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The Bev Moore Show , April 5, 2024

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The Bev Moore Show
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Guest, Brie Burke, actress, singer, model, activist, and CEO/Founder of D.A.Y.S.

The Bev Moore Show with guest Brie Burke, actress, singer, model, activist, and CEO/Founder of D.A.Y.S.

Guest, Brie Burke

Guest Name
Brie Burke
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Actress, singer, model, activist
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Brie Burke
Actress, singer, model, activist
Bio 👇
  • Brie Burke is an actress, singer, model, activist, and CEO/Founder of D.A.Y.S. (Depression Awareness & Youth/Young Adult Suicide) Nonprofit Organization. She has been kept busy within the last five (6) years, starring in 27 films, various commercials & music videos. Brie is currently also working on her first music cd, which she hopes to release in 2024.

Brie started her acting career on the stage at the age of seven (7), she has been in eight (8) community musical theatre productions and can sing in 5 languages. She attended New York’s Broadway Artists Alliance (BAA) where she auditioned along with 3,000 other youth & young adults, worldwide, for one of 120 coveted spots in their acting/singing program. She was fortunate to work with & be coached by TONY Award winners and current Broadway Performers, as well as NYC’s top Casting Directors, Agents, and Acting/Singing Coaches. When not acting, Brie writes, directs and/or produces when possible.

As the CEO/Founder of D.A.Y.S. she is dedicated to the prevention of youth & young adult suicide, as well as assisting those suffering from bullying, depression, and the loss of a loved one due to suicide. Brie hopes to be “a spark to light the way out of the darkness for those suffering from depression, bullying, or the sadness and despair of losing a loved one to suicide”. She dedicates her organization and platform to the memory of her cousin, David, who committed suicide at the age of 22.

She is the recipient of the White House Presidential Gold Medal Volunteer Service Award (2022), the World-United Pageant “Most Photogenic Award” recipient (2023), the World-United Pageant “Queen of Charm Award” recipient (2023), the St. Petersburg / Clearwater “Ladies in Film & Entertainment Award” recipient (2022), the State of Florida Office of Prevention Services “FIT Award” recipient (2021), the Miss Florida USA “Community Impact Award” recipient (2021 & 2022), the Miss Florida USA “Girlbossing Award” recipient (2020, 2021, & 2022), the Character GPS “Hero of Hope Award” recipient (2021), the Miss Florida USA “Community Engagement Award” recipient (2020), & the NAMI Pasco “Hero of Hope Award” recipient (2020).

In her free time, Brie loves to coach little league soccer, as well as play & referee Competitive Soccer.

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