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A Fireside Chat, June 16, 2012

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Guest, Dr. PMH Atwater
My Guest is PMH ATWATER, Ph.D.  PMH returns after 4 years too long, to share ground breaking new research.  We focus on the culmination of 44 years of consciousness and NDE research, as well as personal experience gained from no less than 3 of her own NDEs.  In this, her 10th book, written in her 70's, I was astonished to discover such a vast compendium of interconnected new insights.  Her book is titled, "NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES the rest of the story".  In it, she finally shares personal thoughts, held back from the previous 9 brilliant books.  I was spellbound by both halves with her masterful and humorous writing.  The first half contains personal stories from some of the most fascinating and researched of the 4,000 adults and 266 children interviewed over 33 years.  The second half includes ground-breaking new scientific research that empowers us as a collective to expand our consciousness and shift into higher "gears".  We discuss the power of the "stress-chaos theory" effect, the amazing power of the body-brain as it relates to death, the significance of the pending Mayan Calendar shift in the "2012-13 window", DMT, consciousness expansion and finally she explains many "whys".  Of special significance to me were the discoveries on colliodal suspension, synchronicity, brain waves, entanglements, higher consciousness, 2012, life "after death", and much more.  This book is a "must read" as a spiritual eye opener, as we barely scratched the surface in this show.  One interview not to be missed, but even more important:  her book is vital in comprehending the larger cosmic panorama; what happens and why - before and after we cross over.  PMH Atwater is a pioneer way ahead of her time; yet, "just in time" to be of service through these times which she sheds a beautiful bright golden light upon.  Enjoy the show!

A Fireside Chat

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