Angel Answers, June 18, 2018

Angel Answers with Amy Toy
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Angel Answers
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Guest, Tisch Aitken

Angel Answers with Amy Toy

Guest, Tisch Aitken

Headlined, Angel Answers, June 18, 2018

Tisch Aitken Master Astrologer
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June 18, 2018

Join us for Master Astrologer Tisch Aitken as she talks about the upcoming summer season and it is going to be hot one!  It is all about the eclipses...summer solstices and much and much more!

Guest, Tisch Aitken

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Tisch Aitken
Tisch Aitken
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Astrologer Tarot Reader Intuitive
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Tisch is a New York based Astrologer with over a decade of experience. Based on your birthday, year, time, and place, Tisch looks at the current trends in your life.  She provides time frames and dates for upcoming love, career, personal, and financial cycles.  It is a great tool to maximize dates and make the most of your lucky cycles and transits. It is also useful to prepare and master the lessons from the more challenging cycles. 

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Angel Answers

Angel Answers with Amy Toy
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Amy Toy

Join us for an inspirational hour with the angels, those higher luminous beings who serve as divine messengers for the universe.

Angels help us in various ways, but it’s up to us to figure out those ways, and sometimes we need a little help. When we do, the denizens of the angelic realm are there for us to call upon, and all we need to reach them is the assistance of the people who have a natural spiritual rapport with them.

Amy is among those people here to use her gifts to help you gain the assistance from the angelic realm - any assistance you may need.

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