a few<br> welcome to the show.<br> Thank you Beth thank you for having me appreciate it<br> absolutely right David your 25th movie for Hallmark Channel for a special free what Christmas in April<br> boots in the 90s when I was starting my first two films and so I try to call Deb time for him to come home for Christmas the longest Christmas title in history<br> I'll have to make sure the watch that that sounds great<br> yes I look it up now<br> Christmas and other seasonal movie sets the Grinch at the door and I know that is a that's an anniversary isn't it<br> this happy Christmas movie has the typical ending<br> but you can always go there at Christmas with your family and watch a Hallmark and you know you're going to come out safe and you going to be happy and you know and you know it's just a good place to go right<br> scary shows in lots of colors and things<br> Godzilla in the straw in the battle I don't care anymore<br> gave me Beauty for Ashes<br> all of my fur yeah my dad has been paid<br> bad boy<br> OK Google<br>no word in the English language is less convincing than probably are you sure we should get matching tattoos on her first date probably stay together probably<br> it's been 23 minutes since I ate probably swim you should wait 30 minutes<br> I have a cramp<br> I can probably hit the Green from here probably<br> can I get a mulligan hey are you sure you're okay to drive ya pretty sober I'm probably okay<br> probably okay isn't okay especially when it comes to drinking and driving if you're drinking call the cab a car or a friend buzzed driving is drunk driving I message brought to you by Nissa and Ad Council will it talk about the film festival world says I mean because I was reading up on them and they're like this third like oldest Festival besides it's a New York and San Francisco is above them and then and since 1967<br> and they're very proud of having the US premiere<br> Steven Spielberg was recognized and it might have been really great to this<br> I've been really good to me over the years.<br> So let's say if I was you know inner one of my fiance<br> I have some years acted as a dreamer yeah about you for a minute<br> well let's see here you are a dreamer kids it seems like from the Canadian prairies they say making movies at the age of 10 with a Super 8 camera in your hometown in Canada<br>over there over 40 of them and I don't really know how I did it I just kept 30-year television series episodes<br> you just got to give David let's just do that you've got to give them in 12 hours they would be<br> you had the hot-button this like it's it's in or out right<br> when I was going to go to back in the 80s about that. Maybe you'll let me.<br> I don't believe when you just your debut good together you know so I thought<br> I will have to say one thing about you and your twin he's at the age of 27 you landed big with the with the 13th the series for Paramount I mean what's a huge deposit<br>yeah you can pass is older than 60 and yeah you got to play with the big boys so you can very well you did a great job<br> what the heck<br> God is in this story<br> I give too much and you<br>after the break David winning talks about his Directors Guild award the TV dramas and more is that they would never forget the day I nearly died I was a young journalist with a great career starting a family the only way we found out I had any kind of hard as you was when I went into sudden death my co-workers bringing the action recently been trained in life-saving CPR protocols developed by the American Heart Association they're the ones that kept me alive until the Medics came they did many tests on me in the hospital after my cardiac arrest and created a treatment plan all with research from the American Heart Association I think unless you are a heart disease patient you may not know how much were the American Heart Association does behind the scenes to save your life<br> is my cardiac arrest I had two more children I watch all three of my children grow into adulthood I'm going to graduate from college daughter got married I have grandchildren and I'm still here we're more about the American Heart association's work at help<br> you're actually laid I mean they are pretty impressive and then we're talking about you've got I saw something in here about Nani Nani Nani award for what<br> dedicated to them into trying to promote them<br> wow wow and then the award from the direct deal you mentioned that earlier for the outstanding award and television drama that's going on is that from Canadian version of Touched by an Angel<br>the hit sequel turbo A Power Rangers Movie for 20/20 Century Fox dvd<br> 40 movies and television series<br> look at that<br> 96<br> wow so cool that you've been able to and did I notice with you is if you have a pattern and I've done a ton of the original Star Trek<br> yeah it's so interesting but if you do that for a few years and you jump to another job or another into it and then you get into lifetime<br> kind of director Barry career but honestly because I say yes to everything so suddenly.<br> I think it's because you're a kid at heart you know you can<br> the day comes when I get on<br> what you do I have to say and then we started out the conversation talking about homework and then we're getting into all this about horror films and months have you really transform from Harrison Hallmark or a grant<br> everything is entertainment it's a challenge is to find any way to bring people into Astoria to be a horror movie to be a science fiction show at the beautiful Christmas movie with the family it's a challenge how are you tell the story with you are the way you choreographed seem to your sense of humor or your<br> all that entertainment your ride it really is an end.<br> Harbor you kind of know what's going to happen. Get them laughing and you end up with a feel-good<br> safe harbor<br> I think I'm proud that nobody else<br> oh wow wow<br> you have been around some big people I mean we're talking some big names and in entertainment I'm looking at Ryan Gosling<br> I know he has he has he<br> the guy you have the chops for it<br> oh wow so and Patrick Duffy Patrick Duffy I noticed he's on the list I mean time ago and then I did an episode of that series<br> you told me you know what he was doing the show she said<br> what's the weather<br> the time they are just normal people you know this is down to earth and yeah I noticed that you you recently just recently the one or how long did you do the one with Kevin Sorbo and Robert Eastern<br> Robert wholey entertainment and we got them in Montreal Robert Englund from The Nightmare on Elm Street movies<br> wow<br> I mean it really did well in the states<br> Hamilton Canada and all of it<br> escape this appointment but I'm feeling down and defeated the place that I Stay<br> Verizon the moment<br>Birdman net worth 2070<br> Anderson<br> Richard the father's number<br> I love you baby<br>there are My Bae<br>this is the day I have more show live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries around the world and has more my interview with Hollywood film and television director David winning continues mericans there's one thing we can all agree on the promise of our Constitution and the hope that liberty and justice is for all people but here's the truth attacks on our constitutional rights yours and mine are greater than they've ever been the right for all to vote Reproductive Rights the right of immigrant families the right to equal justice for black brown and lgbtq Plus Bulbs the freedom of expression racial Justice<br> lgbtq right the rights of the disabled we are here for everyone for over 100 years the ACLU is a half of millions of Americans protecting our vote and your voice I believe in the ACLU because they're for real to learn more about how the ACLU is fighting for your rights and mine go to my today that you did mr. young and Max and Fred and the Stanley.<br> Like all I could do it all you can do is Nickelodeon on a cordon<br>I mean I think that kind of when you when you were first to credit the back Christmas movie<br> about doing your first one what was your reaction<br> I was simultaneously directing Van Helsing for Netflix which is what it is an extremely violent for some vampires<br> killing monsters<br> that's a good comparison right<br> 2015 I think it was called.<br> Will you know<br> what amazes me is that you go into something you never tried before this totally out of respect, okay<br> and then all of a sudden<br> you you make one of these films the trip what is the tree that saved Christmas it right in love with her and she's wonderful and we did this movie<br> oh my God I have no idea how 2014<br> I'm having like a ton of fun doing this<br> yes you are yes you are yeah I have to say I mean when I saw that I was meant to do Christmas movie and he really needs to stay there I don't know when in the 70s<br> oh yeah well you have to keep me posted<br> you need to yeah so we can put the tree up for me make sure we could all hear everything that you're doing would love that<br> yeah yeah<br> it says here that the first of nearly 24 Hallmark magic stocking what is this<br> Esther Waters<br> wow wow<br> 3 million viewers<br> unbelievable generating 47 million post writer<br>231 Tulip Street<br> but there's a Canada<br> keep it down<br>play with me<br> God knows what they say about you killing you<br> is it Canada or that God only knows<br> 350<br> a shame<br>Bradley County<br> are you<br> interview with Hollywood film and television director David winning continues<br> helping low-income can be making tough choices choosing between paying for food or medication or place to live is a reality for many people do you know someone who could use some extra help find out about the supplemental security income program SSI administered by Social Security you could receive monthly SSI payments if your income and financial resources are low and you're 65 or older or an adult or child with a disability or who is blind SSI is money you can use to help pay for basic needs like putting food on the table keeping the lights on paying the rent it can mean new shoes for growing feet or help with medical needs call one 800-772-1213 or visit flash SSI to schedule an appointment for start to apply today that's SSI social security<br> when the best of me<br> when I'm not stopping by<br> When A Man still alive<br> Venom slamming all the<br> hold on<br> hold on.<br> Hold on to me<br> weather<br> when I don't feel like<br> when I'm tired<br> when I drop the braids<br>drifting videos<br> accuracy<br> cuz I know nobody<br>is there anything else that you want to tell us that you want to share with us about you know the film that you you want to promote for the festival anyway that we can find it has can we find it to look it up or anyting it's a great time to come home series<br> so what do you think of but<br> that's pretty good right that's true yeah I really have enjoyed my interview with film and TV director David winning known for directing over 20 Hallmark TV Christmas movies<br> Friday the 13th TV series for Paramount Pictures and many more award-winning film and TV credits<br> thank you for listening to the Beth Moore Show broadcasting on BTS Radio on the iHeart Network worldwide until next time bye bye<br>who am I that the Lord of all<br> We Care Spa<br> would choose<br> but because of what you've done because<br>Barbie car<br>Bobby Caldwell what you have done not because of what I've done but be called<br>screenshot Mac<br>

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