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A Fireside Chat, May 21, 2011

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Guest, Ann Eller
My Guest is ANN ELLER.  Ann is best known for her decades long experiences in the field of UFOlogy and Contact.  Her close personal working relationship with the "father of UFOlogy", Dr. J. Hyneck, led her to write "Dragon in the Sky".  Her book is an in-depth spiritual exploration of the crises facing humanity now.  We spoke about her global presentations, which include revealing facts now documented about the shadow or secret government, which has developed back-engineered technology since the 1940's.  President Eisenhauer made a secret deal with an ET group promising to give us technology - in exchange for the ability to abduct humans.  NASA is a cover agency; "Never A Straight Answer", for the true program which only a handful have access to.  Even the President is 27 levels lower than the top of the pyramid.  Ann reveals what her contacts have shown her:  an imminent possible Pole Shift, numerous land alterations, tidal waves and diaspora.  The elite have been preparing for this eventuality, which is due any time from now to 2013, by building vast interconnected cities with global mag lev trains.  Black funding from bank laundered drug money, mafia, corporate and cartel dollars, combined with military secrecy and covert operations such as Area 51, Denver Airport and many others, has built up a 2nd civiliztion, right under our noses.  Vatican involvement has propelled time travel and interdimensional jumps, bases on our solar system's planets, and more.  Tax money is but one source of the many projects, including to reduce population, that we paid for.  This is a fascinating and exciting peek into another dimension; of realities here now, and have been long before we were born.
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