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Guest, Ana Ram Callan
My Guest is ANA RAM CALLAN.  In 2000, Ana had a NDE from a fatal car accident, and was hurtled through the air.  As she watched the drama unfold around her bleeding corpse, a miraculous experience and presence of overwhelming Love revealed the Divine Perfection of All That Is.  Upon returning, to continue a cosmic journey and heal, she consulted with a spiritual teacher, David Waldman.  Through non-dual teachings, she had another spiritual awakening when Ramana Maharshi, who passed in 1950, swept her up into the Real World of intoxicating bliss, ecstasy and love divine.  We begin this show with her NDE, and she shares personal details of childhood sexual abuse and her Dark Night of the Soul, which opens our inner doors to heal.  Plato's allegory of the Caves reveals her Psyche to us, and we learn the power of going within.  She reads several of her inspirational poems, penned in overflowing love divine.  This is a powerful, moving and empowering show for us all, during these magnificent times of transition.

A Fireside Chat

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The focus of these inter-connected shows spanning 8 plus years is the practical and metaphysical application of ancient wisdom and future technologies. 

The shift into 'new dimensions' is instant and already is... visionaries have paved 'the way'. Let's unite as a unified quantum field of Consciousness, Light and profound Joy. 

Change the world within, sitting cozy, warm and loved with: A Fireside Chat with the Zany Mystic!