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A Fireside Chat, December 15, 2012

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Guest, Inelia Benz
Friend and guest, INELIA BENZ, returns for this special "Season Finale" show as my last guest prior to December 21st, 2012.  In January 2010, Inelia received a request from Source to go public.  Thousands have been deeply moved and triggered by her paradigm shifting first video.  Through several "Meet and Greets" held in California, she shares her inspiration, vision and vibration.  Since, she has continued to work behind the scenes with light workers and public figures to raise the vibration of the planet.   This is taking the form of establishing Global Ascension Centers, the first one being planned here in California.  We talk about how to empower ourselves throughout this period, what is possible during the 2012 window and the present status of the triad of the Planetary Council, the human collective and Gaia-Sophia.  There are now two main timelines:  the light/dark based upon fear and the light/love aligned with Gaia-Sophia.  There is an excellent free video on Inelia's site which is a meditation with Gaia-Sophia and one can see orbs floating throughout the one hour video, here:
This is a "Source Guided" meditation conducted on November 14th 2012, at the Symphony of Meditation, in Berkeley, California. Channeled music was by Kevin Doheny. You can find Kevin's work at

A Fireside Chat

A Fireside Chat with Lance White, aka Zany Mystic
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Lance White, aka Zany Mystic

The focus of these inter-connected shows spanning 8 plus years is the practical and metaphysical application of ancient wisdom and future technologies. 

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