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All Paws Pet Talk, July 25, 2023

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All Paws Pet Talk
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with The Experts

All Paws Pet Talk with The Experts

1) Dr. Donald Kanfer, Veterinarian and

2) Janice Wolfe, United K9 Professionals, K9 Behaviorists, and

3) Dusty Rainbolt, Cat Writer and Feline Expert

4) Chris Ruben, Pet Consulting, Sales & Distribution Pro or

Guest: Mat Brost with Precious Cat, the maker of Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Cat Litter. We will be discussing the company's Orange Collar campaign. Because cats have a reputation for wandering, people don't realize when a cat needs help. For years Dr. Elsey's has been promoting putting orange collars on strictly inside cats so when a member of the public sees a cat wearing an orange collar outside, they will realize that the cat has accidentally gotten out.

All Paws Pet Talk

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All Paws Pet Talk is directed to the millions of owners who are devoted to their pets and animals. Our hosts are animal industry professionals covering various specialty topics and giving free pet behavior and medical advice. We give listeners the opportunity to speak with animal experts one on one. Our show offers the audience exciting updates about events and entertainment opportunities taking place in their communities. We offer new animal health information, doggy fashions, latest trends in pet products, tips that pet owners need to know and much more valuable, informative and entertaining information.

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