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History and You, June 4, 2013

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On Being Overweight
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with Jorge Rodriguez-Walling

Yes, I know we live in a time of fast and fat foods for sale, that medical authorities and the media are telling us the dangers of overeating on the one hand but also providing us with spectacular access to volumes of fattening foods on the other, that medicines and diets don’t always do what they promise, and that doctors with their magic scalpels and hundreds of tummy-tucks cannot surgically alter the rule that mandates the nature of the human body: too much eating without much activity leads to being overweight.  Modern medicine has not as yet realized that you cannot have your cake (eat all you want) and eat it too (not gain weight).  But despite everything I’ve said, people will continue to live in denial of themselves, and will continue to buy into the misleading advertisements that companies put out concerning their products, because it’s all about money.  These are the times we live in.

But I have a more important message for you.  It’s not about how fat you are, how skinny you are, how pretty or ugly you are, how witty or boring you are, how young or old you are, or how talkative or quiet you are.  Instead, it’s about you, it’s about the beauty of your sentiments and the color of your soul that you bring out for others to see, for others to share, and to be happier with themselves, if only for a little while.  How you serve others will mark the beauty or ugliness of the fate that awaits you.  You are the centerpiece of the life you live; treat your body the way you would serve others, and you will find the harmony you look for in the spirit of your own happiness.

History and You

Capturing the importance of the individual and how the past can put you in a position to make a difference in the present. History, as we have come to know it, is a collage of choices made, created, and driven by all of us. Our understanding of it only helps to measure how far and with what level of sophistication we can see the world and our individual place in it.

The individual, the everyday hero, who wakes up to work his day and returns home at the end of that work, is the focus of this show. People today live in an environment they seldom know because so little is known about history. Therefore, the variety of topics and history surrounding everyday people will be made current and relevant through insightful discussions. Topics for the show will include, but are not limited to, an informed and considered view of:

• Politics
• Sports
• Art and Culture
• Philosophy and Religion
• Ethnicity and National Identity
• Science and Technology
• Psychology
• Education
• Social and Cultural Issues

In short, the show will delve into the issues of human nature and how history can assist us to better understand and cope with these issues in our modern day world. With visits from professional guest speakers, as well as "call-ins" and emails from folks contributing their insights to the discussion, the show aims to provide the public with thought-provoking moments about the quality of life we are currently living and how to contend with it. The supporters of "History and You" feel that the volume of listeners will steadily grow given the variety and interconnectedness of topics presented in a way that appeal to a wide range of age groups, income levels, and demographics.

"History and You" will provide audiences with a reason and a forum from which to reflect, revisit, and renew thoughtfulness about their lives. This informed and discussion-oriented format tends to build loyal and passionate listeners. This is a show that creates a positive difference for every individual through its passionate and introspective look at people and their lives.

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