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The Bev Moore Show , March 8, 2024

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The Bev Moore Show
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with Bev Moore and guests Susan Jones and Terri Stephenson

The Bev Moore Show with guests Susan Jones and Terri Stephenson

Susan Y Jones, founder of two groundbreaking publications - Impact Detroit Magazine and Impact Atlanta Fashion and Beauty Magazine.…

Terri Stephenson, Editor-in Chief of Impact Atlanta Fashion and Beauty Magazine.

Guest, Susan Y. Jones

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Susan Y. Jones
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visionary entrepreneur, community leader, founder of two groundbreaking publications
Guest Biography

Susan Y Jones, founder of two groundbreaking publications - Impact Detroit Magazine and Impact Atlanta Fashion and Beauty Magazine.… 

Terri Stephenson, Editor-in Chief of Impact Atlanta Fashion and Beauty Magazine.
March 8, 2024

Susan Y Jones is a visionary entrepreneur, community leader, and the founder of two groundbreaking publications - Impact Detroit Magazine and Impact Atlanta Fashion and Beauty Magazine. Her mission is to change the narrative about urban communities and inspire people to see the potential and beauty in cities like Detroit and Atlanta. Jones is passionate about the revitalization and growth of Detroit. Through her work with Impact Detroit Magazine, she aims to inspire and uplift the community by sharing stories of progress and hope.

Jones started Impact Detroit Magazine in 2010, intending to change the negative perception that many people have of Detroit. Instead, she wanted to showcase the positive aspects of the city, including its vibrant culture, rich history, and resilient people. The magazine covers various topics, including local businesses, events, entertainment, and community initiatives. Jones believes that by highlighting these positive stories, she can shift the narrative about Detroit and encourage more people to invest in the city's future.

In addition to running Impact Detroit Magazine, Jones is involved in various community organizations and initiatives. She leads by example and has many volunteer services to her credit. For instance, in support of The "Covenant House" in Detroit, Susan fundraised and slept outside in 18-degree weather to bring awareness to homeless children. The "Convent House" was featured on FOX 2 News. In 2014, during the Obama administration, Susan was one of 60 people around the country invited by the White House Business Council and Business Forward for a briefing at the White House to discuss strengthening the economic competitiveness of America's small businesses. She took this opportunity to advise senior White House and administration officials on how federal policy affects small businesses and home markets. "Careers Mastered" honored Susan and awarded her a Leadership in Action Award. Susan is in the Class of 2016; a class photo hangs in the Michigan State Capital.

Various organizations and publications have recognized Jones's work with Impact Detroit Magazine. In 2018, she was named one of the Detroit News' "Michiganians of the Year" for her efforts to promote positive news and stories in Detroit. In addition, she was featured and honored as a V.I.P. Member in 2020 by P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) for outstanding contributions and achievements in the publishing field. These women exemplify tenacity. They realize that to reach their goals, they must never give up and continue to strive to become influential in their profession.

Susan Jones positively impacts the city she loves through her work with Impact Detroit Magazine. Her dedication to highlighting Detroit's positive stories and achievements inspires others to invest in the city's future and work towards a brighter tomorrow.

Jones grew up in Memphis, TN, and Moved to Detroit in 2005 when she remarried her ex-husband. The success of Impact Detroit Magazine inspired Jones to expand her vision to Atlanta. She launched Impact Atlanta Fashion and Beauty Magazine in 2019. She gained a partner Terri Stephenson in 2020 to showcase the city's thriving fashion and beauty scene and to celebrate the diverse communities that make Atlanta such a unique and vibrant city.

Impact Atlanta Fashion and Beauty Magazine has quickly become popular in Atlanta.

In addition to her work with magazines, her impact goes beyond just publishing. She is also the founder of Impact Awareness Leading Youth to Entrepreneurship (I.A.L.Y.E.), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young people in urban communities develop the skills and resources needed to become successful entrepreneurs. Jones is also an active community leader and advocates for social justice. She also works with local schools and non-profit organizations to promote educational opportunities and social equity in urban communities.

Jones's impact on her community and the publishing industry is immeasurable. Through her publications, she is showcasing the beauty and potential of urban communities and inspiring others to invest in these vibrant cities. Her commitment to social justice and community building is truly inspiring, and she is a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Terri Stephenson (Editor In Chief)

Mrs. Terri Robinson- Stephenson, Editor-in Chief of Impact Atlanta Fashion and Beauty Magazine. Terri Joined the Detroit Franchise in 2015 as a Senior Writer and was later promoted to Managing Editor for the Atlanta Franchise in 2017. Most recently promoted to Editor-in Chief 2018. Terri brings over 30 years of Marketing, Sales, Finance, Collections, Training and Product development experience, specializing in enabling startup and established companies to increase revenue. A Highly accomplished professional with high business-savvy and excellent problem-solving skills, demonstrating the ability to provide leadership to an organization with focus on Revenue, Product and Brand longevity.

Terri studied Business and Entertainment Law at California State University and a Graduate of American Intercontinental University (AIU) holding degrees in those areas. She is known as being a highly reliable self-starter with strong work ethics, goal orientated, customer focused, self-motivated and energetic. Excelling in helping others become successful and being their best self.

In 2017 Susan Jones, founder of Impact Atlanta, Detroit, & Memphis Magazines, partnered with Terri R. Stephenson, our New Editor in Chief for Impact Atlanta Fashion and Beauty Magazine; we are excited to introduce you, our readers, to the Atlanta, Georgia market which is now the New Entertainment Capital of the World. The south has made a significant impact on the entertainment and fashion industry.

Our Atlanta issues primarily focus on the fashion and entertainment industry, keeping you abreast of the new up-and-coming fashion designers, styles, and trends. In addition, we keep you enlightened on what's hot and what's not! All while making our presence's known.

We've had the opportunity to interview significant entertainers making groundbreaking strides that have placed the city of Atlanta on the map.

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