Astrology and the Coming Summer Solstice, June 18, 2012

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Astrology and the Coming Summer Solstice
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with Mark Dodich

Let's Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce returns after a nine month absence.
June 18, 2012
Joining Elizabeth tonight is the famed astrologer, Mark Dodich.

MARK DODICH, ASTROLOGER has given Astrology & Intuitive Consultations since 1980. Mark comes to tell us about the Summer Solstice and upcoming, more than likely turbulent summer months. Mark comes to "Let's Find Out"  to share with us news about the two pior eclipses and their expected effect over the next six months, as well as the focus of the Summer Solstice. There are political changes, financial changes, and Earth changes ahead, and Mark will tell us how all this will come about. How is the rest of 2012 and the upcoming Presitential Election shaping up? THIS IS A CALL IN SHOW, so please, if you want to know about your pesonal summer changes, get your questions ready and give us a call. Monday, June 18th at 6:00 PM Pacific and 9:00 PM Eastern on “Let’s Find Out.”

Guest, Mark Dodich

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Mark Dodich
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World Renowned Astrologer
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~ Mark Francis Dodich

Mark Dodich has provided Astrology and Intuitive Consultations since 1980. Mark holds a C.A.P. (Certified Astrological Professional) from ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research). He is past president of the Oregon Astrological Association, publishes his own newsletter, and is regularly featured in the media.

Mark is a regular speaker on astrological topics at conferences, fairs, and metaphysical venues. He provides his work internationally from his base in Portland, Oregon. Mark has had a monthly column in New Connexions Journal since the mind-1990's. He is also seen in print regularly, having published hundreds of articles. Mark is heard on on radio programs numerous times each year, and is on "Let's Find Out" every quarter at the Equinox or Solstice.

Metaphysical subjects and techniques that empower spiritual growth are a continual source of interest for Mark. His interest in esoteric subjects started while attending Kent State University, near his birthplace in Canton, Ohio. Mark was fascinated with the study of so-called primitive African tribes that could do telepathy, healing, and even had specific knowledge of stars that were not visible to the naked eye before the telescope was invented. He also studied a local spiritualist church camp to understand intuitive abilities, which he later learned were active in the elders of his own family (Catholics, in those days, did not speak of such things!).

Further studies included a healer/counselor certificate, and then a ministry certificate from the Arizona Metaphysical Society, Frank Alper, and the Church of Tzaddi (I am no longer affiliated with the church, and Frank has since made transition). Mark was a board member of the Church of Alice, a spiritualist church, for over 8 years. Mark also took numerous Native America-style medicine wheel training's from Sun Bear and other shamanistic teachings He is a past president of the Oregon Astrological Assn. (two terms) and past treasurer.

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