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A Fireside Chat, November 14, 2009

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Tonight's guest is BBS Hostess, PATRICIA CORI

Tonight's guest is fellow BBS Hostess, PATRICIA CORI. I first saw Patricia in Patty Greer's groundbreaking film, 2012: We're In It Now, and I felt an instant connection. Patricia is a renowned author, teacher/lecturer, radio host & spiritual guide to the sacred sites of the Earth.

We spoke about Atlantis, the "spiral of light", 2012, chemtrails, HAARP, the "Annunaki" and NIBIRU, plans for enslaving the world, and why they are falling apart. It all ties into the Solar Logos, Sun/Ra ascending, and pulling earth and our solar "system" up with it. Sunspots are positive vibrations which are meant to interrupt the technological frequency controls of the "Powers", ushering out the old to make space for the higher and new. We can expect the higher light vibrations to throw a "monkey wrench" into all systems of control. Ultimately, Nibiru is attempting to create a resonance with our planets, in order to keep us down, and them in our ascension path.

Patricia's books, channeling 6th density Sirian energies, are a must for those who are putting together the pieces and fragments of our cosmic jigsaw puzzle. A fascinating and uplifting show!

A Fireside Chat

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