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The Bev Moore Show , February 3, 2023

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The Bev Moore Show
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with Bev Moore and guest Gabi Faye

The Bev Moore Show with guest Gabi Faye, Actress and Filmmaker, and Singer

Headlined Show, The Bev Moore Show February 3, 2023

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Guest, Gabi Faye

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Gabi Faye
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Actress, Filmmaker
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Biography Taken from: Gabi Faye - Biography - IMDb

Gabi Faye was born in Baltimore, Maryland as 'Gabrielle Faye Levin'. The arts run in her family. Her mother Anita Baron is a former actress, now business owner, and her father, Alan Levin, a professional pianist and singer. Her brother Ethan is a professional singer/songwriter and sound engineer. She graduated from Rider University, where she earned her BA in acting and dance.

When she moved to NYC to pursue a career in acting, it was not long after that Gabi discovered her abilities on the production side. Gabi has been dubbed as the doppelganger of a young Katie Holmes with the essence of Tiffany in "Silver Linings Playbook", or Fiona Gallagher in "Shameless". She is also recognized for her athletic and vocal abilities.

She is the founder of Gabi Faye Productions and former Co-Founder of Andromeda Pictures. Gabi is passionate about media that inspires social impact, working to better our world through the lens of entertainment.

Gabi is involved with several important causes including the fight to end ALS, and serves as the volunteer coordinator for the non-profit: Healing ALS. Gabi is an alumna of and spear headed alumni programming for HaZamir International Teen Choir whose mission is to train the next generation of Jewish leaders through Jewish music and programming. Gabi spent the summer of 2020 traveling the east coast interviewing animal rescues and documenting their selfless journeys on film to help bring awareness to the mistreatment of these beloved creatures.

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welcome to the bathroom or show live streaming on the iHeart network broadcast station and 37 country I'm your husband's death more my guest today is an actress filmmaker and singer is known for her recurring role in HBO's Mare of Easttown starring Kate Winslet and she appeared in the movie entitled in Mortal starring Dylan Baker and many more outstanding roll<br> the break is Gabby Faye amazing acting career on camera and behind the scenes<br>Dental Bryan<br> but because because<br>in Colma<br>Bobby Caldwell<br>interview with accents filmmaker Gabby's birthday is coming up that what it was like to work with Dylan Baker on the set of the Immortals shared learning how to do sign language inspired by her mother to get cash for an award-winning running back for the Indianapolis Colts and cross the border of the muscular dystrophy Association when I was fourteen and struggle she helps her get the best treatment and care and they also have kids<br> Ethan and I'm 12 years old thanks for the muscular dystrophy Association and people like you have more hope than ever before from day one they've treated me like family at my local care center and yeah is the only one that funds over 150 Care Centers across the us to help provide state-of-the-art care for adults and kids like me transforming the lives of people living with muscular dystrophy ALS and other related near muscular diseases they fund the research for breakthrough treatments care and cures for by supports a thousand families like mine and Ethan's in communities like your space to MVA kids and adults can live life to its fullest Getty is a professional actress and filmmaker<br> welcome to the tribe Gabby thank you for having me here<br> you are best known for your recurring role on HBO's Mare of Easttown<br> is that the same show that Kate Winslet played in yeah when I was like wait is that the same one right did you play along with her or was it a different episode so I did get to meet her and I was scripted to have a very short scene with her but covid took that from me but you'll hear all crazy stories things that end up on the cutting-room floor or you know covid was sort of unprecedented with all the way and in fact it affected our industry but you know what it's okay and just being on sat with her and getting to talk with her and watch her work was really<br> assign incredible experience and I am grateful to you no have played a small part in that show really great learning experience chatted with that show with the with the factors yes yeah that caught my eye when I get when I saw that I was like wow you also played opposite Dylan Baker in the feature Anthropologie Thriller Immortal she is just wonderful you know there's some big actors that when you're on set they don't want to associate with other people and they have their process and I respect that but still it was so wonderful I mean he just talked to everyone between the tapes and he was very giving and he was just<br> waterfall to work off of you know when you have a scene partner that really knows what they're doing it just it helps you to be in that moment with them and yeah it was just an awesome experience I really enjoyed working with him yeah that's good yeah that that was a great movie or a great feature of yeah enjoy that noisy<br> I would love to yeah cuz you played the leading role and you played the leading role in it also won a best short film<br> it did icon Film Festival which which is still mind-blowing was not expected<br> I guess you know you never know with your career takes you no metes and Bounds or baby steps and you just keep moving forward and when you have something like that happen it's it's I guess a little bit of luck in a little bit of guess hard work and dedication to take away from the film<br> you know I had a few but interesting Lee I will say that we should never underestimate our abilities because this film was all in sign language and at the time when I I wasn't sure I would audition because I've heard mixed messages from casting directors you know don't don't overestimate if you can speak another language or this or that you know but I heard really inspirational stories like I read Bryan Cranston book and the first big commercial that he booked he lied about the skill that he had doing repelling like off of the mountain and rock climbing that he ended up getting the job he didn't know what you doing but he learned and and look where he is now so<br> I guess similarly I was learning sign language because my mother was diagnosed with a ball bar Als in May of 2019 and I had moved home to just help navigate you know this is like a massive blow to the family and she was starting to lose her she was a minor in Sign Language so she was teaching me just to kind of prepare you know in case there came a day that she couldn't stick it all and so later so it's sign language you know really helped us communicate with her for a longer time and this one came up short film in sign language and I thought oh my God how cool would that be but also like I don't know sign language very well so maybe I shouldn't put myself out there and my mother<br> you try to give you never know<br> it's Lana. Yeah it took me a really long time to learn a video<br> and I got to call back and I was like so so exciting and so I only Maryland I was missing being up close to the city where I live and so I got to go back to the city for this call back and meet the director I have looked him up before I went into the room and he has the same birthday as my mom and I just thought wow you know it was meant to be yeah<br> and you know I have my call back and he brought back the male actor that he wanted the cast and try to sleep to communicate together the other guy actually. I was making things up very religiously to learn and it really well I will tell you the way to learn a skill is to book a roll and have to play someone who's in all the work that I put in was very challenging so I have that story in so that's be a part of my my work<br> that's wonderful<br> story<br> is there a sawmill walk in<br> Lori<br> this is a Bev Moore Show live streaming on the iHeart Network on / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries around the world and has more my interview is acting continues we are strong we are resilient and we will get through this together but these are stressful times and it's important to also practice good self-care it's normal to feel overwhelmed anxious or afraid but there is hope reach out to someone connect with your friends stay in touch with your community and know that you are not alone learn more at we are hope furnished by the National Association of broadcasters and this station<br> well you know it's funny that my dad was talking about we've been reflecting a lot about the past you know since my mom is very ill and he was like you came out of the way you aren't crying you were singing and I hope family has been performing ever since I was a little kid shows and my dad is singing and dancing and staying at creative little girl so that was just after high school and I studied the Performing Arts in college and you know I've never look back then<br> I was just in your blood right yeah you experience in production I have to say is beyond measure<br> assistant to the producer on films like the retaliators<br> yeah<br> associate producer on Films including yes during Nolan is it Google. I got it and love and communication starring Brianna Evian ever gone okay and production manager films like art of diversion<br> and warming planet<br> how do you like production compared to acting<br> well it's an interesting question acting is my true love you know playing pretend and getting to know people bringing them to life I think there's nothing quite like that but working behind the camera<br> it is<br> it is very interesting and fulfilling experience as well I think especially producing and directing because producing your own work really that like as an actor you give birth to a character into a person into a life but when you produce you give birth to a story you know I think you're something special about that<br> and I also think that it's important that we as as actors you know it's a very competitive crazy industry really so I think to have experience in multiple roles only serves to help us understand the art form and be better on screen and I've always been always strongly believe that important to help other people that is the quickest way to make friends in another way and still bring you know that stretch before friend I'm there<br> yes<br> that you just appreciate both<br> at the same level basically but it's so good to know besides how you know the money is so well-rounded and you know yeah I love it<br> yeah yeah<br> said I woke up to the summer Shannon Prout<br> the only go to walking with the one that's been sitting in the sun.<br> This is the day that the Lord has made<br> I'm not going to let it slip away<br>I got the feeling that you get when you get new tape bell ringing on the last day of senior year<br> best slow your rope they don't they get that the choice but you got enough<br> this is the day that the Lord has made<br> I'm going to bed.<br> I got the<br> don't remember how I got the check. This is the Beth Moore Show live streaming of the iHeart Network + on / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries around the world have more interview with actress Gabby say continues to come back and got an opportunity to sing the national anthem at a Baltimore Orioles game on her birthday<br> as a veteran you get a lot of advice<br> but wisdom is harder to come by<br> a lot of people imagine themselves in our shoes<br> without understanding the weight on our shoulders<br> truth is you can understand the pressure of finding your own way after serving in the military<br> Westview isn't none you've got support<br> you can't control the chaos but you can shoot your way through it<br> steady yourself<br> take a breath<br> you're not alone<br> learn more at make the connection. Net<br> you're saying career I mean I don't know how far you went with that but I looked into your reels and the clips I mean and I was amazed at your singing voice I mean I was like wow yeah you've got an incredible voice<br> do you do you do shows you book an event but I saw one with you where you do the<br> national anthem quite a few times at different venues the first VA Camden Yard which is you know the home of the Baltimore Orioles which is my hometown where I where I was born and<br> yeah I audition for that I I think I guess I saw somebody perform the anthem during the game and I thought how can I do that and I just spoke to some of the staff in the stadium and they were like yeah you have to send an email to this woman and there's a whole lot fission process and you know just reach out so I followed all the guidelines and I sent him and I'll let you know I forgot about it honestly six months later I got phone call I was sitting in the parking lot of Panera in Pikesville Maryland with my best friend Stacy and we were sitting in the car was winter break and I guess it's Stone, I picked up and<br> he said hey you know we're calling from Camden Yards Baltimore Orioles and got your audition and we would love to book you for the anthem and I was like and then another stated thing they really are you available June 10th or would you prefer I would like that is my birthday and they're like oh well we can do another day I was like oh no let's do it on my birthday today and so since then<br> you know it looks rather stadiums I performed at the Trenton Thunders and New Jersey once I moved out there you know for college and then some other of here and there this is not a lot of colleges and things like that so it's been really cool and then my other the other things I do with singing our I am honestly in this choir called It's called The International Jewish team choir they are the reason that I love my face and my Judaism because I didn't connect my religion through books and you know<br> being forced to in school that doesn't do it for me but connecting through music and through ART that was how I really just found the beauty and being Jewish and so I've been with them since I was<br> teenager and still to this day I sing with them and I've been one of their featured soloist and I performed on the stages of Metropolitan Opera Carnegie Hall at Lincoln Center so I got some really incredible singing opportunities and it's also it's great for my acting career as well because for rolls rolls and I feel strongly that like my sign language abilities I will get you put that to use one day on on camera and I'm really looking forward to when that day come<br> that's great it's great it's great to have so many different talents because it opens up so many doors<br> yeah I know we talked about my acting class this week<br> yesterday<br> understand<br>we come back shares how she enjoys being on camera and working behind the scenes we will be no word in the English language is less convincing than probably are you sure we should get matching tattoos on her first date probably stay together probably<br> it's been 23 minutes since I ate I can probably swing sets<br> I have a cramp<br> I can probably hit the Green from here probably<br> can I get a mulligan are you sure you're okay to drive<br> Dover I'm probably okay<br> probably okay isn't okay especially when it comes to drinking and driving if you're drinking call the cab a car or a friend buzzed driving is drunk driving a message brought to you by Nissa and Ad Council a company called Singley producing and directing actor real clips and helping actors create a cohesive marketing materials<br> let's talk a little bit about that<br> absolutely I would love to you yes I think I got to go back to your question before about you know being in front of the camera versus being behind the camera to run this company because because I love both and because I have experience on both sides you know I really I understand what it means to be in front of the camera and I know how I know how fragile our egos can be so our company actually in the summer<br> edit it all started from a conversation I had with my agent which they were saying you know yeah babe you have these great headshots where you look very amateur and professional like a businesswoman but you don't have any you've never played that type of role and we really need that because you're starting to get B and I'll ditions for these types of Worlds but you know my career at the time or like up until now has been mostly nasty nasty like Mean Girls if you look down I'm a boy you know I could do that so<br> I took matters into my own hands and I am a member of this group this amazing group called actors Think Tank and there's a lot of actors in once a week and I I just put it out there to you know a lot of these people are my friends my colleagues and I said I want to do a real day so if you need footage you know reach out to me and I had to like a really great response and we did a day in August and I had seven different seven different. That day was an all day thing it came out to 3 Lee incredible and I was really pleased with the footage and yeah I went from there and I thought you know what else what else do actors need what else can we offer and I think there is an issue problem in our industry which is that you know you go to a headshot photographer and you get these great shot but then you haven't played roles<br> I can prove that you can play that person right so you need will be able to show that as a true I threw out all of our materials so that's why I help after do we offer a lot of different services and it's been really enjoyable so far and I really love<br> you know making making high-quality work for practice and helping them get out there and have the careers they want so just been eating cold<br> so pretty much you're doing like Brandon packages<br> rainbow basically we all get your head shot so you can you know we also offer coaching and Pitch Pages website something anything that an actor might need to really you know put themselves in a position to succeed<br> that's awesome I love it I love the idea I love the concept and I know it's going to go even bigger and bigger and what we're going to do we're going to tell how to find you and that is Lee s c e n e l y c o<br> so want to make sure people know how to find you yes yes yes<br> how have you been able to manage or you know<br> oh balance acting production seen in your company I mean you that's a lot<br> yeah everyone knows like you're amazing<br> yeah yes it's a great balance and yeah but so what your secret do you have a secret what is my secret I like 3 days in a week open for myself to be able to build my company and catch up on you know who's building a company that takes a lot of time and effort and energy<br> I tried to carve that time out for myself and<br> and I guess I tried to with the acting stuff like if an audition comes in I'll try to you know really work on it and get it in because you never know when the next one coming and that you're backlogged things can get crazy just make sure that I get in the things that I want to do<br> you're just you're just a good multitasker fast can it come back to do all these different things to keep myself you know excited and working and create like the creative juices going<br> absolutely yeah what are you do I know you helped grow other brand you know with your company but what do you do to help grow your personal brand<br> Yo Gotti say<br> Gabby Faye<br> the question<br> play I think bran goes beyond this is the type of role that I play I think brand is like you know knowing that if you hire me to work on your sad that I'm going to show up on time and prepared and bring and do good work so I think<br>. When I am on a job that is my priority and I<br> you know I I look for ways to put myself out there and and help other than celebrate other people those things are part of your brand I believe and then it's also like the things that you stand for you know like part of my brand is that I speak Hebrew and I am Jewish and like I'm so proud of that and you know that's something that anyone who knows me knows about me or if you visit my social media is like my cat next to him and I'm really into that and animals and I'm an animal lover so<br> your character that makes a difference yes yes yeah you really got that going on I see that<br> so can you tell us a bit about your next project what's coming up what's new<br> well I am<br> project as I mentioned before my mother was diagnosed with ALS in 2019 and so I've gotten very involved with the I left communities and a volunteer on several several of the Committees and organizations and so I've met just a lot of through being involved with that and and I met the woman her name is Lisa and it became fast friends after taking a meditation class together and she's just truly incredible because she was diagnosed with ALS and she was having a lot of issues muscle muscle wasting and the situations and<br> she's one of a small handful of people that I know or have met that has been able to help the progression of you know this what doctor say is a terminal illness and I think this story is really inspiring and so I've had a script written about her life she looks what character do something so serious and heavy and her personality you know so we have a script and I am currently fundraising to raise money and if this would be my first feature film that I have produced and I intend to make that happen so that's in the works<br> we have seen of the character Lisa and I would play a character in there as well so so when do you plan to start are you like if it coming up soon yeah yeah<br> you know I'm out there actively pursuing I need more than that to make it to make it happen you know just put put myself out there and have faith that the things that are in my head that I want to bring into the world are going to happen because I I don't feel it it's like it's like a child that you need to be like this Vision that you have and you don't feel so well yeah if it's positive energy you have to do that it always happens<br> Johnny you would have been wiped once again<br>job resume<br>this is a bit more show live streaming on the iHeart Network on / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries around the world and has more<br> interview with actress Gabby say continues<br> no matter who we are or where we come from we all experienced difficulties in life<br> military veteran know that sometimes it takes strength and determination to make it through helping you need it has like us a reach out for help and hear stories of strength and Recovery that make the connection. Net<br> high on Carson kressley of all the most valuable resources in the world kindness is the most precious<br> for more than 140 years American Humane has been working to make the world a kind of place for animals<br> rescuing those cotton disasters protecting animals on our Farms<br> Honda Silver Screen<br> and the world's remarkable and endangered species who need our care to help them survive<br> all of us can make a difference by making Humane choices at the supermarket in our choice of entertainment and by supporting conservation and rescue efforts<br> it's not hard at all making kind of Lifestyle choice and visit for simple ways you can help build a more caring compassionate and Humane world for animals and for all of us<br> so I'm going to ask you this question and I really want you to think hard because I always say one like this for last but what would you suggest is a budding actors and artists out there<br> yes great question a lot of things come to mind I am courage anybody who wants to pursue the Arts that you should do it I think we only got one life for lucky you know maybe we're here for a century and most of us are not that lucky if you if you don't do the things that are in your heart you will always wonder what could be you know<br> so I'm all about a career in the arch I think you know it's wise to<br> the other people to take advantage of opportunities to get out there and work as an extra get to learn how it's that works and talk to people that's the big thing talk to people you will be amazed how many opportunities come from your network and having good connections be sure to talk whenever you're working she gave you the right name didn't see the biggest thing is not working and getting it as much training as possible<br> that absolutely right when we were talking about brand you know make yourself known as as the person who who was there to bring value to a set and two Productions into other people's lives because then they want you there<br> and your you bring more than just Talent<br> yes absolutely absolutely so many people get really scared when they in the industry because it doesn't happen right away you know they don't realize what you know you have to you have to pick yourself up a lot<br> and and keep going<br> yes yes you know that Gabby I have enjoyed this this is been a great interview<br> I want to thank you so much for being on the desmore shed<br> that sounds so for this week I hope you enjoyed my talents and Gifts actress filmmaker and singer Gabby say thank you for listening to the Beth Moore live streaming on the iHeart Network worldwide I'm bev more until next time bye bye<br>

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