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Guest, Dr. Carmen Boulter
My Guest is DR. CARMEN BOULTER, who returns with paradigm shifting information regarding the Pyramids, the Lost City of Atlantis and NEW Atlantis!  There are three sets of pictures which go with Carmen's stories and travels, located here, for those who wish to follow along as we discuss them. The 3 sets are labeled Aug. 18th Fireside Chat on Carmen's website under Photos:
The entire show presents information that has not been available to the West until now.  It is in this groundbreaking show that we learn of highly advanced Russian science and the true nature of the 2012 cycle, what is coming and why and how the planet can unite in conscious healing.  The work of Dr. Konstantin Kortkoff is mentioned, measuring "Consciousness Fields", with a device he invented and trained Carmen to use during her hot air balloon expedition to a secret locale in Egypt.  Carmen has documented the effects of the pyramids on the chakra system and is preparing to publish her results.  The New Atlantis pyramid, along with the advanced scientific research and applied technology of Valery Uvarov in Siberia, is documented in Set Three.  I highly recommend the following links for further understanding of the nature of cosmic events occurring now, and what humanity can - and must do - to unite in "higher harmonic octave of convergence".


This is the FIRST show to bring forth the information which Carmen has been gathering and presenting; most recently her paper was presented in Russia, and she will be producing a television show on Psychic Archaeology ( and beyond ).  Russia is known for leading the field of open scientific research into the paranormal, psi and all fields which relate to deeper and wiser human comprehension and unity.  Enjoy the show!

A Fireside Chat

A Fireside Chat with Lance White, aka Zany Mystic
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