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A Fireside Chat, May 15, 2010

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Guest, Nancy DeVille

Guest NANCY DEVILLE took us "outside of the box"; certainly beyond our normal range of comfort in discussing the rampant global sex-slave industry, which predominantly affects young girls.   Children and teens, of both sexes, are routinely abducted in all countries around the globe and sold for sex - by the hour, minute or orgasm.   This has been going on since the beginning of time itself; yet, would anyone suspect that so many in the "upper echelons" of life, basking in wealth and infamy, might be profiting from your own daughters or sons, snatched from busy streets, never to be heard from again?   Sometimes, it's not the child who is "stolen" but the mother, if she is considered worthy of selling for sex slavery.   First, a "meltdown" of one's resistance is required:   usually, those in charge inject the helpless child or teen with heroin.   Should that be insufficient, beatings and death may result, but not before one's face dissolves in front of the others, leaving a dying corpse in tears and horror.  Nancy spent decades researching and "vetting" her thinly disguised fictional novel, "KARMA", leaving no stones unturned.  This book is a paradigm shifter, not for the weak of heart, and is certain to grab those bold enough to travel where "angels dare not tread".   It is a finely crafted piece of writing, whose characters pop out in multiple layers, until one is no longer certain who is "the good or the bad..."   A masterpiece of writing, to grab one by the heart and squeeze... yet feel deeply with the greatest compassion.   That is my experience.  Have your own, by having the courage to jump into another world, which exists right here, right now... where you never know if your entire life might be altered - in a heartbeat.

A Fireside Chat

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