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A Fireside Chat, August 29, 2009

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Guest, Cliff High

Guest CLIF HIGH shared how he developed the "Web Bot Project". Originallly designed to analyze emotional data in order to predict stock market trends, he quickly discovered there was more going on than first realized. In fact, the data, when liquistically analyzed, held clues, if not direct warnings, about various large scale events. This led him to work with the theory that we are all psychic, known or not, and that we "pick up" future events, especially large ones, which then emerge unconsciously through language. He began to devote all his time to "predictive linguistics", and has had a high success rate, including 9/11, numerous weather events and various disasters. The difficulty is in the "interpretation" of the language, which can be taken on many levels. This is why he humorously refers to his project as, "The Rickety Time Machine".

Today, for a small fee, he sends out 35 page reports on the analyzed data, so that those who are interested in knowing some of the "future possibilities" may be prepared. I purchased the most recent report, "The Shape of Things to Come", and was taken aback at the wealth and depth of possibilities, and highly recommend the report. This show was so heavily listened to that the lines were overloaded, and two EXTRA stations had to be opened up in order to accomodate the thousands of listeners. Truly a show worth hearing! Visit his site, Half Past Human, for more details on the coming reports:

A Fireside Chat

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