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A Fireside Chat, June 5, 2010

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Guest, Dr. Carl Johann Calleman, Ph.D.
My Guest, Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D. returns to continue enlightening all of us about the Mayan Calendar, its ramifications; but beyond all that he has broken NEW GROUND in his scientific studies which indicate a slight "diversion" between mainstream science, which is funded and controlled, and free thinking, which is the rarity and oddity during these times.   This is reminiscent of past frequencies and times in which those who introduced radical new concepts, such as the world is not FLAT - it is ROUND, were burned at the stake.   Another "round of suppressed science" had to conceal itslef when the information about the earth being a planet revolving around the sun became the "rumor of the day".   Of course, those in power always encourage exploration with funding, while abolishing it in fact.  The results are hidden away in private libraries to be read only by those who have the money and power to access this information.
Perhaps for the first time in our history, which has been waylaid by the military-industrial complex, if not overtly by Madison Avenue, meaning the corporate megalopacy which now dictates our every desire, whim and possiblility, enforced by the ancient blood lines who have been engineered to maintain the box of their own possibilities, in secret, while creating an illusion or much smaller box(es) that continue to keep us mired in lies, spin, beliefs, control, fear and degradation.   The levels of distortion are too complex to speak about here, since Dr. Calleman holds the highest hope and possibilty simply by observing our own harmonics and peace, health and well being WITHIN.   This is the beginning of a ground breaking moment, that may be looked back upon by those who have emerged from the "Dark Ages", as a miraculous transformation beyond anyone's expectations or awareness.
Let us not forget that many prominent researchers in all fields are basically speaking of a cosmic shift in our old paradigms, which no longer work and simply cannot support themselves, after thousands of years of control.   Whether  one believes in esoteric sites, or the Mayan calendar in particular, those are small parts being played out on a grand Cosmic Chess Board of which we are FINALLY beginning to awaken "en masse".   This is the nature of rapid accellerated evolution, and if we can be compared to a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, that is one way to envision our present experince.   Evolution reveals itself as instant and with no "explanations".   The cells within our bodies are already templates for us to follow, should we choose to evolve into worlds without war, distortions, lying, manipulation, secret societies, secrets, politicians, leaders, mafia, phony terrorist plots, ad infinitum.   But each of us must look at the facts we find, and make our own choices.   Until now, our choices have all pretty much been made for us, to control the outcome :  a slave society shackled to technology, run by unknown "elites", who decide what's best for all.
Humans, all life, to the smallest bacteria, was never meant to be confined into such a microcosmically controlled world, run by those we never see or know.   Everything IS an interconnected and unlimited non-local manifestation of "All That Is", so those who continue to thwart a higher purpose designed for freedom will not be able to maintain rigid control structures... especially when higher energies (truth vibrations), or photonic belts, beam their higher frequencies for all to receive.   It is only a matter of time before ALL "see" with senses beyond the five we've been limited to until now, at the time of a major shift into far more complex, yet simple truthful realms.   That which is false cannot live in higher frequencies. 

A Fireside Chat

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