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The Bev Moore Show , August 11, 2023

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The Bev Moore Show
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with Bev Moore and guest, Samira Kazemeni

The Bev Moore Show with guest, Samira Kazemeni, Founder of Samira's Network, award-winning international variety talk show, President of Samira Gem Creations

Guest, Samira Kazemeni

Guest Name
Samira Kazemeni
Guest Occupation
Founder of Samira's Network, award-winning international variety talk show, President of Samira Gem Creations
Guest Biography

Samira Kazemeni is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, known for producing over 300 events through her company, Samiras Network. She has an outstanding track record of success and is celebrated for her visionary leadership, particularly in the creation of the Luxury Viewing Gala, one of the biggest events in Los Angeles during the night of the Oscars.

In addition to being a successful business network, Samiras Network is a total solution provider for all marketing, sales, and public relation projects. The network started as an award-winning international variety talk show hosted and produced by Samira herself in 2017. The show features an impressive assortment of guests and entertainment personalities, including celebrity and royalty interviews, health and beauty products, technology advancements, fashion shows, live demonstrations, and coverage of Hollywood Red Carpets, Charity Events, and recently live cooking shows.

Samiras Network TV shows are recorded and broadcasted in Los Angeles, the center of the entertainment and film industry. The company's mission is to guide and encourage viewers to reach their best and higher level of lifestyle by bettering themselves and helping others.

Samira is also the President of Samira Gem Creations, a custom jewelry design business that specializes in creating unique pieces for high-end gatherings, fashion shows, TV, and red-carpet events. Samira comes from a family of jewelers, with three generations of experience in the business.

As an advocate for alternative medicine, Samira recently launched Ultra CBD USA, a line of edible CBD oil products. Her motivation to create this line came from being diagnosed with a rare type of cancer (Angio Sarcoma) in 2018 and losing her mother to cervical cancer. Samira believes that CBD oil can be a great alternative medicine for cancer patients and has dedicated herself to creating products that can help others.

Samira is also the founder of the New Millionaires Club, which aims to empower young entrepreneurs to achieve success in the business world. Through the club, Samira provides mentorship and guidance to young professionals to help them grow and develop in their careers.

To find out more about Samira Kazemeni and her work, visit her social media profiles, websites, LinkedIn page, or IMDB page.

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