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The Bev Moore Show , April 7, 2023

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The Bev Moore Show
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with Bev Moore and guest Jennifer Goodman

The Bev Moore Show with guest Jennifer Goodman, Actress, Writer-Producer

Headlined Show, The Bev Moore Show April 7, 2023

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Guest, Jennifer Goodman

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Jennifer Goodman
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Actress, Writer-Producer
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Jennifer Goodman is a multi-hyphenate from Chicago, known for her role across Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul and starring role in the TV series, Conrad, that she created/produced, about a female detective on the autism spectrum uncovering a covert operation.

Jennifer, who mirrors her character Kate Conrad in Conrad, is also on the Autism Spectrum and brings authenticity to the role. She also created, and produced the psychological thriller, The Nest that won her a notable Top Women Producers award in 2018. She is the co-founder of Lakefront Pictures, LLC with Ryan Atkins, the two write and produce narrative content. She produced, won several festival awards for psychological thriller, Blackhatter (2022) and Pictures Only.

Jennifer’s most recent feature film, The Unseen, directed by Vincent Shade (The Letter) starring RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad) and Christian Stolte (Chicago Fire), that she wrote, produced and also acted in, just received an international sales agent. More announcements on where you can see the movie locally are coming soon.


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hello welcome to the Bev Moore Show live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast station and 37 countries on your head Bev Moore the month of April is Autism Awareness Month writer-producer Jennifer Goodman is my gift today who cares what it's like for her and millions of people who are diagnosed as autistic will your highlights of Jennifer's amazing film and TV career<br> when the best of me<br> when I'm not stopping by<br> When A Man still alive<br> Venom slamming all the<br> hold on.<br> Hold on to me<br> weather<br> when they own me<br> when I call for you.<br> When I'm tired<br> when are dogs afraid of<br>Gwen Ifill<br> accuracy<br> interview with actress writer producer Jennifer Goodman is coming up on this holy Good Friday stay with us<br> some people the sound of a baby babbling doesn't mean much<br> but that's not necessarily true<br> a six-month there combining vowels and consonants<br> Thai 9 months they're trying out different kinds of sounds<br> and I 12 months there babbling is beginning to take on some meaning<br> especially if there's no babbling at all<br> little to no babbling by 12 months or later is just one of the possible signs of autism in children<br> early screening and intervention can make a lifetime of difference and unlock a world of possibilities<br> take the first step at Autism Speaks. Org<br> I would like to welcome my guest Jennifer Goodman Jennifer is an actress writer and producer<br> welcome to the show Jennifer<br> thank you I'm excited to be here<br> great Jennifer you are definitely a triple threat as a female actress writer and producer making an impact in Hollywood Yuko created and starred in the crime Thriller pilot Conrad the series co-stars Eric Roberts and Harry lennix and you mirror your character Kate Conrad who is also on the Autism Spectrum which brings authenticity to the row<br> please tell our listeners a little bit about yourself<br> absolutely so thank you that was quite an introduction yeah I have been involved in theater my whole life and as someone who was born when they weren't too familiar with watches them I have kind of been doing a lot of trouble so not just rejection on the audition side and on the stage but also my might hear so working hard to overcome get up everyday like it's a new day and start again and has been kind of my Mantra and it really parallels in the film world because as a person so if it's really been a great place for me to channel my energy when I was younger and going to school<br> me working in a corporate environment when I graduated so really wasn't a lot of excitement about the film world for my family and so I did fall into that meeting to work in the corporate world and you know I went into sales and I just thought I hated it because it was how you feeling what have you done for me and you're never feeling good and you know it's funny because I already struggled with self-esteem so it was just another reminder of why I was not succeeding and I couldn't do it and I struggled with anxiety I struggled with depression and it finally got to a point where what am I doing for myself versus what am I doing for the acceptance of the money was accepted in the sense of doing what I was supposed to be doing but what are you actually supposed to be doing right is there a rule book no I don't think so so it for me<br> we do I really have to get to get back in the film world and I had not worked on the production side I'd only worked as an actress so you know it's funny because I was seeing a therapist and the recommendation was to do something for myself my own self and I was like that's a tough one while I went on Facebook and on Facebook I was on like a filmmaker site and I saw a post and you know my favorite shows on order I would love to work with you more if you're listening to that my shell has by Harry lennix isn't my Chao Hew Shawn I love them very dearly and I ran home and has become my mentor hi Leslie so I I really do know how to help with that world and you know I've always loved writing<br> how's it going up and so I offered to expand why I had a post about this a female and I love the script having no clue what I was going to join the entertainment industry<br> as a actress in Pinole I was like four but as a k but in college I owe you now and then which I ride that I really got more into the actual film world when I was in my thirties because my mom in ecology in college but I have to bring in a reaction<br> the camera<br> so yeah it kind of fell into this offering of collaborating with him and now movie that comes out in June and a bunch of short films and just ready to get started on one thing for sure<br> bother you say everything is going to be alright but my circumstances to say I want that do tonight I need you to hold me now need you to call me through I need a miracle of breakthrough I need you<br>everything's gonna be able to calling me.<br> What game is not your sometimes I forget that I can do a note l a r s<br> penis head<br> everything will be alright<br> He's Got The Whole World in His Hands got the whole wide world<br> my interview with actress writer producer Jennifer Goodman continues<br> the sound of a baby babbling doesn't mean much but that's not true<br> they're testing out vowels and consonants and trying different sounds and buy 12 months there battling is beginning to take on meaning especially if there's no badly at all<br> little to no babbling by 12 months or later is just one of the possible signs of autism in children learn more at Autism Speaks. Org<br> how long have you been able to overcome<br> you know an enormous amount of adversity growing up and working in the Independent Business<br> I would say that it never really goes away you never really stopped cycling is so much more thrilling that that's what gets me up and doing it over and over again<br> the rejection in your pure Dynamics and you're going to work environment is a lot different than I can sell because there's always someone filming there's always opportunities you don't I always say that if you build something it will come and I get that from my father I'm a firm believer that if there is no opportunity to create your own film industry in the space to create where is the corporate and sales world all that is not a space to create you're working under the man or the woman okay and you're in the corporate environment and you're doing things a certain way because that's the expectation but in film what is the expectation as long as you're paying people you're following your that's really all you can ask<br> Ryan exactly a challenge to shift perceptions of people with disabilities<br> and entertainment especially and bring a voice to those who have been marginalized have you seen progress since you got started in the industry<br> you know it's a work in progress in some places yes and other places now I think that it really depends on the market. It needs to be more pronounced the environment I think that they you know really opened up the doors for many opportunities for many people I think one of the things that I sign to be a challenge for many is if you don't see it it doesn't exist and I think that's very untrue and we still keep the Unseen pun intended right why you know everyone says oh you have to make sure that were inclusive but you know if you don't see the disability did they don't have it<br> I hate that and I just wish there was a way for people to understand that you don't have to see it to know it's there there's a lot of people that are silently suffering and we don't pay attention and that angers me<br> yeah it really is open to people in those communities as well I just seen a neon see if that makes sense that's right that's right<br> that you also created and produced the psychological Thriller the nest that want to notable top women producers award in 2018. That's an interesting I mean too because of the primary goals of the nest is to empathize with those suffering with mental illness<br> yeah I actually know I mean yeah you're on the same page with that as well I mean I find that interesting<br> a lot of the work that I do it's it's easy to for the pain to flow when where they consider words typing what it deals with mental health but I feel that you know I'm so familiar with a lot of the challenges especially being heard in that world word in the fact that I talk too much I definitely know I'm always talking sometimes you have to tell me until I'm through and then I can figure out how to shut me up<br> you know in the film World being is really bleeding<br> I know you're busy telling a story and then that tells the story of a family that judge has their own daughter to be crazy and for her to be treated like she's you know. Issue when the truth is you know there's a lot of history to it and it's actually a short film that has her family and her mother and her father or stepfather is really prominent and I think you know I take experiences for my own life of course they're not that extreme that happened but very similar to Enchanted with my own family and and it's what you know is it's hard because no parents want the best for their kid and they don't always know how to handle it and sometimes the only way to handle it is to<br> the child self-esteem show you know I like the story because it really shows the reality of what someone may be going through where you know you may not have the same differences but you can be understanding and for those who are not a lot of family Dynamic storyline<br> and I don't know if people see that but even in Conrad the relationship with her father and my father and my real life is my absolute hero if it weren't for my father. She'll be here and he has believed in me and supported me and gone against all of the commentaries and all the God knows who says to prove that I'm a daughter who will be successful and live that life he has shown that life and he is constantly in my corner and so you know of this is on the daughters but no not feeling good enough but knowing that your father is always there to support you even though he has tough love even though he is hard on her<br> well I just you know I just think it's really great when films touch on the mental illness that are both subject and basic is it it's okay to talk openly about it<br> you know you meant taboos basically it's a taboo but but that's what you're bringing out and I think that's great<br>I can only imagine what it will be like<br> when I was<br> Bayside<br> I Can Only Imagine<br> what my eyes will see when your face is before me I can only imagine<br> surround<br> what's human<br>I Can Only Imagine<br> I can only imagine when that day comes<br> and I find myself standing in the sun I Can Only Imagine<br> is forever<br> forever worship you<br> Only Imagine<br> I Can Only Imagine<br> what you meant means I can only imagine<br>I Can Only Imagine<br> when online<br> is forever<br> forever worship you<br> I Can Only Imagine<br> this is the best more show live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries around the world<br> interview with actress Jennifer Goodman continues we will be back after the break you all agree on the promise of our Constitution and the hope that liberty and justice is for all people but here's the truth attacks on our constitutional rights yours and mine are greater than they've ever been the right for all to vote Reproductive Rights the right of immigrant families the right to equal justice for black brown and lgbtq plus books<br> the freedom of expression racial Justice lgbtq right the rights of the disabled we are here for everyone for over 100 years we bought a half of millions of Americans protecting our boat and our voice I believe in the ACLU because they're for real to learn more about how the ACLU is fighting for your rights and mine go to my today pictures<br> they see cicadas and back with producer Ryan Atkins how did you and Brian meet up and get started<br> so I had mentioned a few moments ago about a post on social media<br> that post on social media was related to a very empowering female interrogating a male suspect and about some kinds of things that happened and he was the one that posted it and I had reached out to him to audition he cast me after my audition as the lead of this project and then I have it so I actually got a call the Conrad you from seeing a Facebook post and it was originally called Veronica and I remembered after I auditioned and he's like you all let you know I thought you did a great job she's like you have any questions for me and I said yeah I do actually called me like 4 hours later<br> I like your name I hate that.<br> Veronica<br> so I don't like it you know I'm really I love the show Revenge and I love Conrad Grayson and I was like you know what about Kate Conrad and Catherine with a Y and he was like I don't know if we should call Ashok 8 time at him like we're about to Conrad he's like I don't I don't dislike that I like the Ring of that but it was funny cuz he makes fun of me you know he's like yeah I know you didn't like my idea<br> that is interesting that the way you met It Is by Veronica I just didn't feel this character was a Veronica I felt like you needed more of a one-syllable name please don't be offended I just think them something to talk about real quick that you know did you already had that once you got black Hatter that won several Festival Awards Thriller it's about<br> the sins they committed and they look inward at themselves and what they are I mean that one really did resignate and so I like that one and I can see why it won an award<br> thank you and Sarah Quinn they are you know we came up with me and they kind of came up with the ideas of you know where to go and I said why don't you write it and then I helped her kind of clean it up and make a little bit tighter and kind of Flushed it out but I really wasn't very well done project and I think it was the team that was really able to Alameda and it was a good team<br> yeah yeah that control. Honywood and he actually reached out to Lakefront the helping produce it and we didn't we had our products work you know he did a great job and you know he had a great package and we were very impressed so you know we really enjoyed working on that one that were part of the Unseen on the cruise I was through pictures that I wanted to bring it because I'm use it that was a great work if you did and I and you won some awards and I just wanted you to know everyone to know about them so they can look<br> thank you thank you that you want to give credit to 4 you know that many of your horror films or any any anybody at that you want to mention<br> yes I would love to give credit to everyone it is so hard to just individually give a credit to one person but I can say that RJ Mitte was incredible we are honored to work with him he really did a fine job portraying Tommy and you know it was great playing his brother so I think you know the entire Olsen family in the project Kimberly Michelle Vaughn she really did a great job playing his coworker there's just so many Candice Rose it was fabulous and she is always doing some great work Oscar manske really good job I mean overall I mean you know Gina who played Rachel and you know there's a lot of people and I feel very blessed you had some really fine for if attackers and our project<br> I'm in all of them I feel very you know blessed to have had the opportunity to work with each and every single one of them was a very sorry about what that Rebecca Kennedy which one is she in these amazing she was also in the Unseen yeah she's done anybody so she is<br> yes alright so you are currently filming the horror film The Unseen alongside actor RJ Mitte is a 5 mispronounced you need to correct me he's from Breaking Bad and then we have Christian stolte from Chicago Fire is a young lawyer who finds himself in a Twisted web of murder and deceit brought on by Dark Horse from his path<br> I want you to open up and tell us all the goody about it everything is going on the updates when it's going to Premiere and everything<br> yeah I know the movie gosh there's so many things I can't say but when I M June 30th we will be on VOD there will be an announcement for exclusive ways to download and purchase the movie as well that'll be coming out so that's exciting as as as much as it will be in theaters that will really really looking forward to that we have our Premier coming up we've gotten some wonderful Sybil the movie itself really plays into the similar themes of my other projects related to family Dynamics the milio pressure Collective guilt our choices how much choice is affect our cells how they affect our family affect our friend lives so there's a lot of message and there's truly a ton of grit<br> add RJ really encapsulate the role nicely and brings in a lot of that gas and we were truly proud to see the film for us the way it has Ryan and I did a lot with post-war dream with Periscope working with an editor out of LA and going to the American Film Market Ryan and I were out there going back towards the latter have and we've really been learning the business side and it's truly been an incredible experience who's learned so much we now can educate others we can provide value to others and we have relationship so it's really been worth it<br> yeah I was really impressed when I found out that it received the international and domestic distribution and the premiere when is the premiere<br> so be well Bee movie is coming out June 30th so you know we'll have some time before then and now he's will be made soon we will have one in LA and we are having fun in Chicago<br> when are you going to release the trailer so that you know it'll go out so we can show everyone that is a great question so I simply with gravitas and the coven on that to you but it will be out definitely probably in the next month or so because there's a very strategic process how do you things happen we have an exclusive that comes out I will make sure to let you know I can't wait to see it<br> put the hand<br> God is in this story<br> Seahawks<br> answer<br> feels like it's too much and you<br>Jennifer shares tips of wisdom for up-and-coming actors doesn't mean much but especially if there's no babbling at all little to no babbling by 12 months or later is just one of the possible signs of autism in children learn more. Org adjustable questions I want to ask you I wanted you to let you have that big shout out about the end thing they seem to post on my social media and the other been asking. Thank you seems the comments and and all the activity so they're all curious about the movie<br> Empower Lake Park pictures for exclusive announcement on how they can see and learn about it alright well what we'll do is we'll make sure we make a note of all that yes so tell me what do you like most<br> about acting<br> I love<br> a good question I love getting into a new environment and connecting with a scene partner and building something I just love being and you know a world that's not my own and having the opportunity to connect with someone also I love cameras and I love to see you but you don't care<br> oh my goodness that speaks so loud right now it's so obvious I'm full of life but I'm in front of the camera and pull up it's exhilarating for me and I love the crew oh my God I love being around through and getting to know everybody and having fun and joking around and you know especially during the opportunities to talk to people you know it's really fun to learn about other people and you know get a chance to work with a lot of different types of people and I've always really just gotten a high of excitement and just being on set super motivating for me<br> awesome with anything you would be asked to change about your work<br> what would be that one thing<br> about my work as a producer and actress or just a human<br> I think that's part of my biggest hurdle in my performances is being insecure and I'm not confident in my own skin the way I should be<br> and being more happy with who I am and in my place and I think by letting go and just being present does wonders for my performances and people I've known in my performance when I'm not fixated on something that I have no control over<br> like you know I would love to be able to<br>but it's definitely something to work on right and gets better with age<br> you know it's hard when you're a multi-hyphenate you're acting you're running your producing here he's worried about his car we need to let him go outside of me<br> yeah I know it's hard but what is your best role so far<br> okay I actually I do know the answer to that I thought it would be but it was that was working with these like incredible famous Peter gloves he is a Class Act and he is such a classic. He called me to let me know that part of my seamless cut before I came out to just say hey I want to let you know he is so respectable the whole bit I mean the whole crew was just the entire BRB a family that's what they call themselves brba and then the family gets along everybody does their saying you know there was a couple new Pas would never worked in you know the film industry and they were like I'm so sorry<br> super tight really great people so<br> and I love talking a little Joe<br> I was very but I do want to tell you what I did cuz then I wrote it for those who haven't seen episode 613<br> MTV creating but for the day okay<br> no I am on set I'm up in Adam days that I'm writing you know up and Adam I think my motivation is being on top of other people I love like I love it that's what I thought you were going to say you know I like to go out get dinner go home and go to bed<br> always you don't need to win me over you don't need address<br> no no<br> you got that<br> I mean I know you're scared<br> Subaru<br> I don't want Buffet<br>stop.<br>this is the bad more show live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries around the world I'm Beth Moore<br> interview with actress writer producer Jennifer Goodman continues<br> to some people the sound of a baby babbling doesn't mean much<br> but that's not necessarily true<br> a six-month there combining vowels and consonants<br> I 9 months they're trying out different kinds of sounds<br> and I 12 months there babbling is beginning to take on some meaning<br> especially if there's no babbling at all<br> little to no babbling by 12 months or later is just one of the possible signs of autism in children<br> early screening and intervention can make a lifetime of difference and unlock a world of possibilities<br> take the first step at Autism Speaks. Org<br> I don't care I want to ask you another question what advice do you have for young people who are just starting their career<br> young people so newer actors are actually children<br> no young people you know like in and just starting out out of college and they want to get into acting I will tell you more first and foremost I would say get experience working in production I can't tell you how many actors do not know the business or what crew do me and cluded disclosure no shame here you know why I talk about prom and how successful it was I went into it having no idea what crew do and you know I asked them to volunteer to help oh yeah I will pay you when we get this tribution and he'll really believing that that's what's going to happen and not realizing that he helped people feel taken advantage of if you don't respect and understand what they do and you know you don't just come on sat and think you're a star you know sure there's after that you. And maybe they worked that point or maybe they haven't but regardless I would say to younger after have respect from everyone who is in<br> space with you down to the PA is down to be interned say hello to everyone be polite you're not too good for anyone else because the truth is those reputation stick with you and if you don't take the time to understand<br> and and all you do is assume you really do burn Bridget and I've had to learn the hard way and you know it part of it is based on my experience you know as no knowledge right I didn't go to film school right I didn't have classes that's not me how to work on a set so my experiences were just being an actor and thinking that people take care of you the whole time and I would hundred percent to put my attitude and recognize these people are working for you and supporting you and you need to make sure that they feel that thing support you know I love helping people but even in those behaviors I wasn't aware that the way that I communicate with hard for people to say no cuz I'm so excited and if you if you want to be sure I'll do it and then I find out like I didn't even realize he was doing that<br> play oh my God I'm so sorry and for each other<br> that is great advice Jennifer<br> great advice thank you or Jennifer I want to thank you so much for being a guest a super guest on the bed more so we we continued success going forward<br> set temperatures for this week I hope you enjoyed my interview with a very talented actress writer producer Jennifer Goodman the past overcome challenges of being autistic about how important it is as an actor the dream of becoming a performer<br> thank you for listening to the BevMo show live streaming on BBS radio on the iHeart Network worldwide I'm Bev Moore wishing you a very blessed Good Friday and Easter weekend until next time bye bye<br>

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