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The Bev Moore Show , March 31, 2023

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The Bev Moore Show
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with Bev Moore and guest Tanya Linette Smith

The Bev Moore Show with guest Tanya Linette Smith, Actress, Acting Coach, Writer-Producer.

Headlined Show, The Bev Moore Show March 31, 2023

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Guest, Tanya Linette Smith

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Tanya Linette Smith
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Actress, Acting Coach, Writer-Producer
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Tanya Linette Smith is a Los Angeles based actress and writer. She is known for her role as Dr. Safran in the horror/thriller The Recurring. While acting in various films and television shows over the past 24 years, her main focus is coaching the professional actor. She teaches acting at her private studio in Hollywood, California.

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Tanya has been working in Film, Television, and on stage for the past 24 years. She has appeared on such shows as Party of Five, Grey’s Anatomy, The Thundermans, Beverly Hills 90210, City of Angels, and Four Corners just to name a few. Her film credits include A Hole In The Paper Sky, Girl Crazy, Danika and The Recurring. In 2014 she began to coach actors privately and on set. In 2017 she decided to teach small intimate classes with the belief that actors truly flourish when observing and working alongside one another. Although coaching full time, Tanya continues to study and take various classes herself, as she believes one must never stop learning.

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hello welcome to the Bev Moore Show streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations and 37 country on your head Bev Moore and continuing the celebration of women's history month and a writer producer<br> appeared and pop TV network shows like Grey's Anatomy and mini movies<br> highlights of her very successful career<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> find light in the beautiful sea<br>I do<br> beautiful life<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond shine bright like a diamond<br> homicide City<br> moonshine in Malay<br> I thought everybody<br> I do<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> shining bright like a diamond<br> like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond<br>Dynamite<br> my interview is actress in code is coming up here took off he says it her at a young age after seeing a Broadway play New York then probably are you sure we should get matching tattoos on her first date probably stay together probably<br> it's been 23 minutes since I ate probably swim you should wait 30 minutes<br> I have a cramp<br> I can probably hit the Green from here probably<br> can I get a mulligan ready to go are you sure you're okay to drive yeah I'm probably okay<br> probably okay isn't okay especially when it comes to drinking and driving if you're drinking call the cab a car or a friend buzzed driving is drunk driving I message brought to you by Nissa and Ad Council I would like to welcome 10-year Lynette Smith<br> Tanya is a Los angeles-based actress writer and producer<br> welcome to the show Tanya<br> hi thank you so much for having me<br> well it was a pleasure<br> you've been working in film television and on stage for the past 24 years<br> What attracted you through yeah yeah What attracted you to begin a career as an actress well I have to say it's sort of I stumbled upon it when I was a little girl my mama I grew up in New York and Brooklyn and when I was a little girl my mom took me to see Glee on Broadway and I discovered I was like I'm going to marry Danny so how am I going to do that since he's an actor so I better become an actress so I can marry Danny John Travolta and I was all about a man and the marriage<br> oh yeah it's so you decided at a young age when you saw grease so how did it develop from there<br> you know what happened it just sort of developed you know just being in school and back when I was in school we had guidance counselors and we actually sat in person and we have our phones getting out and I'm I talked a lot is always talking in class and so they thought that this would be a great outlet for me little did I know it's probably in there knows how to be in front of people you know so my guidance counselor sent me to drama and then from drama class we just what they were doing shows and musicals and plays and I was just involved in it and then my family life was he was a little rock was definitely challenging growing up and what drama did was it kept me because you had to have at least a c average thank goodness I was more than that you got to have at least a c average are they would kick you out so it became this strong like something I really wanted to do and so by doing that and staying in school and love<br> staying after school and not getting in trouble it just was something I always wanted to do it fascinated me to not just be me but to be able to be anyone I wanted in the world and play pretend and have fun and then from there it just became a career it was just something I kind of always did and there's a sort of part of me and I'm most actors would agree it sort of part of you and then you're supposed to do it because you can never forget it it's always what you want to do when it's just always with you so that was my story how it began at least<br> oh that's awesome but he's never done anything else you just became an actress yeah you know it was I did my we like to call him our survival jobs telemarketing for a minute I was that annoying drunk gigs like most actors and yeah it was just always I never thought of really doing anything else anytime I stopped doing it for whatever reason it was always sitting there with me I was always watching movies and critiquing them and thinking about it like you know the motivation yeah oh that's that is amazing wow<br> you're known for your role as doctor's past is assassin in the heart of the recurring<br> what did you love or hate about this character<br> you know I think what I will one I love her I absolutely love it I love everything about it I love the Thriller ones the Gory ones the crazy one the one that don't make sense I just love everything about that world and what I loved about this doctor is you know in life sometimes someone will tell us something and we don't believe them we think even if they're the the nicest person you know intelligently sometimes they say something that's a little out there and maybe we try to rationalize it and that's what this doctor does and then you come to find out that the patient is actually correct and she's right and she's really saying these things and the doctor see that at the end and that has always fascinated me because the struggle of the person trying to tell someone hey I'm not crazy I'm really seeing this stuff this stuff is really happening and then you and the doctor trying to decipher between the two<br> I just love stuff like that<br> you're right it's such a challenge it is it it's a challenge and I respond it's just fine<br> but you really enjoy that roll I did I did enjoy that roll I mean I love all types of all deserve to be brought to life and I think down why acting appeal to so many people there escapes and you know they're just they're just ready to be taken in to be replicated in the show the world who they are and so I could love all types of roles but I don't know Thrillers and where it keeps the audience guessing that's probably about my favorite definitely and fighting and yeah it's just a lot of fun<br> how did you get that was that the first time you started with riding or have you get into that never get anything professionally with it and then you know now in my career I'm an acting coach and that that's what I do I do any acting is because someone gave it to me but for the most part I'm an acting coach in that would be getting to that and my client at the time it wasn't needed she wanted she wanted to create her own content and it's something that I do tell all of my act you know it's wonderful to be able to tell stories that other people have written to have your agents and you out for you to audition after you to book it but there's so much competition there's so much out there but there's only one of you if you cancel a Content that really shows you off you're just one step ahead of the game and this after it's Gwen Gottlieb beautiful Glenn Gottlieb she wanted something like that she's like I want something<br> that shows me off and that's mine and so I wrote it for her and she wanted something like that the Showcase she wanted horse when it a little Thriller and there until I wrote it for her and then when it came time for casting she was like you know I feel so comfortable with you you've been coaching me would you be in it and I was like oh my God I just realize he know we had such a rapport in such a connection and she needed that she really needed that and so I did it and I'm so glad that I did and then the writing process just making sure that it was a story that I wanted to tell that is based on truth of the story I wanted to tell and a story that would make her shine and that was I'm compelling for her that's sort of fell into it and then from then on it's just I just been doing it you know what I mean<br> yeah that's great that you really found a new Talent bright so this is why you have not hired in such shows as Party of Five Grey's Anatomy the Thunder mom or Thunderman Beverly Hills 90210 City of Angels and four corners and that's a variety of roles in your career<br> are you now content as an actress<br> you know I think that I truly am I I definitely and you know I was just talking to one of my one of my students this morning and she was talking about she likes being an actress it's so challenging because I realize that I'm going to have highs and then when I have loads are going to be so low and what am I going to do and just as big conversation and I remember saying to her so it's so interesting that you're saying to me about being content and feeling like sort of like you arrived and I sent her you have to ask yourself question you have to say do you love this do I love this enough to I love this enough to do it for free would you do it for free where you're at for free and that's why I think that after had an actor have to ask himself do I love this enough for that but of course we all want to get paid you know but and if the answer is yes which my answer was yes then all of a sudden<br> all that drama and all that that pressure I put on myself it went away and then I was able to love it and Coach which is what I'm doing now which is what I have to thrive on I love it<br> that is wonderful congratulations<br> you know I just have to say congrats I mean not many people reach that level you know that yeah your film credits include a hole in the paper Sky girl crazy Danica and require recurring that we already mentioned how do you compare working in film vs. television wow<br> I have to say I love both I do love those I find television to be it's a faster pace and so I do like that you do it a TV show so maybe I'll fill them for like a week and then I'm finished and then you move on to the next and you move on to the next thing you move on to the next I do like that fast pace a lot of time that you'll see actors that I traveled a lot of they were film actors and now they're doing TV show their families make do a TV show and they can stay in town and be close like the story that could be helpful and you have a longer you know you can really tell the Steve interesting story so I like both but I think that that is the biggest the difference is the pace the pace of it and the stakes are super high and you have like writers and a writer so you'll go and you'll start filming all the time the next day you have a life all these different<br> lions in a whole new scene in someone's cut you hope you stay it out and all this and I come back from lunch I'm like oh okay well I'm not doing that anymore<br>stop. I'm watching people trapped by Tina.<br> Going through<br> everybody's been down at the bottom hit the ground<br> do you want<br>staying in that time.<br> Interview with actress acting coach Tanner Lynette Smith continues<br> talks about a career-changing accident they kept her off the stage and the big screen for a while<br> stay with us to hear more about her career and desire to promote other performers we are strong we are resilient and we will get through this together but these are stressful times and it's important to also practice good self-care it's normal to feel overwhelmed anxious or afraid but there is hope reach out to someone connect with your friends stay in touch with your community and know that you are not alone learn more at we are broadcasters. Com Hope Furnace by the National Association of broadcasters and this station my favorite character out of so many that you prefer that you have performed<br> crazy enough crazy enough my favorite favorite thing out of everything that I've done was a it was a place called Sweeney Todd stop them in a movie and I got the Play Misses love it and there is nowhere in the world that I would ever get to play mrs. Lovett you know the character that she is when I was like she has like a she works with a barber and it's a time where they they need stuff and so did they make meat pies out of people and so it was so much fun and there was singing I didn't get paid for the community theater and to this day I just remember it was just so much fun I remember laughing the entire time and I haven't had as much as I love acting I have not had that experience again just the fun of it like that kind of fun yeah<br> fun I love that but that is your favorite happy with the way things have shaped up for you in the industry than how I thought it would look for sure I mean I thought I was just simply going to be an actress and that was it and my journey from acting to becoming an acting coach looks completely different from what I thought my journey was going to look like and so I am happy but it took a moment it took a moment of all the torture that I just go through it took a moment of the self-esteem issues that actors go through to come out on top of that to find the thing that I know it's love and it came through adversity like I never would have been here in a million years and then something happened<br> shifted my life you know my dad used to say it's sometimes good comes and distasteful weighs and something had to happen to totally pull me out you know of the water to come in to be in the place where I am now which is amazing I love it I absolutely love being a coach yeah yeah<br> wow that's great can you tell us about the most exciting thing that has happened to you<br> thank you got under way with your entertainment career yeah the most exciting thing so Four Corners that you talked about it with a pilot on it actually that was the working title actually was called Homestead by the end and I got to be pregnant in it and the gift and I and the person that helped me give birth with Ann-Margret the famous and Margaret was right there oh my God cream cheese cuz that's what they do is put a jelly and cream cheese and Margaret like superstar in front of me and that is not so it's like a people don't know don't know who she is you know different generations and stuff like that<br> it's like this is Glamour and I'm tired of all the people that act like she's it<br>before I bring my dad will bring my heart<br> before I left<br> I want to know you I want to find you in every season the never move Q<br> you rock<br> thesaurus<br> I want to know you and I will bring by<br> Landis and never come back<br> you are my treasure<br> the nothing never<br> this is the Bev Moore Show streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries around the world I'm Beth Moore my interview with actress acting coach writer-producer Smith continues we will be back after the break coming low income to me making tough choices choosing between paying for food or medication or place to live is a reality for many people do you know someone who could use some extra help find out about the supplemental security income program SSI administered by Social Security you could receive monthly SSI payment if your income and financial resources are low and you are 65 or older or an adult or child with a disability or who is blind SSI is money you can use to help pay for basic needs<br> like putting food on the table keeping the lights on paying the rent it can mean new shoes for growing feet or help with medical needs call one 800-772-1213 or visit SSI to schedule an appointment for start to apply today that's SSI this message is my Social Security at US taxpayer expense well okay I'm going to go back to the coaching we've been talked about that all throughout this and you know I know you love it and it's a big thing in your life and you transitioned obviously from actress<br> you know it's from acting to coaching. And you have a you have a private studio in Hollywood California what made you take such a leak<br> start eating I mean what was the change your how did you make the change and so basically what happened is I would have never ever done it I would have never been a teacher would have never been a coach never ever did I ever even think that that would happen and as an actor you know doctors do we eat we help other people they're getting ready for an audition will help them one line to pick out clothes and I we kind of did that and I would help my friends and just help coach them just help them and then I would make choices do me like I'd be like oh you know I don't know how believable that happen for me was I got in a horrible car accident in from that car accident I don't I don't know why this happened I got stage fright and I could no longer be watched<br> onstage or on camera or anything I got horrible stage fright and I try to overcome it and I would book rolls and I would have this tremendous amount of anxiety but I did Grey's Anatomy I just had this horrible horrible anxiety inside of me where I should have been happy and I wasn't and I couldn't get rid of it and then the stage fright just got so bad I remember and this is like I tell people that it's not TMI I was in on an acting class and I knew I was about to go up and luckily it was dark in the audience part where we were and I peed my pants just a little bit and I was like huh I was like I am not doing this I cannot be peeing my pants Smith PP girl so I quit and then I was like well<br> I get this and I made money so I didn't make money but I couldn't make money and then I was like what who's going to listen to mean I'm not this crazy big celebrity who is going to listen to me and then I just said you know what I'm just going to do it I had like 50 Instagram followers I was like let me just do it and then once I started doing it and took the leap and took the rest guess what my feet right went away gone and I realize the things that I loved was coaching and that's what I do and anytime I am on stage or someone asked me to be in something I can do it and I'm fine but that's what happened<br> it's yeah it really did Auguste for you yeah yeah from from peeing on myself that I guess it's his opinion on yourself make it happen to pee on myself so that it doesn't come up later you know she peed and I'll be like I know if you do myself I hate I didn't get it how many people do you know ya doll out of that only<br> yeah I can start playing in to do my face in my darling I know one thing for sure<br> is where it is<br> everything everything movie<br> bother you say everything is going to be alright but my circumstances to say I wont. Do tonight I need you with me now need you to call me through I need a miracle of breaker do I need you<br> can you take my broken pieces and put them back<br> everything will be alright<br> everything<br> Rialto Bridge<br>everything will be okay<br> He's Got The Whole World in His Hands got the whole world<br>gas stations in 37 countries around the world I'm Bev Smith continued I'll never forget the day I nearly died I was a young journalist with a great career starting a family the only way we found out I had any kind of hard as you were when I went into sudden death<br> my co-workers brought him to action they recently been trained in life-saving CPR protocols developed by the American Heart Association they're the ones that kept me alive until the Medics came they did many tests on me in the hospital after my cardiac arrest and created a treatment plan all with research from the American Heart Association I think unless you are a heart disease patient you may not know how much were the American Heart Association does behind the scenes to save your life since my cardiac arrest I've had two more children I watch all three of my children grow into adulthood I'm going to graduate from college daughter got married I have grandchildren and I'm still here<br> learn more about the American Heart association's work at help<br> so how many people do you have that you instruct right now I mean I mean doing your with your privacy with covid obviously a lot of things change so I have a 2 in person classes I have 3 Zoom classes then I coach privately in person and I love them like 1% you people semi-private to the night coach onset so it's always fluctuating how many people I have you know actors will come the book rules will take off a month I'll come back if it's always a fluctuating and I'm really lucky you know the with the zoom I was but I was doing like doing before you know it broke out and about and I'm just all over India and Japan you know I mean you know I get to coach people all over which is fun so I can't really say how many because it's always changing<br> yeah that was my question is the clientele I mean where they out of where do they come from you know<br> you know it's just yeah it's really all over and plus you know I'm a certain type of coaching like I'm being very nice here but I curse a lot you know it's always you be beeping the whole time like anyone is going to listen to this that knows me is like wow this is great you know she's not hurting like that so I am a loving coach really love the people that I'm with my students know they can call me at 2 in the morning they can text me I'm very Hands-On and access to me and yeah so I just emailed her I I coach people were at the signed paperwork so I can't even say who they are I can't do that that's always interesting Love Me Or Hate Me<br> I think that I wouldn't be surprised you can come across someone that's like Tanya Lynette Smith so I know what you mean yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah but you're a creative person obviously with all your talent is creativity impacted your life<br>well I think Papa is positive because when you're creative no matter how you're feeling if you're depressed or feeling bad or you know your self-esteem wherever it's at you can create you can drop into another world and I felt like for me you know I had you know it was just my mom in the picture my dad was not around I definitely think like acting and being creative and writing whatever I was riding with an escape and so creepy the creative Part of Me Help Me Thrive and help me survive I guess you know my my younger my teenage early twenties and then nowadays being creative just keeps my mind active it keeps me asking questions I see the possibility and things that other people wouldn't see or possible you get to feel a lot of the creative person you you know I always tell my actress you have to be open and when you're open that means you're going to have to take care of yourself back<br> that's mean you know it might be really difficult because your whole world has to open up you have to watch the news you have to be outraged you because we're so like desensitize like you have to open yourself up so creative has helped me be a more open giving loving understanding person but it also opens you up to so much more so from that I realize I have to take care of myself which makes me a healthier human being then I think some people are cuz you have to be very aware of yourself as an artist and as a creative person that's why you're exactly right<br> yeah you have to be like a full package a total TurnKey packages as the correct thing is you know some people that hate me for saying this acting is really not that difficult it's really not but what's really being a human being being a human being is really really hard and all the things that we tell ourselves it's a Taurus all the state of the world that's so hard and we put that on ourselves and just start chipping away so that's the thing you know<br> I get it yeah yeah what are your plans for the industry in the near future<br> I think that for me still doing what I do because this is what I love more writing I would say I really really enjoy it and I loved writing for the individual actor for I have a knack for really understanding who the person in the actor is what their strengths and weaknesses are and I definitely like tapping into that like after it's come to me a lot of people commissioned me to I don't know if they're doing a showcase I want to showcase myself I can do short film things like that just really these a quick kind of in and out sort of thing but I can write the people that can help them I'm enjoying doing that more and more and I think that that is where I want to tap into more I would say<br> just helping others go to the next level helping other people achieve what they didn't think that they could achieve actors I think you know you're very reliant on that job that agent to get you that interview to get you that job other people's jobs other people's right and that's wonderful but the hell do people create their own content to tell their own story that only bacon spell not like it doesn't have to be their personal story but it's the way that they take on a certain role that is so intriguing to me to help an actor step into this place that's their own and could we all want to tell her stories whether it's a fictional part of our self or not and sometimes that's hard to do and I can tap into that. I was like oh I can do that that's great what else do you want your fans to know about you<br> I guess what I want my students or anyone else listening to know is that there is only one of them their unique in this world they have a story to tell there are Parts out there for them yes there's competition but someone has to get the role and why not them and if you work really really hard and you expect these amazing things to happen to you they may not look the way you thought that they would look but they're there and you cannot give up you just you cannot cannot give up and I try to be that coach I I live for that person that that's mean you know what Tanya because of you I didn't give up and I'm glad that I did it and look where I am today like I love that I helped I love helping someone to stay in their dream you can have a dream but staying in it. That's the hard part that's the hard part and you know that's my that's what I want people to know is that I want that for you<br> and I will be there for you and I'll fight for you you got to fight for you yourself too but I'll fight for you to for you to realize that I guess<br> just hang on to your dreams and don't give up you cannot give up and you have to be open enough for it to look different I never thought I'd be a coach never never ever thought but something had to happen for me to realize and I didn't give up on my dream my dream my dream just shifted and changed<br> that's a hard shoes to feel<br> yes that's the first female in this industry so you know thank you yeah and it is a duck make a difference you know I'm to be a fee money you yourself I mean you know it's it is different we we'd like to say oh you know everything is fine but it's not have to work harder when we can emotional people say hello you're overly emotional you know where someone else is just wrong you know but we just strong well I'm a my overly emotional because I'm a strong woman because I speak and I say what's on my mind and sometimes it takes a moment for people to just accept that and I know that and you know as a woman you do have to justify a little bit harder for your voice to be heard for your voice to be heard in the way he heard<br> but I'm sure they're there for you know<br> yeah that's like the ocean yeah the voices in your head you don't really know how<br> always in motion, you don't need to win me over you don't need address<br> no no<br> I mean I know you're scared<br>Subaru.<br> I don't want you.<br> You got that<br>stop.<br>interview with actress acting coach incoming Talent stay with us come from we all experienced difficulties in life know that sometimes it takes strength and determination to make it through it takes strength to ask for help when you need it or no veterans like us a reach out for help and hear stories of strength and recovery at make the connection. Net<br> I have one one last question for you and we really need this to be a good one what would you like to suggest<br> a youth to the youth about becoming successful in life<br> in life in general or as an as an actor as an actor as an actor here is the thing and I just I hope that people really take this to heart you have a great responsibility as anyone in the public eye kids especially are listening to you they're taking what you say as truth especially younger kids they understand okay this is a story and it's not really you but good acting means people drop in and they forget it's a story they believe the character you have a great responsibility to bring truth to these characters and that's why you study and you learn so you can bring that truth but on the outside in your regular world because people are looking up to you and they're watching you you can change the world so you have a big responsibility to help with that change whatever whatever you're passionate about maybe it's animals<br> you know maybe it's like equality you know whatever it is you have a great responsibility to use your voice and use your popularity in your Fame to bring those things to light and to help to change this world which is really struggling just really really struggling and that's the big thing it's like don't just do it for Fame and Fortune do it with a purpose<br> do it with a purpose and that helps you get outside of you cuz sometimes it gets so self-absorbed me me me and said of going wait a minute why am I doing this I got to be really really good because I'm going to change the world I'm going to help people so I've got to be really really good as an actor and that's going to help get it off of them as much you know and get it out into the world the bigger purpose a strong why<br> yeah I'm a firm believer in when you find your purpose<br> that's all you need me to drive to make energy that purpose in life absolutely absolutely<br> that's so good thank you you're welcome yeah that's great well appreciate you being on the Maury Show and you've been a great guest lot of great advice<br> as we wrap up the celebration of women's History Month I hope you enjoyed my interview with a very talented actress writer-producer amazing stories about her journey as an actress and inspiring words of wisdom on how important it is to never give up on your dream<br> thank you for listening to the Bev Moore Show streaming on the iHeart Network worldwide I'm bev more until next time bye bye<br>

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